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January 17, 2011

  • No justice, no pasta!

    Seattle activists are coming together to tell employers like Bella Napoli owner Ciro D'onofrio that they can't get away with wage theft.

  • Remembering Cookie Gilchrist

    Football great Cookie Gilchrist wasn't seen as a leader because of his play alone. He was outspoken, loud and unapologetic.

  • A cold reception for Kasich

    John Kasich became Ohio's new governor on January 10, but before he was even sworn in, he was met with resistance from the Defend Ohio Campaign.

  • Union members picket United

    United Airlines employees took part in a coordinated pickets on January 7 to protest stagnant wage levels and staff reductions.

January 14, 2011

  • The legacy of Karl Marx

    Karl Marx is well known for his analysis of capitalism and how it operates--but he should also be remembered for his determination to change it.

  • Is socialism possible in the U.S.?

    The prevailing view of U.S. society has long been that there is an "American exceptionalism"--that there are too many obstacles to winning socialism here.

  • Changes at

    Here's your guide to some new features we've introduced at

January 13, 2011

  • How Haiti was abandoned

    By every measure, the U.S. and other powers, the United Nations and NGOs have failed the Haitian people in the year since the catastrophic earthquake.

  • The unclosed achievement gap

    More than 40 years after the civil rights movement shined a spotlight on it, the racial achievement gap is alive and well.

  • Feeding the giant squid

    Journalist Matt Taibbi's Griftopia is essential reading for understanding what's going on in the U.S. economy--and who's to blame for the disaster.

  • Cuomo lowers the ax

    The new governor of New York claims to be a friend of labor--but he's taking aim at the state's public-sector unions.

  • Natural gas and the shale resistance

    The dangers of a new energy industry technology known as "fracking" are only becoming widely known now.

  • Israel's Gaza war remembered

    More than 300 protesters marked the second anniversary of Israel's massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by protesting in New York's Herald Square.

  • Views in brief

    Standing up to anti-Semitism | A future teacher against corporate reform | Left out of their Constitution | Time to tone down the rhetoric | The fight for a world of equality

January 12, 2011

  • Blame the billionaires, not government workers

    After looting the Treasury to bail out the banks, Corporate America and the politicians want to blame the budget deficit on public-sector workers.

  • Why is Haiti still suffering?

    People around the world donated to help victims of Haiti's devastating earthquake last year--but most of the money has yet to reach the Haitian people.

  • Palin's madness last March

    Behind her flawless façade and frontierswoman packaging, Sarah Palin draws strength from visions of violence.

  • A battle out of the movies

    Supporters of San Francisco hotel workers gathered outside the Hilton to show that they support the good guys in this struggle.

  • Giving voice to world war

    In the new film The King's Speech, Britain's monarch overcomes a debilitating speech impediment--in order to declare war.

  • Protesting Israel's Gaza siege

    More than 100 people marched in San Diego to commemorate the second anniversary of Israel's invasion of Gaza and to oppose the continuing siege.

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