• A matter of academic freedom

    A professor in Turkey has been charged with libel for criticizing a local political leader and his municipal policies.

  • Israel promises to continue the slaughter

    Israel is again raining terror from the skies over Gaza, even as it persists in claiming that its "precision" strikes are a "proportionate" response.

  • Why is the U.S. bombing Iraq?

    The new intervention in Iraq is driven by imperialist interests, not the "humanitarian" concerns stated by U.S. leaders.

  • Continuing Syria's struggle for freedom

    Syrian revolutionaries are in need of support as they confront the violence of the regime--and of reactionary jihadist groups.

  • An epidemic aided by poverty

    The rapid and widespread character of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is directly connected to systemic inequality.

  • Jewish voices for justice

    Recent demonstrations have heard passionate calls for support for BDS from Jewish writers, academics and more.

  • Siding with the cartels against the autodefensas

    Mexico's government is carrying out repression against self-defense groups fighting the Knights Templar narco-cartel.

  • Where is the PSUV headed?

    Venezuela's revolutionary left put forward its criticisms, but the ruling party founded by Hugo Chávez didn't take them up.

  • Not in my name

    I am proud to join Jewish Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors in condemning the massacre of Palestinians.

  • It seemed like the end of everything

    On the anniversary of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, the story of one survivor recalls the horrors of those mass murders.

  • Never again means for anyone

    Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and their descendants have signed a statement condemning the massacre of Gaza.

  • The courage to refuse

    The numbers are small, but there are Israeli military resisters challenging the occupation of Palestine within the borders of Israel.

  • The anti-Zionism of fools

    Zionists attempt to silence critics as "anti-Semitic"--but that can't overshadow the need to confront real anti-Semitism.

  • Our freedom is bound up with Palestine's

    Left organizations in the Middle East express their solidarity with Palestine--and their horror at the complicity of Arab regimes.

  • Common struggles half a world apart

    The fates of Palestinians and Native Americans are connected by the experience of resistance to settler-colonialism.

  • An urgent challenge for the BDS movement

    The determination of today's protests against Israel's war must be harnessed over the coming months to deepen the roots of the BDS campaign.

  • How should revolutionaries view Hamas?

    A member of Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists discusses how revolutionary forces should analyze Islamist movements.

  • Israel's drive to silence our solidarity

    Israel doesn't want you to talk about the Palestinian children it kills in Gaza--and neither does your government.

  • Witnessing the systematic destruction of Gaza

    A journalist and activist gives a firsthand account of the devastation unfolding around him as Israel continues its assault on the people of Gaza.

  • An environmental crossroads in Morocco

    A resistance movement is fighting back in Morocco against corporate development and pillaging of resources.

  • With a heavy heart over Gaza

    An activist remembers a trip he took to a West Bank refugee camp one year after Israel's Operation Cast Lead.

  • The West Bank rises up against war in Gaza

    Israel's onslaught against Gaza has been met in the West Bank by some of the largest and most militant protests in more than a decade.

  • Standing against the counterrevolution

    A now-imprisoned member of Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists talks about the challenges facing the Egyptian left.

  • Labor must stand for Gaza

    Labor for Palestine is calling on unions in the U.S. to speak out against Israel's war on Gaza and the U.S. support for Israel.

  • Resistance is justified when Gaza is occupied

    Those who support Palestinian self-determination must challenge Israel's justifications for war--and that means setting the record straight about Hamas.