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September 10, 2009

  • We demand legalization for all

    Immigrants took to the streets in Chicago and LA to put pressure on the Obama administration to stop policies that target immigrant workers.

September 9, 2009

  • Sinking deeper in Afghanistan

    Barack Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan has parallels with a previous U.S. war that raise the question: Is this Obama's Vietnam?

  • The witch-hunt of Van Jones

    Why did Barack Obama cave again to the right-wing blowhards who attacked environmental justice activist Van Jones?

  • Jack Johnson punched back

    In front of a few rabid supporters, already in full froth about "death panels," Kansas Republican Lynn Jenkins called for a "great white hope."

  • The framing of Megrahi

    The supposed bomber of Pan Am Flight 103 was blackmailed by Scottish and British authorities so the case against him wouldn't be revealed as a fraud.

  • Time to march for LGBT rights

    The National Equality March is an opportunity to be vocal about what we think it will take to win change and, as Harvey Milk said, recruit people to our movement.

  • No end in sight to Carcieri's cuts

    Since 2002, Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri has carried out a relentless assault on the working people of his state.

  • Mark Emmert's sweetheart deal

    University of Washington President Mark Emmert got a sabbatical worth nearly $1 million, even as 700 UW workers have been laid off.

September 8, 2009

  • Why we stood up to Michael Steele

    A woman who challenged the Republican National Committee chairman on health care at a Howard University speech explains why she spoke out.

  • Hammer and Sickle High?

    Regardless of how cross-eyed with rage they get, the right couldn't be more wrong when they rant about Barack Obama trying to indoctrinate school kids.

  • Is it as simple as "tax the rich"?

    The rich have a simple solution to the California budget crisis: Make workers, the poor, children and the elderly pay. We propose our own simple solution.

  • A blind eye to Israeli apartheid

    In the last three months, the Netanyahu government has introduced new restrictions on travel to the West Bank, further tightening the noose on Palestinians.

  • SF hotel workers unite for a fair contract

    Some 1,200 members of UNITE HERE Local 2 and their supporters convened in the heart of San Francisco as the workers' contracts expired.

September 4, 2009

  • The making of a scapegoat

    Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi endured a terrible travesty of justice with his conviction for the Lockerbie bombing--as he is again with the hysteria over his release.

  • Support builds for SK strikers

    A strike to protest a cut-off of health benefits is gaining increasing solidarity--and even Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is taking note.

  • Getting health care to those who need it

    A nurse who worked at Los Angeles Forum offering free medical services describes the dire need for health care across the U.S.

  • Scenes of resistance in Honduras

    An activist shares his journal from a trip to Honduras as part of a human rights delegation after the coup that overthrew Manuel Zelaya.

  • Time to demand full equality

    Veteran LGBT rights activist Cleve Jones spoke to crowds in Chicago and Madison, Wis., to make the case for the National Equality March.

September 3, 2009

  • Why the free market can't cure health care

    If there's any idea worth rethinking, it's Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's claim that our needs are best met through the unfettered free market.

  • Heartless at Howard

    RNC Chair Michael Steele showed his contempt at an event at Howard University when he mocked a woman whose mother just died of cancer.

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