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July 6, 2011

July 1, 2011

  • A new movement for civil rights

    In February 2004, a new LGBT civil rights movement took to the streets in a struggle to win the right of same-sex marriage.

  • De la austeridad a la acción

    Grecia es solo el último destello en una resistencia mundial al programa de austeridad promovido por los líderes políticos y la élite empresarial.

June 30, 2011

  • A voyage of solidarity

    Israel is reaching deep into its arsenal of dirty tricks to try to delay or derail this year's Freedom Flotilla from breaking the siege of Gaza.

  • Public sector on the picket line in Britain

    British unions will hold a one-day strike of as many as 750,000 public-sector workers in protest over the government's attack on pensions.

  • New showdown for teachers

    Chicago takes center stage for teachers amid a contract fight, a union convention and a meeting of union reformers.

  • Racism killed his family

    The case of James Hickman shines a light on the connection between racism and housing discrimination in postwar Chicago.

  • New Orleans cops on trial for murder

    Five New Orleans police officers are facing charges of shooting unarmed Blacks in cold blood during the Katrina disaster.

  • Don't try crossing a Castlewood picket line

    Locked-out Castlewood Country Club workers and supporters turned up the heat with civil disobedience in June.

  • Clean energy is our demand

    There's a growing movement in New England to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor before it's too late.

June 29, 2011

  • From austerity to action

    Greece is only the latest flashpoint in a worldwide resistance to the austerity agenda promoted by political leaders and the business elite.

  • Disappeared into Bagram

    The author of a new report explains how Afghan men disappear into the U.S. prisons at Bagram--and don't come out for years.

  • Charter schools versus democracy

    The battle over school privatization has come to a head in the fight to save Clay Middle School from the charter operator Green Dot.

  • Doubling down on slander

    To defend the ongoing repression of Palestinians, Israel supporters are hurling every false accusation they can think of.

  • Tired of their anti-labor excuses in Mass.

    Hundreds of protesters turned out for a School Committee meeting in Northampton, Mass., to demand a fair deal for teachers.

  • Strengthening Oregon unions

    Union members and their allies gathered in Portland, Ore., to participate in a day-long unified labor strategy meeting.

June 28, 2011

  • Showdown in Greece

    With the country paralyzed by a 48-hour general strike, a Greek socialist describes the evolution of the rebellion--and the challenges ahead.

  • A rebellion against second-class status

    Young workers in China's Guangdong province rioted after an incident of brutality, demonstrating a new willingness by migrant workers to take a stand.

  • The "Christiecrats" attack labor

    The Democratic-controlled legislature handed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a victory with legislation stripping unions of their bargaining rights.

  • Kicking coal out of the classroom

    When Scholastic partnered with the coal industry to market anti-science materials, teachers and environmentalists spoke out.

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