• Youth and the revolutionary process

    Two members of Marea Socialista Youth in Venezuela talk about the role of youth in the struggles that are shaping the future.

  • The challenges ahead in Venezuela

    A Venezuelan socialist talks about the state of the revolutionary process and the conflicts that will shape the country’s future.

  • Students keep up the fight in Mexico

    October 22 will be a day of action for the student protesters who were murdered and abducted by police in southern Mexico.

  • Why did Britain recognize Palestine?

    The British Parliament's vote to recognize Palestinian statehood is symbolic, but offers an opening for the liberation movement.

  • Solidarité avec Gaza

    A socialist in France is among those facing charges for defying the government's ban on pro-Palestine protests this summer.

  • A new speed record for broken promises

    Days after vowing to hand over new powers to Scotland, British political leaders were debating which powers to take away.

  • Suffering and survival after the war on Gaza

    Israel's 51-day assault imposed a terrible toll on the people of Gaza--and the apartheid state is seeking to continue the pressure.

  • Kobanê, the Kurds and the Syrian revolution

    A Syrian revolutionary argues that the fates of the Kurdish national struggle and the Syrian revolution are linked together.

  • The killings and kidnappings rocking Mexico

    Tens of thousands protested in Mexico after the killing of six student teachers by police and the disappearance of 43 more.

  • The UKIP-ization of English politics

    The racist, right-wing UK independence Party won its first seat in British parliament and very nearly a second.

  • Ebola and the terrorism of poverty

    Racism and the drive for profits are making the Ebola crisis worse in West Africa--at a terrible cost in human suffering.

  • The Jewish State in Israel and the Levant

    Now that everyone knows about ISIL, we should also call out Israel for what it is: The Jewish State in Israel and the Levant.

  • A tenacious and creative fighter

    Fearless and full of energy, the Lebanese revolutionary socialist Bassem Chit left an impact on everybody he touched.

  • Getting tough on all of the above

    With an election ahead, Britain's major parties are competing for the title of who's toughest on...just about anything.

  • Why the Syrian rebels oppose U.S. air strikes

    Most anti-Assad forces in Syria are opposing U.S. air strikes aimed not only at ISIS, but Islamist groups fighting the regime.

  • Let there be uproar

    In September, some 100,000 people marched in Kolkata, India, against police violence and for gender justice.

  • The legacy of a bigot

    Unionist politician Ian Paisley shouldn't be remembered as a "peacemaker" but the embodiment of everything reactionary about Northern Ireland politics.

  • The roots of the protests in Hong Kong

    A member of Left 21 in Hong Kong talks about the massive demonstrations of the past week--and what will come next.

  • Sending soldiers to save lives?

    As the first U.S. case of Ebola is identified, the Obama administration response to the epidemic in Africa is to send U.S. troops.

  • A precious history

    Hundreds of Greek socialists celebrated the launch of a book that collects documents from the Communist International.

  • Fighting back at Mexico's Poli

    Students are mobilizing in huge numbers to defend Mexico's prestigious engineering university from neoliberal "reform."

  • Hong Kong in the streets

    Hong Kong has taken to the streets to protest the lack of democracy and government corruption.

  • Stopping the school sellers

    Despite the best efforts of the "consultants," a British community rebelled against the school privatizers--and won.

  • Learning from Upton Park

    The international character of today's cosmopolitan city is before our eyes all the time--and so is the potential for solidarity.

  • Mahienour is free!

    A judge suspended the prison sentence of Egyptian socialist Mahienour El-Masry, who was jailed for violating Egypt's protest law.