Countering the anti-abortion lies

March 15, 2010

OAKLAND, Calif.--When anti-abortion forces came to Laney College to spread their misinformation on March 8 and 9, students organized a protest.

A small handful of men with graphic signs depicting supposed "aborted fetuses" showed up to spread misinformation about abortion. A small group of students quickly got organized to counter their sexist message.

About a dozen students held signs that read, "Pro-life is a lie, they don't care if women die," "Abortion saves lives" and "Protect abortion rights." In response to the racist literature that the bigots were distributing--claiming that reproductive freedom is a "genocide of Black babies"--one student made a sign that read, "My BLACK body, my choice."

Counterprotesters were able to talk about the realities of racism and manipulated statistics. As one student said, "They're basically saying that Black women can't even be trusted with their own babies." Despite the bigots' tactics of attempting to intimidate pro-abortion students with video cameras and insults, the counterprotest made it impossible for them to dominate the quad.

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