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November 9, 2011

  • Debating our tactics in Oakland

    Two very different actions on November 2--a mass march and picket of the port and a defeated building occupation--are raising a discussion of tactics.

  • A letter from Cairo to the Occupy movement

    Egyptian revolutionaries, inspired by the success of Occupy Wall Street, are asking U.S. activists to help defend their revolution.

  • A health crisis the companies caused

    Critical shortages of important cancer and other drugs are the result of Big Pharma deciding it isn't making enough profits.

  • Guerrilla librarians in our midst

    A library was one of the first things Occupy Wall Street activists organized--and that's been repeated in city after city.

  • SIU faculty on the picket line

    Faculty at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale went on strike after working more than 18 months without a contract.

  • Action to protest Keystone

    November 6 was a day of action against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry tar sands oil across Canada and the U.S.

November 8, 2011

  • Not the party of the 99 percent

    There will not and cannot be real change from a party that promotes the agenda of the 1 percent. That's why we won't be supporting the Democrats.

  • Occupy everywhere

    Occupy Wall Street is giving expression to the accumulated discontent that has been seething below the surface of society.

  • Robbed blind by the 1 percent

    The super-rich 1 percent doubled their share of overall income in the past three decades to more than one-fifth of the total.

  • Penn State's shameful cover-up

    Allegations of a cover-up of child sexual abuse at Penn State show what's wrong with a sports culture centered on money.

  • Reports from Occupy: 11/8

    Look here for regularly updated news of the Occupy movement. In this round-up: Portland, Ore.

  • Views in brief

    Why we chose "(un)Occupy" | Unions up against the wall | Behind the scrapped Greek referendum | Watching Occupy from Australia | Making Occupy more inclusive

November 7, 2011

  • The stakes rise in Greece

    In a maneuver designed to push through devastating austerity measures, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou withdrew a planned referendum on the issue.

  • Drowning in student debt

    An Obama administration plan focused on student debt won't do much to solve the long-run problems people face.

  • To occupy or (un)occupy?

    In some Occupy encampments, the question has been raised whether we should use the term "occupy" at all.

  • A bill that would let women die

    A new bill would allow hospitals to refuse care to desperately ill women who need emergency abortion services.

  • Who's afraid of John Carlos?

    Death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal discusses why a new generation needs to know who John Carlos is.

  • Reports from Occupy: 11/7

    Look here for regularly updated news of the Occupy movement. In this round-up: Boston; Asheville, N.C.; Austin, Texas; Providence, R.I.

November 4, 2011

  • Marx vs. the myth of human nature

    Do human beings have a built-in nature, shaped genetically by their physical attributes, which programs their behavior?

  • Todos somos Oakland

    La convocatoria de una huelga general en Oakland para protestar el brutal ataque policíaco contra los manifestantes muestra el potencial del movimiento Ocupa en todas partes.

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