No Justice, No Peace!

An officer in riot gear fires tear gas at protesters in Ferguson

The American way of violence and injustice

When those in power preach at us to be peaceful, what they really mean is they don't want us to challenge their authority to be violent.

When racism wears a badge

There can be no question that African American life is both cheap and expendable in the eyes of law enforcement.

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A cease-fire for immigrants?

Obama portrays his executive order as a "victory" for immigrants, but its limits show that the racist right still sets the agenda.

The real Thanksgiving story

The time-worn tale of Pilgrims and Indians happily sharing a meal covers up a legacy of land theft and genocide.

Stanford stands with Palestine

The Stanford University community turned out to hear Palestinian students talk about organizing against Israel's apartheid.

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Celebrating Darby Tillis | How Boston steals from the poor | UTLA needs to fight for teachers | A hero for helping women | Why the Democrats crashed

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A Keystone test in the Senate

Obama and the Democrats are on the spot about the Keystone XL pipeline--and it's one of their own who put them there.

Justice denied yet again

A St. Louis grand jury let Mike Brown's killer go free, but people are taking to the streets to send a message: We won't stop demanding justice.

Conflict Kitchen cooks again

A take-out eatery and art project serving Palestinian food has reopened after a death threat forced it to close briefly.

A battle over UC tuition hikes

Thousands of students at the 10 University of California campuses will walk out of classes in defiance of a stunning 30 percent tuition hike.

Show your support for Rodney

Rodney Reed's family and supporters rally for justice in Bastrop (Randi Jones Hensley | SW)

You can stand up for Rodney Reed as he faces being put to death in Texas in two months for a crime he didn't commit.

Who's afraid of Ferguson?

The heroism of Ferguson's rebels and the work of activists beyond is setting the stage for a deeper revolt against racism and oppression.

The war on giving

The arrest of a 90-year-old man in Fort Lauderdale for serving hot meals to those in need is the latest example of a wave of "homeless hate laws."

How Denton beat the frackers

Years of organizing set the stage for Denton, Texas, voters to approve a fracking ban--but the energy industry won't give up.

The scaremongers go to work

Missouri authorities are sending a message as the Ferguson grand jury deliberates: Find anti-racist protesters guilty of violence.

Victims of DuPont in Texas

Four workers are dead after the leak of a hazardous chemical at a DuPont plant that has a history of safety violations.

They're demonizing dissent

With a grand jury decision looming, the authorities in Missouri have declared a preemptive war on anyone who speaks out against injustice.

Pushing the homeless out

The abrupt closure of Boston's largest homeless shelter has meant that hundreds of people lost their only place to stay.

The spreading fight for 15

In Oregon, the demand of low-wage workers for $15 an hour is moving from a distant dream to a growing reality.

A comeback for the UTLA?

New leaders for the Los Angeles teachers' union helped oust a superintendent and are gearing up for contract showdown.

Fighting for justice inside jails

Pressure is building on New York City officials to address the systematic abuses inside the Rikers Island jail complex.

Still a war for oil and empire

Iraqis in front of buildings demolished during U.S. attacks on Sadr City (Wissam Al-Okaili | AFP)

Obama needs the mantle of humanitarian intervention to win over a public tired of killing and dying for imperialism in the Middle East.

Scared of the UK Greens

The argument from Britain's mainstream parties against voting for a radical alternative is that they're "unelectable."

A shield for the marginalized

I was one of those who made a revolution that toppled two dictators--and we are crossing our fingers it will topple the third.

Israel tightens the noose

Weeks of violence inflicted by Israeli military forces and settler vigilantes is the reason why tensions are at the boiling point in East Jerusalem.

The war games off Cyprus

With a growing conflict over Cyprus involving regional and international powers, the Greek left must oppose their wars.

Their deal to wreck the planet

The U.S.-China agreement doesn't come close to cutting CO2 emissions on a scale necessary to stop climate change.

Why was NUMSA expelled?

The expulsion of the metalworkers' union from the main union federation in South Africa is part of a political realignment.

Politics of privilege-checking

Students marching against racist hate crimes at University of California, San Diego last spring

The practice of calling out "privilege" is widespread among young activists--but does it contribute to building stronger movements for change?

Time to get on board with BDS

Members of the academic student workers union at University of California campuses are voting on a crucial BDS resolution.

Taking on the test

More Than a Score compiles essays by teachers, students and parents on the front lines of the struggle against testing.

Beyond the NFL drug raids

The NFL has long acted like the sporting equivalent of Goldman Sachs--too big to fail. But those days may be over.

Calling their foul

The new head of the NBA Players Association is challenging suggestions that pro basketball players are pampered.

Cocaine, contras and the CIA

Kill the Messenger recounts an ugly chapter in the history of U.S. imperialism--along with the media's shameful complicity.

A woman of steel

Alice Peurala left an impressive legacy as a fighter for workers' rights and women's rights inside the labor movement.

¿Por qué temen a Ferguson?

El heroísmo y el trabajo de los activistas de Ferguson y de todo el país preparan el terreno para una revuelta más profunda aún contra el racismo.

Cuando la esperanza tranza

La elección de noviembre no fue una cálida recepción a los republicanos, sino un frío rechazo a los demócratas.

Why Warren doesn't move me

There are more reasons than policy not to get swept up in the fervor of a possible Elizabeth Warren presidential run.

Breaking the silence

Having an abortion is already difficult, but the loneliness, alienation and silence about it add another unbearable weight.

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