• How Putin's party lost votes and still won

    Vladimir Putin's government is facing more social discontent, but that wasn't expressed in a federal election with very low turnout.

  • A deal that will bring neither peace nor justice

    A group of antiwar activists are speaking out against the U.S.-Russia "peace deal" for Syria that has only intensified the suffering.

  • What did the Berlin elections tell us?

    Germany's once-dominant major parties are continuing to lose voters--and the far right looks like it will be the main beneficiary.

  • The Labour leadership battle is over...for a bit

    A new challenge to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was announced about three minutes after he was declared the winner.

  • Can Corbyn survive the coup?

    A British socialist explains what's at stake in the vote that will decide if left-winger Jeremy Corbyn will be the leader of the party.

  • From defiance to solidarity in Alexandria

    Shipyard workers in Egypt are still waiting for a verdict in their military trial--but a defense campaign is winning wider support.

  • Duterte's death toll keeps rising

    The Philippines' new president has a horrific record, but his spat with Barack Obama had some on the left pulling their punches.

  • Murder on a picket line in Italy

    People across Italy are taking action after a 53-year-old worker for a package delivery company was run down by a scab driver.

  • The wrong alternative for Germany

    The recent successes for the right-wing Alternative for Germany party shows that it's here to stay. How should the left respond?

  • Justin Trudeau isn't your friend

    The Canadian prime minister's "cool" image has been carefully stage-managed, but his politics track much further to the right.

  • A flawed revolutionary icon

    Che Guevara should be celebrated for his courage and egalitarian spirit, and critiqued for his authoritarian vision of socialism.

  • Solidarity won Adly's freedom

    Egyptian human rights lawyer Malek Adly has won his freedom, and more political prisoners like him need international support.

  • Keeping the student strike alive

    Quebec's massive student struggle emerged from an organizing model that constantly trains new generations of activists.

  • "Duterte Harry" goes on the attack

    The new president of the Philippines has made those involved in the drug trade into scapegoats for country’s larger problems.

  • When humiliating Muslim women is the law

    French political leaders across the spectrum have joined the sickening crusade to ban the "burkini," a piece of swimwear worn by Muslim women.

  • Why they're still afraid of Leon Trotsky

    The campaign against left-wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has brought the name Leon Trotsky into the spotlight in Britain.

  • They could be crucified for protesting

    Three young Saudi men--juveniles at the time of their arrests--face execution for joining in protests demanding democracy.

  • The real drama in Rio begins after the Games

    Now that the 2016 Summer Games are over, we will learn how badly the Olympics will end up warping Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

  • Assessing the Podemos challenge

    Spain’s political terrain has being reshaped by the left-wing party Podemos, but its model of organizing has led to challenges.

  • Kashmir must have nothing less than freedom

    A Kashmiri activist explains the backdrop to the latest outbreak of political unrest--and its brutal repression by the Indian occupiers.

  • Striking against the "gig" economy

    Deliveroo workers in Britain won a victory that will be relevant across the world to workers in the so-called "sharing economy."

  • Montreal hosts the World Social Forum

    The World Social Forum in Quebec in August was the first held in the Global North, but turnout was lower than expected.

  • The generals have put Egypt up for sale

    An Egyptian revolutionary writes from prison about the meaning of the military regime’s “gift” of two islands to Saudi Arabia.

  • Breaking the siege of Aleppo

    The people of eastern Aleppo celebrated after rebels broke through the siege imposed on them by the Syrian regime and its allies.

  • The meaning of South Africa's elections

    After local elections, South Africa's African National Congress is licking its wounds--but the left has very little to celebrate.