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July 21, 2011

  • Standing for union-bashing

    The real agenda of corporate-backed education "reform" groups like Stand for Children is union-busting and austerity.

  • Jim Crow in Palestine

    A delegation of veterans of the Black freedom struggle in the U.S. is traveling to Palestine to show their solidarity.

  • Let Brendan Lillis go home

    The British government is allowing Brendan Lillis, a critically ill man, to die alone, locked in a cell in inhumane conditions.

  • Selling sports or raunch culture?

    The intense interest in the Women's World Cup shows the market for women's sports--though the media have other ideas.

July 20, 2011

  • Euro on the brink?

    Europe's debt crisis is slipping out of control, and austerity measures in Greece and other countries have only compounded the problem.

  • Teamster activist makes presidential ballot

    Sandy Pope won a battle with the union's old guard to be nominated as a candidate for Teamsters general president.

  • Is it too late for Planet Earth?

    Scientists agree that climate change is already here, but corporations will fight to deny reality until we do something about it.

  • The fall of Citizen Murdoch

    Large chunks of the Murdoch story are there in Citizen Kane: A one-time reformer who becomes a vindictive scandal-monger and friend of dictators.

  • Solidarity with hunger strikers

    Activists are demonstrating in support of a prisoners' hunger strike that began July 1 at California's Pelican Bay State Prison.

  • Protesting the NYPD rapists

    Protesters rallied at Foley Square at the sentencing on lesser charges of two NYPD officers who were acquitted of sexual assault.

July 19, 2011

  • The monster behind a media empire

    An ever-widening scandal is engulfing the empire of billionaire Rupert Murdoch--one of the vilest entitles ever to pollute the media landscape.

  • The death of a warlord

    The Afghan government--and the NATO occupation that props it up--was shaken by the killing of Hamid Karzai's brother.

  • Four days in Israeli detention

    Activists with the Welcome to Palestine mission experienced firsthand the repression that a mass challenge to Israel can spark.

  • Brown cuts and cuts some more

    The latest California budget is a toxic mix of shallow hopes in economic recovery and the evisceration of essential programs.

  • Violent to the core in New Orleans

    The murder trial of five New Orleans police officers is focusing attention on a department notorious for its violence.

  • Views in brief

    Words from a Pelican Bay hunger striker | Obama's attack on Social Security | Harvard's anti-Trotsky bias | ANSWER, McKinney and Qaddafi | A more nuanced picture of war and rape

July 18, 2011

  • Civil liberties under Obama

    The once-controversial observation that Barack Obama has continued and even expanded the Bush-Cheney war on civil liberties is now undeniable.

  • Lives on the line at Pelican Bay

    Prisoners in the Security Housing Unit at a California prison are putting their lives on the line to protest cruel conditions.

  • The new surge of protest in Egypt

    Six months after the revolution forced Hosni Mubarak from power, a surge of energy has revitalized the Egyptian struggle.

  • Murdoch's fair-weather critics

    Suddenly, politicians who spent their careers prostrate before media baron Rupert Murdoch are "shocked" at how dreadful the revelations are.

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