• The myth of the "Rust Belt reactionaries"

    The U.S. is strewn with the wreckage of neoliberalism, including across the Midwest, where its victims are blamed for Trump's victory last fall.

  • The YIMBYs push unaffordable housing

    A new wave of organizations that proudly claims the name "Yes In My Backyard" stands for letting developers keep building.

  • Beyond their caricature of the working class

    The media analysis of Trump voters ignores the reality of the working class today--and it caricatures the workers it does acknowledge.

  • The right runs into a fight in Charlottesville

    A small Virginia city has become a target for racists--but its successful counterprotest of the Klan shows the importance of taking on the far right.

  • Hey Senator, people aren't cars

    Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has compared people with pre-existing health conditions to cars that have been in accidents.

  • Treating addiction with cruelty

    A city council member in Ohio has proposed that some drug addicts who overdose be left to die--but that's not far from how addicts are already treated.

  • Crime pays in the Oakland Police Department

    After a sex trafficking scandal that rocked the Oakland Police Department, two cops who led the cover-up have been promoted.

  • A stealth legislative assault on immigrants

    Democrats say they're standing up to Trump, but they won't challenge anti-immigrant bills being passed quietly in Congress.

  • On the picket line with the Tufts nurses

    Registered nurses at Tufts Medical Center are demanding that a profitable hospital prioritize patient safety and decent salaries.

  • San Diego stands with Nabra

    San Diego was one of several cities where vigils were held against Islamophobia after the murder of Nabra Hassanen in Virginia.

  • The speech the racists didn't want you to hear

    Faced with death threats, a left-wing author had to cancel an appearance in Seattle--but she gave the speech you couldn't hear then at Socialism 2017.

  • The right can't stand our vision of democracy

    We publish the interview that a right-wing website tried--and failed--to distort in an attempt to smear socialists and socialism.

  • Monuments to white supremacy

    As Confederate monuments come down in several Southern cities, it's a good time to look at why they went up in the first place.

  • Single-payer got close so the Democrats killed it

    Leading Democrats in California stepped in at the last minute to kill their own proposal for statewide single-payer health care.

  • Fighting for trans civil rights in Rochester

    Transgender activists continue to demand civil rights in New York, as their legislators fail to make good on promises to take action.

  • What strategies will stop the far right?

    Since Trump's election, the far right has become more aggressive than at any time in the last 25 years. An organized response is urgently needed.

  • We defended left-wing speech at Syracuse

    When the right wing went after a Syracuse University professor, supporters organized successfully for a statement in her defense.

  • Berkeley doesn't need Urban Shield

    Some 500 people turned out to tell the City Council that a SWAT-training convention and weapons expo has no place in Berkeley.

  • Trinity joins the attack on its own professor

    After enduring threats and smears, Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams was placed on forced leave by the administration.

  • What will stop their health care heist for good?

    Trump and the Republicans suffered a setback when the Senate had to delay a vote on its health care bill--but this deadly threat is far from cured.

  • Why did the police attack at Columbus Pride?

    Activists trying to protest police brutality and injustice at the Columbus Pride parade felt violence at the hands of cops themselves.

  • Confronting Arpaio's hate in Massachusetts

    Defenders of social justice refused to let the bigoted former Sheriff Joe Arpaio send his hateful message without opposition.

  • Resistance to the far right takes shape in D.C.

    A town hall meeting and counterprotest of a far-right rally were among the actions that mobilized hundreds of D.C.-area activists.

  • Who's on trial in the Cosby case?

    What does the outcome of the trial of Bill Cosby say about how the court system treats survivors of sexual assault who seek justice?

  • Trump's war on birth control

    The Religious Right has a loyal friend in Donald Trump, whose administration is out to gut women's access to contraception.