Topic: Sexism

  • Iowa justices side with sexism

    Iowa's Supreme Court upheld the decision of a dentist to fire an employee because he found her an "irresistible attraction."

  • Rape happens here

    Women who are sexually assaulted on campus face a culture of silencing and victim-blaming from college administrators.

  • Young women with no hope

    The contradiction between what young women want for themselves and what society offers puts huge pressures on them.

  • Is it a woman's world now?

    A number of books and articles are claiming that women have surpassed men on any number of fronts, starting with jobs and wages. Are they right?

  • A struggle that's going strong

    Over 400 people gathered in downtown Chicago to continue the movement against slut-shaming and sexism.

  • Criminalized for having condoms

    A recent report by Human Rights Watch is shedding light on the harassment that sex workers face from police.

  • The single mother myth

    Inequality is glaring and growing worse in U.S. society--and the New York Times has a handy scapegoat to explain it all: single mothers.

  • Spreading lies and STDs

    The right-wingers behind promote pseudo-science to blame contraception for everything wrong in our sexual lives.

  • Why Tosh is no laughing matter

    Is it really considered "edgy" to make light of the torment that so many women suffer without getting any justice?

  • Talking back at a sexist bigot

    When Daniel Tosh made jokes about rape at a comedy club, it wasn't an exception. What has been exceptional is the angry response.

  • How capitalism degrades women

    Under capitalism, a whole host of women’s “problems” have been manufactured in order to sell them the “solutions.”

  • Why is it still 77 cents?

    Equal pay for women should be treated like the urgently felt issue it is, not a talking point raised only during election seasons.

  • Ann Romney works hard! (at being rich)

    Republican posturing over a supposed Democratic slight about stay-at-home mothers highlights how little either party has to say to working women.

  • Rush Limbaugh's sexist rants

    The public outcry against the conservative talk radio host has only grown in the wake of his sickening sexist tirades.

  • Calling out the sexists at UVM

    Some 200 angry people turned out to protest a fraternity that circulated a survey asking members who they'd like to rape.

  • No place for sexism in Occupy

    I hope the sexist "Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street" video sparks a discussion about the links between women's oppression and corporate greed.

  • Many voices against sexual assault

    The 3,000-strong SlutWalk NYC shows the potential for a new fighting women's rights movement that makes the connections between all forms of oppression.

  • Baltimore protests sexism

    Some 250 people marched from Baltimore's Inner Harbor to demand respect for all women, regardless of their job or attire.

  • Greensboro takes on sexism

    Three hundred people marched in Greensboro, N.C., as part of SlutWalk to protest rape culture and victim-blaming.

  • Confronting police rape

    Activists gathered outside a police station in Chicago to protest incidents of cops committing rape and sexual assault.

  • Another law for the rich and powerful

    Rape charges have been dropped against Dominique Strauss-Kahn--an abject and infuriating example of how the justice system really works.

  • A child blamed for her rape

    A Missouri school is accused of not only ignoring a 7th grader's claim of rape, but making her write an apology to her attacker.

  • A march in D.C. against rape

    More than 1,000 activists gathered outside the White House for SlutWalk D.C. to march for an end to sexual violence and victim-blaming.

  • Philadelphia's SlutWalk draws hundreds

    The chanting echoed through city streets on August 6 at SlutWalk Philadelphia: "Yes means yes, no means no!"

  • Portland takes on sexism

    More than 600 people gathered to walk in Portland's SlutWalk march against rape, sexual assault and victim-blaming.