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May 26, 2011

  • A turning point in the struggle?

    A leading activist and author says the Arab Spring has spread to Palestine--and raised new hopes for the Palestinian struggle for justice.

  • The uprising over Spain's future

    The mass rallies and occupations in central plazas across Spain have shaken the political system and shown a glimpse of the alternative to austerity.

  • A pay cut to save UTLA jobs?

    Los Angeles teachers face a demand to choose between unpaid furlough days or nearly 6,000 layoffs--but the city has the money to avoid both.

  • The war on labor history

    A right-wing campaign against two University of Missouri labor studies professors failed, but the war continues.

  • Joakim Noah and the "F-bomb"

    Homophobic outbursts are still part of the vocabulary of professional sports--but more and more players are challenging this.

  • These are protests against sexism

    Women participating in SlutWalks, no matter what they wear, are not embracing "raunch culture"--they are opposing sexism.

  • In defense of SlutWalk protests

    SlutWalks make the point that "sluts" or not, sex workers or not, whatever we wear, women don't deserve to be raped, and it isn't the victim's fault.

May 25, 2011

  • Reining in the revolution

    Barack Obama promises to promote peace and democracy in the Middle East, but U.S. policy is aimed at limiting and rolling back real change.

  • Labor at war with itself?

    A new book explains why the SEIU, seemingly poised to lead the labor movement a few years ago, instead went to war on other unions.

  • Wisconsin's struggle continues

    A big labor rally in Madison highlighted both continued activism and the debates about how to take the struggle forward.

  • Seattle cops' serial brutality

    High-profile incidents of police brutality have prompted a formal civil rights investigation into the Seattle Police Department.

  • Bringing the eyes of the world

    A Bay Area activist who will sail with the freedom flotilla to Gaza talks about the solidarity struggles she's participated in.

  • Exposing the inconvenient truth about schools

    The new documentary The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman premiered to more than 600 teachers, students and parents.

  • Challenging a new Jim Crow

    Over 800 people come the historic Riverside Church in New York City to hear a forum on the fight against the new Jim Crow.

  • Tacoma rallies for Peltier

    Some 100 activists turned out for a regional support rally for imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier.

May 24, 2011

  • Beyond the legend of Malcolm X

    A controversial biography by the late Manning Marable provides a fascinating account of Malcolm X's life story and political development.

  • A contract to kill in the UAE

    The United Arab Emirates has paid $529 million to a company set up by Blackwater boss Eric Prince to recruit and train a mercenary army.

  • Puerto Rico's non-"Green Way"

    Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans came out on May Day to express their angry opposition to the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

  • Washington's weapon of choice

    Without American aid and guidance, the infrastructure of much of "global terrorism" would have been inconceivable.

  • Cuts that will destroy lives of the disabled

    It's still unclear what the full effects of the cuts to the Department of Developmental Services will be in California, but the outlook is awful.

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