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September 10, 2015

  • Views in brief

    A step forward for BDS | Insults weaken our arguments | More disappointing Democrats? | For Michfest without the bigotry | Defend Robert DeKelaita

September 9, 2015

  • Teachers draw the line for Seattle schools

    Educators in Seattle are providing a modern-day lesson in the power of teachers' unions with their strike for the schools that the city deserves.

  • Who will defend the refugees?

    Left-wing activists in Germany must lead the fight for a solution to the refugee crisis, based on working-class solidarity.

  • Persecuting the "undesirables"

    A "quality of life" initiative for a busy corridor of East Harlem would reward developers while targeting the vulnerable.

  • What happens if Corbyn wins?

    As Jeremy Corbyn closes in on victory in the election to lead Britain's Labour Party, what would count as success for socialists?

  • Resolution of the Zimmerwald Left

    At the Zimmerwald conference 100 years ago, a group of delegates led by Russia's Bolsheviks put forward their own resolution.

  • Caos bursátil augura recesión

    Las turbulencias en los mercados bursátiles del mundo expone la inestabilidad de la economía global, plagada de debilidades y contradicciones.

September 8, 2015

  • The specter that still haunts capitalism

    Despite being declared dead and buried for years, the idea of socialism is in the air--but what it means or how to achieve it is vague for many people.

  • What our strike could achieve

    A Seattle teacher explains why he supports a walkout to achieve the union's goal of a school system that Seattle students deserve.

  • Striking for much more than pay

    Jubilation resounded among Seattle teachers when it sunk in that we had voted to strike for the schools our students deserve.

  • Liebknecht's letter to Zimmerwald

    The imprisoned German revolutionary Karl Liebknecht sent a statement to the socialist antiwar gathering in Zimmerwald.

  • One racist statue down...

    The University of Texas finally removed the statue of Jefferson Davis, but there are plenty more tributes to white supremacy to go.

  • Socialismo: Aún desde abajo

    ¿Qué significado tiene, en el siglo 21, el compromiso del marxismo con el "socialismo desde abajo"?

September 4, 2015

September 3, 2015

  • Is Sanders making a "political revolution"?

    Bernie Sanders' campaign has already shaken up the 2016 election--but it raises questions for the left, particularly about the Democratic Party.

  • Confronting the pro-police backlash

    The cops have killed 782 people so far this year--but to hear them and their supporters tell it, you'd think they were under fire.

  • The stink comes from the top

    Angry protests over garbage collection are giving expression to the growing opposition to the regime in Lebanon.

  • A national union backs BDS

    The United Electrical union became the first national union in the U.S. to endorse the global campaign for Palestinian rights.

  • De Blasio's naked priorities

    New York City's mayor has declared war, but the enemy isn't slumlords or brutal cops. It's Times Square's "painted ladies."

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