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We're asking for your help to keep going and growing. If you can spare a donation during the holiday season to help assure our site's future, we thank you. gives you daily news and opinion that cuts through the conventional analysis you'll find in the mainstream media. We give you an alternative point of view--a socialist viewpoint on the many faces of the system's crisis and worldwide political events.

Just think about the list of topics you've read about here at SW this year: the Obamacare disaster, the twists and turns of the Arab revolutions, the rise of the far right in Europe, the corporate school deform agenda, the toll of unemployment and poverty in the world's richest country, and so much more.

Plus, you got reports from the front lines of the struggle--again, here and around the globe. Organizers in the fight of low-wage workers described how they built for walkouts and protests; participants in the spreading ecological justice campaign explained the issues they face; Greek socialists provided a firsthand account of the debates taking place on the left; the angry demonstrators who mobilized to protest the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer raised their voices.

Add to that the articles that recount the normally hidden history of struggle and resistance in the U.S. and elsewhere--plus discussion and debate about how the left can organize most effectively to spread its message.

Keeping those articles coming day after day and week after week costs money--and of course, SW doesn't have any corporate advertisers to rely on.  We depend on the dedication and commitment of our readers to make sure that alternative voices like ours get heard.

We have big hopes and plans for the new year. But we won't be able to accomplish those goals without additional financial resources. So we're asking for your generosity now. If you can give a contribution to matter how big--we would greatly appreciate it.

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