• An ominous warning from Austria's elections

    The election outcome shows the potential for Europe's far right to grow and even win power--unless its scapegoating and hate are confronted.

  • What stirred the stormy seas in France?

    A French socialist and union activist looks at the sources of the rebellion that is shaking the government of François Hollande.

  • Why are Syria's refugees going through hell?

    Faced with death and destruction if they remain in their homes in Syria, millions have decided to endure terrible risks of becoming refugees.

  • Behind the political upheaval in the Philippines

    The victory of a presidential candidate likened to Donald Trump reflects the Philippines' deep social and political crisis.

  • A signal of super-fires to come

    Climate change is a root cause of the huge forest fire in Alberta, Canada, that has forced tens of thousands from their homes.

  • A tale of two South Africas

    Twenty-two years after the fall of apartheid, South Africa remains a nation highly polarized between the haves and have-nots.

  • Life in Brazil after Dilma

    Opposing the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff can't mean forgetting the tragedy of the Workers Party in power.

  • Argentina's left at a crossroads

    Divisions among left currents in Argentina spilled into the open at a time when unity in the face of the right wing is important.

  • Puerto Rico's debt crisis: Made in the USA

    Crushing debt and drastic budget cuts are causing a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico--but the hedge fund managers only want more.

  • At work in a new job in Northern Ireland

    The veteran journalist and activist who won a seat in the Northern Ireland Assembly reflects on the election--and the fight ahead.

  • Did our side win in London?

    The Tories' racist campaign couldn't defeat the Labour Party's Sadiq Kahn, but the new mayor of London is far from a radical.

  • Aleppo is burning

    The Syrian regime believes it can retake a stronghold of the rebellion against it--by turning it into a devastated wasteland.

  • What will November bring for Mexico?

    A Trump-Clinton faceoff in November will be a lose-lose scenario for everyone concerned, both inside and outside the U.S.

  • Australia wasn’t settled, it was invaded

    The conservative media in Australia are up in arms about a university telling the truth about the treatment of Indigenous people.

  • The underbelly of the Rio Olympics

    The fiction that corruption infects every aspect of Brazil's political world except for the Olympics has been exposed as a lie.

  • Protesting U.S.-backed repression in Egypt

    A group of U.S. educators are speaking out against detentions by the Egyptian military regime in response to renewed protests.

  • We want the truth about Giulio

    News reports are confirming what solidarity activists feared: Egyptian security forces likely tortured and killed an Italian student.

  • Thirty years after Chernobyl

    When human fallibility is applied to energy processes organized around production for profit, the worst can--and will--happen.

  • Behind the anti-Corbyn smear campaign

    The pro-Israel right's accusations that British Labour has "a problem with anti-Semitism" are a carefully calculated slander campaign.

  • Challenging a new government in Argentina

    The new conservative President Mauricio Macri is leading an attack on workers, but he has faced opposition right from the start.

  • Obama butts in on Britain's referendum

    Barack Obama has joined the chorus of Western leaders calling on people in Britain to vote to stay in the European Union.

  • A mass grave in the Mediterranean

    The sinking of another ship packed with migrants killed hundreds--the latest victims of the cruel policies of European leaders.

  • For an internationalist "no" vote on the EU

    Members of rs21 in Britain discussed their attitudes toward the referendum on whether Britain should stay in the European Union.

  • Moment of truth for the Third Memorandum

    The Tsipras government is negotiating over even more drastic austerity measures--and not showing the least sign of resistance.

  • Egyptian activists face arrests ahead of protests

    Labor lawyer Haitham Mohamedain is among some 100 Egyptian activists detained by security forces ahead of planned protests.