• Assessing the Podemos challenge

    Spain’s political terrain has being reshaped by the left-wing party Podemos, but its model of organizing has led to challenges.

  • Kashmir must have nothing less than freedom

    A Kashmiri activist explains the backdrop to the latest outbreak of political unrest--and its brutal repression by the Indian occupiers.

  • Striking against the "gig" economy

    Deliveroo workers in Britain won a victory that will be relevant across the world to workers in the so-called "sharing economy."

  • Montreal hosts the World Social Forum

    The World Social Forum in Quebec in August was the first held in the Global North, but turnout was lower than expected.

  • The generals have put Egypt up for sale

    An Egyptian revolutionary writes from prison about the meaning of the military regime’s “gift” of two islands to Saudi Arabia.

  • Breaking the siege of Aleppo

    The people of eastern Aleppo celebrated after rebels broke through the siege imposed on them by the Syrian regime and its allies.

  • The meaning of South Africa's elections

    After local elections, South Africa's African National Congress is licking its wounds--but the left has very little to celebrate.

  • Alexandria shipyard workers need your support

    A group of Egyptian workers in Alexandria are facing sentencing in a military court for standing up for better working conditions.

  • The Labour leaders who are afraid of the party

    Opponents of Labour's left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn are highly unpopular, so they've resorted to underhanded maneuvers.

  • The coup that followed the coup in Turkey

    A ruthless government crackdown has been underway in Turkey since the swift defeat of an attempted military takeover last month.

  • Anger boils over again in Kashmir

    The Indian government has unleashed a new wave of repression against a growing resistance by the people of Kashmir.

  • Venezuela and the turning of the "Pink Tide"?

    An examination of Chávez's Venezuela helps explain what happened to the efforts to confront neoliberalism in Latin America.

  • Together in Montreal for a better world

    Thousands of social movement activists from around the world are gathering this week in Quebec for the World Social Forum.

  • The struggle for the soul of Labour

    Jeremy Corbyn's fight to remain the leader of Britain's Labour Party will have significance far beyond the party itself.

  • Apartheid Israel's war on water

    During the month of June, Palestinians in the West Bank faced some of the harshest water shortages that they have in decades.

  • A corrupt alliance with Brazil's coup-makers

    The Workers' Party in Brazil wants to curry favor with the same corrupt right-wingers who voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff.

  • Nicaragua's compromised revolution

    Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega once led a vibrant radical movement, but he and the Sandinistas are compromised today.

  • Indonesia's anti-communist backlash isn't over

    An Indonesian government symposium on the 1965 anti-communist massacres reveals that the fight for democracy must continue.

  • Year four of the Sisi coup

    This month marks the start of Egypt's fourth year under the el-Sisi dictatorship, but the moment calls for cautious optimism.

  • South Korea punishes a union leader

    The South Korean government has sentenced union leader Han Sang-gyun to five years in jail for the "crime" of organizing.

  • Their reaction will bring more horrors

    After another violent attack in France, the rush to scapegoat Muslims and increase state repression is bound to produce more terror and suffering.

  • The reawakening of struggle in Zimbabwe

    The national shutdown against the Mugabe dictatorship has revived one of Africa's most militant and long-suffering working classes.

  • How the coup-makers were stopped in Turkey

    The masses who protested a coup in Turkey may not have all backed the government, but they opposed a new dictatorship.

  • Mourning a comrade in Mexico

    Marco "Toño" Antonio García Barrera, a comrade and friend of the Mexican working class, was killed in the state of Morelos.

  • Who will survive Britain’s political shake-up?

    The UK referendum vote to leave the European Union was a political earthquake that has upended both major political parties.