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October 2, 2009

  • A revolt against military terror

    The renowned novelist and global justice activist recounts the summer 2008 rebellion of the people of Kashmir against India's military occupation.

  • A new way to attack abortion

    Conservative lawmakers are latching onto abortion access as a new wedge to drive health care reform even further away from providing care to all.

  • A rainbow wave at TCNJ

    As many as 100 students, professors and faculty turned out at the last minute at the College of New Jersey to confront two right-wing bigots.

October 1, 2009

  • Does Tucker Max think that rape is funny?

    Tucker Max is making a career off "jokes" that demean women--but his comedy is one more reflection of a society where sexism is pervasive.

  • Conservative victory, resurgence on the left

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will lead a right-wing coalition government after national elections--but the Left Party made its biggest gains yet.

  • Rotten view of a rotten system

    A few recent dramas about the justice system have tried to bring a little realism to the genre. The Good Wife isn't one of them.

  • Mike Judge is back at work

    Like his film Office Space, Mike Judge's new movie Extract is set in the workplace. Unfortunately, that's where the similarities end.

  • Pratt staff want a just contract

    More than 50 workers and their supporters rallied at the Pratt Institute on September 26 as part of a fight for a fair contract.

September 30, 2009

  • The anti-choice deception

    So-called "crisis pregnancy centers" prey on women looking for options--in order to bully and terrorize them against having an abortion.

  • Maine's fight to save equality

    The same right-wing forces that pushed Proposition 8 in California are behind a referendum in Maine to take away marriage equality.

  • Prisoners of the Army

    War resister Travis Bishop has been held almost entirely "incommunicado" at a military prison at Fort Lewis in Washington.

  • The Kanye controversy

    That the media can't stop talking about Kanye West's "outburst" at a video awards show is further proof that they're really grasping at straws.

  • Disappeared into the desert

    Increased border security won't stop immigrants from entering the U.S., but it does push them into increasingly deadly parts of the borderlands.

  • Throwing ACORN under the bus

    The questionable behavior of two ACORN employees is child's play compared to what is legitimized and institutionalized under capitalism.

September 29, 2009

  • We don't want the Games

    A fellow Chicagoan and opponent of the city's bid for the 2016 Olympics appeals to Barack Obama to consider the cost of winning the Games.

  • State of repression in Honduras

    The coup regime in Honduras has decreed a 45-day state of emergency, suspending constitutional guarantees such as freedom of association.

  • The rebellion in Minneapolis

    The history of the Teamster Rebellion in Minneapolis is packed with lessons, especially the importance of mobilizing a militant rank and file.

  • No more retreating at CCSF

    A faculty member at City College of San Francisco makes the case for voting "no" on a contract proposed by union leaders.

  • Fight the right and stand up for choice

    Supporters of women's right to choose are organizing to defend clinics that are the target of the anti-abortion campaign 40 Days for Life.

  • Protesting the insurance bosses

    More than 200 people rallied outside Blue Cross Blue Shield offices in Portland, Ore., to protest the insurance industry's greedy practices.

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