• Electoral amnesia in Argentina

    A left-wing author dissects the economic and political landscape in Argentina in the run-up to national elections.

  • How tradition was defeated

    In supporting marriage equality, Ireland rejected the conservative structures that have shaped the country for centuries.

  • Will SYRIZA hold the line?

    Greece's SYRIZA government is being pushed to choose between capitulation and confrontation--and the party's left wants to draw the line.

  • SYRIZA needs clear answers

    A leader of the SYRIZA's Left Platform argues that the radical left party must choose an alternative to further concessions.

  • A defeat for conservatives in Spain

    Local elections in late May handed Spain's two largest parties their biggest losses since the 1978 fall of the dictatorship.

  • The way out of the trap is a radical left policy

    Revolutionaries inside SYRIZA make the case for a strategy to escape the downward spiral of negotiations with the lenders.

  • Where is Mexico headed?

    A Mexican revolutionary explains how neoliberalism is reshaping the Mexican state--and the resistance it has produced.

  • Facing Egypt's kangaroo courts

    Several revolutionary activists in Egypt have been taken into custody as they await the outcome of a May 31 court appeal.

  • Oscar López Rivera must be free

    Thousands of people will march to demand the release of the longest-serving Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history.

  • Resistance builds in Okinawa

    Recent protests in Okinawa represent the latest stage of the struggle against the overwhelming U.S. military presence.

  • Chavismo on the horns of a dilemma

    The difficulties facing Venezuela's left-wing government under Nicolás Maduro extend back to the rule of Hugo Chávez.

  • The "red lines" of the Greek people

    The Political Secretariat of the radical left party SYRIZA puts forward the principles to guide negotiations with the lenders.

  • The last time they turned back the boats

    A grotesque re-enactment of one of the great moral failures of the 20th century is playing out in the waters off Southeast Asia.

  • SYRIZA faces a decisive test

    A leader of the left wing in SYRIZA describes the stakes as the moment of truth approaches for the Greek government.

  • Commemorating Nakba 2015

    May 15 was the anniversary of the "Nakba"--the Arabic word used to describe the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to establish Israel.

  • They want to outlaw Palestine solidarity

    Pro-Israel politicians are pushing laws to punish institutions and corporations that boycott Israel in support of Palestinian rights.

  • Was Labour too left wing?

    On May 7, Britain's Labour Party lost a cynical public relations war that had little to do with political ideology.

  • The moment of truth for SYRIZA

    With the critical turning point in Greece's crisis drawing near, the whole of SYRIZA must be asked to decide what comes next.

  • Notes from the new world of Scottish politics

    What's behind the Labour Party's crushing defeat and the Scottish National Party's big win--and what does it mean for the left?

  • Support Egyptian labor leaders

    We stand with fired labor leaders at the Mahalla textile factory, which has been a stronghold of resistance for nearly a decade.

  • A perfect political storm

    A four-decade-old conservative dynasty collapsed in Alberta, Canada, with the victory of the New Democratic Party.

  • Do Black lives matter in Israel?

    Protests by Ethiopian Jews in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem bear more than a passing resemblance to the Baltimore Rebellion.

  • Netanyahu's racist government

    Israel's prime minister has appointed a justice minister who openly calls for genocide against the Palestinian people.

  • Golden Dawn is afraid of justice

    Eleven members of parliament representing SYRIZA protest the latest delay in the trial of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazis.

  • Ireland's Right2Water

    The anti-water charges movement has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people--transformed politics in Ireland.