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November 24, 2010

  • It's about more than football

    The NFL owners' push to extend the season by two games--in spite of increasing injuries on the field--is a sticking point in contract negotiations.

November 23, 2010

  • Will the ER doors close to the poor?

    I see the consequences of a broken public health care system every day--and Barack Obama's deficit commission wants to make things worse.

  • Why do we bother with elections?

    Now that we know what the deficit reduction commission was planning, it's clear that Republicans would have won even if they lost on November 2.

  • The banks that bankrupted Ireland

    The Republic is going down the tubes--which probably shouldn't be a surprise given the crooks who've been running the place.

  • An insult against our history

    School students in Arlington, Texas, will have a holiday in May, but it won't bear the name of César Chávez.

  • The view from inside Teach for America

    For all the talk of "equality," those at the helm of the school reform movement are concerned with creating an education system that produces profit.

  • Stirrings of a new LGBT movement

    Two recent protests in Trinidad and Tobago may show the beginnings of a movement for LGBT rights in the country.

November 22, 2010

  • Does socialism exist in the world today?

    For decades, the world has been presented with two models of "existing socialism," even though neither has lived up to socialism's promise of human liberation.

  • "Teach for Awhile" falls short

    Seattle has an abundance of teachers with teaching certificates struggling to get positions, So why is the district bringing in Teach for America recruits?

  • Unfit to run our schools

    Cathie Black's role as New York City schools chancellor will be to obliterate the teachers' union, and for that she is eminently qualified.

  • Hyatt's dirty safety record

    Hyatt profits are up 600 percent--even as hotel workers struggle with workplace injuries that the hotel chain refuses to do anything to address.

  • Challenging the anti-abortionists in Texas

    For two days, the pro-choice community in Denton, Texas, verbally combated the racism and misogyny of the anti-choice bigots.

November 19, 2010

  • Meet John Boehner, corporate bag man

    John Boehner says he's tired of business as usual in Washington. He should be--he's been at it a long time.

  • A fighting leadership for the WTU?

    Members of the Washington Teachers Union will vote this month on whether to replace union leaders who caved in to union-buster Michelle Rhee.

  • Golden economic follies

    Should we take seriously the idea, promoted by World Bank president Robert Zoellick, to partially root the monetary system in gold?

  • CUNY adjuncts deserve better

    Adjunct professors at the City University of New York are raising demands as a new round of contract negotiations gets underway.

  • Poisoning the Gulf's residents

    Increasing numbers of Gulf Coast residents are attributing serious illnesses to BP's oil spill and use of toxic dispersants.

  • Don't deport immigrant families

    Some 100 immigrant rights protesters gathered inside Chicago's Daley Center, which houses federal courts, on November 15 to demand a moratorium on deportations.

November 18, 2010

  • Race and the U.S. socialist tradition

    The best fighters for socialism have always recognized that the struggle for Black liberation and socialism must go hand-in-hand.

  • Greek local elections highlight the crisis

    The unpopularity of Greece's austerity drive led to widespread abstention in recent local and regional elections--and is leading to action in the streets.

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