• What lies ahead for Michoacán?

    The coming weeks will be critical to self-defense groups in western Mexico that formed to combat organized crime cartels.

  • The real fraud about Afghanistan's election

    The media cheered Afghanistan's election as a success story, but the outcome will change little if anything for ordinary Afghans.

  • Solidaire in Quebec's election

    A member of Québec solidaire analyzes the outcome of the provincial election and the improved showing for the left.

  • When criticism is off limits

    For discussing how criticism of Israel is muted, former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is facing a backlash.

  • Human rights and the art world

    The Biennale of Sydney severed ties with corporate sponsor Transfield after artists drew attention to its human rights abuses.

  • From South Africa to Palestine

    A leader of the struggle against apartheid has issued a statement in defense of the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

  • A sickening insult added to injury

    After her party's success in local elections, the leader of France's National Front has found a new way to punish Muslims.

  • Open the universities

    Socialist student activists speak out against the decision to close the Central University of Venezuela following right-wing violence.

  • A letter from Bil'in to Chicago

    The co-director of 5 Broken Cameras expresses his solidarity with a professor targeted for screening his film.

  • Standing for truth against tyranny

    The world lost a courageous fighter with the passing of a former Russian political prisoner-turned-human rights activist.

  • Is Crimea another Kosovo?

    Vladimir Putin justified Crimea's annexation by pointing out U.S. support for Kosovo independence in 2008. Is he right?

  • More radical by the year

    Tony Benn will certainly be remembered exactly as he said he wanted to be: "With the words, 'He inspired us.'"

  • The battle over Ukraine intensifies

    Russia's annexation of Crimea has been made "official"--escalating the superpower conflict over the future of Ukraine.

  • Courageous and prophetic

    He could delineate an injustice with a single phrase--and make an unconventional position appear like common sense.

  • Feeding off the crisis in Venezuela

    Shortages, inflation and corruption are fueling frustrations with the government in Venezuela--and the hopes of the right.

  • Ukraine and the national question

    To understand the dominance of nationalism in Ukraine today requires understanding the country's history of subjugation.

  • The king and the field marshal

    A dense network of financial and industrial titans, stretching from Cairo to Saudi Arabia, sustains Egypt's counterrevolution.

  • Russia's gathering storm

    In 1989, a local strike of coal miners in Ukraine spread to hundreds of thousands of workers in four coalfields, and raised more than economic questions.

  • We're starting to win

    The cause of Palestinian liberation stands at an historic crossroads, and it's within our grasp to see dramatic changes in the coming years.

  • A new stage in the Turkish Spring

    Protests and street clashes are again part of Turkey's political landscape, with a new focus on political corruption.

  • Russian socialists against the war

    Military intervention in Ukraine is fraught with catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian and Russian people alike.

  • February traumas in Venezuela

    The counter-revolutionary right is on the offensive in Venezuela. The question the left must answer is: How can we push back?

  • The meaning of El Chapo's arrest

    The capture of Mexico's most powerful drug lord was celebrated by the media, but it raises more questions than answers.

  • How can the right be defeated in Venezuela?

    A Venezuelan socialist comments on the right-wing protests today--and the need for a revolution within the revolution.

  • The threat of war hangs over Ukraine

    Russian forces seized control of Crimea in southern Ukraine, threatening a war that could tear the country apart--and stoke inter-imperial rivalries.