Readers' Views

  • An irresponsible accusation

    Contrary to the SW reporters' statement, there is no evidence of police provocation in Baltimore beyond wild speculation.

  • Sanders' dodge on Black Lives Matter

    Independent senator and Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders had little to offer those protesting police violence.

  • Views in brief

    The legacy of police abuse | California's other prison crisis | Maryland's insult on top of injury | Racism in Hollywood

  • The wrong targets for a climate solution

    It is the capitalist class as a whole, and not the consumption of individual workers, that has caused climate change.

  • Legacies of struggle in China

    History shows that there is a drive for social change among Chinese workers, despite how it is obscured at times.

  • Misunderstanding syndicalism

    It was Marxism, not syndicalism, that historically proposed a division of labor between politics and the economic sphere.

  • A socialist takeover at Gravity Payments?

    What's behind the decision of one Seattle CEO to raise salaries at his company to a minimum of $70,000 a year?

  • Theodore Allen on race and privilege

    The radical historian Theodore Allen's writings on race, privilege and the working class developed over many decades.

  • Views in brief

    What wasn't concrete? | Privilege theory and white entitlement | Tarring himself | Lessons of the IWW

  • Views in brief

    Where Chuy dared not go | Blind to the blindspot | Using health as a weapon | Ambivalent about the Indiana boycott

  • UPS hounds a driver

    UPS made a point of displaying a driver's wrecked package car at the gate of the facility as a "learning symbol."

  • Views in brief

    Resistance in Southern Yemen | We need concrete demands | An injustice to Indiana women | The answer to global warming

  • Tarred with the same brush

    The notion of renouncing white privilege in White Blindspot comes in the framework of fighting for militant working-class unity.

  • Privilege and the working class

    Many of today's advocates of privilege politics are unaware of the theory's class roots--roots that continue to have an impact.

  • What is the basis for unity?

    Genuine solidarity requires that we struggle against any remnant of oppression that exists within our own ranks.

  • Valuing art for art's sake

    Questions of art and culture should be left to artists and culture-makers, not economists or sociologists.

  • The relevance of political independence

    A vote for Chicago mayoral candidate Chuy García isn't a step toward independence, since his politics stand in the way of this.

  • Missing the point of what we wrote

    Our article on the Chicago mayoral election has been the subject of criticisms we don't think are fair to the arguments we made.

  • Putting its energy into the wrong fight

    The Chicago Teachers Union is putting resources into the mayoral runoff election instead of preparing for other battles.

  • Clearly no alternative to austerity

    All the evidence points to Chuy García being a nicer, less abrasive face to the same austerity policies pursued for a decade.

  • Be critical, but be for Chuy

    To not endorse Chuy García, despite your valid criticisms, when he is poised to defeat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is absurd.

  • Let them eat Common Core

    I believe No Child Left Behind and Common Core are part of the 1 Percent's agenda to wreck what few rights we have left.

  • The "okay-to-leech" laws

    It is long past time for labor to stop using the phrase "right-to-work," when these laws are about the right to freeload.

  • Free speech and the state

    History tells us that if the government can determine what speech is "legitimate," all progressive political forces will suffer.

  • Who do we trust with our rights?

    We can oppose the killings at Charlie Hebdo without endorsing racism--nor ignoring government threats to free expression.