• The establishment bounces back in Spain

    The two parties that have dominated Spanish politics since the 1970s have reasserted themselves in the recent national elections.

  • What comes next after the Brexit vote?

    June 24 was a dark morning, but the left can engage both Leave and Remain voters in future struggles to defend migrants and protest austerity.

  • Okinawa is still being exploited by the U.S.

    Protests against U.S. bases and soldiers have taken on renewed and more urgent life after the murder of an Okinawan woman.

  • Seeing the whole picture after the referendum

    The left needs to be wary of celebrating the vote for "Brexit" as simply a working-class revolt against the establishment.

  • Discussing the meaning of the Brexit vote

    SW compiles a sample of left-wing comment on the ramifications of the UK referendum vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

  • Turning to the challenges ahead after the vote

    The day after the vote for "Brexit," as many as 1,500 people demonstrated in London in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

  • Blocked at the border for delivering aid

    British organizations trying to bring aid to the refugee camp in Calais, France were shut down by the police.

  • Police terror in Oaxaca against the teachers

    The southern state in Mexico is again making headlines after a savage police attack on protesting teachers, parents and community members.

  • British socialists debate the EU referendum

    Members of revolutionary socialism in the 21st century discuss the options in Britain's vote to Leave or Stay in the European Union.

  • Two years under Pharaoh Sisi

    Egypt's new strongman has failed to deliver on his promise of stability and economic growth--and his critics are growing louder.

  • Drawing lessons for Lebanon

    The counterrevolution against the Arab Spring and the use of sectarianism have created new challenges for the left.

  • The You Stink challenge in Lebanon

    Last year’s mass demonstrations in Lebanon against the garbage collection crisis and political corruption have found an electoral expression.

  • Why socialists should support a British exit

    Socialists have to tell the truth now about the European Union: It is an un-reformable institution dedicated to neoliberalism.

  • The struggle to come after a racist murder

    The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a British fascist shows that our most urgent task is to build an anti-racist movement.

  • A show of continuing defiance in France

    French workers took to the streets in their biggest show of force against a government determined to pass an anti-worker law.

  • Stopping the march of Europe's far right

    Exposing Austria's far-right Freedom Party for what it is, thereby undermining its respectability, is a vital task for anti-fascists.

  • We won't retreat in the face of threats

    After a raid on its headquarters, a socialist group in Venezuela demands an end to the government's growing repressive measures.

  • What can bring down France's government?

    The mass protests that have rocked France will reach a new pitch as the Senate begins discussions on a hated anti-worker law.

  • Stirrings below in South Africa

    Two decades after apartheid's fall, South Africa is increasingly racked by social and political fractures that threaten to burst open.

  • When France moves, all of Europe shakes

    France's uprising is showing both the power of traditional working class action and the potential for engaging new layers of society.

  • Borders drawn in blood

    Imperialist interference has been the cause of crisis and war in the Middle East since the drawing of arbitrary borders a century ago.

  • Can Chavismo be redeemed?

    Venezuela's crisis is the result not only of global economic forces, but also years of corruption that began under Chávez.

  • The crisis of the Sisi regime

    Recent weeks have exposed the contradictions of Egyptian society, marked both by resistance and hideous repression.

  • A new beginning in France?

    The mass mobilizations rocking the French government represent the dawn of a new sequence of social and political struggles.

  • United against state violence in Canada

    Protests in Canada show how bringing together different groups that face police and state terror strengthens all movements.