Readers' Views

  • Trigger warnings and ableism

    Trigger warnings are an important accessibility tool for people with disabilities that are the result of trauma.

  • Views in brief

    What the Oscars are about | He touched many lives | Missing his smile and stories | Bernie can win | Public-sector unions provide a voice

  • Strategies to confront police violence

    What are the demands that the movement should be putting forward to stop the killing spree by police in the U.S.?

  • Who can stop the cops?

    It's not just a question of how to stop the police killing spree, but who has the power and the interest in doing so.

  • Behind the DNC attack on Sanders

    Two readers analyze the DNC's threats against the Sanders campaign following a controversy about online access to records.

  • Holding the sick hostage

    The real crimes of "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli won't put him in prison--because they're perfectly legal under capitalism.

  • Reasons to be radical

    The "war on terror" has killed huge numbers of people across the world, but it does something else as well--it kills language.

  • Views in brief

    Lives ripped apart by McCarthyism | The risk in not supporting Sanders | Focus on Israel's crimes today | Sanders has a chance

  • This is what happened in my New Jersey

    Trump has gone too far with his lies about Muslims celebrating 9/11--but he's picked on a crowd isn't going anywhere.

  • He's a soldier in the war on women

    As a sexual assault survivor, I was stunned by Ben Carson's lack of understanding, compassion or empathy for women.

  • BDS unites the movement in concrete action

    BDS provides the basis to unite different political tendencies behind Palestinian rights--a fact its critics dismiss too easily.

  • Expanding the debate on BDS

    A statement pointing out limitations of the BDS movement is constructive criticism that seeks to open movement discussions.

  • Fighting for a future free from capital

    Even in a world of war and injustice, the fundamental human sense of justice can never be quite fully extinguished.

  • How I got redder and redder

    If you think that capitalism is one big atrocity, it makes sense to organize with other people who think so, too.

  • Right sentiment, but the wrong conclusions

    Learning the lessons of SYRIZA requires analyzing the concrete conditions in Greece and how they differ from those in the U.S.

  • Views in brief

    A step forward for BDS | Insults weaken our arguments | More disappointing Democrats? | For Michfest without the bigotry | Defend Robert DeKelaita

  • One racist statue down...

    The University of Texas finally removed the statue of Jefferson Davis, but there are plenty more tributes to white supremacy to go.

  • Who will fight for Black lives?

    Raising the Black Lives Matter issue forcefully is important, but the dismissal of potential supporters as racists is a problem.

  • Making Sanders discuss racism

    Between Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders, there should be no question about which side we're on.

  • We want to win the debate

    Our movements should be guided by strategies and tactics that help activists to challenge and change people's ideas.

  • Black Lives Matter and the strategy question

    The debate about the protest of Bernie Sanders' speech goes to the question of strategy for the movement, not its tactics.

  • It's not time for a U.S. SYRIZA

    Revolutionary socialists should look for opportunities to project our politics, including elections, but there's no skipping steps.

  • Views in brief

    Untold victims of the drug war | Losing seniority as an autoworker | The damage Walker has done | The lies police told about Sandra Bland | What Sanders can do for socialism

  • The hunt for a decent job in New Orleans

    Here in New Orleans, there are carpenters building homes for wages that are less than what many workers make at Walmart.

  • The lessons of SYRIZA for U.S. socialists

    Marxist principles and theory must be used to develop a concrete strategy that leads out of the decades-long political impasse.