• Chicago teachers answer back

    Threatened with layoffs and a unilateral pay cut, the Chicago Teachers Union organized a big protest to show that it won't be bullied.

  • Detroit teachers want broken schools fixed

    After a series of sick-outs, Detroit teachers have put the shameful condition of the city's schools before the eyes of the world.

  • Labor's fight-or-die moment

    The Friedrichs case, heard by the U.S. Supreme Court last week, is about smashing the power of the last well-organized section of labor.

  • Teachers turn up the heat on Rahm

    Chicago's City Hall is reeling from a police violence scandal, but teachers are about to give Mayor Rahm Emanuel another worry.

  • Kohler workers stand united

    Workers at Kohler in Wisconsin are fighting for a good contract for all union members by challenging two-tier wage schemes.

  • Teachers want MORE from the UFT

    New York City teachers committed to social justice met to strategize about building the fight for our schools and for a stronger union.

  • A high-stakes battle over education justice

    Chicago teachers are mobilizing for a new contract against threats of layoffs and budget cuts that would devastate public schools.

  • Battling Broad's charter attack in LA

    United Teachers Los Angeles has a major battle--one with national implications--on its hands over the future of public schools.

  • Workers expose B&H Photo Video

    A group of New York City warehouse workers are successfully standing up to retaliation against their efforts to win a union.

  • Selling old concessions in new bottles

    After UAW members rejected a tentative deal at Chrysler, union leaders reshuffled the deck and dealt another shaky hand.

  • Rahm threatens mass teacher layoffs

    Chicago's elite seems intent on detonating an explosive public schools crisis and forcing a showdown with the teachers' union.

  • Seattle teachers can fight for what they deserve

    A tentative agreement to end the strike of 5,000 Seattle educators contains important gains--but union activists say the deal isn't good enough.

  • We stand with Seattle teachers

    Educators across the country are signing a statement of solidarity with striking members of the Seattle Education Association.

  • A rising tide of solidarity for Seattle teachers

    The key development in the Seattle teachers' strike--one that school officials woefully underestimated--is the outpouring of community support.

  • The union's power depends on its membership

    The president of the Seattle Education Association talks about the organizing that set the stage for the teachers' strike.

  • Mizzou grad workers have had enough

    University of Missouri graduate student employees are responding to cuts in health care benefits by organizing a union.

  • What our strike could achieve

    A Seattle teacher explains why he supports a walkout to achieve the union's goal of a school system that Seattle students deserve.

  • What Black Lives Matter means for labor

    Unions need to mobilize for anti-racist activism because the Black freedom struggle can have a huge political impact.

  • A big change in the S.F. teachers union

    The longtime president and numerous allies were defeated by candidates from the Educators for a Democratic Union caucus.

  • Walmart thinks it can make us disappear

    The retail giant says it's closing five of its stores for repairs--but the only thing that Walmart wants to "repair" is the growing activism of workers.

  • The meaning of social justice unionism

    Building a strong labor movement requires broadening the struggle beyond the demands of one union or industry to embrace class-wide demands.

  • Chicago teachers vs. Rahm: Round two

    The second contract showdown between Chicago teachers and Mayor Rahm Emanuel comes amid a harsh attack on Illinois public-sector unions.

  • What happened to employee free choice?

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and the NLRB have put the brakes on a union representation vote at a California hospital.

  • Nurses push back at UCMC

    After a strike threat, nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center reached a tentative deal that includes some victories.

  • Raising wages...and expectations, too

    Thousands of people will continue the Fight for 15 on April 15--which also happens to be the day that demonstrates inequality in America like no other.