• Why was this Nazi able to kill?

    The man who murdered three people outside Kansas City had an extensive record of involvement with violent Nazi groups.

  • "People First" puts money first

    A move to a managed-care system threatens to set back the struggle for disability rights in New York and damage lives.

  • Are better schools the solution to poverty?

    The mantra of politicians and the media detracts from the real sources of--and solutions to--both poverty and the crisis of public education.

  • Why are they waging a war on science?

    From challenging evolution to denying climate change, the right's anti-science dogmas are promoted with the aim of bolstering conservative causes.

  • Chicago police justify another killing

    Friends and neighbors of Raason "Lil B" Shaw say there are many reasons to doubt the Chicago cops' story about his death.

  • A boycott of conscience

    Teachers at New York City's Earth School have declared that they will not administer the state's Common Core tests.

  • The real danger is CTA management

    When a transit train crashed in Chicago, officials blamed the operator--but didn't ask why she was so tired on the job.

  • A thousand points of lies

    It looks like the political establishment is trying to polish George H.W. Bush's image. Don't believe a word of it.

  • How do we confront the right?

    A report about a Chicago demonstration for the International Day Against Fascism and Racism distorted what took place.

  • The not-so-natural causes of a natural disaster

    Two weeks after the deadly mudslide in Ora, Wash., it's become clear how unnatural--and preventable--this disaster was.

  • The new child labor

    Maybe we don't let kids to work in factories, but they have been condemned to hard labor by high-stakes testing.

  • Their lives weren’t worth 57 cents to GM

    General Motors knew about a faulty part in some of its cars--but chose to gamble with the lives of its customers, rather than risk the bottom line.

  • Pushed away from the Bay

    The Black population is declining in Bay Area cities, under pressure from unemployment and rising housing costs.

  • Why do disabled kids have to pay the price?

    The families of young children are scrambling to find services as Head Start and Early Head Start are eviscerated.

  • What the not-so-NASA study really said

    A report on inequality and resource exploitation supposedly tied to NASA has been misleadingly hyped by the media.

  • Still in Attica after 40 years

    Former Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim, one of the longest held political prisoners in the world, has a parole hearing in June.

  • The real crime is homelessness

    A homeless single mother leaves her kids napping in the car while she goes to a job interview. What kind of society throws her in jail?

  • When the speculators move in

    San Francisco is poised for another significant wave of foreclosures--and the real estate barons are licking their chops.

  • Cutting the ties to the fossil fuel giants

    The campaign to pressure the University of Wisconsin to divest from fossil-fuel companies is part of a growing movement.

  • Do you trust Big Brother to stop spying?

    At this point, why would anyone trust the Obama administration's promises when it comes to our civil liberties?

  • Singing from the same songbook

    Paul Ryan's complaints about a "tailspin of culture" among "inner city" men aren't so different from Barack Obama's line.

  • Raising babies in prison

    The expansion of prison mother-infant programs coincides with the ever-increasing incarceration of women in the U.S.

  • Why was Jawhari shot?

    Jawhari Smith was shot in the head by an Austin police officer on March 18--but the reasons why depend on who you ask.

  • Hobby Lobby makes the choices for women

    In a recent Supreme Court case, the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby claim their religious freedom is under attack.

  • AAUP vindicates Chehade

    An independent investigation confirms that a Palestinian professor had his academic freedom violated by Columbia College.