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October 26, 2015

October 22, 2015

October 21, 2015

  • Obama's drone crimes

    A host of leaked government documents detail the lies that we're being fed to justify the Obama administration's drone war around the world.

  • The ghost of Juan Perón

    How has Peronism experienced continuing political success in Argentina despite a series of crippling economic crises?

  • A strategy session for the pro-police backlash

    Chicago is hosting an annual police chiefs' convention--and protesters plan to make them feel as unwelcome as possible.

  • Seriously, get this book

    An SW writer's book brings curiosity seekers and veteran socialists along for a funny and relatable conversation about Marxism.

October 20, 2015

  • The Secretary of Education Deform moves on

    Arne Duncan is leaving Barack Obama's Education Department after establishing it as headquarters for the corporate school "reform" movement.

  • Selling old concessions in new bottles

    After UAW members rejected a tentative deal at Chrysler, union leaders reshuffled the deck and dealt another shaky hand.

  • The Mission is our neighborhood

    A San Francisco tenants' rights activist discusses a ballot measure that would halt the building of luxury housing in the Mission.

  • Changing the world from below

    Grace Lee Boggs' life was a monument to some of the most powerful social movements in the history of the struggle for justice.

  • Longing for the highest peak

    In Everest, the characters seek to fulfill something missing in their daily lives with the challenge of mountaineering.

October 19, 2015

  • Chamber of horrors in the middle of New York

    Closing the incarceration factory that produces human rights violations on Rikers Island will require more than half-measures by political leaders.

  • What to take from the debate

    Bernie Sanders challenges the political status quo--but his debate performance had to please the guardians of that status quo.

  • What does Russia want in its war in Syria?

    What's behind Russia's military intervention in Syria and what does it mean for the Syrian people after years of civil war?

  • Rochester stands in solidarity with Palestine

    Supporters of Palestinian rights came out in Rochester, New York, for a rally against the deliberate targeting of civilians by Israel.

  • Portugal: la izquierda avanza

    Una entrevista con un miembro del Bloque de Izquierda pone en contexto el éxito que ese partido radical obtuvo en las elecciones parlamentarias.

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