• Hillary Clinton's running (to the right) mate

    The Clinton campaign dangled Elizabeth Warren's name before picking a tame champion of "bipartisanship" to be the vice presidential nominee.

  • Calling for police accountability in Madison

    Activist groups rallied outside the Madison Police Union headquarters to take a stand against racism and police brutality.

  • The Silver standard is double-sided

    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made two decisions with political implications last week: one courageous and one craven.

  • How the Democrats got over the Rainbow

    Those who hope Bernie Sanders can still transform the Democrats should consider the fate of Jesse Jackson's 1980s presidential campaigns.

  • We won't be preyed upon

    More than 400 people defied the state's scare tactics and joined a demonstration against racist police violence in Syracuse.

  • Blue is not beautiful

    The pro-police cry of "Blue Lives Matter" implies something its supporters don't intend: The cops act as a caste set apart--and above the law.

  • Why you should converge on Philadelphia

    Hillary Clinton and the Democrats won't be the only show in town--here's why you should come to the Socialist Convergence.

  • Challenging the right outside the RNC

    As many as 1,000 people took to the streets outside of the Republican Convention to declare the need for an alternative.

  • New Yorkers are denied the "right to know"

    New York City’s liberal leaders blocked a mild police reform bill that many advocates thought was too watered-down to begin with.

  • #Justice4Jerry on the march

    The police killing of Jai "Jerry" Williams in Asheville, North Carolina, is sparking outrage and bitter protest against unaccountable violence.

  • A vote for the greater good, not the lesser evil

    Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is giving people a chance to vote for what they believe in rather than what they fear.

  • Putting the "blue wall of silence" on trial

    The victim of a hit-and-run in New York is aiming to put a chink in the shield that allows police to get away with crimes every day.

  • What's hidden behind Obama's call for "unity"?

    Another shooting of police officers has put opponents of racism and police violence under new pressure to moderate their rhetoric and demands.

  • The bully picks a bigot

    Indiana Gov. Mike Pence may be even more offensive to opponents of the Republican Right than the man who chose him to be his running mate.

  • The immigrant rights movement at an impasse

    The outcome of a Supreme Court case on immigration has dashed millions of people's hopes--and raised urgent questions about what comes next.

  • Did the color of his skin kill Philando Castile?

    Barack Obama reversed cause and effect when he suggested that Philando Castile was killed because of "the color of his skin."

  • The Democrats pull their act together

    At a time when mainstream political parties around the world are racked by divisions, the Democrats are uniting behind a status-quo presidential candidate.

  • Threatened by a right-winger in Portland

    A conservative blogger with a history of harassing left activists in Portland pulled a handgun at an anti-police violence march.

  • Whose lives are on the line?

    Police kill someone every eight hours in the U.S., but their job doesn't even rank among the top 10 most dangerous occupations.

  • Resisting the pro-police backlash after Dallas

    Police and the media are trying to shift the spotlight from the victims of police violence by blaming those who rose up to protest the killings.

  • We won't rest until Philando gets justice

    Hundreds of people are keeping up a vigil outside the Minnesota governor's mansion to call for justice for another victim of police.

  • Six athletes who stood up for Black lives

    Professional athletes have provided a flicker of hope during these agonizing days by speaking out against police violence.

  • Are the Democrats turning on Israel?

    Barack Obama's conflict with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about imperial strategy, not opposition to Zionism.

  • Where segregation and gentrification meet

    The rezoning of two public schools in Brooklyn has cast a spotlight on the reality of educational segregation in New York City.

  • I won't be shamed into voting for Clinton

    Liberal scolders in favor of Hillary Clinton twist the widespread disgust with Clinton's conservatism and present it as privileged self-indulgence.