Issue 688

  • What's in store in the Obama era?

    Barack Obama's inauguration signifies the arrival of a new era in U.S. politics--but its exact shape depends on the struggle from below.

  • $750 billion isn't enough

    Barack Obama's proposed economic stimulus plan is hundreds of billions of dollars short of what's needed--and much of it is misdirected.

  • "They're wiping out entire families"

    Gaza has been plunged into a living nightmare as Israel's war on Palestinians claims more victims every day--men, women and children alike.

  • Gaza and the antiwar struggle

    Israel's war on Gaza has raised a longstanding debate with sections of the antiwar movement that have tried to avoid the issue of Palestine.

  • Raising our voices for Gaza

    Protests in solidarity with the people of Gaza against Israel's brutal war are drawing out thousands around the U.S.

  • Change from the bottom up

    People who placed their hopes in Barack Obama will be told to be patient and wait on the new president to act. They shouldn't.

  • Poverty: An American tradition

    "Hardships are part of our national experience, and poverty is not the exception," writes Stephen Pimpare in A People's History of Poverty in America.

  • Philly activists keep libraries open

    Activists were the key to the fact that, the day before 11 of Philadelphia's libraries were set to be closed, a judge issued an injunction keeping them open.