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April 24, 2009

  • Plutocrats 1, Workers 0

    Having won the helm in the midst of a hurricane, Barack Obama is steadfastly steering the ship of state on the same catastrophic course as his predecessor.

  • Will he prosecute the torturers?

    The media are reporting that Obama is open to prosecuting Bush administration officials for sanctioning torture, but that's not exactly what he said.

  • Bullied to death

    Eleven-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, distraught from being called "fag" and "girlie," became the latest young victim of homophobia when he took his own life.

  • Defend tenure for Nagesh Rao

    A professor of English at the College of New Jersey is asking for support against his school's decision to deny him tenure.

  • Gutting public transit in Portland

    Citing a budget gap of $13.5 million, Oregon's Tri-Met public transit agency has proposed severe service reductions for public transit.

  • Hip hop is alive in Palestine

    The similarities between the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop, and Palestine, the home of its exciting resurgence, are striking.

  • A message to our readers invites you to join us at the Socialism 2009 conferences for three days of political meetings, entertainment and discussion.

April 23, 2009

  • Is a real recovery in sight?

    Whether the statistics show continued recession or a weak recovery, there's one economic fact no one can dispute--things are a lot worse for U.S. workers.

  • Bursting Washington's bubble

    Now isn't the time to cheerlead Obama because those who oppose him on the right are knuckle-dragging lunatics. Now is the time to agitate.

  • UVM students' occupation against the cuts

    Students at the University of Vermont marched on administration offices April 22 to stage a sit-in in two joint actions.

  • Good things come from struggle

    Today, I stood before the Army, looked a board of officers in the eyes, and told them I thought they were sending people off to participate in war crimes.

  • The beats of resistance

    The documentary Slingshot Hip Hop tells the story of the struggles of Palestinians through the music of Arab rap artists inside Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

April 22, 2009

  • The real battles lie ahead

    If the president can dedicate hundreds of billions to bank bailouts, he certainly has the power to offer real help to the unemployed and those losing their homes.

  • Challenges facing S.F. teachers

    United Educators of San Francisco won a victory in blocking layoffs, but union leaders won’t oppose a retrograde state ballot measure, Proposition 1A.

  • Will Afghanistan be Obama's Vietnam?

    If George Bush were the one proposing what Barack Obama did at the NATO summit, a lot of people would now be railing against him.

  • Workers' resistance in Africa

    The recently republished book Class Struggle and Resistance in Africa offers important insights into working-class fights and organization in Africa.

  • Shutting the doors on Blacks

    Stores in the Highland Mall in Austin, Texas, decided to close early when thousands of African American athletes were in town.

  • The problem with Teach for America

    I am a veteran teacher seeking a dialogue with Teach for America teachers regarding a pattern of leaders promoting conservative ideas.

April 21, 2009

  • What should the LGBT movement fight for?

    Different political approaches are emerging inside the LGBT struggle over what our aims should be--and how we should fight to achieve them.

  • Letting torturers off the hook

    In a victory for the Bush lawyers who justified torture, the Obama administration cut a deal with CIA torturers not to prosecute them.

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