• Why I parted ways with Fidel Castro

    Cuba was once my main political inspiration, but I came to recognize that Castro didn't represent the kind of socialism I stand for.

  • A new European crisis, Italian style?

    A referendum on the Italian constitution could trigger another political crisis for the EU and destabilize the financial system.

  • The Cuba that Castro created

    The political system that Castro built didn't hesitate to use repression--not only against class enemies but to cement its power.

  • Assessing Castro's legacy

    What held Cuban socialism together was Fidel Castro's incontestable authority and the unrelenting hostility of U.S. imperialism.

  • South Koreans want Park out

    The government of President Park Geun-hye is reeling from corruption scandals--and South Korean workers are taking the streets.

  • What connects el-Sisi and Trump

    With capitalism in quasi-permanent crisis, the masses of people have lost confidence in traditional political elites to provide answers.

  • Russia's reaction to the Trump earthquake

    Trump's admiration for Vladimir Putin was a strange feature of the fall campaign, but what will that mean for imperial relations?

  • Solidarity lessons from Fawley

    A struggle by refinery workers in Britain shows how solidarity and militant action can turn the tide on anti-migrant scapegoating.

  • The battle lines harden in Venezuela

    Venezuela's right wing wants to bring back the old order, but President Maduro has abandoned Chavismo. What can the left do?

  • Resisting the policies of impoverishment

    Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists call on the labor movement to urgently mobilize against the further impoverishment of workers.

  • Ten points on the fall of the Workers Party

    A longtime socialist activist in Brazil explains how the once-mighty party led by Lula and Rousseff has collapsed in support.

  • The key to making the Leap in Canada

    The Leap Manifesto can be a strong framework for socialists to engage with movements for social change.

  • Behind the upheaval in Morocco

    Mass protests in Morocco following the killing of a fishmonger come at a time when activists are being attacked by the state.

  • Africa has given enough of its people to the sea

    The drowning death of a Gambian soccer star should shine a spotlight on the horrific death toll of migrants trying to reach Europe.

  • The end of democracy in Turkey

    The left-wing People's Democratic Party demands the release of party leaders and an end to the Turkish government's repression.

  • The Mediterranean has become a cemetery

    The journey of refugees fleeing to Europe is more deadly today than ever--and that's exactly how European Union leaders want it.

  • The rise of Trumpism and how to fight it

    Wherever similar social conditions exist--economic decline, a mistrusted state and traditions of bigotry--Trumpism or something like it does, too.

  • The Western left and the Syrian war

    At the core of the left's debate about Syria is the hesitancy--or outright refusal--of some to embrace the pro-democracy revolt of 2011.

  • Is Duterte an anti-imperialist?

    The new president of the Philippines may be challenging the U.S., but he is currying favor with another empire at the same time.

  • Check the age of that refugee kid

    UK officials say that refugee children are welcome, but only after their teeth have been checked to make sure they're really kids.

  • Saudi Arabia inflicts a nightmare in Yemen

    Western governments, including the U.S., have to be held responsible for the role they play in the growing death toll in Yemen.

  • Neutrality is not an option

    The Modern Language Association should not hesitate when a living, breathing struggle against colonialism asks for our support.

  • In defense of Christoph Glanz

    Israel's attack machine is again attempting to smear a pro-Palestine activist by hurling false charges of anti-Semitism.

  • U.S. steps up its role in Saudi war on Yemen

    The idea that the U.S. has only now entered into war on Yemen in reaction to unprovoked attacks on its warships is absurd.

  • South African students resume their fight

    Students in South Africa are fighting another round of tuition increases--and facing repression from the ANC government.