• Did the mayor's race change Chicago politics?

    Supporters of Chuy García claim his campaign for mayor against Rahm Emanuel reshaped Chicago politics--despite García's pro-austerity stance.

  • Snow days under socialism

    The record-breaking snowfall and cold in the Northeast begs the question: What would winter look like in a different society?

  • Poverty jobs hold us back

    Last week's Fight for 15 day of action brought out thousands of low-wage workers and their supporters across the U.S.

  • Fighting for the right to play sports

    The administrators who run New York City schools are targeting David Garcia-Rosen for demanding equity in sports funding.

  • Madison students take to the streets for justice

    High school students in the Wisconsin capital staged walkouts and occupied an intersection in protest against police murder.

  • Sending a message to Shumlin

    Vermont's Democratic governor has a liberal reputation, but workers and service providers are taking on his austerity agenda.

  • Standing for Mauna Kea

    The First Nations-led movement expresses its solidarity with a struggle to defend sacred land on the island of Hawaii.

  • The governor of school deform

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's education bill attacks teachers' unions while handing corporate reformers a major victory.

  • Where's the justice for Glenn Ford?

    The Louisiana justice system destroyed Glenn Ford's life--and now that he's free, it's making sure he continues to suffer.

  • Investigations that only hide the truth

    The video of Walter Scott's murder in South Carolina has again exposed the lying that routinely follows police murders.

  • Lies about the poor living large

    Politicians claim food stamp recipients are living it up on meager benefits--and using that as an excuse to make deep cuts.

  • Going global in Richmond?

    At UC Berkeley, union workers are campaigning with community allies for a different kind of bargaining agreement.

  • UC Berkeley needs to respond

    An activist with the UC Berkeley Black Student Union describes the struggle at the university to make Black lives matter.

  • A win against Common Core

    At the school where teachers boycotted a state test, parents are now taking the initiative and leading a massive opt-out campaign.

  • Why do they want more cops?

    Just months after cheerleading Black Lives Matter protests, liberals on the New York City Council want to hire more police.

  • Seattle's fight for 15 carries on

    Seattle minimum-wage workers got a raise on April 1, but the struggle continues to make sure employers deliver.

  • Images of Selma

    The photography exhibit Selma March 1965 provides glimpses from both sides of the struggle against segregation in Alabama.

  • Electing Mayor Austerity

    The bitterly contested election for control of Chicago's City Hall has highlighted the role of the Democrats as the party of budget cuts and layoffs.

  • Loyola students vote for divestment

    The student government at Loyola University voted--for the third time--to divest from companies that aid Israeli apartheid.

  • A modest win against youth incarceration

    Seattle activists pressured the city to reduce the size of a proposed new juvenile jail--but they aren't satisfied yet.

  • They can afford $15

    Low-wage workers will come together on April 15 for a national day of action for $15 and a union--demands their movement has put in the spotlight.

  • Give Mumia the medical care he needs

    A leading figure in the struggle for Mumia Abu-Jamal says Pennsylvania is trying to carry out an execution by medical neglect.

  • Indiana's war on pregnant women

    Using 17th century "science," an Indiana court ruled that Purvi Patel must serve 20 years in prison for the "crime" of feticide.

  • Time to up the pressure on Shumlin

    Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is proposing deeper cuts, but workers and activists are planning to send a message of resistance.

  • All Black children matter

    Two parents who have lost children to violence talk about the struggle against racism and police terror in New York City.