• Framing a child for his own murder

    Cleveland police reached a new low of victim-blaming when they claimed that 12-year-old Tamir Rice bore responsibility for his own death.

  • An alternative to Mayor 1 Percent?

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's weak showing in the first round of the election has opened the way to challenger Chuy García.

  • A diagnosis of Obamacare

    Five years after its passage, what has the Affordable Care Act meant for U.S. workers and their access to health care?

  • Bronx Defenders need to be defended

    A defense firm for poor New Yorkers is the latest target of a right-wing backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • On the march against LAPD killers

    The shooting of a Black homeless man by Los Angeles police exposes how city policies scapegoat the poor and unhoused.

  • Living with the scars of slavery

    A University of Washington student puts the struggle for diversity on campus in the larger context of American racial injustice.

  • Guantánamo in Chicago

    A shocking series of reports reveal that Chicago police have been running their own "black site" detention facility, where torture is rampant.

  • A step toward divestment at Stanford

    The university's undergraduate Senate voted to support divestment from companies complicit in Israel's human rights abuses.

  • Myths behind the FBI's director's "hard truths"

    FBI Director James Comey was praised for a speech that acknowledged the existence of racism--but mischaracterized its causes.

  • U of Washington walks out for diversity

    Student activists led walkouts at University of Washington campuses to show opposition to racism and address the issue of diversity.

  • Why we're opting out of PARCC

    It's easy to feel alone, but we can take hope from the teachers, parents and students standing up to high-stakes testing.

  • A tour that supports apartheid

    New York City Council members must end their complicity with all forms of racist violence, from New York to Palestine

  • Rodney Reed wins a reprieve

    Grassroots activism played an important role in winning a stay of execution for Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed.

  • Why we stand with Young, Gifted and Black

    Teaching assistants at the University of Wisconsin approved a resolution in support of the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition.

  • Playing politics with affordable housing

    Tenant groups are battling to save rent stabilization in New York, but they face opposition and apathy from elected officials.

  • We won't be bullied into silence

    We call on the New York City Council to stop defaming supporters of Palestinian rights with false accusations of anti-Semitism.

  • Shot down for throwing a rock

    The videotape of the execution-style killing of Antonio Zambrano-Montes shows that police murdered him in cold blood.

  • Rodney Reed's supporters turn up the heat

    The struggle to save an innocent man on Texas death row is moving into the national spotlight as an execution date approaches.

  • Brian was just doing his job

    Should NBC anchor Brian Williams be singled out for lying about the news--or does this conspiracy go higher up?

  • The NYPD tries to derail our fight

    Activists need to be visible in combatting racist police policies and the political establishment that enables them.

  • The toxic hate behind the Chapel Hill murders

    The killing of three Muslim college students was written off as a "parking dispute"--but the sickening role of Islamophobia is plain to see.

  • Why is measles back?

    To challenge the opposition to vaccination, we need less condescending snark and more activism for strong public health care.

  • Climate activists have to stand with the strikers

    Striking oil workers are showing how to take on the oil industry--and the climate justice movement needs to stand with them.

  • Making NativeLivesMatter

    Many Natives Americans have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to take up a new slogan of their own.

  • Soldiers in the war at home

    The militarization of police that shocked people after Ferguson is rooted in the long failure known as the "war on drugs."