Topic: Islam/Islamophobia

  • The King of scapegoating

    It's hard to think of a cruder peddler of prejudice today than Republican congressman Peter King of New York.

  • An incitement to violence

    Several days of rioting that claimed at least 30 lives in Afghanistan were sparked by news that a Florida pastor burned a Koran.

  • Resisting Islamophobia and war

    Two leading activists talk about building an alliance of Muslims, labor and the antiwar movement ahead of this weekend's antiwar mobilizations.

  • The anti-Muslim scapegoaters

    The bigots who seek to exploit economic and social uncertainty to spread a message of hate and fear against Muslims must be confronted.

  • Peter King's witch-hunt hearing

    The comparison between today's anti-Muslim hysteria and the 1950s McCarthy era got more literal with Peter King's congressional hearing last week.

  • Protesting King's witch-hunt

    Hundreds rallied in Times Square to protest the Islamophobic hearings led by Republican Long Island congressman Peter King.

  • NYC speak-out against hate

    Youth and social service organizations are focusing attention on the daily harassment and violence that Muslims face.

  • Living in fear of the government

    The FBI's targeting of Muslims has left many people in the community frightened, but Bay Area activists are organizing a challenge.

  • Islamophobia Inc.

    An entire industry dedicated to anti-Muslim bigotry has sprung up since 9/11--and it's big business for a motley assortment of racists and reactionaries.

  • Fire Juan Williams? You bet.

    Would there be any question about NPR's decision if Williams had expressed similar sentiments toward any other religion?

  • Fighting Islamophobes at Temple

    Fifty protesters turned out to protest notorious Islamophobes Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer at Philadelphia's Temple University.

  • Fight against bigotry continues in NYC

    Activists in New York are continuing the fight against Islamophobia on the heels of a successful action against bigotry on September 11.

  • Threat of the far right in Europe

    Europe is providing a mirror of what can happen in U.S. politics if the Tea Partiers and Islamophobes aren't pushed back.

  • Gainesville's victory over bigotry

    More than 300 residents came out to protest the Dove World Outreach Center's planned "International Burn a Koran Day."

  • Standing in defense of Muslims in LA

    Roughly 150 people from the Japanese-American and Muslim communities turned out in a show of solidarity against anti-Muslim hatred.

  • Why I came out to protest on 9/11

    When I heard the Tea Party was holding a rally on September 11 near "Ground Zero," I knew I had to come out to speak truth to their lies.

  • A battleground over Islamophobia

    Thousands of people descended on Lower Manhattan on September 11 for rival protests over the planned construction of an Islamic community center.

  • The racist crusade against Muslims

    An ugly campaign against Muslims, built on lies and racist hate, has been building to a fever pitch as anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaches.

  • Gainesville confronts the anti-Muslim bigots

    Christian Right fanatics in Gainesville, Fla., are planning "Burn a Koran Day"--but activists will send a message that their hate won't be tolerated.

  • The real fanatics

    How far away from the "hallowed ground" of Ground Zero is it permissible to be Muslim? Maybe there needs to be specific guidelines.

  • D.C. protests anti-Muslim bigots

    Around 30 people showed up on less than 24 hours' notice in Washington, D.C., to protest far-right-wingers Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.

  • The challenge to Islamophobia

    The right wing is waging a vicious campaign against an Islamic cultural center in New York City, but their hate has led some people to take a stand.

  • Ground Zero for racist hate

    Right-wingers started the hysteria about the misnamed "Ground Zero mosque," but liberal concessions to racism have allowed the bigotry to thrive.

  • The real "monuments to terrorism"

    The right's insistence that a proposed mosque in lower Manhattan is a "monument to terrorism" exposes its hypocrisy.

  • Demonized by the media again

    The events of September 11 laid the basis for the emergence of a vicious Islamophobia--and now it’s being used to whip up fears of "homegrown" terrorism.