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November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014

  • Eight reasons to oppose Obama's (new) war explains why the U.S. government's war on ISIS will make the world more violent, more oppressive and less safe.

  • Imperialist feminism

    U.S. leaders use the cause of women's rights as a cynical excuse for imperialism--and liberals are the worst offenders.

  • A rallying cry for recess

    Parents, teachers and kids rallied to send a message to the Seattle school board: Lunch and recess are human rights.

  • Israeli denial and the Nakba

    An Israeli filmmaker who grew up on an illegal settlement has made a film about the collective denial of ethnic cleansing in 1948.

November 6, 2014

  • What class is and isn't

    It's never talked about this way in the U.S. media or political system, but for Marxists, classes are defined by their economic function.

  • What led to the battle for Kobanê?

    ISIS didn't emerge out of nowhere--it was able to grow because of specific conditions that U.S. imperialism is responsible for.

  • What's next in Burkina Faso?

    After 27 years in power, the dictator Blaise Compaoré was finally removed from power after massive demonstrations.

  • Running against the machine

    An independent candidate for the Chicago City Council explains why he's decided to take on the city's status quo.

  • Fighting for a people's budget in Seattle

    Community and labor groups responded to Kshama Sawant's call for an alternative budget for the people of Seattle.

  • Hungary beats an Internet tax

    Protests by thousands of Hungarians have forced the government to back down on its plan to impose a tax on Internet usage.

  • The inadequate Brand?

    Left-wing actor Russell Brand is being dismissed as an unserious gasbag--but has anyone looked at his critics?

November 5, 2014

  • Looking past the myths about Election 2014

    Why did the Democrats get a drubbing? Do the Republicans think they have a mandate? What will they do now? SW answers your questions.

  • Political controversy flares up in the CTU

    A debate in the Chicago Teachers Union over the city's mayoral race raises important questions for the union.

  • Change the damn name

    Some 5,000 people protested in Minnesota to demand that Washington's football team stop using a racial slur for its name.

  • Snowden on the silver screen

    Laura Poitras' documentary CITIZENFOUR is a taut thriller about the whistleblower who humbled the world's largest spy agency.

  • Protesting a disaster before it happens

    Washington residents are fighting to stop the expansion of dangerous shipments of crude oil by rail across the state.

  • Views in brief

    Wrong about the Greens in 2004 | Challenging wrongful convictions | What the antiwar movement needs | No better time for third parties

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