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April 8, 2010

  • The hedge fund parasites

    While workers were reeling from the Great Recession, the top 25 hedge fund managers in the U.S. earned an incredible $25.3 billion in one year.

  • A school is not a business

    Diane Ravitch once supported free-market measures to "fix" public schools. Her new book shows why she changed her mind.

  • Blackmailed by the bankers

    For years to come, the growth in public debt will be used by governments as an excuse to impose cuts on workers.

  • An affront to the Lilith legacy

    When music fans found out that a fake women's clinic was going to be part of Lilith Fair, they protested and won.

  • Fighting for prisoner justice

    Some 200 activists gathered for the first-ever New York State Prisoner Justice Conference in late March to fight against the criminal injustice system.

April 7, 2010

  • Oil companies 1, Environment 0

    During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama mocked the Republicans' chants of "drill, baby, drill." Now that he's president, it's a different story.

  • When miners' lives come last

    The deadliest mine disaster in more than 25 years has exposed once again that the coal industry's priority is on profits before people.

  • The struggle for SIU's future

    The struggle for the future of higher education is heating up at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, where students are battling cuts and fee hikes.

  • Let Caster run

    Caster Semenya showed up to race in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in late March, and shamefully, officials wouldn't let her run.

  • Philly nurses hit the picket line

    Nurses at Temple University Hospital are on strike against management's demand for a gag rule to silence criticism of the hospital.

April 6, 2010

  • Coming home to another battle

    When U.S. soldiers leave the fighting behind, they come home to another war--one symbolized by the shocking unemployment levels among vets.

  • Separated by the apartheid wall

    A Palestinian man explains what it's like to be separated from his community because he lives on the wrong side of Israel's sprawling apartheid wall.

  • Why is SFSU fining activists?

    Students who occupied a building at San Francisco State last December are being made to pay a fine--to cover the administration's bill for police.

  • Does Labour want to lose?

    The only explanation for the British Labour Party's disastrous behavior recently is that its been paid off to throw the coming election.

  • Unprepared for flooding in R.I.

    After two days of intense rain in late March, Rhode Island received a wake-up call over the disastrous state of its infrastructure.

  • Democracy in our movements

    The politics of impatience--disparaging the majority for not being "revolutionary" enough--is a politics that is inherently undemocratic.

April 5, 2010

  • The Chicago school reform fraud

    Privatization, cutbacks and union busting are being called "school reform" by President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

  • Not a starting point for reform

    Some of the groups that organized the recent march in Washington for immigrant rights are supporting policies that would harm immigrant communities.

  • Consummating a U.S. takeover

    The plan unveiled at the UN donors conference for Haiti boils down to one thing: Washington's takeover of the "new" Haiti.

  • Hoosiers all over again?

    The NCAA finals match-up between Butler and Duke isn't really the David-and-Goliath battle the media is making it out to be.

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