• How will the EU strike back against SYRIZA?

    Germany and the European Union will keep up the pressure on Greece--but the country's left-wing government has a mandate to reject austerity.

  • Obama in India: The sequel

    On his trip to India, Barack Obama stressed "partnership"--but that translates to exploitation for Indian workers.

  • Washington mourns a monarch

    A delegation of U.S. political figures, led by Barack Obama, traveled to Saudi Arabia to pay their respects to a vicious autocrat.

  • The tasks for the left after SYRIZA's victory

    The Internationalist Workers Left, a prominent group in SYRIZA's Left Platform, issues a statement after the formation of the new government.

  • What is responsible for Paris?

    The "unity" we need to seek after the killings at Charlie Hebdo is against racism, Islamophobia and imperialism.

  • A pogrom against Bedouins

    Israeli police have provoked a confrontation with Bedouins in the Negev region--and responded with a punishing assault.

  • Which path for SYRIZA?

    SYRIZA can become a force against neoliberalism or leaders of a government of mild neoliberalism. There is no middle choice.

  • What we mourn after Paris

    Historians and authors stand in solidarity with immigrants and others victims of scapegoating following the Paris attacks.

  • The challenges begin now

    A member of SYRIZA's Left Platform analyzes the election results in Greece and looks at the obstacles the left already faces.

  • Is the Cold War against Cuba over?

    What is the agreement of the U.S. and Cuban governments plans to re-establish diplomatic relations—and what will it mean for Cubans?

  • Forging bonds of solidarity

    An African American delegation to Palestine last year further developed important ties to the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

  • A new day for Greece and Europe

    SYRIZA's victory in Greek elections is a long-awaited breakthrough against a ruling class agenda that has inflicted suffering across Europe.

  • Taking the first step in a new direction

    Greek socialists and participants in SYRIZA celebrate a victory for the working class movement--and look to the fight ahead.

  • They murdered a socialist

    Police in Egypt killed an Egyptian leftist and poet on a protest march to Tahrir Square to mark the fourth anniversary of the revolution.

  • What to read about Greece and SYRIZA

    SW has suggestions for readers who want to find more left analysis of the struggle in Greece and prospects for the future.

  • Is free speech the issue?

    Socialists shouldn't raise political concerns over isolated threats to racist speech when it's largely endorsed by those in power.

  • This election can turn the tide in Greece

    A Greek socialist and leading member of SYRIZA describes the atmosphere ahead of national elections that the radical left is poised to win.

  • Why the whole world is watching Greece

    The likely victory of a radical left party in Greece's national elections this weekend is the product of years of economic crisis and mass struggle.

  • Lessons from Scotland's independence battle

    The referendum on Scottish independence didn't win, but it has fueled a radicalization based on new possibilities for the left.

  • Rewinding The Battle of Algiers

    The only way forward is to challenge Islamophobia by fighting for the realization of the Arab Spring revolutions.

  • Their answer is repression and Islamophobia

    Across Europe, governments, political parties and anti-immigrant organizations are ratcheting up the atmosphere of bigotry and hate.

  • The facts about Greece's debt

    What would we learn if a SYRIZA-led government took the European Union at its word and audited all of Greece's debt?

  • Missing Mike Marqusee

    Talha Ahsan never met Mike Marqusee, but his books and letters sustained Ahsan during eight long years behind bars.

  • We ask for solidarity

    A Greek revolutionary and SYRIZA member talks about the challenges ahead as the radical left hopes to win national elections.

  • We say water is a right

    The movement against water charges has taken hold in Ireland and is providing an opportunity to take on neoliberal austerity.