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  • Who goes to prison and who doesn't

    The 1 Percent needs a crude and violent system to maintain extreme inequality and contain protest and dissent.

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    They nearly killed my son | The continuing struggle at Yale? | Stein courts the anti-science crowd | Aiding and abetting the blacklist

  • Racism, racists and racecraft

    To say that racial inequality is part and parcel of a system of economic inequality doesn't mean that racial inequality isn't real.

  • Views in brief

    Democrats don't own our votes | Reaching across cultural boundaries | Anti-immigrant "jokes" aren't funny | The racist war on Black men

  • Yes, Philando was killed by racism

    Your recent article by Barbara and Karen Fields leaves far too much to interpretation and can lead in all the wrong directions.

  • For a subculture of our own

    We should reckon with music subcultures as processes that can be shaped by forces around them, rather than as static "things."

  • Hair metal or Deadheads

    I was surprised at first that Socialism 2016 attendees found it easier to deal with Guns N' Roses fans than last year's Deadheads.

  • What does voting for the lesser evil get you?

    Conditions in the U.S. today are clearly different than in Germany in the 1930s, but the lessons from the rise of Hitler still apply.

  • Clashing views on the Brexit vote

    Two readers weigh in on the ongoing debate about the meaning of the UK's Brexit vote--and what the left's response should be.

  • Is the EU necessarily harmful to struggle?

    Left-wing supporters of a Leave vote in the UK referendum on the EU accept a declining and disintegrating UK state as a given.

  • Saying “no” to scapegoating after Orlando

    We must not allow the Orlando tragedy to be turned into a justification adding to already existing oppression and discrimination.

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    BDS and Cuomo's real hypocrisy | An error in your Verizon coverage | Who was at fault in Cincinnati?

  • Bernie Sanders and the ISO in New York

    A Socialist Alternative contribution to the debate about the Sanders campaign and the left mischaracterized the ISO's approach.

  • Jill Stein, the Greens and the two-party system

    Several Readers' Views made criticisms of the Greens that don't recognize their record of standing for political independence.

  • Sanders' role in the Democratic Party

    Bernie Sanders is giving voice to discontent, but he is also corralling that discontent toward "revitalizing" the Democratic Party.

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    Socialists in Congress | Are the Greens an alternative? | Limits of the two-party system | Tactics for prison divestment | The AAA and BDS

  • Building the left beyond the Democrats

    Sanders' campaign might contribute to a base that can create a base that can become free of the Democratic Party--but only if we fight for independence.

  • How do we describe Sanders?

    A vote for Bernie Sanders isn't identical to a vote for the Democratic Party, as Socialist Worker has implied.

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    Against shaming Sanders' supporters | Sanders' support for Israel | Protest, but let Trump speak | Reforming capitalism isn't enough

  • Views in brief

    A memorial for Sandy Boyer | An anti-apartheid fighter | The Trib's true colors

  • Views in brief

    Is Trump like Le Pen? | What kind of infestation is it? | The IWW and elections | Why did we win in the 1960s?

  • Taking on Trump with our eyes open

    We can join with others to confront Trump and his racist filth while also challenging the idea that the left should vote for Clinton.

  • Hillary and the Honduras coup

    Hillary Clinton is not a progressive. Her work has undermined democracy and human rights in Honduras and elsewhere.

  • "Trumpism" and socialist strategy

    Overstating what Donald Trump represents and his capacity to shift the political landscape will create problems for the left.

  • The left's false logic on Syria

    Many on the left are concluding that Russia and Iran, since the U.S. opposes them, must be the "good guys" in Syria. They're wrong.