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December 7, 2010

  • Union bureaucrats will hold us back

    It's important to remember that social change comes from the self-organization of the working class and oppressed, not union bureaucrats.

December 6, 2010

  • WikiWitchhunt

    Focusing on the "threat" of WikiLeaks is far easier for politicians and the media than dealing with the disclosure of U.S. complicity in war crimes.

  • Fooling the superpower

    A man from Quetta in Afghanistan got away with at least $100,000 after impersonating a Taliban commander in negotiations with NATO forces.

  • Decoding Haiti's sham election

    If fraud and corruption are widely reported in Haiti, why are the U.S. and UN calling the elections a "step in the right direction"?

  • Justice links our struggles together

    The renown novelist and activist is facing a possible trial for sedition because of this speech in support of the struggle in Kashmir.

  • A nightmare on West Broadway

    A mother tells her harrowing, yet all-too-common story of a broken bureaucracy at a child support enforcement agency.

  • New York rallies for jobless

    On a cold winter afternoon in Manhattan, 30 people gathered to demand an extension to unemployment benefits.

December 3, 2010

  • Obama puts the freeze on workers

    Barack Obama has just painted a target on the back of every public-sector worker in the U.S. with his order imposing a two-year federal pay freeze.

  • The cause of Ireland's crisis

    The Irish government is on the brink of default after bailing out the banks, and it wants workers to pay. But a resistance is building from below.

  • What do socialists say about violence?

    Socialists oppose the violence of the ruling class because they use it to impose class rule. But what about when violence comes from the oppressed?

  • A personal and radical history

    Ron Jacob's collection of essays links together many major countercultural and radical political events of recent decades.

  • Part 1

    For the red on your list

    Looking for ideas to take care of your holiday shopping list? Or something to get you through the winter months? Our writers have some suggestions.

  • Telling HEI to respect labor

    Some 50 picketers joined Sheraton workers and UNITE HERE Local 25 in demanding that HEI Hotels & Resorts agree to card check neutrality

  • Keep benefits for the jobless

    A group of unemployed workers held a rally to highlight the plight of the 2 million people being cut off from benefits on November 30.

December 2, 2010

  • Marxism and political organization

    Karl Marx and Frederick Engels insisted that the working class would need its own organization to achieve a new society.

  • Portland bomb plot sets off bigotry

    An ugly wave of Islamophobia followed the arrest of a Muslim teenager who, the FBI claims, tried to set off a bomb in Oregon.

  • Get Sabra hummus off campus

    A campaign is taking shape on campuses to target Sabra hummus as part of the global BDS movement against Israeli apartheid.

  • Why do we need the rich?

    We're told that we can't tax the rich because they "create jobs." But capitalists only make investments when it's profitable, not when society needs it.

  • Health care for the rest of us

    When I visited the emergency room of a public hospital last summer, I sat in the triage section for several hours just waiting to be called.

  • A taste of LGBT oppression

    The play Bent, currently running at the University of South Carolina, is a harrowing drama about life for homosexuals in Nazi Germany.

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