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July 16, 2014

July 15, 2014

  • Why doesn't Noam Chomsky support BDS?

    Noam Chomsky's long history as a determined critic of Israel gave his recent attack on the Palestinian movement an especially painful sting.

  • Palestine's innocent victims

    A relative describes how Mohammed and Tarek Abu Khdeir's family are dealing with the murder of one youth and the beating of another.

  • Bringing together a left voice in Venezuela

    Venezuelan revolutionary socialists will hold a conference to discuss what's next before the coming congress of the ruling party.

  • A different cancer story

    A broad sense of community raises Mike Marqusee's The Price of Experience above other cancer survival memoirs.

  • Derailing oil train disasters

    People in Canada and the U.S. gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of the oil train explosion in Lac-Mégantic in Quebec.

July 14, 2014

  • A war crime in progress

    Israel's air strikes against the besieged civilian population of Gaza have entered a frightening new phase of indiscriminate violence.

  • Lifting up the Bay Area

    Campaigns to win minimum-wage measures in Oakland and other Bay Area cities could set a new tone for the struggle.

  • Anyone could be a target

    A young woman from Gaza describes the trauma being rained down on hundreds of thousands of families.

  • Killing Cove Point

    A plan to build the East Coast's first liquefied natural gas export center at Cove Point poses a major threat to the environment.

  • Our incarceration nation

    Long-term, mass incarceration has become routinized and integrated into the routine functioning of American society.

  • The World Cup crackdown

    The World Cup story the U.S. media won't tell is about an angry population terrorized into compliance by the Brazilian government.

July 10, 2014

  • Can the teachers' unions come back?

    The NEA and AFT conventions this month come amid a growing debate over how teachers' unions can resist corporate education reform.

  • Confronting the counterrevolution in Egypt

    We are dealing with a huge setback for Egypt's revolution--but in every battle we lose, we must learn the lessons.

  • Is being pro-Palestine a crime?

    Los Angeles police assaulted a well-known Palestinian rights activist as he interviewed supporters of Israel at their picket.

  • Dramatizing the gulag state

    Orange Is the New Black focuses on one of the fastest-growing demographics in our sprawling prison empire: women.

  • Bulldozing favelas for FIFA

    In the Favela de Metro, near the Maracanã stadium, families were forced out at gunpoint in preparation for the World Cup.

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