Topic: Israel/Palestine

  • A pass for anti-Semitism?

    Our approach to oppression has always been that responsibility for racism never belongs to the oppressed group.

  • Jewish voices for justice

    Recent demonstrations have heard passionate calls for support for BDS from Jewish writers, academics and more.

  • Support floods in for Steven Salaita

    A public campaign in support the fired pro-Palestinian professor Steven Salaita has generated more than 15,000 signatures.

  • Keeping apartheid at Bay

    Protests by Palestine solidarity activists and action by Oakland port workers stopped the unloading of an Israeli-owned ship.

  • Steven Salaita and academic freedom

    The editors of the ISR challenge the University of Illinois' firing of Steven Salaita--and the arguments advanced to defend it.

  • Ali Abunimah won't be silenced

    When the Evanston library tried to cancel a Palestinian author's speech, activists proved that solidarity is stronger than censorship.

  • Silent in Seattle on Israel's war

    The Seattle City Council took a big step backward on August 11 when it refused to take up the Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

  • Not in my name

    I am proud to join Jewish Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors in condemning the massacre of Palestinians.

  • Never again means for anyone

    Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and their descendants have signed a statement condemning the massacre of Gaza.

  • The courage to refuse

    The numbers are small, but there are Israeli military resisters challenging the occupation of Palestine within the borders of Israel.

  • How being pro-Palestine got a professor fired

    An Arab-American scholar and public critic of Israeli colonialism was fired from his new job at the University of Illinois.

  • Paz, resistencia y solidaridad

    El costo humano de la guerra de Israel contra Gaza ha sido enorme, pero ¿pueden los palestinos aceptar una "paz" sin el término el sitio de Gaza?

  • The anti-Zionism of fools

    Zionists attempt to silence critics as "anti-Semitic"--but that can't overshadow the need to confront real anti-Semitism.

  • A day of rage for Gaza

    Even as a new cease-fire between Israel and Palestine took effect, activists in cities across the U.S. protested Israel's brutality.

  • Our freedom is bound up with Palestine's

    Left organizations in the Middle East express their solidarity with Palestine--and their horror at the complicity of Arab regimes.

  • Common struggles half a world apart

    The fates of Palestinians and Native Americans are connected by the experience of resistance to settler-colonialism.

  • Wrong about apartheid's "right"

    One U.S. socialist group has put forward a disappointing position that accepts the right of the Israeli apartheid state to exist.

  • Fired for protesting Israel's war

    A prominent Palestinian American scholar has been fired from a new university position for criticizing the assault on Gaza.

  • The war crime state declares "peace"

    The human toll from Israel's murderous war on Gaza has been huge--but the question now is what the "peace" will mean for the people of Gaza.

  • Educators must stand with Gaza

    Teaching this summer has been a surreal experience when I am daily bombarded by images of the annihilation of Gaza.

  • An urgent challenge for the BDS movement

    The determination of today's protests against Israel's war must be harnessed over the coming months to deepen the roots of the BDS campaign.

  • How should revolutionaries view Hamas?

    A member of Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists discusses how revolutionary forces should analyze Islamist movements.

  • Israel's drive to silence our solidarity

    Israel doesn't want you to talk about the Palestinian children it kills in Gaza--and neither does your government.

  • Speaking out for Israel's smallest victims

    A Palestine solidarity demonstration in Madison humanized the children who have died under Israeli missiles.

  • At least my hospital isn't being bombed

    No part of Israel's merciless war on Gaza is more unconscionable than its targeting of Palestinian hospitals.