• A flood of solidarity with Palestine

    The scenes of devastation from Gaza are moving more people to speak out--from street protests to statements of solidarity and conscience.

  • Casualties in a civil war

    Both the U.S. and Russia are guilty of fueling the violence in Ukraine that set the stage for the downing of a passenger plane.

  • Apartheid Israel doesn't speak for us

    As Jews of conscience, we unequivocally condemn Israel's ongoing massacre against the Palestinian people of Gaza.

  • Israel's crumbling media war

    Glimpses of the real plight of Palestinians are finally making their way into the mainstream media, even in the U.S.

  • Why I'm renouncing my Israeli citizenship

    It's a moral abomination to emulate Nazi tactics in the name of the Jewish people and their alleged security.

  • Racism fuels Israel's war

    Israel must relentlessly dehumanize Palestinians in order to justify its horrific actions towards them.

  • Israel's terrorist rampage

    The already bloody Israeli onslaught against Gaza is intensifying, causing hundreds of deaths and driving tens of thousands from their homes.

  • They call this avoiding casualties?

    Israeli officials say they're making "huge efforts" to avoid civilian deaths, so the death toll must be Hamas' fault.

  • Rockets and the Gaza resistance

    The completely lopsided nature of the conflict must be part of any discussion of Israel's claims about rockets fired from Gaza.

  • Why doesn't Noam Chomsky support BDS?

    Noam Chomsky's long history as a determined critic of Israel gave his recent attack on the Palestinian movement an especially painful sting.

  • Palestine's innocent victims

    A relative describes how Mohammed and Tarek Abu Khdeir's family are dealing with the murder of one youth and the beating of another.

  • Bringing together a left voice in Venezuela

    Venezuelan revolutionary socialists will hold a conference to discuss what's next before the coming congress of the ruling party.

  • A war crime in progress

    Israel's air strikes against the besieged civilian population of Gaza have entered a frightening new phase of indiscriminate violence.

  • Anyone could be a target

    A young woman from Gaza describes the trauma being rained down on hundreds of thousands of families.

  • Confronting the counterrevolution in Egypt

    We are dealing with a huge setback for Egypt's revolution--but in every battle we lose, we must learn the lessons.

  • Bulldozing favelas for FIFA

    In the Favela de Metro, near the Maracanã stadium, families were forced out at gunpoint in preparation for the World Cup.

  • The roots of the counterrevolution

    Egypt's revolution of 2011 is suffering through a period of major defeat in which the old order regained the upper hand.

  • Israel's rampage at close range

    Two young women living in the West Bank describe how Israel's collective punishment has been directed at all Palestinians.

  • The terror state lashes out

    A sustained wave of Israeli violence against Palestinians has brought tensions to a boil throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Israel itself.

  • For a democratic, secular Iraq

    Revolutionary organizations in the Middle East are calling for a struggle against both imperialism and sectarianism in Iraq.

  • It's still the oil, stupid

    Just like during the U.S. invasion and occupation, the media are ignoring a critical factor in the intensifying violence in Iraq.

  • Saying yes in Scotland

    Momentum is shifting in an independence referendum in Scotland, with a "yes" vote a real possibility. What should the left say?

  • A pretext for the next stage in Israel's war

    The Israeli government seized on the death of three settler boys as an excuse to raid Palestinian territory--with threats of worse to come.

  • Iraq, Syria and a multisided counterrevolution

    The ISIS fighters leading the insurgency in Iraq emerged from a tangled web of contradictory allies and enemies.

  • Ten proposals for Venezuela's Maduro

    A Venezuelan revolutionary socialist's document sets out the issues that must be taken up at the PSUV congress in late July.