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May 12, 2011

  • Empires past and present

    The record of U.S. and British intervention in non-Western countries reveals not altruism but ruthless self-interest.

  • A marriage equality sellout in R.I.

    The fight for full same-sex marriage rights is not over, but activists must fight to set the terms of the debate and make the legislature act.

  • Views in brief

    The response to a bigoted assault | A vision of a classless society | A decayed institution | Liars of the first order | Obama’s "liberalism"

May 11, 2011

May 10, 2011

  • The profit guzzlers

    Skyrocketing gas prices are hitting working people hard--but that's good news for the oil companies and financial speculators who profit at our expense.

  • Preserving the spark of revolution

    Young radicals often have only a vague sense of Victor Serge--so the appearance of two collections of his work is a welcome development.

  • Re-legitimizing U.S. militarism

    Barack Obama is using the assassination of bin Laden to build up popular support for U.S. military actions abroad and his own reelection at home.

  • End my Israeli citizenship

    Nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has called on Israel to respect its own laws and terminate his citizenship.

  • In defense of human nature

    The new documentary I Am argues that human beings have the ability to live cooperatively and create a better world.

  • A teacher's letter to Arne Duncan

    Next year, Secretary Duncan, please don't write another love letter to teachers. We're just not that into you.

  • Rank and file was key in Chittenden

    Information from bus drivers leads me to question the assertions of Teamsters Local 597 Principal Officer Ron Rabideau regarding the recent contract impasse.

  • What helped us win in Chittenden

    Chittenden drivers got a better contract because of rank-and-file activism and a credible strike threat.

May 9, 2011

  • Learning to love torture

    Politicians and the media are using the death of Osama bin Laden to retroactively justify the torture of detainees in the "war on terror."

  • Syria between repression and revolution

    Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad is ratcheting up the pressure with bullets, tanks and mass arrests, but the democracy revolt continues.

  • The non-recovering recovery

    The strut of confidence is gone, and the jitters are back after a flurry of dreadful economic statistics at the end of April.

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