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The Battle in Baltimore

Baltimore takes a stand for Freddie Gray (Aaron Petkov | SW)

Riots, rebellion and the Black working class

Fifty years after Black workers rebelled in Watts, a new generation of African Americans is confronting racism in the wake of the Great Recession.

Reconsidering The Wire

Baltimore's rebellion has me asking: Why were those fighting to change Baltimore invisible on the TV show The Wire?

De Blasio channels Giuliani

Continuing his rightward shift on policing, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio endorsed the NYPD's repression at a recent march.

Reparations for police torture

The Chicago City Council will vote on an ordinance providing compensation and other aid to the victims of police torturers.

Which way out of the trap?

By refusing to give an inch in their confrontation with Greece, Europe's elite has lured the left-wing government into a trap.

Students stand with Richmond

UC Berkeley students sat in to demand that the administration put workers first with a new expansion project in Richmond.

An irresponsible accusation

Contrary to the SW reporters' statement, there is no evidence of police provocation in Baltimore beyond wild speculation.

All day for Freddie Gray

The murder of Freddie Gray by six Baltimore cops sparked solidarity protests across the U.S. in late April and early May.

The trigger-happiest of all

Police officers on the street in Philadelphia

Philadelphia police shoot at residents more often than cops in Chicago, Los Angeles and even New York, a city five times its size.

We express our solidarity

As Muslims, we stand in solidarity with those calling for justice, transparency and police accountability.

Baltimore's message is heard

People in Baltimore and beyond are celebrating the power of protest after the cops who killed Freddie Gray were charged--but the struggle will go on.

Rebellion in a Black-led city

The savage assault on African Americans in Baltimore has unfolded at a time of unprecedented Black political power.

Closing the port for Black lives

In conjunction with activists and unions around the Bay Area, Oakland dockworkers shut down the port on May Day.

A debt to a remarkable family

The Gilliam-Price family is fighting to reclaim Baltimore and demanding their rightful place in a city that took their blood.

Reporters singled out by police

Three contributors in Baltimore describe the police threats they faced after a day of peaceful protests.

Reports of the resistance

SW contributors tell what they saw in Baltimore and New York City as the protests that erupted after Freddie Gray's murder continue.

Black lives matter on May 1

Dockworkers will shut down the massive Port of Oakland on May Day in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Apartheid games in Baltimore

Baltimore's Camden Yards stadium is a symbol of what ails urban America and fuels anger among its residents.

The Baltimore Rebellion

Protesters in the streets of Baltimore to demand justice for Freddie Gray (Kenneth K. Lam | Baltimore Sun/TNS)

The eruption of mass protest in Baltimore is not a repeat of Ferguson, but an expansion of the resistance and its evolution onto new terrain.

Killing capital punishment

With public support for the death penalty declining dramatically, the barbarous practice may be on its way out.

Sources of the eruption

Politicians have sent a message that the enemies of civic peace in Baltimore are those looking for justice for Freddie Gray.

In the streets for Freddie

While the media focus on property damage, protesters are taking to the streets to demand justice for Baltimore police murder victim Freddie Gray.

Keep the charters out

New York parents, students and teachers are challenging another plan to co-locate charter schools with underserved schools.

A long fight for equal marriage

The Supreme Court heard arguments in cases involving four states where the legal battle for marriage equality seems stalled.

A step toward fair pay at UW

Activism forced University of Washington administrators to agreed to pay all student workers at least $11 an hour.

Ayotzinapa comes to NYC

A caravan of parents of the missing Ayotzinapa students in Mexico traveled to New York City to share their story.

Ni un solo engranaje rodaría

El socialismo debe involucrar a los trabajadores tomando el poder en sus lugares de trabajo y formando de sus propias instituciones de poder.

La Rebelión de Baltimore

La erupción de masivas protestas en Baltimore es una expansión de la resistencia y su evolución hacia un nuevo terreno.

Muerte a las puertas de Europa

La muerte por inmersión en el mar Mediterráneo es un desastre causado por la política que los líderes europeos han usado contra los inmigrantes.

The problem with Sanders

Bernie Sanders has kicked off a campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he is not the "bold alternative" his supporters claim.

A champion for the other side

Hillary Clinton's handlers are retouching her out-of touch image as her presidential campaign starts--but does anyone buy it?

Treaty to declare economic war

Barack Obama wants to win passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to reassert U.S. geopolitical and economic dominance.

The undeclared drone war

Barack Obama's escalation of drone warfare is central to a larger reengineering of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Hold the trial in central Athens

Anti-fascists and the left in Greece are mobilizing for more protests as the trial of Golden Dawn resumes later this week.

Heading for a Grexit?

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras listens to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (European Council)

The EU's big squeeze could force Greece's SYRIZA government to choose between abandoning its promises or defaulting and leaving the euro.

The impact of a coming out

Bruce Jenner's interview has opened a door for many to hear a broader conversation about trans lives for the first time.

From Our Archive

"It is a subterranean fire"

The eight-hour-day struggle of 1886 and the example of the radicals who were martyred for leading it have passed on a message of defiance to future generations.

The Messiah and the muse

With Black Messiah, D'Angelo has made an album that is a revolutionary masterpiece and signifier of the collective psychology.

The great strike's long shadow

Still the Enemy Within recalls the heroic British miners' strike of 1984-85 with interviews and never-before-seen footage.

Superheroes and consequences

The television series Daredevil is the smartest, darkest and most sophisticated superhero tale yet from Marvel Studios.

Lance Selfa, Alan Maass, Donny Schraffenberger and Bill Mullen contribute to an SW special feature.

Slavery and the roots of racism

The American Civil War ended 150 years ago, and with it, the system of slavery that built the U.S.--and world capitalism.

The resistance to slavery

The history of slavery is also a history of resistance and of the revolutionary overthrow of an entrenched system.

The road to the Civil War

The North and South were on a collision course, but the shape and timing of the conflict depended on political questions.

Save the Union or end slavery?

A war against slaveholders had to be transformed into a war against slavery for the North to win the Civil War.

From civil war to a revolution

For the North to defeat the Southern Confederacy, the Union Army had to be transformed into an army of liberation.

Sanders' dodge on Baltimore

Independent senator and Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders had little to offer those protesting police violence.

Views in brief

The legacy of police abuse | California's other prison crisis | Maryland's insult on top of injury | Racism in Hollywood

Wrong targets for a solution

It is the capitalist class as a whole, and not the consumption of individual workers, that has caused climate change.

Legacies of struggle in China

History shows that there is a drive for social change among Chinese workers, despite how it is obscured at times.

Misunderstanding syndicalism

It was Marxism, not syndicalism, that historically proposed a division of labor between politics and the economic sphere.

Socialist takeover at Gravity?

What's behind the decision of one Seattle CEO to raise salaries at his company to a minimum of $70,000 a year?

Theodore Allen on privilege

The radical historian Theodore Allen's writings on race, privilege and the working class developed over many decades.

Views in brief

What wasn't concrete? | Privilege theory and white entitlement | Tarring himself | Lessons of the IWW

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