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Millions March in New York City against police terror and impunity (Jay Denson)

A new movement demands to be heard

The demonstrations on December 13 showed that the movement against police violence and lawlessness is only growing larger and stronger.

The occupying army at home

As Martin Luther King pointed out 50 years ago, the militarization of police departments across the U.S. flows directly from its wars abroad.

A cancer that produces racism

The ever-growing number of police officers and prison guards is a potent source of prejudice and reaction.

Why we need activist athletes

Some of the most prominent voices speaking out about racism are those of athletes who can reach millions of people.

Paul D'Amato provides answers to the most common questions about socialism in this series from The Meaning of Marxism.

Can workers run the world?

One of the most common arguments against the possibility of socialism is that human beings are naturally competitive.

Will a socialist society work?

Many people believe that capitalism, despite its inequalities, is at least more efficient and less bureaucratic than socialism.

Democracy and revolution

The critics of Marxism point to the former USSR in claiming that socialism would just put a new set of rulers in power.

Is a revolution possible here?

Many objections to socialism rest on the belief that U.S. society is exceptional in being resistant to radical change.

Are U.S. workers bought off?

The ferocity of the ruling class offensive has undermined the claim that workers do well enough to stop them from rebelling.

A disappearing working class?

The weakened condition of the working class movement shouldn't be chalked up to a change that has rendered it powerless.

A world of potential unleashed

In the caricature of a socialist society, everybody is forced to act alike--but the real socialist vision is exactly the opposite.

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Other Top Articles of the Week

Voices from Ayotzinapa

The father of one of the missing 43 students in Mexico joins two fellow students for a discussion about Ayotzinapa and the struggle for justice.

A new opening in Greece

A political crisis for Greece's rulers could lead to a general election in the first months of 2015--and a victory for the left.

Presents for the 1 Percent

Congress has issued a public declaration of its own corruption, stupidity and immorality in the form of the 2015 budget.

From siege to reaction

The narrative from the media and politicians after a hostage standoff in Australia was that this was Islamist terrorism.

New York wins a fracking ban

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's decision to ban fracking is a victory for all the people who spent years challenging the energy giants.

Hiding the homeless

Reports claiming a decline in homelessness are being used to cover up a crisis that the government doesn't intend to solve.

When soldiers declared peace

German soldiers stand in No Man's Land during the Christmas Truce in the First World War (CAF Drummond, Royal Field Artillery)

One hundred years ago, soldiers on opposing sides in the First World War showed the power that people without rank and privilege possess.

Recommended by SW readers

What was best in 2014? readers speak up for their favorite movies, books, music and streaming content of the year.

UAW 2865 makes history

The academic workers union at the University of California has become the first U.S. union to call for divestment from Israel.

Embracing apartheid

Israel’s cabinet has voted for racist laws that, if approved by parliament, will upgrade Israel’s status as an apartheid state.

The impact on Black families

Police violence and incarceration throw up extra obstacles to Black families struggling to raise their children.

The LAPD opens fire

Los Angeles police recently killed a man at a busy tourist spot--because, they claim, he was armed with a pocket knife.

Anti-racism back in the streets

The grand jury decisions in the cases of Mike Brown and Eric Garner have galvanized a national response--and an ongoing resistance is taking shape.

RonnieMan won't be forgotten

Dorothy Holmes is marching every chance she gets to raise awareness about the police murder of her son and to demand justice.

We won't be intimidated

A Bay Area activist provides an account of the protests against police violence that rocked Berkeley for another night.

De Blasio's Garner problem

New York liberal mayor wants the support of those marching for Eric Garner without changing the policies that led to his murder.

The police are different

Cops share a unique status with the rich and powerful of being able to get away with all sorts of murder and mayhem.

The system is racist by design

Terrorists in blue

Barack Obama talks about addressing racism in policing today, yet never utters phrases like "racial inequality" and "mass incarceration."

Hungry for justice at Berkeley

Black students blockaded one of the main dining facilities at UC Berkeley in an action in solidarity with the Ferguson protests.

#BlackLivesMatter on the field

Athletes speaking out against police brutality has the effect of amplifying the impact of the struggle for dignity in the face of racism.

Grad workers take on NYU

Graduate employees are taking a strike authorization vote against one of the most corporate universities in the country.

The CIA's torture chambers

A Senate report on the CIA's use of torture offers a staggering look at the horrors inflicted in the name of the "war on terror."

What the U.S. war looks like

A camp flooded with refugees from the ongoing disaster caused by U.S. imperialism in Iraq

An author and journalist recently returned from Iraq talks about conditions in the Middle East as the U.S. war on ISIS continues to take its toll.

From Hong Kong to Ferguson

As in Ferguson, the police confronting protesters in Hong Kong are punishing dissent while claiming to uphold the law.

From Our Archive

What all Black men must learn

After the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012, three contributors to SW remembered their own experiences with "the talk"--and the daily realities of racism.

The filth and the Feds

Witch hunts against minorities and activists based on their sexual relationships was all in a day's work for J. Edgar Hoover.

Putting history on the page

The left-wing author Howard Fast dramatized historical struggles against racism, exploitation and war profiteering.

A "12th man" for the struggle

Some 300 protesters rallied outside Centurylink Stadium in downtown Seattle before the Seahawks-49ers matchup.

Facing racist threats at Colgate

Activists at Colgate University who led a historic sit-in this fall now face violent online threats and a passive administration.

Radical reforms for policing

Efforts to reform the U.S. criminal justice system must start from the understanding that it is rotten to the core.

Anti-racistas en las calles

El fracaso de la justica en los casos de Mike Brown y Eric Garner ha provocado una respuesta masiva--y una permanente lucha anti-racista.

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