• Aetna's sickening bottom line to the Feds

    The insurance giant said it will radically reduce participation in Obamacare--one month after its merger plans were blocked.

  • Some measure of justice in an injustice system?

    Two steps taken by the Justice Department are raising questions about the possibility of winning reforms to the U.S. prison system.

  • A cautionary tale from Vermont

    The Vermont Progressive Party must choose between standing for political independence and essentially fusing with the Democrats.

  • Black activists owe no apologies to Israel

    The Vision for Black Lives statement from Movement for Black Lives has been met with a slew of criticism from Zionist groups.

  • A timely takedown of a corporate candidate

    Doug Henwood's My Turn is a valuable tool to help radicals expose Hillary Clinton's militaristic, pro-corporate agenda.

  • Studying at the feet of the master

    Turns out that scholars had found a lot to despise about Donald Trump back when the reality TV star was mugging for the camera.

  • Why do the Seattle cops want a fortress?

    Hundreds came to a Seattle City Council meeting to demand that officials halt plans to build a multimillion-dollar police station.

  • How Clinton and the Democrats killed welfare

    Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton destroyed the federal welfare system--and millions of working people have been paying the price ever since.

  • Standing up at Standing Rock

    Native and environmental activists are protesting a pipeline project that would run right through the heart of Indian country.

  • She'll keep America not so great for workers

    Hillary Clinton's economic proposals look a lot like the policies of Bill Clinton's administration--and that's not good news for workers.

  • If the risk is low, let them go

    The battle to get New York state to release aging prisoners took a tragic turn with the suicide of 70-year-old John MacKenzie.

  • Anger boils over in Milwaukee

    The death of yet another Black man at the hands of police, this time in Milwaukee, touched off nights of rebellious protests demanding justice.

  • The horrific murder of a Queens imam

    An immigrant community is in shock after the murder of a mosque leader--and they blame Donald Trump for a climate of hate.

  • Another execution in the streets of Chicago

    The Chicago Police Department has had blood on its hands for a long time, but they got even bloodier with the murder of Paul O'Neal in July.

  • Natural beauty or unnatural oppression?

    The 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service is a good occasion to consider the contradictions of "America's Best Idea."

  • #BillionairesWithHer

    Not only is Hillary Clinton is piling up endorsements from Wall Street parasites and hawks who engineered the Iraq war--she's proud of it.

  • Why should we modernize annihilation?

    The Obama administration's proposal for "nuclear modernization" can only lead to a more dangerous and deadly world.

  • They turned U.S. streets into a war zone

    In the "world's greatest democracy," police are increasingly indistinguishable from a heavily armed occupying army deployed by the Pentagon.

  • A new road ahead for the Green Party

    The Green Party convention nominated Jill Stein as its presidential candidate, but there were other exciting moments in Houston.

  • The shameful foundation of the Clintons' power

    The Clinton Foundation fuses fundraising, influence-peddling, Washington networking, faux “humanitarianism” and a grasp for power and money.

  • Punished for trying to die

    The government is threatening to impose a draconian punishment on whistleblower Chelsea Manning...for attempting suicide.

  • No sign of justice yet

    The dropping of charges against the cops who killed Freddie Gray begs the question: What will it take to hold police responsible?

  • Freed from prison but still not free

    A new book tells the stories of four people who were wrongfully convicted and finally exonerated, but still suffer the consequences.

  • Getting Jill Stein on the ballot in Vermont

    The Stein campaign can reach out to the many people tired of being shamed and herded into supporting the Democrats.

  • Two parties and two brands of Islamophobia

    Trump's attack on the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq is despicable--but the Democrats have their own version of Islamophobia to sell.