• Can the Democratic Party be used for good?

    The question is whether the Sanders campaign can be used to make the left stronger--or whether the radicals will get used by the Democrats.

  • GM hasn't paid for its crimes

    The number of deaths linked to faulty ignition switches in GM cars is over 100--and GM still hasn't taken responsibility.

  • Building something to vote for

    The "Future of Left and Independent Politics" conference provided a forum for discussing left-wing electoral challenges.

  • Where Black lives matter less than libraries

    Barack Obama's presidential library is coming to Chicago's South Side--but not a desperately needed trauma center.

  • A neoliberal train wreck?

    The media are focusing blame for the deadly Amtrak derailment on the engineer, but politicians set the stage for this disaster long before.

  • Striking for school funding

    Seattle teachers hit the picket line in the latest in a series of one-day strikes to demand full funding for education.

  • What should the left say about Sanders?

    Members of the International Socialist Organization and Socialist Alternative exchange views on the Sanders campaign.

  • A fighting strategy wins contract gains in LA

    By mobilizing the membership and threatening to strike, the UTLA leadership forced school officials to bow to the union's key demands.

  • Still searching for justice for our children

    A group of mothers gathered in Washington, D.C., to express their pain, sadness and anger at continuing police violence.

  • Justice denied in Madison

    People took to the streets in Madison, Wisconsin, after the announcement that the officer who killed an unarmed teenager wouldn't face any charges.

  • Kendrick Lamar and the BLM moment

    Both musically and lyrically, Kendrick Lamar's acclaimed new album is a stunning distillation of the post-Ferguson mood.

  • Police, violence and the two Baltimores

    The Baltimore Uprising comes in the context of increasing economic inequality, felt disproportionately by African Americans.

  • The de Blasio road show

    The New York mayor's announcement of a national program of liberal policy proposals contrasts with his record at home

  • The ghost of liberal Democrats past

    The record of past liberal challenges within the Democratic Party can tell us a lot about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the presidential nomination.

  • From the streets of Baltimore

    This photo essay from Baltimore shows the masses of people marching for Freddie Gray--and the cops who tried to stop them.

  • Welcome to the Education-Industrial Complex

    Corporate thieves and hedge-fund parasites are working with political leaders to impose a school "reform" agenda that will privatize public education.

  • Pamela Geller's war on Muslims

    The right-wing Islamophobes are trying to exploit the shootings at an anti-Muslim event to advance their reactionary agenda.

  • Defying an unjust curfew

    Baltimore protesters defied a curfew to link the struggle against police murder to those of prisoners and public housing residents.

  • Speaking out in Seattle on May Day

    Seattle protests and rallies revolved around workers' rights, Black Lives Matter, immigrant rights and indigenous struggles.

  • Riots, rebellion and the Black working class

    Fifty years after Black workers rebelled in Watts, a new generation of African Americans is confronting racism in the wake of the Great Recession.

  • When did de Blasio become Giuliani?

    Continuing his rightward shift on policing, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio endorsed the NYPD's repression at a recent march.

  • Reparations for police torture in Chicago

    The Chicago City Council will vote on an ordinance providing compensation and other aid to the victims of police torturers.

  • Reconsidering The Wire

    Baltimore's rebellion has me asking: Why were those fighting to change Baltimore invisible on the TV show The Wire?

  • UC students stand with Richmond

    UC Berkeley students sat in to demand that the administration put workers first with a new expansion project in Richmond.

  • The problem with Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders has kicked off a campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he is not the "bold alternative" his supporters claim.