• No tolerance for Golden Dawn

    The Greek left must mobilize to give voice to the anti-Nazi climate as a trial of Golden Dawn leaders gets underway in April.

  • War and elections in Nigeria

    A Nigerian socialist describes what's at stake in Nigeria's elections--and what the outcomes could mean for working people.

  • Israeli elections expose the lie

    Netanyahu's call to arms during the election campaign revealed the racism at the heart of the Israeli political system.

  • BDS after the Israeli election

    The victory of Netanyahu's Likud Party was a grand triumph of racism--and demands an intensification of the BDS campaign.

  • Class matters in Nigeria's elections

    There is a heated debate about the national election, but few mainstream figures are talking about the country's main divide.

  • Breaking the vicious circle

    The Greek government must go in the opposite direction from concessions to defeat the extortion of Europe's rulers.

  • The making of neoliberal Mexico

    A Mexican socialist traces the neoliberal turn in national politics from its roots 25 years ago through the PRI's return to power.

  • Blockupy and the battles to come

    Two socialists reflect on the huge Blockupy protest in Frankfurt and the tasks of the movement in the coming months.

  • When the debt is illegitimate

    Cancellation of Greece's foreign debt is a necessity--and history is full of examples of similar burdens being written off.

  • Obama's message for Northern Ireland

    Why is the White House putting pressure on political leaders in Northern Ireland to reach an agreement on welfare "reform"?

  • Still striking to win at York University

    A strike by graduate employees and academic workers at York University is galvanizing the broad left in Toronto.

  • Climate catastrophe in the South Pacific

    The destruction of Cyclone Pam is the result of a climate crisis made elsewhere, coming on top of the ravages of neo-colonialism.

  • The threats run the other direction

    Barack Obama has declared Venezuela to be a national security threat--but the real threat is to its left-wing government.

  • Resistance forms in Eastern Europe

    The patterns of the struggle against neoliberal reforms in Poland have implications for what comes next in Ukraine.

  • Breathing space or a tighter stranglehold?

    One thing is certain about the Greek government's deal with the Eurogroup: It ensures neither a truce nor financial relief.

  • Rifts running through the Arab world

    Recognizing inequality in power and wealth is essential to understand the counter-revolutionary moment in the Middle East.

  • Detained in China for protesting sexism

    A group of feminists in China were detained by the government for planning a protest on International Women’s Day.

  • Where are we going after the agreement?

    A leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform looks at what's next for the struggle after a key meeting of the party's Central Committee.

  • Choosing a different path

    Socialists in Greece call for SYRIZA to pursue an alternative of resistance to the lenders and of struggle against austerity.

  • Putin's enemies within

    The political situation in Russia is unpredictable after the assassination of a well-known critic of President Vladimir Putin.

  • The ugly threat to Muslims in Germany

    The rise of the openly Islamophobic PEGIDA movement in Germany is one of the most alarming developments of recent times.

  • SYRIZA's only choice: A radical step forward

    Three leading members of SYRIZA critique the government's deal with the Eurogroup and propose a different way forward.

  • The hidden victims of austerity in Greece

    The dire conditions facing immigrants and asylum seekers in Greece are a critical issue facing the SYRIZA government.

  • Motives for the murder in Russia

    A Russian socialist website responds to the murder of Boris Nemtsov, a prominent opponent of President Vladimir Putin.

  • Confronting the concessions to austerity

    A Greek socialist answers questions about the political situation following the agreement with the Eurogroup--and the struggles that now lie ahead.