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July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015

  • Did Black lives ever matter to the Democrats?

    Even if the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination say the right thing, the party's history on issues of race speaks louder than words.

  • Who was Atticus Finch really?

    The intense debate about Harper Lee's second novel says something about the impact of her first--and its political limitations.

  • In defense of gay marriage

    Revolutionaries can use battles for reforms like marriage equality to win people to more radical goals--but not from the sidelines.

  • Subordination is not an agreement

    The speaker of Greece's parliament and leading voice of the radical left speaks out on a second vote on Memorandum policies.

  • Serena is "The Greatest"

    Serena Williams is a compelling heir to the legacy of Muhammad Ali--in terms of athletic prowess and the courage to speak out.

  • The lessons of SYRIZA for U.S. socialists

    Marxist principles and theory must be used to develop a concrete strategy that leads out of the decades-long political impasse.

July 28, 2015

  • Turning resignation into resistance in Greece

    A journalist for Red Flag reports from Greece as the radical left takes stock and organizes opposition to Alexis Tsipras' new Memorandum.

  • Bleeding California dry

    California's drought crisis is only getting worse--but some of the state's residents are being affected far worse than others.

  • Modi attacks advocates for justice

    An Indian socialist organization calls for a united front against government attacks on activists opposing communal violence.

  • What "we" knew about the Nazis

    There's something more troubling than the 7-year-old future Queen of England giving the Nazi salute in honor of Hitler.

  • Incitan odio usando tragedia

    La clase política de California está explotando un tiroteo fortuito para eliminar importantes protecciones para los inmigrantes.

July 27, 2015

  • Governor Union-buster goes for Washington

    Two Wisconsinites explain what the rest of us need to know about Gov. Scott Walker and his campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee.

  • Resisting a manufactured crisis

    Hundreds gathered for a Chicago Board of Education meeting to protest the endless budget cuts hitting the city's public schools.

  • An excuse to whip up nationalist fervor

    Terrorist attacks have given the Egyptian regime of Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi the excuse for further measures against dissent.

  • A vision of a shared humanity

    The biggest pleasure in watching the Netflix series Sense8 is seeing the profound connections between very different people.

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