Topic: Israel/Palestine

  • SodaStream's failed greenwash

    In a victory for Palestine solidarity activists, the Earth Day Network cut ties with corporate sponsor SodaStream.

  • When criticism is off limits

    For discussing how criticism of Israel is muted, former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is facing a backlash.

  • From South Africa to Palestine

    A leader of the struggle against apartheid has issued a statement in defense of the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

  • A letter from Bil'in to Chicago

    The co-director of 5 Broken Cameras expresses his solidarity with a professor targeted for screening his film.

  • A spotlight on UM's investment in apartheid

    Students at the University of Michigan are stepping up their campaign following a student government vote against divestment.

  • AAUP vindicates Chehade

    An independent investigation confirms that a Palestinian professor had his academic freedom violated by Columbia College.

  • No complicity with apartheid

    Students at the University of Michigan and Loyola University are pressing their schools to divest from Israel's apartheid.

  • Apartheid isn't feminist

    Palestine solidarity activists at Ohio State University respond to a campus event featuring a woman from the Israeli military.

  • In defense of the academic boycott

    Several civil rights organizations have issued an open letter defending the academic boycott of Israel as free speech.

  • Administrators against justice in Palestine

    The war of campus administrators against students and faculty who speak in support of Palestinian rights has reached a new crescendo.

  • From Roxbury to Ramallah

    A member of Students for Justice in Palestine at Northeastern University talks about solidarity in the face of an attack.

  • Timely lessons about Palestine

    Ali Abunimah's new book couldn't come at a better time for those engaged in the movement for Palestinian liberation.

  • SJP banned at Northeastern

    A chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine in Boston is asking for support after it was suspended from campus.

  • Why is Palestine taboo at Columbia College?

    Columbia College students and faculty are organizing a campaign to defend academic freedom for a Palestinian instructor.

  • We're starting to win

    The cause of Palestinian liberation stands at an historic crossroads, and it's within our grasp to see dramatic changes in the coming years.

  • Auge en la lucha por Palestina

    El llamado por boicotear, desinvertir y sancionar Israel ha repentinamente dejado de ser marginal para convertirse en un punto focal.

  • Renewing the attack on academic freedom

    New York state politicians have introduced a new version of legislation that targets an academic boycott of Israel.

  • Who's afraid of BDS?

    The movement calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel has suddenly moved from the margins to center stage.

  • We salute the ASA boycott

    Contrary to charges of "anti-Semitism," BDS resembles the boycotts that targeted Jim Crow racism and apartheid South Africa.

  • Cracks in the imperial partnership?

    For the first time in decades, the "special relationship" between the U.S. and Israel is coming under an enormous strain.

  • The last apartheid state

    The academic boycott of Israeli institutions is a contribution to the building of an anti-apartheid movement for our time.

  • A war on academic freedom in New York

    New York state legislators are voting on a bill that would bar colleges from participating in the American Studies Association.

  • The Ben & Jerry's hypocrisy

    Ben & Jerry's reputation as a socially responsible corporation is betrayed by its complicity with Israel's illegal settlements.

  • BDS takes on the ivory tower

    Recent victories in the global boycott, divest and sanctions campaign against Israeli apartheid have opened up new possibilities for the movement.

  • Eulogies for a mass murderer

    The mainstream media depicted Ariel Sharon as a dignified Israeli leader. He should be remembered as a war criminal.