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July 23, 2009

  • The non-profit scam

    Employees for non-profits do the work that produces the funds that pay the CEOs--and are often paid even less than employees at for-profit corporations.

  • Views in brief

    Standing up to Fred Phelps | Twisting what socialism means | Helping universities be competitive | A government that stoops low

July 22, 2009

  • The Obama doctrine in Iraq

    The "withdrawal" of U.S. troops from Iraqi cities is part of the redesign of an ongoing occupation, carried out for both American and Iraqi consumption.

  • Obama's not-so-new Latin America policy

    He promised an improved relationship with countries in the Americas--but Obama's actions are sending a different message.

  • Sirota's tour to nowhere

    David Sirota's book The Uprising claims to provide insights into the recent revival of social movements in the U.S. Guess again.

  • Letting new voices be heard

    An activist from Seattle in the newly formed Queer Ally Coalition describes the radicalization he has witnessed in the struggle for LGBT rights.

  • Bloated egos, bloated wallets

    We should be used to the clanging contradictions of U2 by now--a band whose singer claims to speak for the poor while he dodges paying taxes.

  • Former prisoners speak for Troy Davis

    A group of exonerated death row prisoners came together with dozens of people in Chicago to show their support for Troy Davis.

  • Providence stands against the coup

    By a unanimous voice vote, the Providence City Council passed a resolution condemning the coup in Honduras at its July 16 meeting.

  • Challenging a women's clinic closure

    Activists are vowing to keep fighting after the University of Chicago shut down its women's health clinic.

July 21, 2009

  • Why does the right hate Sonia Sotomayor?

    Republicans are beside themselves about Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee, but we can only wish Sonia Sotomayor was as radical as they think.

  • They can't separate us

    A member of the group One Struggle, One Fight talks about the importance of solidarity in the movement for equal marriage and LGBT equality.

  • The Tiananmen Square debate

    What you think about the Tiananmen uprising 20 years ago goes to the heart of what you think about socialism today.

  • Before there was Cheney...

    The focus is on the Bush-era CIA assassination program, but political murder by the American empire has always been a bipartisan affair.

  • When "anti-sexism" is Islamophobia

    Those of us fighting for liberation must never demand that people reject religious beliefs to join the battle against sexism and racism.

  • What kind of unions do we want?

    We should be clear that the top-down strategies of most of the labor leadership in the U.S. have hit a dead end.

July 20, 2009

  • A day in Gaza

    Our Viva Palestina convoy was finally allowed into Gaza for just 24 hours to bring badly needed humanitarian supplies. We made the most of the time.

  • Putting the movement on the streets

    A San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality activist describes the organizing behind a sit-in the day after the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8.

  • The fight goes on at Stella D'oro

    Workers at a Bronx cookie factory won their jobs back after nearly a year on strike--but they face a new struggle to keep their plant from closing.

  • Anger shows through in Mexico's election

    Mexico's recent elections show discontent with an economic crisis that seems to never end--and the lack of a political alternative.

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