Readers' Views

  • Who do we trust with our rights?

    We can oppose the killings at Charlie Hebdo without endorsing racism--nor ignoring government threats to free expression.

  • Free speech and the state

    History tells us that if the government can determine what speech is "legitimate," all progressive political forces will suffer.

  • How far does free speech go?

    Our side has to be prepared to use every means at our disposal to advance the movement of the immense majority.

  • Views on Paris in brief

    Between satire and racism | Yes to diversity in France | Islamophobia, censorship and the state

  • Resisting the tide of racism and repression

    We stand in solidarity against a backlash intended to silence dissent, marginalize the oppressed, and build support for repression.

  • No tolerance for Islamophobia

    We believe the ISO's statement on the Charlie Hebdo killings drifts dangerously close to repeating some of the dominant media narratives.

  • Views in brief

    Stopping police killings | The tasks for SYRIZA | Fighting fracking from NYC to Ireland | Wars abroad and at home

  • Real and vicious Islamophobia

    The left must insist on the crucial distinction between sympathy with the victims in Paris and solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

  • From Delhi to Ferguson

    From Delhi to Ferguson, we salute the resilience of those who are fighting in the spirit of international solidarity.

  • Radical ways to reform policing

    Efforts to reform the U.S. criminal justice system must start from the understanding that it is rotten to the core.

  • Views in brief

    Celebrating Darby Tillis | How Boston steals from the poor | UTLA needs to fight for teachers | A hero for helping women | Why the Democrats crashed

  • Why Warren doesn't move me

    There are more reasons than policy not to get swept up in the fervor of a possible Elizabeth Warren presidential run.

  • Breaking the silence about abortion

    Having an abortion is already difficult, but the loneliness, alienation and silence about it add another unbearable weight.

  • Views in brief

    Wrong about the Greens in 2004 | Challenging wrongful convictions | What the antiwar movement needs | No better time for third parties

  • Leninism is still indispensable

    The left needs a theory that not only analyzes the world but tries to change it--which is why Leninism is still important.

  • Democrats and the election quest

    The ultimate message of the Democrats in elections is: be passionate, be committed, but remember, do it on our terms.

  • Which reforms do we win?

    If its interests are more threatened by refusing a reform than granting it, the ruling class will grant the reform.

  • An insult for Halloween

    Each fall, we see thousands if not millions of new "Indian" faces--in the racist costumes being sold for Halloween.

  • Views in brief

    A healthy dose of skepticism | The source of Big Brown's wealth | Age discrimination at UPS | All about the numbers | Who impacts policy?

  • Views in brief

    A desperate act at UPS | UPS pushed her out | Who's cashing in at UW? | Is Michfest changing? | Not just a Washington problem

  • What's a "real" Democrat?

    Randy Credico did run a serious campaign in New York, but he's in the wrong party if he wants to fight for working people.

  • Views in brief

    A radical in the Democratic Party | The causes of climate change | Capitalism is killing the planet | The last escalation in Ukraine

  • Trans women are women

    If trans and intersex women can't find "safe space" in the women's rights or queer communities, where can they go?

  • Views in brief

    Standing with low-wage workers | Mistaken about Michfest | The Deep Green Resistance alternative | Meat-eating kills the planet | Not in the name of survivors

  • Views in brief

    Blaming protesters in Ferguson | My memories sold | What's not on the ballot | What feminism adds to Marxism | Tech and the proletariat