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We hope 2014 will be remembered as the year that a new civil rights movement reached a critical mass and returned to the streets, with chants of "Hands up, don't shoot" and "I can't breathe" filling the air.

But it was also the year of the largest (so far) climate justice march in history. It was the year that Barack Obama launched a new war in the Middle East against an enemy that arose as a direct consequence of the last U.S. war. It was a year of violence, war and savage inequality--but also one when the yearning for an alternative, for a different kind of world, was as urgent and obvious as at any point. was there all year long, providing reports from the front lines of the struggle and analysis that made sense of the world.

Our writers were on the marches against police terror and the injustice system in Ferguson, New York City, the Bay Area and dozens of places in between. We interviewed the authors and activists who could explain the roots of violence and oppression in the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and around the globe. You read about the discussions of low-wage workers for the retail and fast-food giants--and the debates among activists responding to the epidemic of sexual assault on campuses and beyond. SW articles introduced the hidden history of the working class struggle around the world and the ideas of the Marxist tradition that puts forward the vision of a different world.

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It goes without saying that SW doesn't have corporate backing or big-money donors. But keeping those articles coming day after day and week after week costs money, nonetheless. We depend on the dedication and commitment of our readers to make sure that alternative voices like ours get heard.

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