• A treaty to declare economic war

    Barack Obama wants to win passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to reassert U.S. geopolitical and economic dominance.

  • Heading for a Grexit?

    The EU's big squeeze could force Greece's SYRIZA government to choose between abandoning its promises or defaulting and leaving the euro.

  • What does Greece look like at the grassroots?

    A member of the SYRIZA Central Committee looks at the state of the working class and social movements in Greece.

  • Contours of the class struggle in China

    A U.S. labor activist who has worked with unionists in China discusses the outlook for struggle among Chinese workers.

  • What's at stake in the Golden Dawn trial?

    The trial of Golden Dawn, now adjourned for at least two more weeks, will have critical importance in Greece and around Europe.

  • The right kind of authoritarianism

    An Australian socialist comes to the defense of a sadly misunderstood investment banker and political commentator.

  • A treaty to outlaw democracy

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership would greatly expand the power of corporations over democracy and basic human needs.

  • No to intervention in Yemen

    Six socialist organizations from around the Middle East join together to call for an end to war and intervention in Yemen.

  • The Labour Party: What is it good for?

    The future of Britain's Labour Party is murkier than ever, even as it is poised to make gains in general elections in May.

  • The U.S. presses its advantage with Venezuela

    Several factors have created an opening for U.S. imperialism to try to re-establish its position in Latin America--and Venezuela is in the crosshairs.

  • The pressure to stay strong

    A leader of the left inside SYRIZA explains the latest developments in Greece as a showdown with Europe looms.

  • Renewed defiance in Quebec

    Last week's student strike and mass march in Quebec were the latest signs that a Maple Spring or Autumn may bloom again.

  • The government, the party and the people

    A leading voice of the left inside SYRIZA emphasizes the centrality of party members to maintaining the radical left's project.

  • The rivalries tearing the Middle East apart

    New military escalations by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will further destabilize a Middle East of multiplying hostilities and humanitarian disasters.

  • Has the Maple Spring returned?

    More than 100,000 Quebec students are expected to join a strike that raises the prospect of a renewed campus rebellion.

  • The bias at the BBC

    You can see why British conservatives would accuse the BBC of left-wing bias since many of the journalists are Tories.

  • No tolerance for Golden Dawn

    The Greek left must mobilize to give voice to the anti-Nazi climate as a trial of Golden Dawn leaders gets underway in April.

  • War and elections in Nigeria

    A Nigerian socialist describes what's at stake in Nigeria's elections--and what the outcomes could mean for working people.

  • Israeli elections expose the lie

    Netanyahu's call to arms during the election campaign revealed the racism at the heart of the Israeli political system.

  • BDS after the Israeli election

    The victory of Netanyahu's Likud Party was a grand triumph of racism--and demands an intensification of the BDS campaign.

  • Class matters in Nigeria's elections

    There is a heated debate about the national election, but few mainstream figures are talking about the country's main divide.

  • Breaking the vicious circle

    The Greek government must go in the opposite direction from concessions to defeat the extortion of Europe's rulers.

  • The making of neoliberal Mexico

    A Mexican socialist traces the neoliberal turn in national politics from its roots 25 years ago through the PRI's return to power.

  • Blockupy and the battles to come

    Two socialists reflect on the huge Blockupy protest in Frankfurt and the tasks of the movement in the coming months.

  • When the debt is illegitimate

    Cancellation of Greece's foreign debt is a necessity--and history is full of examples of similar burdens being written off.