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Protesters marching in Washington, D.C., against the Keystone XL pipeline (John Duffy)

We need a tipping point toward climate justice talked to leading figures in the environmental justice movement to ask the question: Can we stop the tipping point?

The movement needs to move

The polluters and the politicians who serve them are facing growing discontent and a challenge at the grassroots.

Waging a war on science

From challenging evolution to denying climate change, the right's anti-science dogmas are promoted with the aim of bolstering conservative causes.

How will labor be revived?

A leading writer and labor historian talks about the shape of the labor movement today--and how to rebuild fighting unions.

UPS backs down over firings

Teamsters in New York City won a victory when UPS rescinded pink slips issued to 250 drivers for walking off the job.

Ready to raise the floor in SF

A coalition of labor and community groups is moving ahead with a referendum that would raise San Francisco's minimum wage.

We're sick of poverty wages

Fight for 15 activists in Los Angeles are demanding an end to wage theft and the right to form a union without retaliation.

New: The Marathon Bombings

Martial law in Watertown

An activist who endured a lockdown during the manhunt after the Boston Marathon bombings remembers that day.

From Our Archive

The horror we feel today

Two Socialist Worker contributors who were at the Boston Marathon talk about the deadly bombings and the aftermath.

Other Top Articles of the Week

Marxism and making history

At the core of Marxism is the answer to a question: If people are products of their circumstances, how can they change those circumstances?

Can education end poverty?

The mantra of politicians and the media detracts from the real sources of--and solutions to--both poverty and the crisis of public education.

Socialism 2014 | Chicago | June 26-29

Why was this Nazi able to kill?

The man who murdered three people outside Kansas City had an extensive record of involvement with violent Nazi groups.

The real fraud in Afghanistan

The media cheered Afghanistan's election as a success story, but the outcome will change little if anything for ordinary Afghans.

Police justify another killing

Friends and neighbors of Raason "Lil B" Shaw say there are many reasons to doubt the Chicago cops' story about his death.

"People First" puts money first

A move to a managed-care system threatens to set back the struggle for disability rights in New York and damage lives.

A boycott of conscience

Teachers at New York City's Earth School have declared that they will not administer the state's Common Core tests.

The new child labor

Maybe we don't let kids to work in factories, but they have been condemned to hard labor by high-stakes testing.

What happened in Quebec's election?

A member of Québec solidaire analyzes the outcome of the provincial election and the improved showing for the left.

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Capitalism: A Ghost Story: An Evening with Arundhati Roy and Siddhartha Deb via

Membership rebellion in the IAM?

Boeing workers in line to vote on their contract in November

A slate of reform candidates is making a strong run in the International Association of Machinists' first contested election in half a century.

Custodians crank up the heat

More than 200 University of Washington custodians and their supporters rallied to demand fair treatment on the job.

Where's our 3 percent raise?

Workers for the HowardCenter in Vermont want to know why they aren't getting the wage increase agreed to last year.

What lies ahead for Michoacán?

The coming weeks will be critical to self-defense groups in western Mexico that formed to combat organized crime cartels.

Of, by and for the rich people

Now we know when the Supreme Court really cares about "free speech"--when it needs an excuse to help millionaires buy more political influence.

In depth feature on Karl Marx and the Marxist Tradition

Here are some of's expanded articles explaining the ideas of Karl Marx and the Marxist tradition.

Marx's theory of working-class revolution

Marx's view of the world is built around the centrality of the struggle between exploiter and exploited--ultimately over whether society will go forward or not.

Why Karl Marx was right

When mainstream economists start citing capitalism's greatest critic, you know the crisis of the free market is severe.

Can the working class unite?

For the working class to create a socialist society, it must achieve unity in its ranks--and that means championing all struggles against oppression.

Towards a revolutionary socialist party

An organized layer of workers with a shared consciousness of the necessity for socialism and how to achieve it has to be created.

The lies they tell about Lenin

Any honest look at the life of the Russian revolutionary Lenin quickly puts to rest the idea that he wanted an elite to seize power and impose socialism.

Marxism, feminism and women

Marxists must not minimize the degree of oppression faced by women inside the working class, but rather make a serious effort on every front to combat it.

The Marx Matters Collection

Marx Matters: Articles on the Marxist tradition from has collected our articles about Marxism and the Marxist tradition on one page. Take a look to learn more about the ideas of revolutionary socialism.

Teaching us the lessons of cricket

It's a measure of C.L.R. James's skill as a writer that Beyond a Boundary is one of the best books about sports ever written.

A not-so-natural disaster in Wash.

Two weeks after the deadly mudslide in Ora, Wash., it's become clear how unnatural--and preventable--this disaster was.

Ran low on hope

The question of how quickly climate change is taking place hovers over the discussion in the book Hope on Earth.

Different kind of Hunger Games

Let's look at what the championship UConn men's basketball program tells us about so-called amateur student athletics.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization

Tell UC to drop the charges

Students at UC Santa Cruz arrested during a two-day strike by graduate student workers are appealing for support.

When criticism is off limits

For discussing how criticism of Israel is muted, former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is facing a backlash.

Theses on national questions

In 1920, Lenin took up the question of how socialists approach the demands of colonies and oppressed nations for equality.

Justice and the art world

The Biennale of Sydney severed ties with corporate sponsor Transfield after artists drew attention to its human rights abuses.

Soldiers' untold stories

With They Were Soldiers, Ann Jones reveals the toll that war takes on the men and women who fight U.S. wars.

Nuestra Opinión

Soborno institucionalizado

A la Corte Suprema le preocupa la "libertad de expresión" cuando necesita una excusa para ayudar a los ricos a comprar aún más influencia política.

The charter school charade

At a fancy gala thrown by the Harlem Success Academy, I heard charter school supporters use the legacy of civil rights struggles to sell privatization.

CTA management is dangerous

When a transit train crashed in Chicago, officials blamed the operator--but didn't ask why she was so tired on the job.

A thousand points of lies

George H.W. Bush participates in a photo op aboard an aircraft carrier named after him (Nicholas Hall)

It looks like the political establishment is trying to polish George H.W. Bush's image. Don't believe a word of it.

How do we confront the right?

A report about a Chicago demonstration for the International Day Against Fascism and Racism distorted what took place.

Views in brief

The odds against the homeless | Life on the extra board | Retired and struggling to get by | Less-than-great expectations | Companies holding unions hostage

Victories against repression

Two important New York City police misconduct cases were settled in January, but we have far to go to see real justice.

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