• Greece's radical left after SYRIZA

    The experience of SYRIZA in Greece and the left's role in it from its founding has drawn out a series of ongoing lessons.

  • For Tibet against its oppressors

    Socialists should see Chinese rule over Tibet for what it: colonial oppression that must be opposed with support for self-determination.

  • Can the center hold in France's election?

    France's presidential campaign has been dominated by news of the right's surge, but this month brought more positive news.

  • Against Trump and Peña Nieto

    Mexican and U.S. workers have a common interest in resisting the right wing presidents who run their two countries.

  • Why was Turnbull smacked down by Trump?

    When it comes to persecuting refugees, Donald Trump has nothing on Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

  • The new balance of terror in Syria

    Former imperial and regional rivals agree on an outcome that maintains the Assad regime and crushes the remnants of the rebellion.

  • México: Alzas y alzamientos

    Una nueva ola de protestas se levanta con la fuerza de la rabia acumulada tras todas las ofensas cometidas por el régimen de Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • The roots of sectarianism in the Middle East

    We’re told that sectarian religious divisions have always existed in the Middle East, but they are, in reality, a product of capitalism.

  • A terrorist attack on Muslims in Quebec

    The mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City exposed rampant Islamophobia--but also provoked a response of solidarity.

  • Syria after the conquest of Aleppo

    What will happen now following the fall of Aleppo--conquered by the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad after years of relentless war crimes?

  • Is the left with Trump against the TPP?

    The left can't fall into the trap of supporting Trump's economic nationalism, which only changes the methods of U.S. capital's rule.

  • Discontent behind the image of calm in Morocco

    The bloody expulsion of protesters from the central square in al-Hoceima again exposes the myth of Moroccan "exceptionalism."

  • Do American spies have the goods on Russia?

    The allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election have caused a number of strange flip-flops in U.S. politics.

  • Mexico's climate of crisis and mass uprisings

    What's happening in México is a result of an accumulation of outrages committed by the regime of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • What caused the attack in Jerusalem?

    Israel's apartheid regime is the root cause of the truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in early January.

  • Why did Turkey's regime turn to the iron fist?

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is using the pretext of last year's coup to purge one-time allies from the Turkish state and repress a range of opponents.

  • Recover the Pakistani activists

    Famed poet Salman Haider was among several left-wing people who have disappeared this month in Pakistan.

  • Trump and the Israeli right: Hawks of a feather

    The recent UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements is a parting shot by Obama's thoroughly pro-Israel administration.

  • Peña Nieto adds fuel to the fire in Mexico

    Protests against energy price hikes are the latest upheaval to rock the legitimacy of the Mexican government of Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • Islamophobia and the rise of the new right

    Anti-Muslim bigotry is a key ingredient in the toxic brew that is fueling a wave of right-wing nationalism in countries around the world.

  • How can you justify the unjustifiable?

    A section of the international left is ignoring or even justifying the slaughter of Syrians who rose up against a dictatorial regime.

  • To the "leftist" admirers of Assad's Syria

    As a Syrian who identifies with the left, I am appalled by those who call themselves left-wingers, but who stand with the Assads.

  • The resistible rise of Norbert Hofer

    An Austrian activist explains why the far-right Freedom Party has made electoral gains--and how it can be beaten back.

  • Marcos' ghost and a new resistance to Duterte

    A Philippines socialist explains how anger at the burial of a former dictator sparked opposition to the new right-wing president.

  • Merkeling to the right

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's support for a ban on the burqa is another cynical exploitation of the refugee crisis.