• A mass grave in the Mediterranean

    The sinking of another ship packed with migrants killed hundreds--the latest victims of the cruel policies of European leaders.

  • For an internationalist "no" vote on the EU

    Members of rs21 in Britain discussed their attitudes toward the referendum on whether Britain should stay in the European Union.

  • Moment of truth for the Third Memorandum

    The Tsipras government is negotiating over even more drastic austerity measures--and not showing the least sign of resistance.

  • Egyptian activists face arrests ahead of protests

    Labor lawyer Haitham Mohamedain is among some 100 Egyptian activists detained by security forces ahead of planned protests.

  • Translating the Bern internationally

    How can we best convince a layer of Sanders' supporters that they ought to build a different kind of party than the Democrats?

  • The impeachment crisis shaking Brazil

    The impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is more than just a conservative coup. It's the result of a deep economic and political crisis.

  • What is to be done with the banks?

    A group of leading left-wing intellectuals and activists make the case for placing the banks at the service of people instead of profit.

  • Breaking silence over Palestine

    Israeli soldiers who have served in the Occupied Territories are joining others to share the truth about life under occupation.

  • The refugee "crisis" of a decaying system

    Migrants fleeing war-torn countries seeking asylum are confronting the cold walls of European capitalism in the 21st century.

  • Gimme (tax) shelter

    If we start clamping down on billionaires who avoid paying taxes, they might leave and avoid paying taxes somewhere else.

  • Black Lives Matter in Canada

    Anti-racist activists are mobilizing in Montreal and Toronto to demand justice for the victims of police brutality and violence.

  • Will the undemocratic EU survive?

    The European Union is facing a series of challenges coming in grim succession that could conceivably lead to its breakup.

  • The riots that changed China

    1976 should be remembered as a turning point in China, when workers and students broke an oppressive government regime.

  • France rises up in the night

    Hundreds of thousands are gathering nightly in public squares in France in a movement reminiscent of Occupy Wall Street.

  • What did Quebec public-sector unions achieve?

    Public-sector unions have ratified contracts with disappointing concessions that raise questions about where the fight is headed.

  • Punishing union militants for fighting back

    Local leaders at auto plants in southern Italy are being punished by union leaders for protesting speedup and mandatory overtime.

  • The lessons of Chavismo

    A Venezuelan revolutionary socialist looks back at the experience of nearly two decades since former President Hugo Chávez came to power.

  • The tide of resistance rises again in Egypt

    Driven by economic grievances, masses of Egyptians are again occupying public spaces in defiance of the military regime.

  • Austerity in a volatile South Africa

    A wedge is being driven through South Africa's political elite in the wake of a court decision against President Jacob Zuma.

  • How did Syria become a burning country?

    The war in Syria demands that we analyze who is oppressed and who is the oppressor--and ask how we can stand in solidarity with the struggle.

  • Boycotting Israel is an act of free speech

    Israel has launched an unprecedented global campaign to silence pro-Palestinian voices and criminalize BDS advocacy.

  • Marine Le Pen falls flat in Quebec

    Protesters greeted France's far-right National Front leader when she travelled to Quebec to spew a message of hate.

  • Cuba deserves the apology, not U.S. business

    Instead of hypocritical lectures on human rights, Obama could have apologized for dictators and counterrevolutionary plots.

  • A bargaining chip in Korea

    UN Security Council sanctions on North Korea do nothing to improve the lives of the people who live under dictatorship.

  • Their cynical agreement that punishes refugees

    A new deal between the EU and Turkey to keep refugees from coming to Europe is about playing politics with people's lives, not humanitarian concern.