• The meaning of COP 21

    Did the Paris climate change talks last year really represent the game-changer that they've been portrayed to be?

  • Assad's offensive in Aleppo

    The Syrian regime, backed by Russian air power, derailed peace negotiations in order to continue its campaign of ethnic cleansing.

  • Europe's rising tide of refugee scapegoating

    As more migrants flee to Europe, EU leaders are erecting legal and physical hurdles--and the right wing is spreading its anti-immigrant hate.

  • Making the Zika threat worse

    The explosion in Zika cases in South America speaks to the rotten core of a system that puts profit above human needs.

  • Haiti's fight for democracy continues

    Another fraudulent election by the U.S.-backed regime is being contested by a courageous outpouring of popular resistance.

  • Respect the BDS picket line

    Labor activists are circulating a letter calling on the UAW International to honor a local's historic vote in solidarity with Palestine.

  • Did Britain run both sides in Northern Ireland?

    With allegations that British intelligence was complicit in IRA killings, what justification is there for a conflict in which 4,000 died?

  • No more Jungle, no more borders

    Refugees in the camp known as "the Jungle" in France are refusing to go quietly as the government attempts to move them.

  • Europe's unelected government

    A leading left-wing economist describes how the European creditors maneuvered Greece into a position of subordination.

  • The unofficial cult of Mao

    What does the strange story of a demolished giant statue of the former Chinese leader say about the crisis of the current ruling class?

  • A state of impunity for gender violence

    Mexico's officials continue to turn a blind eye to pervasive violence--including murder--directed against women.

  • From revolution to reaction in Egypt

    A leading Egyptian socialist reflects on the causes of the Egyptian Revolution five years ago--and the regime's drive to eradicate its memory today.

  • Podemos after two years

    Two founding members of Spain's Podemos assess what the party has achieved and the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Arrested in China for the "crime" of organizing

    Chinese authorities raided the offices of six labor NGOs in Guangdong and arrested 15 activists--four have now been charged.

  • Is sectarianism the root cause of the chaos?

    As elsewhere, religious divisions in the Middle East aren't ancient or unchanging, but have social and political roots.

  • Advances and contradictions for Portugal's left

    A member of Portugal's Left Bloc looks at the record of a Socialist Party government formed with support from the radical left.

  • Turkey's renewed war on the Kurds

    The Turkish government is mobilizing its war machine in Kurdish cities, towns and villages, inflicting new levels of suffering.

  • What's another beheading among allies?

    Protecting the Saudi elite from scrutiny or sanction has long been a priority for Western leaders, no matter what the crime.

  • Taher Mokhtar must be freed

    A solidarity campaign is being mobilized for Dr. Taher Mokhtar and two colleagues who were arrested by Egyptian security forces.

  • Quebec unions debate a settlement

    The Couillard government backed off its harshest demands, but some public-sector unionists think more can still be won.

  • Sexism isn't an imported product

    After numerous sexual attacks on women at New Year's Eve events, German political leaders are using the moment to stoke fear.

  • Five years after the Arab Spring

    On the anniversary of the beginning of the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, a leading voice of the left takes stock.

  • Coming to the aid of refugees

    A member of the London2Calais solidarity initiative describes local organizing in support of the refugees trapped in France.

  • America's ally in barbarism strikes again

    Saudi Arabia's execution of a prominent dissident cleric is causing turmoil across the Middle East--and raising the threat of wider violence.

  • The view from a RISE in Scotland

    A participant in the founding of a new socialist formation in Scotland talks about the project it set for itself and its prospects.