Issue 663

  • More and more workers are left...

    Unemployed and no end in sight

    For a growing number of workers, being unemployed means being unemployed for a very long time--and a desperate struggle to get by.

  • The Democrats' undemocratic superdelegates

    Just because an organization has "democratic" in its name doesn't mean it functions according to the barest concepts of democracy.

  • Class war converts?

    Suddenly, the two Democrats vying for the party's presidential nomination are talking like hardened class warriors.

  • Behind labor's long retreat

    The labor movement in Los Angeles, in cooperation with immigrant advocacy groups, has stepped up the effort to defend the undocumented.

  • The "other occupation" unravels

    Afghanistan was hit by the worst suicide bombing since 2001, offering further evidence that the "other" U.S. occupation continues to falter.

  • Radical roots of the civil rights movement

    The standard history of the civil rights movement given by the media obscures the radical sources of the struggle against racism.

  • Union-busting at Freightliner

    Five defiant United Auto Workers members are fighting to win back their jobs after being unjustly terminated by Freightliner nearly a year ago.

  • Using a chance to test space weapons

    The U.S. military has announced plans to shoot down a 5,000-pound spy satellite by firing a missile into space.

  • A new era for Socialist Worker

    Over the coming couple months, Socialist Worker has some major changes planned for our paper and our Internet editions.

  • Did this tragedy have to happen?

    "Why?" was the question asked again and again last week in the wake of a deadly shooting at Northern Illinois University.

  • News and reports

    Justice for Jason Vassell | Chicago police victims deserve new trials | Week of antiwar action at Fort Lewis | Protesting "Justice" John Roberts | NYC protest for Palestinian rights | D.C. Social Forum organizing

  • Mourning a bygone era that never existed

    The overall effect of No Country for Old Men is to prop up some of the more problematic formulations hawked on conservative AM radio.

  • Myths and facts on immigration

    A new book provides readers with a basic political framework to dispel common myths about immigration put forward by the media.

  • LA labor steps up to defend undocumented

    The labor movement in Los Angeles, in cooperation with immigrant advocacy groups, has stepped up the effort to defend the undocumented.

  • The Minutemen go to the polls

    From the perspective of living in Arizona, there is only one conclusion you can draw about the Ron Paul campaign and the people he is attracting.

  • Battle at the top over SEIU's future

    An ongoing battle within the Service Employees International Union reached a new pitch when a top official resigned from the executive committee.

  • A health care system that tries to deny care

    An uproar at our clinic exposed the injustice in the health care system and the readiness of administrators to let patients die for the sake of profit.

  • Students stage die-in against school cuts

    Busloads of Baltimore City youth and supporters staged a mock die-in at the Maryland statehouse to protest cuts in education funding.

  • Views in brief

    What can the left achieve today? | The experience of abortion