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December 16, 2015

  • Justice denied to RonnieMan

    Despite the release of damning video from a police dash-cam, RonnieMan Johnson's killer is still not facing prosecution.

  • De Blasio's not-enough housing plan

    New York City's mayor announced a new supportive housing plan that falls far short of his progressive promises.

  • Kohler strikers need solidarity

    Workers on strike against Kohler's two-tier wage system urgently need solidarity--and some labor activists are answering the call.

December 15, 2015

  • Will Rahm pay for all the Black lives lost?

    One month of protests in the streets of Chicago has done more to hold the police accountable than decades of legal wrangling and promises of reform.

  • Coming together against hate in New York City

    Dozens of New York City groups came together to protest Trump's Islamophobia and demand that more refugees be taken in.

  • Black history is human history

    More than 120 SUNY New Paltz students organized a walkout and rally to defend the Black Studies Department.

  • Seattle says: No Nazis here

    "Nazis out, refugees in" was the message of activists who came out to protest a Seattle march called by a far-right hate group.

  • Reasons to be radical

    The "war on terror" has killed huge numbers of people across the world, but it does something else as well--it kills language.

  • Abrir todas las fronteras

    Europa no es el único lugar donde los gobiernos cruelmente niegan la entrada a inmigrantes huyendo de la violencia y la pobreza.

December 14, 2015

  • Solidarité on the streets of Quebec

    A general strike by Quebec's public-sector workers sent a loud-and-clear message to the Liberal Party government: We reject cuts and austerity.

  • How labor is working on climate justice

    A U.S. unionist who traveled to Paris for the UN climate summit talks about labor's participation in the protests and what's next.

  • Black Lives Matter and BDS

    The emergence of active solidarity between the African American and Palestinian struggles represents an exciting moment.

  • America's concentration camps

    Calls to ban Muslim migrants raise the specter of a shameful chapter in U.S. history: when Japanese Americans were interned.

  • The year in female protagonists

    From one-armed warriors to Black trans women, 2015 gave us complex female characters on the big and the small screens.

December 10, 2015

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