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January 27, 2011

  • Four seconds to his death

    Woodcarver John T. Williams had just over four seconds to respond to a police officer's order before he was shot and killed.

  • Gulf residents denied help

    Gulf Coast residents are increasingly angry that compensation funds for the impact of the BP oil spill are in short supply.

  • Color blind or just plain blind?

    At an event commemorating Martin Luther King, Alabama's governor showed he knows nothing about the civil rights leader.

  • Keeping our socialist history alive

    We should emulate the comradeship of the International Labor Defense by defending those under attack now by the FBI and the Feds.

January 26, 2011

  • Capital of conservatism

    The dogmas and delusions of conservatives are still dominating national politics--and their most effective advocate is the Democratic president.

  • Egypt reaches the boiling point

    The uprising in Tunisia provided the spark for mass protests in Egypt, but popular pressure has been building for years.

  • Africa's new country

    Expectations of a better life in South Sudan--a country ravaged by decades of civil war--ran high as voters overwhelmingly endorsed independence.

  • Support the Georgia prisoners

    A solidarity statement outlines the demands of the historic action of Georgia prisoners who went on strike in December.

  • The Jim Crow Guidebook

    The Green Book provides an amazing window into the criminal reality of racism in everyday life not so many years ago.

  • Protesting the "Walk for Life"

    Some 100 supporters turned out for a pro-choice demonstration in San Francisco to counter the 5,000-strong "Walk for Life."

January 25, 2011

  • Obama's back in business

    It's no coincidence that media praise for Barack Obama's recent performance coincides with a White House charm offensive toward big business.

  • Don't let them intimidate activists

    Supporters of the right to dissent are turning out this week to defend activists who have become targets of federal prosecutors.

  • Shortchanging NYC students

    Teachers, students and parents at John Jay High School in Brooklyn are challenging the city's neglect of Black and Latino students.

  • Like Roe never happened

    The terrible conditions at a Philadelphia clinic show the need to preserve women's access to safe, affordable abortions.

  • Six revolts the media ignored

    The corporate media were so busy obsessing over the Tea Party that they missed protests by people standing up for a more just society.

  • Terrorism against an MLK Day parade

    The attempted bombing of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Wash., is an eerie reminder of the dangers of the militant far right.

  • How is Cathie Black qualified?

    Cathie Black, who has never attended a public school, was handpicked to be the new overlord of New York City students and teachers.

January 24, 2011

  • Billionaires take a stand for the working man

    Ever vigilant about making the world a fairer place, our bosses are challenging the true source of inequality in U.S. society--public-sector workers.

  • Tunisia and the global crisis

    The voices of revolt are growing louder, echoing across Algeria, Jordan and beyond in a wave of popular protest linked to the world economic crisis.

  • Tell Quinn to end the death penalty

    Illinois activists are gearing up to pressure Gov. Pat Quinn to do the right thing--and sign a bill to end the death penalty.

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