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October 14, 2010

October 13, 2010

  • Will the squeeze on workers ever end?

    The latest government statistics on jobs show why the idea that the U.S. is experiencing an "economic recovery" is a bad joke to most people.

  • Causes of a horrifying crime

    1910 Osborne Place sits on a Bronx street where you'd expect to find kids playing--not a house of horrors where three young men were tortured.

  • Rahmbo's assault on Chicago

    Rahm Emanuel made his move to run for mayor of Chicago with all the confidence of a veteran insider who knows where the bodies are buried.

  • The broken mortgage promise

    If you want to get to the roots of the foreclosure epidemic, you need to go back to the beginning--mortgage applications.

  • Vigils commemorate LGBT youth

    Across the U.S., candlelight vigils drew hundreds to mourn the suicides of LGBT youth subjected to harassment and bullying.

October 12, 2010

  • How the banks got us coming and going

    After marketing millions of lousy mortgages, the banks are now breaking the law in their rush to foreclose.

  • Socialism's vision of the future

    Tariq Ali's The Idea of Communism traces the history of the struggle for socialism and communism from its origins through the revolutions fought in its name.

  • Neoliberal solution to poverty?

    Are the anti-poverty objectives set in the UN Millennium Development Goals enough to make an impact--and will they even be achieved?

  • Trying to derail a tube strike

    Despite a strike vote with 79 percent in favor, the mayor of London wants to block a transport strike by declaring the vote unfair.

  • French workers taking on austerity

    The next French general strike is due to take place on October 12, and it appears that French union leaders--pushed by workers--may escalate the action.

  • Right to be angry about our schools

    We should all be outraged at how our society allows kids born to affluence to dream big while repressing the dreams of working-class and minority children.

October 11, 2010

  • From charade to sham

    Israel blocked the latest round of "peace talks" with the Palestinian Authority by ending a moratorium on Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.

  • How the right thrives on crisis

    Europe's far right has broken through in elections because it was able to connect with the vote of protest against the economic crisis and political status quo.

  • Will the banks sink Ireland?

    The Irish government just handed Allied Irish Bank five times more than the bank is worth--and the government won't even own it afterwards.

  • A left-wing Web site hijacked

    A contributor to the Take the City blog has defaced the Web site for student protests against budget cuts in New York City.

  • The perils of walking the fence

    To say that racism doesn't shape our perceptions of outspoken athletes is to deny that the sky is blue.

  • Caped crusaders take on school "reform"

    Teachers, parents and activists are the superheroes, as they organize to counter the pro-corporate and anti-union message of the movie Waiting for "Superman".

October 8, 2010

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