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    The odds against the homeless | Life on the extra board | Retired and struggling to get by | Less-than-great expectations | Companies holding unions hostage

  • Victories against police repression

    Two important New York City police misconduct cases were settled in January, but we have far to go to see real justice.

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    Sinking below the poverty line | If we don't stand together... | Is solidarity a one-way street? | Applause for SJP | Less-than-great expectations

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    We make the wheels on the bus go 'round | Standing up for trans rights | The importance of socialists | How gentrification has changed Minnesota

  • Views in brief

    They're destroying City College | The legacy of Pete Camarata | The struggle goes on in Venezuela | Teachers focused on making change

  • Millenials are on the march

    Millenials are discovering that we cannot hope to inherit a better world--we have to fight for it.

  • Overestimating Turkish discontent

    It is simply too early to say that the corruption scandal in Turkey has reignited the flames of discontent.

  • Who's leading in Ukraine?

    What is necessary in Ukraine is a workers' political organization with an anti-capitalist, internationalist and anti-nationalist orientation.

  • UNCG walks out for higher education

    Administrators' pockets are bloated, students are being left in depraved conditions and our faculty is withering on the vine.

  • Defending time-honored principles

    The ISO does not have delusions of grandeur about being "the" revolutionary party. Its self-stated goal is more modest.

  • Stopping a toxic incinerator

    A planned industrial waste incinerator outside of Philadelphia would put our health and communities at risk.

  • Paralyzed and still put to death

    Texas carried out the legal lynching of a woman who was paralyzed and endured a history of mental illness.

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    Resources for BDS activists | How violence infects our lives | A correction on the Vietnam antiwar movement | Hateful Republicans, ineffective Democrats | Bargaining away our pensions

  • Victimizing food stamp recipients

    Politicians are dedicating a lot of rhetoric to the idea that everyone who is receiving food stamps is lazy.

  • Will the rich reform themselves?

    Progress toward equality under capitalism will come from fighting against the rich and their policies--not appealing to them.

  • Beyond downturns and upturns

    Anyone who sees the class struggle as a conveyor belt that tilts "up" or "down" is going to be mystified by real developments.

  • A sick system of food production

    Unless we want to see more dead, international standards must be set to address factory farming and antibiotic resistance.

  • What privilege theory doesn't explain

    Privilege theory sees relationships to a single hierarchy of oppression that must first be analyzed, separately from the social totality.

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    The struggle continues at Boeing | Why isn't the blame on the cops? | We need more left-wing voices | Why we can't trust de Blasio | Living in fear of getting sick

  • The electoral opening for the left

    Several well-organized socialist electoral campaigns could assist in the development of a more significant fighting left.

  • Creating an anti-sexist culture

    The most definitive way to abolish sexism is engaging in struggles for women's liberation and helping to build up our side in general.

  • Sexism, liberation and the left

    Rather than "undermining solidarity" or stagnating democracy, the daily practice of anti-sexism within our organization enhances it.

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    Why is my brother Robert dead? | A gift from the USPS to Amazon | Left out by Obamacare | SW is wrong about Mother Agnes

  • Contributing to a constructive debate

    An ISO member responds to a article that criticized the SW discussion on white skin privilege theory.

  • This discussion doesn't add much

    A recent debate at SW has little to say about the political challenges we're bound to face in struggles for women's liberation.