• We made anti-racism the dress code in Seattle

    A Seattle teacher talks about how the Black Lives Matter at School Day came about--and the confidence and energy it will bring to future struggles.

  • His horror show hides Clinton's rotten agenda

    Donald Trump proved once again in the final presidential debate that he's the secret weapon...of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

  • Why are police the priority in Rahm's Chicago?

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to add 1,000 more police to the force--but more cops aren't a solution to the city's violence.

  • Bringing Black Lives Matter into the schools

    Thousands of Seattle teachers are wearing Black Lives Matter shirts today in a historic workplace demonstration against racism.

  • Chicago teachers prove Rahm has the money

    The prospect of teachers walking the picket line forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make concessions on many, though not all, of the union's demands.

  • The trouble with anti-anti-racism

    Rather than a distraction from confronting class inequality, movements against racism are part of building opposition to capitalism.

  • Alternatives to punishment

    Activists at a Seattle conference on transformative justice strategized about how to replace today's punitive "justice" system.

  • The Trump of the iceberg of sexual harassment

    As more women come forward about being abused by Donald Trump, the harassment faced by millions of others is coming to the surface.

  • Crackdown at Standing Rock follows ruling

    After a federal appeals court refused to halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, the energy giants are intensifying repression.

  • Oakland honor band's loud and proud message

    Members of an honor band from Oakland schools explain why they took a knee during a performance of the national anthem.

  • What will President Clinton do without Trump?

    Clinton looks likely to win after a campaign based on being the not-Trump candidate, but that dynamic won't change when she takes office.

  • Uber and Lyft drivers for the union

    Some 14,000 New York City taxi app drivers have signed union cards in what could be the beginning of an important campaign.

  • A battle looms for Burlington teachers

    Teachers in Burlington are preparing for a possible strike after school officials imposed their concessionary contract proposals.

  • Not in my locker room

    People like Trump are the reason that locker rooms can become an incubator of appalling sexism--but it's possible to challenge them.

  • Anti-Palestine smear tactics in Indiana

    Activists in Indiana organizing in solidarity with Palestine are being subjected to false accusations spread anonymously.

  • Taking the struggle forward in Columbus

    Ohio's capital city has seen an upsurge in the struggle for Black lives--and that's raising important questions for the movement.

  • What's next for the Queen City rebellion?

    Angry protests continued daily in Charlotte, North Carolina, after the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott mobilized thousands.

  • The presidential race to the bottom

    Donald Trump's candidacy is swirling lower and lower in the toilet bowl--but Hillary Clinton still can't give people a reason to vote for her.

  • Solidarity makes us strong

    As Chicago teachers prepare for a strike date, parents, students and community members are already organizing solidarity.

  • Rahm's slush fund has money for our schools

    Despite the claims of Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials, the money is there to fund schools and pay teachers what they deserve.

  • Solidarity gets the goods at UW

    Two unions at the University of Washington won a new contract by coming together at the bargaining table and on the picket line.

  • Trumpeting sexism

    Donald Trump's woman-hating rhetoric has real ramifications--but it's not clear that Hillary Clinton gets that beyond how it helps her campaign.

  • The trade charade

    Bashing foreign workers comes naturally to demagogues like Trump, but liberals aren't immune from the temptations of nationalism.

  • San Diego demands justice for Olango

    Protests against the police killing of Alfred Olango, an unarmed 38-year-old Black man, are continuing each day in San Diego.

  • Can Trump pull off his biggest con of all?

    It seems impossible that the most unpopular major-party presidential candidate in history still has a shot at the White House. How does Trump do it?