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March 16, 2011

  • Wisconsin and the shape of things to come

    The uprising in Wisconsin has given us all a taste of the power of mass mobilization and the importance of struggle--especially the class struggle.

  • Needed: A national teachers movement

    Teachers were at the center of the worker rebellion in Wisconsin--and their counterparts across the U.S. want to continue the fight.

  • Hope across the Arab world

    A veteran socialist talks about the prospects for radical change sweeping across the Middle East in the wake of revolutions and uprisings.

  • Opening the way to a fightback

    It's been over a month since Gov. Scott Walker introduced his "budget repair bill"--and kicked a sleeping giant called the labor movement in the face.

  • Make the NFL open the books

    We face the prospect of no football in 2011 because the players made a three-word demand on owners: open your books.

  • Wisconsin spirit catches on

    As tens of thousands protested in Madison to show their opposition to Scott Walker, activists elsewhere organized emergency demonstrations.

  • A strategy to win LGBT rights

    We may not win full civil rights for LGBT people this year or the next, but the only way we ever will is if we keep fighting.

  • Which side is NPR's Diane Rehm on?

    If National Public Radio wants to protect its public funding, it should do a better job of supporting the struggles of public workers.

March 15, 2011

  • The risks of nuclear roulette

    The nuclear crisis triggered by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami gets worse by the hour--and highlights the impossibility of safe nuclear power.

  • People who make dictators tremble

    Six Zimbabwean activists are facing treason charges because their organizing was seen as a threat by the corrupt regime of Robert Mugabe.

  • Making the revolution permanent

    The struggle to end dictatorship in Egypt cannot be completed without a struggle against the causes of political repression and tyranny.

  • March 2 actions for schools

    Students, teachers, staff and supporters organized actions across California on March 2 in defense of public education.

  • A badger's choice: Fight or flight

    I went to bed Friday night, head reeling from the ups and downs of our fight to defeat Scott Walker's brutish attacks.

  • A spirit of rebellion in Wisconsin

    I've never been to a demonstration that came close to the level of confidence and solidarity as the one I attended in Madison, Wis.

  • No longer a one-sided class war

    What we're seeing in Wisconsin is the culmination of 40 years of a one-sided class war in this country, waged by the rich against the rest of us.

  • Bloomberg attacks city workers

    New York's billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants city workers to pay for the crisis--and is threatening to lay off 6 percent of the city's teachers.

March 14, 2011

  • The struggle will continue

    Scott Walker pushed through his anti-union legislation in Wisconsin, but a massive labor rally showed the struggle to stop the union-busters isn't over.

  • Executions are history in Illinois

    Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn ended the death penalty system by signing a bill abolishing executions and commuting all 15 current death sentences.

  • Peter King's witch-hunt hearing

    The comparison between today's anti-Muslim hysteria and the 1950s McCarthy era got more literal with Peter King's congressional hearing last week.

  • The facts about racism in Libya

    Some voices on the left have claimed that Libya's popular uprising is racist, but it's Qaddafi's regime that is to blame.

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