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February 12, 2010

  • A recovery that leaves workers behind

    Growth has returned to the U.S. economy--for now--but working people are still being hammered by joblessness and low wages.

  • Sharing in a common struggle

    Howard Zinn embodied the understanding that the experience of being part of struggle alongside and for others is the most meaningful life one can live.

  • Where's our rainy day fund?

    Teachers and students at a Watsonville, Calif., school are having to crowd together after the building was damaged in a storm.

  • Why won't they tax Wall Street?

    Teachers and other workers are organizing against budget cuts in New York, including preparations for protests on March 4.

  • Olympic torch casts a light on poverty

    The Olympic torch relay wound through Kitimat, a Canadian town suffering huge economic blows from layoffs and cuts.

  • UCSC's campaign of intimidation

    University of California Santa Cruz administrators have launched a campaign of harassment against activists in the lead-up to a statewide day of action.

February 11, 2010

  • LA teachers take on the charters

    The battle has begun: Corporate Los Angeles and the charter school operators in one corner--and teachers, parents and community allies in the other.

  • Footnotes to a forgotten war

    In his newest graphic novel, Joe Sacco brings to light the long-buried story of the 1956 massacres in the towns of Rafah and Khan Younis.

  • Defending Howard Zinn

    The right wing used Howard Zinn's death as an opportunity to spew vitriol, but some mainstream historians are also dismissing his work.

  • There's got to be a soundtrack

    The rap trio BBU aims to bring the conscious and the club together, because a political message shouldn't be boring.

  • Intimidation tactics at SFSU

    At San Francisco State University, police are attempting to infiltrate, harass and threaten student organizers.

  • Views in brief

    Zinn's voice will continue to inspire | Howard Zinn's historic legacy | Who's in charge of our schools? | I'm not a womb for rent

February 10, 2010

  • A "center-right" nation again?

    The Obama administration went too far to the left, alienating America's "center-right" majority--that's the media's verdict. As usual, they got it wrong.

  • European capitalism's weak link?

    The debt crisis in Greece has set the stage for big class struggles, amid political polarization between left and right.

  • Canada's Olympic crackdown

    Olympic officials are feeling anger at the money they wasted, and the independent media, frighteningly, is paying the price.

  • The problem with "the art of the possible"

    The old adage implies that minimal improvements or lesser evils are the only realistic aims, and any demand for more is self-indulgence.

  • Tragedy in St. Tammany

    The bias on display in Kelvin Kaigler's conviction goes deeper than race. It's about the "thug narrative" that makes it hard for people like Kelvin to get a fair trial.

  • Demanding care at Fort Hood

    Activists gathered outside the Fort Hood Army base for a daylong protest to draw attention to the lack of mental health counseling.

February 9, 2010

  • Will the right rise again?

    The tea partiers celebrated their "movement" at a convention in Nashville, but is this really a sign that the right wing is on the ascendancy?

  • Oakland teachers authorize strike

    Members of the Oakland Education Association voted overwhelmingly to authorize a one-day strike and also to support the March 4 Day of Action.

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