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March 10, 2010

  • Accidental activists and the left

    After years of organizing in isolation from broader forces, leftists must recognize the early shoots of radicalism for what they are: buds of hope.

  • How the EPA went easy on coal

    A new study shows how the EPA has underreported the severity of coal ash waste pollution and its threat to human and environmental health.

  • Proud to be an embarrassment

    The president of Hunter College publicly berated me for not having "my facts straight." But her real problem is I do know my facts--and how to use them.

  • Seattle forum on LGBT justice

    Seventy people turned out for a panel discussion on "ENDA Now" on the importance of fighting for legal protections for LGBT workers.

  • Challenging an anti-gay conference

    Members of the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality protested an anti-gay conference held at the Skyline Church.

March 9, 2010

  • Sweeping victory for SEIU reformers

    One of the newly elected officers of SEIU Local 1021 describes the rise of a reform movement that's shaking up the entire union.

  • Obama does Bush one better

    How could Obama condemn George Bush for imprisoning foreigners without legal process, but then issue executive orders for the killing of Americans?

  • For a movement that unites us

    Hunter College activists respond to attempts by administrators and by a group of protesters to limit expression during the March 4 Day of Action.

  • The sports drain on our schools

    When funding sports teams is the priority, public education pays the price--with students instructed to cheer their teams and mind their business.

  • A cause everyone should support

    The importance of left-wing books cannot be overstated--which is why I am a proud supporter of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change.

  • California needs to tax the rich

    Why can't we raise corporate taxes in California, which is suffering a $6 billion shortfall and where the governor proposes drastic cuts?

March 8, 2010

  • Getting the ax at Central Falls

    Rhode Island is out crush a teachers' union and scapegoat its members for the problems of a poorly funded urban high school.

  • Overworked and understaffed

    Nurses with too many patients to cover are a guarantee that accidents will happen. The solution is to require hospitals to meet safe nurse-to-patient ratios.

  • Thoughts on the black bloc

    Whatever tactics you're using to organize resistance groups, the tactics need to be ones that don't completely alienate the general public.

  • Another Tory tax cheat

    How do Britain's Tories justify a deputy chairman who keeps his money in an offshore account to hide it from the taxman?

  • When will the rich start to sacrifice?

    One thousand people turned out for a town hall meeting in San Francisco to discuss solutions to the drastic cuts to public schools.

March 5, 2010

  • A day of action journal readers provide reports and photos from the rallies, strikes and actions in California and around the country to defend public education.

  • Will Iraq explode again?

    A national election on March 7 could shake Iraqi politics to the core--and cause long-simmering political and ethnic tensions to boil over once again.

  • Why Tiger isn't Muhammad Ali

    ESPN needs to declare a company-wide moratorium on its commentators comparing current athletes to Muhammad Ali.

  • The real heroes of Israel

    Israel’s onslaught on Lebanon, its devastation of Gaza and its recent political murder in Dubai have exposed its outrageous criminality.

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