• A racist attack on Black Lives Matter

    Opponents of racism and police violence are speaking out after a shooting by white supremacists left five protesters injured.

  • Another victim in ICE's ongoing war

    The detention of a Bronx man after a bogus arrest shows ICE is continuing its draconian enforcement, despite Obama's promises.

  • On the death of a Takoma Park neighbor

    We are going to see how strong the fabric of Takoma Park is--whether we can stand in the name of what Anita Datar believed.

  • We stand with Steven Salaita

    The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel declares its solidarity with the wrongly fired professor.

  • Boston stands against anti-refugee bigotry

    More than 1,000 people raised their voices in Boston to defend Syrian refugees after Republican governors called for denying them entry.

  • On hunger strike in the heart of Texas

    Dozens of immigrant women in an infamous detention center in Texas are going without food to protest inhumane conditions.

  • The right exploits fear for political gain

    Amid the outpouring of solidarity after the Paris attacks, conservative politicians want to know: What do we get out of it?

  • On the road for justice in Minneapolis

    The eruption of protest over a police murder in Minneapolis continues following a highway blockade led to over 50 arrests.

  • I'll always condemn injustice

    Personal remedy is meaningless if the conditions that caused my firing remain intact at the University of Illinois and elsewhere.

  • Labor's "big bang"?

    The struggle for a $15-an-hour minimum wage could be the opportunity to finally revitalize the U.S. labor movement.

  • UW hospital nurses fight for union security

    The Washington State Nurses Association picketed a Seattle hospital over demands for a fair contract and "fair share" representation.

  • Students stand with Mizzou

    Students across the country organized protests to end racism at the University of Missouri--and on their own campuses.

  • The athlete-activists of the '60s

    The strike against racism by Mizzou football players was brave, historic and profoundly significant--but it wasn't unprecedented.

  • Why are the cops so camera shy?

    The heads of the FBI and DEA are the latest officials to claim that police can't do their jobs because of the "Ferguson effect"--fear of public scrutiny.

  • Can we vote in Sanders' political revolution?

    To make good on what Bernie Sanders says he would deliver, we'll need to do more than simply turn out lots of new voters in 2016.

  • The making of a rebellion in Missouri

    The struggle at the University of Missouri brought down a president and chancellor, but it has been building for months--and it won't stop there.

  • Live from New York, a racist piece of shit

    Hundreds of immigrant rights activists stood outside NBC studios to protest Donald Trump's hosting of Saturday Night Live.

  • How solidarity won their jobs back

    As Fight for 15 activists prepare for a nationwide day of action, Oakland fast-food workers are celebrating a victory against employer reprisals.

  • A true-blue liar and thug

    The death of an Illinois police officer was used to smear Black Lives Matter--but now we know the facts about Joe Gliniewicz.

  • The party of which people?

    The structures of the Democratic Party are organized in a way to make sure that the establishment gets what it wants.

  • Organizing the choke points

    Workers in the rapidly transforming logistics industry have the potential to exercise enormous political and economic power.

  • The Republican train wreck

    How did U.S. capital's preferred political party become synonymous with government dysfunction and clownish celebrities?

  • Stand up to a divide-and-conquer contract

    UAW leaders are pushing a proposed deal with GM that continues the two-tier wage system that has undermined solidarity.

  • A pro-prison backlash in New York City

    The shooting of an NYPD officer is giving momentum to those who want to keep the structures that created mass incarceration.

  • Republican budget blackmail works again

    The Democrats are claiming that they won out against the Republicans' steamroller, but how much is there to celebrate in the budget agreement?