Issue 664

  • Health care in crisis:

    Do the Democrats have a solution?

    Health care reform has been at the center stage of the Democratic primaries. But both Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's proposals fall short.

  • Vets raise their voices against occupation

    More than 200 veterans and active-duty troops from Iraq and Afghanistan will participate in the four-day "Winter Soldier" event in Washington.

  • A tool for preserving class rule

    The modern state is the state of the dominant class, and its main purpose is to secure the rule of that class.

  • City of a thousand foreclosures

    The foreclosure crisis in Stockton, Calif., is only the latest chapter in the roller-coaster ride the city has been through over the past decade.

  • Is Clintonism coming to an end?

    Despite Hillary Clinton's March 4 wins, it's better-than-even money that her presidential bid is lost. But the same can't be said for Clintonism.

  • What can Nader accomplish in 2008?

    Ralph Nader's critique of the Democrats remains true, but the political setting for the 2008 election is different from his previous campaigns.

  • Colombia's Uribe on the warpath

    With regional tensions escalating after the assassination of a rebel leader, protesters plan to honor victims of Colombian state and paramilitary violence.

  • Death from the skies over Gaza

    Israel escalated its horrific war on Gaza with an onslaught of air strikes that killed more than 100 Palestinians in a matter of days.

  • The "Oscar moment" that didn't happen

    For those of us who watch the Oscars for the moment when a winner tells the truth about the real world, the recent ceremonies were a big disappointment.

  • The meaning of Kosovo's independence

    Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia marks the latest--but not the last--imperialist power play in the Balkans.

  • U.S. balancing act in Iraq

    The Bush administration's calls for Turkey to end its incursion into northern Iraq show the contradiction facing Washington in the region.

  • After Fidel: Will Cuba change direction?

    Samuel Farber talks to Socialist Worker about the political transition underway in Cuba as Fidel Castro steps down from the presidency.

  • A tool for preserving class rule

    The modern state is the state of the dominant class, and its main purpose is to secure the rule of that class.

  • Immigrant Chicago says "I am here"

    The Albany Park Theater Project's revival of the award-winning Aquí Estoy (which means "I am here" in Spanish) is quite timely.

  • Will Sean Bell's family get justice?

    The family of Sean Bell is finally seeing the New York City cops who shot their son stand trial.

  • Why the reformers won in the UTLA

    The re-election of the UTLA's reform leadership sends a clear message that members don't want a return of the old guard.

  • A "people's strike" by Puerto Rico teachers

    The Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico went on strike after the government of Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá cancelled their previous contract.

  • A conversation about change

    At a recent Socialist Worker sale in Oakland, Calif., I had an interesting conversation with a woman who was tabling for Hillary Clinton.

  • Health risks and abuse at work

    Two hotel workers in San Francisco talk about the rotten conditions they face at work.

  • On the picket line

    Support the Freightliner Five | Saigon Grill | Portland, Ore., public schools

  • Views in brief

    Abortion without guilt or apologies | Poverty poisons kids' brains

  • News and reports

    Chicago public schools | Justice for Mumia | UMass-Amherst