Issue 690

  • Why should bankers get more of our money?

    The Obama administration is proposing a new phase in the Wall Street bailout that would transfer yet more billions into the pockets of rich financiers.

  • What's changed and what hasn't changed

    Barack Obama has been president for three weeks, and it already seems like he has lost his stride.

  • Rochester's show of solidarity with Gaza

    Students at the University of Rochester occupied a campus building in solidarity with Palestine--and won important concessions from the administration.

  • The starving of Gaza

    Israel's assault on Gaza took a terrible toll in human lives. But one less-noticed effect was the further destruction of Gaza's ability to feed itself.

  • Apartheid in my name

    A Jewish American pressed by his family to connect to "my people's roots" describes what it was like to be in Israel during the slaughter of Gaza.

  • On the chopping block

    It's becoming a familiar headline, in New York and everywhere else: state and local governments forecast huge deficits and plan huge budget cuts.

  • Revolt is in the air

    The financial turmoil that began in the U.S. has spread from country to country in Europe--and is sparking mass protest on a scale not seen in decades.

  • Darwin's revolutionary ideas

    His theories revolutionized biology in the 19th century, but Charles Darwin also had a profound impact outside science that lasts to this day.

  • Cabinet of the well-connected

    Barack Obama promised high ethical standards from his White House. But he's also filling his administration with veteran political insiders.

  • SEIU trashes union democracy in California

    Leaders of United Healthcare Workers-West, ousted in a takeover by the SEIU International, are launching a new health care union.

  • LA teachers on the march

    Some 15,000 teachers protested the Los Angeles Unified School District's demands for higher class sizes, layoffs and cuts in teacher pay and health benefits.

  • LGBT activists look ahead

    The economic meltdown and marriage equality movement dominated discussions at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Creating Change conference.

  • The bottom falls out on jobs

    A host of major U.S. corporations, including Home Depot, Caterpillar and Sprint, announced big jobs cuts this week--75,000 in one day alone.

  • The re-segregation of UDC?

    The educations of thousands of working-class students in Washington, D.C., are in danger because of tuition hikes at the University of the District of Columbia.

  • Standing together at Stella

    The chant "We Are Stella!" was belted out by striking Stella D'oro workers as they and their supporters marched 200-strong in the Bronx.

  • Baltimore takes on foreclosures

    Activists in Baltimore gathered to address the foreclosure crisis and launch ACORN's new "Homesteading Campaign."

  • UC workers' long battle ends in a victory

    University of California service workers won a new contract with significant gains after a year and a half of mounting protests.

  • An alternative to the Games

    Over 200 people came to a public forum in a first show of opposition to Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics.

  • The Recession Bowl

    Normally, it would be a staggering upset for the Super Bowl game itself to overshadow our annual Mardi Gras for millionaires.

  • Plunged into a nightmare

    Fahad Hashmi remains in 23-hour-a-day lockdown because an acquaintance is accused of giving socks and a raincoat to a member of al-Qaeda.

  • Resisting the cuts at CUNY

    The City University of New York is being hit hard by tuition hikes and budget cuts--but there's a history of struggle at the public college system.

  • Watching Defiance with Gaza on my mind

    Unless you live in a bubble, you can't help noticing the parallels between the struggles for survival of the Jews depicted in Defiance and of the Palestinians of Gaza.

  • An eviction stopped in Oakland

    As activists prepared to stop the Daniels from being kicked out of their home, Citibank and the sheriff's department backed down.

  • UVM workers protest layoff threat

    Students and staff organized a "funeral" procession to protest the death of education at the University of Vermont.

  • Why is the U.S. still in Guantánamo

    The U.S. militarily dominates the globe with the presence of hundreds of military bases--large and small--scattered throughout the world.