• How the right took charge on abortion

    On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the GOP assault couldn't be more unrelenting--and out of touch with women's lives.

  • Obama's Charade of the Union

    Barack Obama is proposing progressive measures at the point in his presidency when they are least likely to be realized.

  • Living up to King's legacy

    Anti-racist activists report from two cities as Martin Luther King Day protests mark the reappearance of Black Lives Matter.

  • Chicago's machine strikes again

    Chicago teacher Tammie Vinson was undemocratically blocked from running against Democratic Alderman Jason Ervin.

  • Time to hold the police accountable

    A racial justice group in Madison, Wisconsin, sent a message to the police chief--and then another to make its point clear.

  • How single-payer was betrayed in Vermont

    After Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin backed away from a single-payer health care plan, activists are discussing next steps.

  • Seeing Ferguson from prison

    Two victims of the racist prison system in Ohio reconstruct their conversations about the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

  • Andrew Cuomo's war on schools

    The Democratic governor of New York is waging a Tea Party-style assault on the concept of public education.

  • The kind of apology we really need

    Survivors of Chicago police torture are working with activists, attorneys and family members to demand reparations.

  • A Leninist and a Lennonist

    A fellow veteran of the socialist movement pays tribute to the remarkable life of a dear friend and comrade.

  • The story of Millions March NYC

    The two women who initiated the December 13 anti-police violence protest in New York discuss their experiences.

  • Why is the media ignoring this bombing?

    An attempted bomb attack on the NAACP office in Colorado Springs has received almost no media attention.

  • Pushing through the pipeline

    The first order of business for the new Republican Congress was ramming through approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • The rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement

    The movement that erupted in the streets of Ferguson spread around the country in the last months of 2014, shaking U.S. society to its core.

  • The media's one-trick pony

    With a few exceptions, the media coverage of protests since Ferguson boiled down to the violence of protesters, not cops.

  • Legal Aid stands up in solidarity

    Union members for New York City's Legal Aid Society organized a walkout to send a message of protest against racism and injustice.

  • Good riddance to Vermont Yankee

    The struggle to shut down Vermont Yankee may be over, but the possibility of a nuclear disaster is far from gone.

  • Retreat of the great liberal hope

    Bill de Blasio is being pushed to the right by his critics--and he's trying to drag the #BlackLivesMatter movement with him.

  • Justice for Leelah Alcorn

    A society that continues to deny transgender and gender non-conforming people their basic humanity is to blame for this suicide.

  • Don't foist the Olympics on D.C.

    For a city already experiencing gentrification at gunpoint, the prospect of hosting the Olympics should be terrifying.

  • The contradictions of Al Sharpton

    Hated by right-wingers for his anti-racist organizing, Rev. Al Sharpton now faces sharp criticism from a new generation of Black activists.

  • No, this is what they hate us for

    Not for "our freedoms," as George W. Bush claimed, but ignorant, arrogant--and just bad--"entertainment" like The Interview.

  • Breaking Broken Windows

    The NYPD slowdown exposes the lies behind "Broken Windows" policing--but it will still take a struggle to put an end to it.

  • Demilitarizing at University of Maryland

    Students are organizing to stop the campus police department from receiving the Pentagon's high-tech weaponry.

  • The problem is the barrel

    When they admit police are a problem at all, political leaders focus on a few "bad apples." But the problem runs deeper.