• A no vote against blackmail

    A leading force in SYRIZA's Left Platform describes the stakes in the mobilization for a "no" vote in Greece's referendum.

  • Greece's show of defiance

    The SYRIZA government's decision to hold a referendum on European demands for yet more austerity has opened up a new political situation.

  • Youth protests shake Armenia

    Despite a police crackdown, the streets of the capital of Yerevan are alive with mass protests against an electricity price hike.

  • Where is France heading?

    The French government's austerity policies bring an urgency to the task of rebuilding social movements and the radical left.

  • A simple choice in West Papua

    Indonesian policies in West Papua have been designed from the beginning to silence the voice of the indigenous people.

  • Illegal, illegitimate and odious

    The Truth Committee on Public Debt formed by the Greek parliament has issued a report documenting the crimes of the Troika.

  • Dominican apartheid: Made in the USA

    The cruel new law in the Dominican Republic against those of Haitian descent has its roots in U.S. policy in both countries.

  • The anti-austerity resistance rallies in London

    Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets of London for the "End Austerity Now" demonstration.

  • Why won’t Aung San Suu Kyi speak out?

    Aung San Suu Kyi, a longtime symbol of the human rights struggle, has nothing to say about the persecution of the Rohingya.

  • Why the powerful are punishing Greece

    Driving the latest demands for more austerity in Greece is a new constellation of imperial power in Europe driven by Germany.

  • The left advances in Turkey's election

    A recently formed party based among Kurds but embracing the whole left in Turkey scored an election breakthrough.

  • Building solidarity at the grassroots in Greece

    A member of the Solidarity For All in Greece describes the effort to support people in need so they can fight back.

  • Behind Germany's strike wave

    An upsurge of labor actions shows the unhappiness of German workers with the country's celebrated economic model.

  • Cast out and abandoned

    We should call the Rohingya's persecution in Southeast Asia what it is: genocide, the intentional destruction of a people.

  • The drive for "national unity"

    Pro-austerity parties in Greece are trying to capitalize on the EU's extortion to take away all options for a left government.

  • If trade were really free

    "Free trade" deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are the latest chapter of unequal development caused by colonialism.

  • SYRIZA's left pushes back

    As Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras proposes further concessions, the left wing of his party is arguing to halt the retreat.

  • Argentina marches for women's lives

    Hundreds of thousands filled the streets of Argentina's capital in opposition to a high-profile surge of violence against women.

  • Will the European Union stay united?

    Economic crisis has been met by with punishing austerity drive, raising questions about the future of the European Union.

  • Election Day discontent in Mexico

    Mexico held midterm elections in a day marked by confrontations between police and protesters, especially in the south.

  • Smearing the Syrian uprising

    Conspiracy theories that the U.S. fueled the rise of ISIS are a backhanded attack on the Syrian uprising against Assad.

  • A political balance sheet in Argentina

    An Argentinian socialist makes a case for how the country's left can widen its appeal while maintaining its principles.

  • Stateless and left out at sea

    The images of emaciated migrants in boats sent back to sea in Southeast Asia have shocked the world, but this is not new.

  • No choices for the people in Mexico

    To believe this weekend's elections in Mexico are free and democratic is ludicrous--and much of the population knows it.

  • A flame of hope in Colombia's long war

    Peace activists are closely watching the negotiations to end the longest armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere.