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June 14, 2016

June 13, 2016

  • Don't turn homophobia into Islamophobia

    The response to the mass murder in Orlando was overwhelming--solidarity with the victims, but also a plea: Don't turn tragedy into hate.

  • More accomplishments in the UFT

    Opponents of the leaders of the New York City teachers' union made gains in recent elections based on a social justice platform.

  • Stirrings below in South Africa

    Two decades after apartheid's fall, South Africa is increasingly racked by social and political fractures that threaten to burst open.

  • Heckling Governor Frackenlooper

    Protesters disrupted an appearance by the Colorado governor to highlight his cozy relationship with the fracking industry.

  • Views in brief

    BDS and Cuomo's real hypocrisy | An error in your Verizon coverage | Who was at fault in Cincinnati?

June 9, 2016

  • Is socialism doomed by human nature?

    There is no conflict in believing that human beings are the product of evolution and that we can act on the basis of compassion and cooperation.

  • Cuomo’s modern-day witch hunt

    New York's Democratic governor is reviving McCarthyism in his assault on supporters of the BDS campaign against Israel.

  • Their phony "Ferguson effect"

    Louisiana lawmakers have passed a "Blue Lives Matter" law, but it's not the police who need protecting from the public.

  • When France moves, all of Europe shakes

    France's uprising is showing both the power of traditional working class action and the potential for engaging new layers of society.

  • Borders drawn in blood

    Imperialist interference has been the cause of crisis and war in the Middle East since the drawing of arbitrary borders a century ago.

June 8, 2016

  • Moving on to her "I'm not Trump" campaign

    After locking up the Democratic presidential nomination, the Hillary Clinton campaign is going into overdrive to send its "lesser evil" message.

  • Can Chavismo be redeemed?

    Venezuela's crisis is the result not only of global economic forces, but also years of corruption that began under Chávez.

  • Explaining the rise of Donald Trump

    Trump is legitimizing reactionary ideas, but he is a creature of the political system and won't be stopped by voting for the lesser evil.

  • How do we get all the way to 15 in Oregon?

    An Oregon law raising the minimum wage fell short of $15 an hour--and of workers' hopes that they would get a living wage.

  • From warrior to antiwarrior

    Tomas Young paid the ultimate price for the U.S. war in Iraq, but his story of resistance to war will always survive.

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