Topic: Canada

  • Reacting to violence with scapegoating

    The attacks on soldiers in Canada will be used to toughen security laws, limit civil liberties and build up police agencies.

  • Solidaire in Quebec's election

    A member of Québec solidaire analyzes the outcome of the provincial election and the improved showing for the left.

  • Capitulating to the frackers?

    The anti-environment offensive by Canada's fossil fuel industry is shifting the political landscape of the country.

  • The blossoming of Idle No More

    An organizer from Idle No More talks about how the First Nations-led movement has spread and developed during its first year of struggle.

  • A "war on science" in Canada

    The Canadian government will do anything to protect the fossil fuel industry, including closing libraries and destroying research.

  • A new low in Toronto

    Business interests and the political elite claim to be appalled by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but he served their interests for years.

  • Oil and rail safety don't mix

    The third train derailment in western Canada in as many weeks is fueling opposition to the increase in oil-by-rail transport.

  • The colonialism denialists

    The assault on First Nations land defenders in New Brunswick shows that Canada's colonial past is its present, too.

  • Petro-political flows in Canada

    Popular opposition to limitless fossil-fuel projects is growing, but that isn't stopping the frenetic efforts of Canadian business.

  • A charter of exclusion

    Tens of thousands marched in Montreal to voice opposition to a provincial government proposal for a "Charter of Quebec Values."

  • Lessons of the oil train disaster

    The corporate interests responsible for the oil train catastrophe in Quebec are back looking for opportunities again.

  • A social and ecological tragedy

    The oil train catastrophe in Quebec is a symptom of more systemic problems--the drive for profits and more reliance on oil.

  • Strange customs

    Customs officers attempted to teach one activist from Quebec a skewed version of history when he traveled to the U.S.

  • A frustrating election for the left in B.C.

    British Columbia's Liberal Party won re-election with the expansion of coal and natural gas extraction as a chief plank.

  • Returning to the streets in Quebec

    Over 10,000 Quebec students protested as a new government that promised change announced it would increase tuition.

  • Lessons from the Quebec students

    Last spring's uprising in Quebec provided a shining example of how campus activists can fight and win in the face of austerity.

  • Confronting colonialism in Canada

    The Idle No More movement is showing Canadians that the country we live in was founded as a colonial-settler state.

  • Roots of the First Nations resistance

    The blossoming of the Idle No More movement signals the return of Native struggle to Canada's political landscape.

  • Harper's attack on the First Nations

    Policies imposed by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government threaten the rights of First Nation people.

  • Canada is "Idle No More"

    A new movement in Canada has sparked an indigenous uprising, with echoes in the U.S., to win basic respect for First Nations.

  • The power of the student movement

    The mass movement of Quebec students showed that the struggle for education is tied to the struggle for democratic rights.

  • Found guilty of activism in Quebec

    The conviction of a Quebec student leader is the latest attempt by the government to squelch support for the student struggle.

  • How the movement turned the tide in Quebec

    Students in Quebec celebrated a victory when the new government repealed a tuition hike--but the struggle for the future of education continues.

  • What turned the tide in Quebec?

    Although some will say that electing the Parti Québecois was the key, the movement's victory in Quebec was a result of mass struggle.

  • Quebec teaches another lesson

    Quebec students who have been rebelling against a massive tuition increase, scored an amazing victory in last week's elections.