• Finding 1954 in 2014

    The third African Heritage Delegation to Palestine found conditions more like the Jim Crow South than a 21st century democracy.

  • What caused the capitulation?

    The Eurogroup agreement that the Greek government was dragged into last week amounts to a headlong retreat.

  • The Eurogroup noose tightens around Greece

    Leaders of the new Greek government face a deadline to come up with an austerity program that SYRIZA came to power promising to end.

  • To Egypt's revolutionary youth

    A member of the Revolutionary Socialists explains what Egypt's struggle teaches us about class struggle, sectarianism and terrorism.

  • The never-ending ultimatums

    Greece's left-wing government has made huge concessions--but even that isn't enough for the rulers of Europe.

  • A president from the other side

    Why did the leaders of Greece's left-wing government pick a figure from the center-right New Democracy party to be president?

  • Another dictatorship joins the war on ISIS

    The horrific beheading of Coptic Christians in Libya has given Egypt's military regime the perfect opportunity to join the U.S.-led war on ISIS.

  • Not a single step backward!

    Europe's rulers won't make any concession to Greece's left government because they fear the example that would be set.

  • The imperial conflict over Ukraine heats up

    The U.S. and Russia are locked in a spiraling conflict over Ukraine--the result of a deadly game of imperialist move and counter-move.

  • Demonstrating their determination in Greece

    The showdown between the Greek government and Europe's rulers is at a critical stage, but the mood on the streets is one of hope and solidarity.

  • A death in Argentina

    The investigation into an Argentine prosecutor's death is raising far-reaching questions about the Kirchner government.

  • Unwavering for the cause of Palestine

    Palestine and the Arab world has lost an eminent scholar, a committed Palestinian patriot and a progressive Arab nationalist.

  • The "national unity" trap

    The French government wants to force us to unite with those we should oppose, and oppose those with whom we should unite.

  • The anti-fascist fight isn't finished in Greece

    Anti-fascists in Greece confronted Golden Dawn's mobilization in late January, but the fight against the Nazis isn't finished.

  • SYRIZA, socialists and the struggles ahead

    Two revolutionary socialists from Greece answer questions about the historic victory of the left and the tests that will come soon for the new government.

  • The mirage of reconstruction

    A new group in Gaza is drawing attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and the lack of accountability in the reconstruction effort.

  • Podemos marches for change

    After years of street protests and strikes, the political period that began with Spain's May 15 movement has moved into a new phase.

  • The problems with Varoufakis' gamble

    Europe's financial elite will have no reason to concede unless the SYRIZA government threatens to cancel the debt unilaterally.

  • All process, no peace

    U.S. cities and states are complicit in the barren "peace process" that has prolonged the denial of basic rights to the Palestinians.

  • Rounding another turn on the collision course

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris' speech to parliament wasn't what the political and financial elite of Europe wanted to hear.

  • Syria's mothers of the disappeared

    A Syrian journalist, imprisoned for the past 18 months, gave voice to the voiceless in this article from January 2012.

  • Looking past the first steps in Greece

    The reversal of austerity in Greece begins with SYRIZA's promised first measures, but it can't end with them.

  • Greece doesn't need a president from the right

    A member of Greek parliament for SYRIZA challenges speculation that the government may pick a conservative for president.

  • Struggle and survival in West Papua

    The people of West Papua have waged a courageous 50-year struggles against terrible violence to win independence from Indonesia.

  • The looming climate catastrophe

    New reports show that damage to the environment is even worse than we knew. So why won't global leaders take action?