Walker’s attack on same-sex couples

SOME MIGHT have thought that Scott Walker, the Tea Party, union-busting governor of Wisconsin couldn't get any worse.

Think again.

In May, Walker asked a judge to allow the state to stop defending a new law giving same-sex couples the right to visit their partners in the hospital--because, according to Walker, the law violates the state constitution.

In 2009, Democrats, then in control of the state legislature, changed the law so that same-sex couples could sign up for domestic partnership registries with county clerks in order to be afforded some of the rights that married couples have.

The conservative group Wisconsin Family Action sued to stop the law, arguing that domestic partner registries violated a state ban on same-sex marriage and other similar arrangements.

Walker has now filed a motion to stop the state from defending the case.

"Governor Walker, in deference to the legal opinion of the attorney general that the domestic partner registry...is unconstitutional, does not believe the public interest requires a continued defense of this law," says the brief, filed by Walker's chief counsel, Brian Hagedorn.

As Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway wrote:

I won't speak to the legal side of this issue because I'm not up to speed on it, but I really have to wonder what kind of person would seek to prevent two people who are in a relationship from making whatever arrangements they want to allow the other to visit them in the hospital, and what right the state has to tell hospitals that they cannot honor those requests.

Is the GOP hatred for gays so pervasive that they could really be this cold and heartless?

The answer, it would seem, is a resounding "yes."

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