Topic: Reproductive rights

  • How can we protect our clinics?

    Since the Supreme Court's ruling against buffer zones, reproductive rights activists are debating how to stop the right.

  • Defending our clinics in Boston

    For some women, the right to an abortion is becoming meaningless because they're prevented from actually gaining access.

  • Talking about abortion

    Let's act like having an abortion is a perfectly acceptable option to consider. Let's act like women do have a choice.

  • The "freedom" to deny women health care

    With its decision in a case involving insurance coverage of birth control, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against women, workers and science.

  • We all have to be brave

    An abortion provider discusses the impact of anti-choice protests on her coworkers--and the women they serve.

  • Will Tennessee legalize the New Jane Crow?

    A bill on the verge of becoming law in Tennessee would criminalize women based on the outcome of a pregnancy.

  • Hobby Lobby makes the choices for women

    In a recent Supreme Court case, the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby claim their religious freedom is under attack.

  • Buffers against the fanatics?

    What's at stake in the case before the Supreme Court about the constitutionality of abortion clinic "buffer zones"?

  • They put a price tag on women's health

    All the training in the world can't prepare health care providers for dealing with the financial obstacles that prevent them from doing their jobs.

  • Despojando Roe ley por ley

    El ataque al derecho a optar por un aborto está ligado al asalto contra el nivel de vida de la clase obrera.

  • Before Roe

    Throughout history, women have found ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies, whether abortion was legal or not and despite the risk.

  • Stealing Roe one law at a time

    Forty-one years after the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal, the attacks on reproductive rights are coming faster than ever.

  • Treating a woman as an incubator

    Despite her wishes, the state of Texas is determined to make Marlise Munoz live out her final days as a human incubator.

  • Putting women's health at risk

    When Tamesha Means miscarried, she was refused the medical care she needed because she went to a Catholic hospital.

  • Casualties of the Texas anti-abortion crusade

    As draconian legislation restricting abortion goes into effect in Texas, the effects of this latest assault on the right to choose are being felt.

  • Abortion: Every woman's right

    In April 1992, abortion rights supporters were organizing, as the Supreme Court got set to rule on a challenge to Roe v. Wade.

  • Ohio women won't go back

    Republican legislators in Ohio have women's rights in their sights, but pro-choice forces are beginning to oppose them.

  • An attack on all women's rights

    A nurse explains why the attacks on women's right to reproductive health care in Texas affect women across the U.S.

  • Solidarity with Texas women

    Abortion rights activists nationwide took part in a day of action to protest the draconian anti-abortion bill passed in Texas.

  • Texas women won't stand down

    Activists may have lost the battle against an anti-choice bill in Texas, but their struggle inspired others around the country to fight.

  • Apoyemos a la mujer tejana

    Los legisladores tejanos aprobaron drásticas restricciones al derecho al aborto, pero eso sólo después de ahogar la muy vocal oposición de la mujer tejana.

  • Why we all stand with Texas women

    Texas lawmakers plan to pass drastic restrictions on abortion--but that's if they can drown out the very vocal opposition of Texas woman.

  • Another abortion sneak attack

    Republicans in the Ohio legislature have quietly passed some of the most draconian restrictions on abortion in the country.

  • Inside the "people's filibuster"

    Sports columnist Dave Zirin provides a play-by-play account of the popular outburst that set back Texas' attack on abortion rights.

  • Women's rights on the line in Texas

    The battle lines in the struggle over a women's right to choose abortion run through the Texas state Capitol building--inside and outside.