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A section of the border wall in Nogales, Ariz., with crosses and names of people who died attempting to cross. (Eric Ruder | SW)

The human toll of Fortress America

The demand for "strong borders," coming from Republicans and Democrats alike, means more suffering--not just for immigrants, but all workers.

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Talking about abortion

Let's act like having an abortion is a perfectly acceptable option to consider. Let's act like women do have a choice.

Israel's crumbling media war

Glimpses of the real plight of Palestinians are finally making their way into the mainstream media, even in the U.S.

Lives stolen as they played

The four Bakr children were killed in an Israeli strike on one of the precious few places in Gaza a child can roam freely.

How Baldwin saw Palestine

Twenty years before September 11, author James Baldwin ripped apart the apologies for U.S. imperialism and Israel's wars.

A flood of bigotry

Anti-immigrant bigots protest detainees in Murrieta, Calif.

The twisted response in Washington to the surge of detentions of migrant children comes down to this: Deport them or deport them faster.

Racially profiled by the NSA

New revelations based on information from NSA leaker Edward Snowden expose how the government targeted Muslims for surveillance.

Racism fuels Israel's war

Israel must relentlessly dehumanize Palestinians in order to justify its horrific actions towards them.

Israel's terrorist rampage

The already bloody Israeli onslaught against Gaza is intensifying, causing hundreds of deaths and driving tens of thousands from their homes.

This is avoiding casualties?

Israeli officials say they're making "huge efforts" to avoid civilian deaths, so the death toll must be Hamas' fault.

Palestine's innocent victims

A relative describes how Mohammed and Tarek Abu Khdeir's family are dealing with the murder of one youth and the beating of another.

What's behind the tough talk?

The American Federation of Teachers convention was full of militant rhetoric to cover union leaders' continued concessions.

Workers swing for the fences

At San Francisco's baseball stadium, concession workers organized by UNITE HERE Local 2 have ratified a new contract.

Gaza, we hear your cry

From Seattle to Philadelphia, Palestinian families, students and solidarity activists took to the streets to condemn Israel's war crimes.

No justice in his court

Supporters of Palestinian community leader Rasmea Odeh are calling for the pro-Israel judge in her case to recuse himself.

Texas sets a date for murder

Protesters demand justice for Rodney Reed (Matthew Beamesderfer | SW)

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty has issued a call to action to stop Rodney Reed from being put to death in Texas.

Derailing oil train disasters

People in Canada and the U.S. gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of the oil train explosion in Lac-Mégantic in Quebec.

Nuestra Opinión

El terror sobre Palestina

Una sostenida ola de violencia por parte de Israel intensifica las tensiones en Cisjordania, Gaza, e Israel mismo.

Murdered by the NYPD

New York City cops killed Eric Garner in broad daylight--and now people across the city and beyond are reacting with grief and anger.

Sixty years and still segregated

Six decades after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, racial inequities still need to be addressed directly.

Renouncing my citizenship

It's a moral abomination to emulate Nazi tactics in the name of the Jewish people and their alleged security.

The violence of the oppressors

Israel's oppression of Palestinians--and the resistance against it--has many echoes with the situation facing African Americans.

How we got safer staffing

Emergency room nurses and staff won improved staffing levels when they stood together and refused overtime.

Climate change distractions?

An author and ecosocialist activist responds to criticisms that the left puts forward "environmental catastrophism."

Rockets and the resistance

The completely lopsided nature of the conflict must be part of any discussion of Israel's claims about rockets fired from Gaza.

Still debating apartheid?

Students in New York take part in a global day of action for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid

The Nation regularly runs articles debating Israeli apartheid--a question it never considered about apartheid South Africa.

Chomsky and the BDS struggle

Noam Chomsky's long history as a determined critic of Israel gave his recent attack on the Palestinian movement an especially painful sting.

Bringing together a left voice

Venezuelan revolutionary socialists will hold a conference to discuss what's next before the coming congress of the ruling party.

Standing up to the NYPD

In May 2013, two leaders of the fight against police violence in New York City talked with SW about the challenges of the struggle.

The master of terror

In May 2002, following the barbaric assault on Jenin in the West Bank, Eric Ruder documented Israel's history of terror.

It was a very bad year

The collapse of whole cities in 1177 B.C. isn't remembered today--but it might well become a common reference point.

The struggle for Silvertown

John Tully's history of a defeated strike in 1889 London reveals how the industrial era was built on the backs of workers.

A different cancer story

A broad sense of community raises Mike Marqusee's The Price of Experience above other cancer survival memoirs.

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