A spoken word piece for Trayvon

July 30, 2013

On July 17, I attended a rally for Trayvon Martin, and was able to contribute this verse I wrote the day before to the crowd:

Another young man is dead
Another killer walks free
Systematic racism
Brings us out into the streets
We been here before
We remember Emmitt Till
The new Jim Crow
Will remain alive until
We all stand together
Smash this system of oppression
The time is now
Wouldn't freedom be refreshin?
All this white supremacy
Is eating you as well as me
Frederick Douglass taught
They divided both to conquer each
Separate and unequal
That's the system as it stands
And poor people
Getting swallowed by the master plan
The fight was repressed
But the people reawaken
And return for the finish
Can't you feel the earth a quakin?
Feet make the streets rumble
Get the people off their asses
Ain't nothin around
Can stop the power of the masses
So we can break these chains
And the time has come for startin
A new legacy to build
In honor of Trayvon Martin

Verbz, Columbus, Ohio

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