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  • Trans women are women

    If trans and intersex women can't find "safe space" in the women's rights or queer communities, where can they go?

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    Standing with low-wage workers | Mistaken about Michfest | The Deep Green Resistance alternative | Meat-eating kills the planet | Not in the name of survivors

  • Views in brief

    Blaming protesters in Ferguson | My memories sold | What's not on the ballot | What feminism adds to Marxism | Tech and the proletariat

  • A consistent record against bigotry

    There is no evidence for the claim that the left is becoming desensitized to anti-Semitism or giving bigots a pass.

  • A pass for anti-Semitism?

    Our approach to oppression has always been that responsibility for racism never belongs to the oppressed group.

  • Dismissing a celebrity death

    We can talk about the world's atrocities and still have a conversation about mental health and the impact of a famous person's death.

  • No claims on the "Truth"

    A reader challenges a characterization in Paul Le Blanc's contribution to the discussion on Leninism.

  • Wrong about apartheid's "right"

    One U.S. socialist group has put forward a disappointing position that accepts the right of the Israeli apartheid state to exist.

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    "Incidents of war" and U.S. hypocrisy | Slavery and dehumanization | Justifying Israel’s genocide | Marxism and feminism are incompatible

  • Defending our clinics in Boston

    For some women, the right to an abortion is becoming meaningless because they're prevented from actually gaining access.

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    SW and the fight for a better world | The Democratic stranglehold | The out-of-touch Clintons | Next in the Fight for 15 | The hologram of democracy

  • Keeping the goal in mind today

    Left electoral campaigns can move us toward the aim of a new working-class political party in a number of different ways.

  • Dismissed for asking questions

    I was suspended and later terminated for "creating a hostile work environment" after questioning a work speed-up.

  • Looking back at Seattle's fight for 15

    What lessons can we learn from the victory of a minimum-wage law in Seattle--both its strengths and weaknesses?

  • A step forward for $15 in Seattle

    Despite its concessions, the new minimum wage law in Seattle should be considered a limited victory and celebrated as that.

  • Electoral politics, radical demands

    Whether we run on a Green party ticket or as an independent doesn't matter nearly as much as the demands we put forward.

  • Why I'm going to Socialism 2014

    In a few weeks, I will be making the journey to Chicago for the Socialism 2014 conference.

  • When $15 isn't really $15

    Rather than oppose a Seattle measure with numerous concessions they once criticized, Socialist Alternative has declared victory.

  • What campaigns do we need now?

    Left electoral campaigns should be judged not by their label, but how they contribute to building a stronger, more unified left.

  • Socialists should run as socialists

    When socialists run for office, they should welcome Green endorsements, but there is no reason for socialists to run as Greens.

  • Mistreated by the VA system

    I see the writing on the wall: As an aging veteran, I will begin to receive less care, as I am considered expendable.

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    Contribute to a new theater project | C.L.R. James and conceptions of party | Honoring the fight for our rights | The fascist threat in Ukraine

  • Should we accept a $15 compromise?

    Does a compromise in San Francisco on an immediate $15 minimum wage enable working-class organization to advance?

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    Struggles in a steel town | Sold out by Deval Patrick | The politics of Ludlow | Democracy in Ukraine

  • Charters can't be our model

    We shouldn't take the position that charterization is the appropriate way to create progressive education models.