• Saudi Arabia inflicts a nightmare in Yemen

    Western governments, including the U.S., have to be held responsible for the role they play in the growing death toll in Yemen.

  • Neutrality is not an option

    The Modern Language Association should not hesitate when a living, breathing struggle against colonialism asks for our support.

  • In defense of Christoph Glanz

    Israel's attack machine is again attempting to smear a pro-Palestine activist by hurling false charges of anti-Semitism.

  • U.S. steps up its role in Saudi war on Yemen

    The idea that the U.S. has only now entered into war on Yemen in reaction to unprovoked attacks on its warships is absurd.

  • South African students resume their fight

    Students in South Africa are fighting another round of tuition increases--and facing repression from the ANC government.

  • Finally, the king is dead

    Thailand's king, who died last week, was an enemy of democracy and a symbol of naked class oppression.

  • Will they clear the Jungle?

    The long-threatened closure and demolition of the Calais refugee camp known as "the Jungle" is expected to begin this weekend.

  • Why was Colombia's peace deal defeated?

    A right-wing campaign to spread fear and anger doomed a peace agreement between Colombia's government and FARC rebels.

  • A corporate merger made in hell

    Bayer and Monsanto--two agriculture and chemical giants with criminal pasts--are planning to become partners in crime.

  • South Koreans resist a U.S. "defense" plan

    Joint plans by the U.S. and South Korea for a missile defense system are opposed by the people the missiles are supposed to protect.

  • Haiti's never-ending nightmare grows longer

    The death toll from Matthew is so much higher in Haiti because the violence of the storm was intensified by man-made factors.

  • The Tories turn up the Trump

    Britain's Conservative Party is attempting to fuse anti-immigrant politics with a critique of the elite--even though it is the elite.

  • Climate change is drowning us

    The hurricane battering the Caribbean today is the latest reminder that the fight to end the fossil fuel industry is a life or death struggle.

  • Ethiopia's Standing Rock

    The struggle of Ethiopia's largest ethnic group against development programs and government repression has gone unreported.

  • A Black Monday strike in Poland

    Polish activists talk about the background to "Black Monday"--a nationwide strike against a proposed ban on all abortions.

  • Fighting the anti-BDS backlash

    The BDS movement has a wider audience than ever, but it also faces an onslaught against it by defenders of Israeli apartheid.

  • How Putin's party lost votes and still won

    Vladimir Putin's government is facing more social discontent, but that wasn't expressed in a federal election with very low turnout.

  • A deal that will bring neither peace nor justice

    A group of antiwar activists are speaking out against the U.S.-Russia "peace deal" for Syria that has only intensified the suffering.

  • What did the Berlin elections tell us?

    Germany's once-dominant major parties are continuing to lose voters--and the far right looks like it will be the main beneficiary.

  • The Labour leadership battle is over...for a bit

    A new challenge to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was announced about three minutes after he was declared the winner.

  • Can Corbyn survive the coup?

    A British socialist explains what's at stake in the vote that will decide if left-winger Jeremy Corbyn will be the leader of the party.

  • From defiance to solidarity in Alexandria

    Shipyard workers in Egypt are still waiting for a verdict in their military trial--but a defense campaign is winning wider support.

  • Duterte's death toll keeps rising

    The Philippines' new president has a horrific record, but his spat with Barack Obama had some on the left pulling their punches.

  • Murder on a picket line in Italy

    People across Italy are taking action after a 53-year-old worker for a package delivery company was run down by a scab driver.

  • The wrong alternative for Germany

    The recent successes for the right-wing Alternative for Germany party shows that it's here to stay. How should the left respond?