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May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012

  • Why we're marching against NATO

    Thousands will take to the streets of Chicago when over 50 heads of state gather on May 20-21 for a summit of the NATO military alliance.

  • The need for a social strike in Quebec

    Quebec students are reaching out to the Canadian labor movement for support in the struggle against austerity measures.

  • High stakes at Lockheed

    Some 3,650 IAM members are on strike against aerospace giant Lockheed Martin after voting down a concessions contract.

  • Palestine solidarity on trial in Australia

    Nineteen pro-Palestine activists face trial in Melbourne, Australia, for the "crime" of speaking out against Israel's war crimes.

  • Temple unites against Islamophobia

    Temple University students and their allies demonstrated against a conference featuring several notorious Islamophobes.

  • A birthday rally for Mumia

    Some 300 people gathered outside of the Department of Justice on Mumia Abu-Jamal's birthday to protest his incarceration.

April 27, 2012

  • A rebellion against racism

    The Rodney King verdict some 20 years ago highlighted a simple fact: There's no justice for Blacks in the U.S.

  • The promise and failure of populism

    The Populist struggle brought together Blacks with poor whites in a challenge against the Southern elite.

  • Is our society really democratic?

    For socialists, democracy exists only in name unless it consists of genuine popular control from below.

  • Dos partidos, una agenda

    Una y otra vez escucharemos acerca de la "clara opción" en las elecciones de este año, pero casi nada de las enormes similitudes entre ambos partidos.

April 26, 2012

  • A hunger strike against Israel's occupation

    Nearly 1,600 Palestinians in Israeli prisons have begun an open-ended hunger strike in defiance of the unjust treatment they endure behind bars.

  • Building on May Day traditions today

    When activists protest on May 1, they will be connecting with a rich history of class struggle that has much to teach us today.

  • Melt-in on a warmer planet

    Occupy Wall Street activists held vibrant actions in New York City to reclaim Earth Day from the corporate greenwashers.

  • He doesn't belong in jail

    Activists are mobilizing to send a message that we stand with a Bay Area activist as he faces sentencing for speaking out.

  • Possible futures for Occupy

    The next stage for the Occupy movement is to develop a labor and community orientation that reaches out to more people.

April 25, 2012

  • The agenda that both parties share

    We'll be hearing a lot about the "clear choice" in Election 2012--but much less about the many areas where Republicans and Democrats agree.

  • When will labor draw a line?

    The Occupy movement's alliance with labor showed the potential support for a fightback, but unions are still in retreat.

  • Behind France's election shock

    The strong showing of fascist Marine Le Pen in presidential voting shows the strength of the far right's pull on mainstream French politics.

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