Topic: Israel/Palestine

  • A vote to invest in violence and misery

    After a challenge from the movement to divest from Israel, the Minnesota pension board voted to disregard human rights.

  • When we fight together, we all win

    A Black Lives Matter activist talks about how and why he spearheaded a historic statement of Black solidarity with Palestine.

  • Kanye, don't play for apartheid Israel

    Jews for Palestinian Right of Return have spearheaded a campaign calling on Kanye West to cancel a planned concert in Israel.

  • A national union backs BDS

    The United Electrical union became the first national union in the U.S. to endorse the global campaign for Palestinian rights.

  • Black activists demand justice for Palestine

    More than 1,000 Black activists, scholars and organizations have released a statement of solidarity with Palestine.

  • Deeps roots of Israeli vigilante violence

    In less than 24 hours, Israeli racism and xenophobia exploded into several forms of extreme violence.

  • Deported for trying to go home

    A Palestinian American recounts the abuse he endured from Israeli security while attempting to visit his homeland.

  • Shell-shocked by Israel's war

    A new book by a Gaza journalist collects reports written as the bombs fell during Israel's savage war last summer.

  • Could ISIS find traction among Palestinians?

    The reactionaries of ISIS have had nothing to say about Palestine--but that could be changing, with unpredictable effects.

  • The fiction of "balance" in Israel's war on Gaza

    A United Nations report on war crimes committed during Israel's assault on Gaza seeks "balance" where there is none.

  • How I snuck into an Israeli weapons expo

    It was the perfect juxtaposition: herded through a West Bank checkpoint to arrive two hours and four buses later at a Tel Aviv weapons expo.

  • Commemorating Nakba 2015

    May 15 was the anniversary of the "Nakba"--the Arabic word used to describe the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to establish Israel.

  • They want to outlaw Palestine solidarity

    Pro-Israel politicians are pushing laws to punish institutions and corporations that boycott Israel in support of Palestinian rights.

  • It's time to boycott Ben & Jerry's

    Appealing to Ben & Jerry's "conscience" won't achieve our objective of getting the company to cut its ties to Israel.

  • Do Black lives matter in Israel?

    Protests by Ethiopian Jews in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem bear more than a passing resemblance to the Baltimore Rebellion.

  • Netanyahu's racist government

    Israel's prime minister has appointed a justice minister who openly calls for genocide against the Palestinian people.

  • Loyola students vote for divestment

    The student government at Loyola University voted--for the third time--to divest from companies that aid Israeli apartheid.

  • BDS tras las elecciones israelíes

    La victoria de Netanyahu fue un triunfo para el racismo--y nos exige intensificar la lucha por Boicot, Desinversión y Sanciones.

  • Israeli elections expose the lie

    Netanyahu's call to arms during the election campaign revealed the racism at the heart of the Israeli political system.

  • BDS after the Israeli election

    The victory of Netanyahu's Likud Party was a grand triumph of racism--and demands an intensification of the BDS campaign.

  • Divestment stymied at OSU

    The student government at Ohio State issued a last-minute ruling to disqualify a pro-Palestine campus referendum.

  • A step toward divestment at Stanford

    The university's undergraduate Senate voted to support divestment from companies complicit in Israel's human rights abuses.

  • BDS activists blocked at University of Toledo

    The first efforts of a divestment campaign at the University of Toledo were set back by bigoted and undemocratic maneuvering.

  • A tour that supports apartheid

    New York City Council members must end their complicity with all forms of racist violence, from New York to Palestine

  • Finding 1954 in 2014

    The third African Heritage Delegation to Palestine found conditions more like the Jim Crow South than a 21st century democracy.