• The world's greatest democracy? Really?

    Trump isn't a new threat to a healthy body, but the latest tumor on a corrupt system that can only be called a "democracy" if we use ironic quotes.

  • Banging on the doors of bigotry

    Several hundred DePaul University students disrupted a speech by a right-wing bigot--and showed how the left can confront hate.

  • The hidden horrors in poultry plants

    An Oxfam report has exposed the torturous conditions endured by poultry workers--but their situation is far from unique in the U.S.

  • Still demanding justice for Andre and Bryson

    Around 100 people gathered in Olympia, Washington, to remember two unarmed Black men shot a year ago by a white officer.

  • The rent's too high in San Diego

    Tenants of a San Diego apartment complex are protesting against skyrocketing rents in their run-down building.

  • Debating the role of socialists in Election 2016

    The International Socialist Organization and Socialist Alternative exchange views on the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Democratic Party.

  • Taking the socialist moment forward

    At the Socialism in the Air conference in Portland, people talked about what it will take to get "from a moment to a movement."

  • We want Lynch to say her name

    Activists protested at the U.S. Department of Justice as part of national solidarity actions for Sandra Bland and other victims of police.

  • Is Sanders spoiling the party?

    Sanders has the gall to keep asking people to vote for him in the Democratic primaries--so the Clinton gang resorted to more underhanded methods.

  • How the people fired the SFPD chief

    Greg Suhr finally resigned as head of the San Francisco Police Department after months of growing pressure for action.

  • Why did David Joseph's killer go free?

    A somber crowd gathered in Austin, Texas, in response to the news that the officer who killed David Joseph would not be indicted.

  • Saving a beacon of progressive education

    The principal at a renowned New York City elementary school is undermining its historic mission—but the community is fighting back.

  • What's next for Bernie's base?

    Supporters of Bernie Sanders must decide if they will follow their candidate as he falls in line behind the Democratic nominee.

  • They made an example out of Purvi Patel

    An Indiana judge will hear an appeal from a woman convicted under the state's "feticide" law after she suffered a miscarriage.

  • Her Medicare bandage won't stop the bleeding

    Hillary Clinton's talk about expanding the Medicare program to people in their 50s sounds like a step toward Medicare for all, but it isn't.

  • Deterring migration by terrorizing refugees

    Obama administration officials have announced plans for more deportations of mothers and children who fled violence in Central America.

  • Behind North Carolina's war with the Feds

    Trans people are the main targets of North Carolina's bigoted new law, but business interests have more reasons for backing it.

  • Hotel pickets worked, so they were banned

    A federal court has issued an injunction against striking Verizon workers protesting outside the hotels housing scabs.

  • Why I'm voting for MORE

    A New York City teacher makes the case for supporting the candidates of a social justice caucus in teachers' union elections.

  • De Blasio's misguided "gang takedowns"

    A giant sweep through North Bronx public housing projects shows the ominous new direction of policing in New York City.

  • Hillary thinks America's great. Why don't you?

    Hillary Clinton's campaign is built around satisfaction with the political and economic status quo--but there's not very much to be satisfied about.

  • On the side of right and justice

    He was on the front lines of many civil liberties cases, but also championed popular movements that work outside legal channels.

  • Why is Andrew Cuomo shifting left?

    Is the man critics call "Governor 1 Percent" discovering his inner social justice warrior? Or is he responding to grassroots pressure?

  • Safe states, inside/outside and other illusions

    Some Sanders supporters are recycling failed strategies in an attempt to carry on a "political revolution" inside the Democrats.

  • Texas hosts a war criminal

    Students at the University of Texas in Austin knew what to do when they heard Henry Kissinger was coming to campus: protest.