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September 29, 2011

  • "No, he won't" for Black America

    Ordinary African Americans will have to fight for their own "Black agenda" since no one can seriously expect Barack Obama to do it.

  • The battle of Longview

    Longview is a quiet town in southwest Washington state, but it's the site of one of the most militant labor struggles in decades.

  • Will there always be wars?

    If war is a product of human culture and history, rather than the result of some immutable nature, then it can be changed or done away with.

  • Hidden in the UAW contract

    A letter buried in a proposed union contract at General Motors could leave retirees vulnerable to big cuts in benefits.

  • Justice Department does the dirty work

    A Justice Department suit against Boston College could derail the Northern Ireland peace process and silence dissent.

  • Join us at SlutWalk in New York City

    Recent high-profile cases are giving New York City SlutWalk organizers a chance to bring attention to police and politicians who excuse rape.

  • Troy's struggle is our struggle

    One bright flame was extinguished on the night of September 21 in Georgia, but in each of us, Troy Davis sparked a fire.

September 28, 2011

  • The new sparks of labor resistance

    Picket lines are popping up with greater frequency--and strikers are displaying a new, fighting mood that signals a fightback has begun.

  • A spotlight on Wall Street greed

    An ongoing occupation near Wall Street is gaining growing attention as an expression of anger against the power of the bankers.

  • UFCW reaches grocery agreement in Calif.

    UFCW members in Southern California ratified a contract with the Big Three grocery chains Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons.

  • What do we mean by exploitation?

    The term "exploitation" conjures images of sweatshops, but Marxists have a broader understanding that applies to the whole working class.

  • Who's to blame for the violence?

    A new documentary follows "interrupters" who work for the community-based violence prevention group CeaseFire.

  • Baltimore protests sexism

    Some 250 people marched from Baltimore's Inner Harbor to demand respect for all women, regardless of their job or attire.

September 27, 2011

  • Victory for Tacoma teachers

    After 10 days on strike in defiance of a judge's order, teachers defeated an anti-union drive by school administrators and education "reformers."

  • Uniting to defend postal jobs

    A postal worker explains why stopping the layoffs of some 120,000 postal workers is a fight all workers need to support.

  • Taking on a health care giant

    Tens of thousands of nurses and health care workers took to the picket lines in California in an inspiring display of old-school solidarity.

  • Fists raised across generations

    The image of John Carlos and Tommie Smith with fists raised evokes a sense of principle and freedom to this day.

  • And still I see no changes

    Fifteen after his death, Tupac Shakur's music still speaks for the most marginalized people in U.S. society.

  • Obama's hypocrisy on the Middle East

    It's clearer to the world than ever that Barack Obama's words mean nothing when it comes to pursuing peace in the Middle East.

  • A thriller that has some depth

    Contagion is no radical masterpiece, but it stands apart as more complex, innovative and enjoyable than most Hollywood fare.

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