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February 23, 2015

  • Playing politics with affordable housing

    Tenant groups are battling to save rent stabilization in New York, but they face opposition and apathy from elected officials.

  • To Egypt's revolutionary youth

    A member of the Revolutionary Socialists explains what Egypt's struggle teaches us about class struggle, sectarianism and terrorism.

  • We won't be bullied into silence

    We call on the New York City Council to stop defaming supporters of Palestinian rights with false accusations of anti-Semitism.

February 20, 2015

  • Malcolm X: A revolutionary life

    Fifty years after his murder, SW's multi-part series starts with a looks at the world that shaped one of the 20th century's most important revolutionaries.

  • Shot down for throwing a rock

    The videotape of the execution-style killing of Antonio Zambrano-Montes shows that police murdered him in cold blood.

  • Rodney Reed's supporters turn up the heat

    The struggle to save an innocent man on Texas death row is moving into the national spotlight as an execution date approaches.

  • The never-ending ultimatums

    Greece's left-wing government has made huge concessions--but even that isn't enough for the rulers of Europe.

  • A president from the other side

    Why did the leaders of Greece's left-wing government pick a figure from the center-right New Democracy party to be president?

  • A vision of hell at Guantánamo

    Guantánamo Diary presents us with yet more evidence of how far the rule of law has been eroded in post-9/11 America.

February 19, 2015

  • Another dictatorship joins the war on ISIS

    The horrific beheading of Coptic Christians in Libya has given Egypt's military regime the perfect opportunity to join the U.S.-led war on ISIS.

  • Not a single step backward!

    Europe's rulers won't make any concession to Greece's left government because they fear the example that would be set.

  • Brian was just doing his job

    Should NBC anchor Brian Williams be singled out for lying about the news--or does this conspiracy go higher up?

  • The NYPD tries to derail our fight

    Activists need to be visible in combatting racist police policies and the political establishment that enables them.

  • Not all atheists are alike

    Asserting a disbelief in God doesn't have to mean saying that people who believe in God are stupid or inherently violent.

February 18, 2015

  • The imperial conflict over Ukraine heats up

    The U.S. and Russia are locked in a spiraling conflict over Ukraine--the result of a deadly game of imperialist move and counter-move.

  • Demonstrating their determination in Greece

    The showdown between the Greek government and Europe's rulers is at a critical stage, but the mood on the streets is one of hope and solidarity.

  • A death in Argentina

    The investigation into an Argentine prosecutor's death is raising far-reaching questions about the Kirchner government.

  • Unwavering for the cause of Palestine

    Palestine and the Arab world has lost an eminent scholar, a committed Palestinian patriot and a progressive Arab nationalist.

  • Gentrification is the real scandal

    Little League Inc. is attempting to strip the players from Jackie Robinson West of not only their title but their dignity.

  • A costillas de todos nosotros

    El capitalismo ha esparcido a todos los rincones del mundo un sistema con fines de lucro, donde la riqueza es usada para conseguir más riqueza.

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