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July 29, 2009

  • NYC teach-in for single-payer

    More than 100 health care activists gathered in New York City to organize for a single-payer national health care plan.

July 28, 2009

  • California budget deal punishes the poor

    Instead of raising taxes on the rich, California lawmakers chose to steal resources from programs to help students, children, the elderly and the poor.

  • Using the crisis to push charters

    As it prepares to lay off more than 2,000 teachers, LA school officials may open hundreds of schools to takeover by charter school operators.

  • The FBI war on Indian radicals

    A leader of the American Indian Movement in the 1970s talks about the struggle for Native rights and the importance of the Leonard Peltier case.

  • Challenging an eviction threat

    When residents of 2789 Harrison in San Francisco realized their landlord wanted to push them out, they came up with a plan of resistance.

  • Hondurans demanding liberty

    I was on the front lines of the peaceful protest when the Honduran military opened fire on the crowd, killing several and injuring 30 more.

  • Racism in the heart of a liberal haven

    Despite its local status as a liberal haven, Cambridge is no exception to racism in America.

July 27, 2009

  • A "post-racial" America?

    Honest discussions about racism have become so anathema in U.S. politics that its existence is denied even in obvious cases like Henry Louis Gates' arrest.

  • Mourn on the Fourth of July

    The history of America in the world is of a rapacious empire that bends other nations to its will--but presents itself as benevolent.

  • Standing up to Overhill Farms

    A worker fired for his solidarity explains what's at stake in the struggle at California's largest food processing company.

  • Evo Morales and the Amazon

    Bolivia is opening its part of the Amazon to oil and gas exploration--over the opposition of unions, peasants and environmental groups.

  • From Mac to McSchool

    Jacob Bond says he was booted from the football team at Macalester College because he refused to remove his helmet during the national anthem.

  • Tax oil companies, not students

    Students, faculty and staff protested fee hikes and budget cuts outside a California State University Board of Trustees meeting.

  • Save free speech in Madison

    Madison activists are asking for support in their fight to preserve the right to political expression on State Street.

  • Protesting a fascist "historian"

    British fascist and Holocaust denier David Irving was the focus of an angry, antiracist protest in Portland, Ore.

July 23, 2009

  • Who killed EFCA?

    Proposed legislation that would make it easier to join unions is dead--killed off by Corporate America while organized labor was paralyzed by inaction.

  • The stories of life under siege

    The Viva Palestina delegation saw in Gaza that everything necessary to the life of a contemporary society had been targeted by Israeli forces.

  • We won't wait for equality

    The author of the new book Sexuality and Socialism talks about the massive potential of the new LGBT civil rights movement.

  • Cutting budgets at our expense

    The cuts coming in Massachusetts' highly touted health care program could be a preview of what's to come if proposals for national legislation are passed.

  • One thousand deaths too many

    In spite of the milestone we have made with the election of the first African American president, it is sad that we have to witness the 1,000th lethal injection.

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