• Why are they afraid of Ferguson?

    The heroism of Ferguson's rebels and the work of activists beyond is setting the stage for a deeper revolt against racism and oppression.

  • The war on giving

    The arrest of a 90-year-old man in Fort Lauderdale for serving hot meals to those in need is the latest example of a wave of "homeless hate laws."

  • How Denton beat the frackers

    Years of organizing set the stage for Denton, Texas, voters to approve a fracking ban--but the energy industry won't give up.

  • Fighting for justice inside NYC jails

    Pressure is building on New York City officials to address the systematic abuses inside the Rikers Island jail complex.

  • The scaremongers go to work

    Missouri authorities are sending a message as the Ferguson grand jury deliberates: Find anti-racist protesters guilty of violence.

  • Victims of DuPont in Texas

    Four workers are dead after the leak of a hazardous chemical at a DuPont plant that has a history of safety violations.

  • A Keystone test in the Senate

    Obama and the Democrats are on the spot about the Keystone XL pipeline--and it's one of their own who put them there.

  • The spreading fight for 15

    In Oregon, the demand of low-wage workers for $15 an hour is moving from a distant dream to a growing reality.

  • Demonizing dissent in Ferguson

    With a grand jury decision looming, the authorities in Missouri have declared a preemptive war on anyone who speaks out against injustice.

  • Time for unions to get on board with BDS

    Members of the academic student workers union at University of California campuses are voting on a crucial BDS resolution.

  • Pushing the homeless out in Boston

    The abrupt closure of Boston's largest homeless shelter has meant that hundreds of people lost their only place to stay.

  • This campaign doesn't end on Election Day

    Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones discuss the successes of their Green Party campaign in New York state--and where the struggle goes from here.

  • Fighting for Francisco

    A Portland labor and immigrant rights organizer could be deported to a country where his life would be in danger.

  • Running for real change in Maine

    A Green Party candidate for state Senate in Maine talks about what he learned by putting forward an independent alternative.

  • Farewell to a fighter and a teacher

    Darby Tillis knew and could explain the criminal justice system from the inside out, and he worked passionately to expose it.

  • A hell-raiser against injustice

    Darby traveled all over, whenever and wherever he was needed, to confront the racist criminal justice system.

  • Texans against the Nazis

    Anti-racist activists swarmed an anti-immigrant rally organized by the largest neo-Nazi organization in the U.S.

  • The world's not-so-greatest democracy

    The dysfunction of the U.S. system is so severe that even mainstream commentators question whether American can be called a democracy.

  • Building outside the Democratic Party

    Building a genuinely independent political alternative is the only project worth our time when it comes to elections.

  • What happened in Marysville?

    Little is known about why a high school freshman opened fire on his friends--but that hasn't stopped the media speculation.

  • A travesty of a verdict against Rasmea Odeh

    An icon of the Palestinian American community has been found guilty after the federal government's unjust prosecution.

  • A rallying cry for recess

    Parents, teachers and kids rallied to send a message to the Seattle school board: Lunch and recess are human rights.

  • Running against the machine

    An independent candidate for the Chicago City Council explains why he's decided to take on the city's status quo.

  • Fighting for a people's budget in Seattle

    Community and labor groups responded to Kshama Sawant's call for an alternative budget for the people of Seattle.

  • Looking past the myths about Election 2014

    Why did the Democrats get a drubbing? Do the Republicans think they have a mandate? What will they do now? SW answers your questions.