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September 21, 2011

  • Don't let them murder Troy Davis

    Georgia's relentless drive to execute Troy Davis exposes the racism and state violence at the heart of the system.

  • Will statehood bring justice?

    Israel and the U.S. fiercely oppose the bid for UN recognition of Palestinian statehood--but many Palestinians have a very different critique.

  • The "old chairs" fight back

    A notorious New York City employer is starting to crack in the face of a determined struggle by workers at the famous Central Park Boathouse.

  • GM contract or con-trick?

    The tentative agreement between GM and the UAW doesn't come close to making up for a decade of concessions.

  • My father is like Troy Davis

    A reader whose father is on death row in Alabama describes what the struggle to save Troy Davis means to her.

September 20, 2011

  • Rahm vs. CTU: Round one

    Chicago's mayor is trying to strong-arm teachers at individual schools into working a longer day--but their union is fighting back.

  • Troy Davis denied clemency

    An innocent man could be executed in Georgia on Wednesday if no official or court intervenes to stop this travesty.

  • Greece in the eye of the storm

    Greece is caught in a debt trap--one that it was lured into by the very same bankers who now demand extortionate interest rates for further loans.

  • Texas death machine on overdrive

    The death penalty system in Texas is suffering a crisis of legitimacy--but that isn't stopping Gov. Rick Perry.

  • The ugly myth

    Discrimination on the basis of physical appearance is indisputable, but it's also true that standards of beauty change over time.

  • The end of Entourage

    The HBO series Entourage had it all--sexism, racism, homophobia and a shallow, unrealistic idea of male "friendship."

  • A thoroughgoing popular revolution

    From Tripoli, Socialist Worker's judgment that NATO was the victor of the revolution in Libya seems rushed.

September 19, 2011

  • Why postal workers need your support

    If federal officials get their way, the U.S. Postal Service may soon lay off 120,000 employees--the worst attack ever on U.S. postal workers in history.

  • Our journey to rally for Troy

    A sea of blue shirts with the slogan "I AM TROY DAVIS"--that was what we saw when we got to Atlanta to rally for justice.

  • Ten myths about affirmative action

    A University of Wisconsin student and activist explains why race-based affirmative action is simply a matter of justice.

  • Why we defend the clinics

    A member of Seattle Clinic Defense replies to the claim that the group's counter-protests against the bigots are "disruptive."

  • We are all Troy Davis today

    Around the country, anti-death penalty activists took to the streets to make their last-minute appeal for Troy Davis' life.

  • Eight billion years should do it

    What if we applied the same rules for punishing bankers that the courts are using on those arrested during Britain's riots?

  • Full rights for Palestine

    A spirited march on the United Nations in New York insisted that basic rights needed for Palestine's self-determination must not be neglected.

September 16, 2011

  • Tacoma teachers defy injunction to strike

    Teachers in the third-largest school district in Washington state are on strike--and they've defied a judge's order sending them back to work.

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