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December 8, 2009

  • Answering Obama's Afghanistan deceptions

    With his speech on Afghanistan, Barack Obama assumed the job of providing alibis and obfuscations to give U.S. military power an aura of legitimacy.

  • Marriage equality defeat in N.Y.

    Democratic state senators provided the right wing with its margin of victory in the rejection of a same-sex marriage bill in New York.

  • A cherished show of support

    Defense attorney Lynne Stewart--recently forced to begin serving a 28-month sentence on trumped-up charges--speaks to her supporters.

  • Mental health non-care

    U.S. soldiers are coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq with mental health problems in record numbers--and they aren't getting the care they need.

  • Facing cuts instead of "reform"

    There has been a perfect storm of bad news exposing the lie that health care reform along the lines of what was enacted in Massachusetts will provide care for all.

  • A common struggle for LGBT rights

    In Puerto Rico, there are no governmental policies that guarantee civil rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

December 7, 2009

  • Remembering Seattle during Copenhagen

    The mobilization against the WTO in Seattle a decade ago holds powerful lessons for how activists should approach the Copenhagen climate summit.

  • An opposition to Obama's war

    Antiwar activists in dozens of cities responded with protests to President Barack Obama's speech announcing a new surge in Afghanistan.

  • Health care "reform" profiteers

    Opportunist drug and insurance companies are raising their prices and premiums for 2010 to make up for possible health insurance "reform."

  • Still a government for bankers

    It was revealed last month that the Bank of England handed £61.6 billion to two banks--while executives kept stuffing their pockets.

  • Celebrating the Battle in Seattle

    Hundreds of participants in the 1999 "Battle in Seattle" demonstrations gathered on the 10-year anniversary to celebrate this victory.

  • Debating capitalism and socialism

    More than 60 people turned out to a December 3 debate on "Capitalism versus Socialism" at Hunter College.

December 4, 2009

  • Can the right make a comeback?

    With Barack Obama's popularity falling and some initiatives stalled, many people are asking a question that seemed impossible a few months ago.

  • Our money for their military

    We may not have voted for these wars, but we're sure as hell paying for them--with billions that could be used at home.

  • A cynical law-and-order agenda

    The execution-style shooting of four police officers in Washington state captured headlines--but the crucial social issues surrounding it are being ignored.

  • Australia's apartheid

    Since Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologized to the "stolen generations" of Aborigine children, poverty indicators have gotten worse.

  • We can't live with endless war

    This government refuses to respond to the needs and demands of its people, but I refuse to be ignored.

  • We say no to Stupak

    Pro-choice activists organized local protests December 2 to tell the Senate not to include the anti-abortion Stupak Amendment in health care legislation.

December 3, 2009

  • Infected by greed and waste

    The money and resources are there to provide a health care system that guarantees coverage to every American--but Congress' reform measures won't.

  • Oregon business' tax dodge con

    A business-backed group claiming to oppose "job-killing taxes" has launched a slick, fear-mongering ad campaign against progressive tax measures.

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