Topic: Brazil

  • Brazil rocked by the return of mass protest

    A Brazilian socialist explains the sources of the mass protests that turned the tide against the right--and what they mean for the future.

  • Has scandal caught up with Rio's ex-mayor?

    Brazil's ongoing corruption investigations may be closing in on one of the previously untainted faces of the 2016 Olympics.

  • La caída del PT, en diez puntos

    Un activista socialista en Brasil explica cómo el otrora poderoso Partido de los Trabajadores ha perdido el apoyo popular que una vez tuvo.

  • Ten points on the fall of the Workers Party

    A longtime socialist activist in Brazil explains how the once-mighty party led by Lula and Rousseff has collapsed in support.

  • A corrupt alliance with Brazil's coup-makers

    The Workers' Party in Brazil wants to curry favor with the same corrupt right-wingers who voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff.

  • Imperialism's junior partners

    How other BRICS governments respond to the impeachment coup in Brazil will tell us a lot about their relationship to imperialism.

  • Life in Brazil after Dilma

    Opposing the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff can't mean forgetting the tragedy of the Workers Party in power.

  • The underbelly of the Rio Olympics

    The fiction that corruption infects every aspect of Brazil's political world except for the Olympics has been exposed as a lie.

  • The impeachment crisis shaking Brazil

    The impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is more than just a conservative coup. It's the result of a deep economic and political crisis.

  • Which side will win out in Brazil?

    The leaders of the ruling Workers Party are losing support among their base, while the right-wing opposition hopes to capitalize.

  • The alternative to Lulism

    Brazil's socialist left is being put to the test as it confronts two foes: the governing Workers' Party and a resurgent right wing.

  • Bulldozing favelas for FIFA

    In the Favela de Metro, near the Maracanã stadium, families were forced out at gunpoint in preparation for the World Cup.

  • Striking on the eve of the Cup

    A member of a left-wing Brazilian labor federation calls for solidarity with the growing protests among Brazilian workers.

  • Shining a light on soccer's invisible dictators

    Protests, strikes and direct actions have been erupting across Brazil as the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches.

  • What have Brazil's protesters won?

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has made concessions to the protest movement, but mass pressure is still needed.

  • Private transit, public protest

    What started as anger at rising transit fares has morphed into demands over education, health care and political corruption.

  • The road to revolt in Brazil

    Brazil's mass protests were first sparked by transit fare hikes, but quickly became popular mobilizations on other issues.

  • Brazil's collective rage

    A Brazilian activist explains how mass protests have spread across the country, with left- and right-wing forces vying for influence.

  • Brazilians confront the austerity games

    The protests rocking Brazil are a reaction to warped priorities--billions spent on sports extravaganzas and nothing on the needs of working people.

  • The Free Fare struggle rises up

    The streets of São Paulo became a war zone when riot police attacked a peaceful demonstration protesting transit fare hikes.

  • Brazil says no to Israeli arms

    Activists in Brazil protested the presence of Israeli weapons manufacturers at an arms bazaar in Rio de Janeiro.

  • The Olympian war on Brazil's poor

    Every day in the slums that surround Brazil's major cities, the authorities are "making Brazil ready for the Games."

  • Jailed for protesting Obama's visit

    The visit of Barack Obama to Brazil was marked by the politically motivated arrest of 13 Brazilian citizens for protesting him.

  • We won't pay for the crisis

    The rich must pay for the global crisis, and anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, feminist, environmentalist and socialist alternatives are necessary.

  • Taking on GM in Brazil

    A key union in Brazil is using job actions and a call for labor and community solidarity to fight General Motors' decision to lay off 802 workers.