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January 4, 2010

  • An emblem of solidarity

    Even in his last days, Dennis Brutus was fully engaged, advocating protest against those responsible for climate change and social injustice.

  • He shamed the shameless

    The 1976 Olympic Games were in jeopardy, and the cause of all the tumult, according to Sports Illustrated, was a diminutive South African poet.

  • The Cairo declaration

    Participants in the Gaza Freedom March approved a statement aimed at accelerating the campaign against Israeli apartheid.

  • Protesting a plan to make students pay

    Several hundred New York City students and supporters protested a plan to take away student MetroCards for the bus and subway system.

  • Madison march for LGBT equality

    Around 200 supporters of LGBT civil rights marched for full equality on a frigid December afternoon in Madison, Wis.

December 18, 2009

  • From "Yes we can" to "No we won't"

    For people who put their hopes in Obama last year, every month and week--sometimes every day--brings greater disillusionment and anger.

  • The Senate's health care fiasco

    From bad to worse to utterly wretched--that's been the course of so-called health care "reform" in the hands of the U.S. Senate.

  • A big step for Teamster reform

    The victory of a pro-democracy slate of officers in a big Teamster local in New York City will give a boost to those who want a fighting union at UPS.

  • An escalating war on LA schools

    Layoffs, charter schools and attacks on teacher seniority are the latest salvos in the relentless attack on Los Angeles schools.

  • Tiger's fall from grace

    After the 24-hour media sleaze fades, I hope we remember that Tiger Woods didn't decide to leave golf until his sponsors left him.

  • Out of touch with reality

    No matter how much evidence confirms that global warming is real, and the result of carbon emissions, the climate skeptics will carry on disputing it.

  • Labor must stand for Palestine

    Labor and Palestinian rights activists take issue with Richard Trumka's speech denouncing the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

  • Portland teachers demand a contract

    Portland school board members cowered in a back room after another lively picket by some 700 teachers and their supporters before a board meeting.

  • Activists tell Obama "No you can't!"

    Antiwar activists across from the White House on December 12 to protest Barack Obama's escalation of the war on Afghanistan.

December 17, 2009

  • The summit that was designed to fail

    The UN Conference on Global Warming in Copenhagen has been marked by bitter rivalries on the inside and police repression of activists on the outside.

  • I'm done defending Obama

    When I think of how we can help the soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, I have only three little words: Bring them home.

  • U.S. ties to a Uganda hate law

    The proposed law in Uganda that would further criminalize LGBT people is frightening, but that isn't the only disturbing part of the story.

  • Global justice not greed

    Two new films look in different ways at the effects of the free market around the world, and the prospects for challenging it.

  • When a precious life means little

    The movie Precious shines a light on the American welfare state, which punishes the poor and does little to lift families out of poverty.

  • Organizing from the bottom up

    Tim Costello, a long-time activist in the labor and global justice movement in Boston, passed away on December 4.

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