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May 1, 2009

  • Free speech and protest

    Some liberals and leftists are rushing to defend right-wing speakers after recent protests on the grounds that protesters were violating "free speech."

  • A cramdown on student loans

    A "cramdown" is when the government forces banks to reduce what borrowers owe them. The U.S. needs a cramdown of student loans.

April 30, 2009

  • Tortured by the world's greatest democracy

    The Bush administration torture memos give the grisly details of a sick system, but it's not the first time the U.S. government carried out such barbarism.

  • Using "civil rights" to sell charter schools

    Wealthy proponents of charter schools claim they want to advance racial justice--even as public schools become more segregated.

  • Right on, Bea

    The tall and deep-voiced actress Bea Arthur was an imposing figure on stage and television--but most of all as a "women's libber" in the 1970s show Maude.

  • How much has really changed?

    A lot of the people who said let's wait, Obama was given a huge mess and he needs time are now asking what we're going to do to get action from him.

  • Debating the future of UESF

    Nearly 100 people turned out to an executive officers candidates' debate held by the United Educators of San Francisco.

April 29, 2009

  • Change that's still to come

    Barack Obama's election was part of a shift from an era of conservative dominance, and that evolution is likely to continue, independent of what Obama does.

  • Free but still seeking justice

    Twenty years ago, five innocent men were arrested in the Central Park Jogger case. After years behind bars, they are still fighting for justice.

  • Fighting the school "deformers"

    The president of the Oakland Education Association explains why she opposes Barack Obama's plans for school "reform."

  • No justice in cellblock Georgia

    Stepping outside our hotel in Tbilisi one night, we encountered a pro-democracy occupation of the avenue in front of the Georgian parliament.

  • Australia's reds are revolting

    The quality of Australia's once-distinguished wines has declined, a striking illustration of the greed and destructiveness of "global" cash cropping.

  • Fighting for New Zealand's workers

    New Zealand's Unite union is the country's newest, and among its most dynamic, trade unions--and is at the forefront of revitalizing part of the labor movement.

  • Teachers at the breaking point

    I am a teacher of 21 years, and the morale of teachers at my school is the lowest I have ever experienced.

April 28, 2009

  • Fresh air or hot air?

    Millions of people saw Barack Obama as the obvious choice on environmental issues, but there are already signs his administration won't take the kind of action that's needed.

  • Who saved Maryland's execution system?

    A moratorium on the death penalty was about to be ratified into law--until conservative Democratic legislators maneuvered to maintain death row.

  • New openings to push Obama

    At present, you would still define Obama as a centrist, but I think there's some wiggle room where forces on the left need to be pushing.

  • Workers united in the Bronx

    At Home in Utopia is a new documentary about the United Workers Cooperative Colony in the Bronx and the working-class radicals who built it.

  • Taking on the cuts at CCNY

    Some 250 students and faculty walked out of classes April 22 at City College of New York in Harlem to protest looming tuition increases.

  • Santa Cruz walkout over cuts

    Over 250 students walked out of class and rallied at University of California-Santa Cruz to oppose cuts that are sweeping the UC system.

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