Topic: Brazil

  • Brazil's coupmakers want to jail democracy

    The imprisonment of the former Brazilian president represents an escalation of the right wing's attack on workers and the left.

  • Justicia para Marielle Franco

    Los socialistas estadounidenses expresamos nuestra solidaridad con los camaradas del PSOL tras el asesinato de una socialista brasileña.

  • Marielle's assassins must be brought to justice

    Socialist organizations in the U.S. send their solidarity after the assassination of a leading socialist and human rights activist in Brazil.

  • Into the streets for Marielle Franco

    Marielle died because of her fight, because she was Black, because she was a woman, because she dared to confront the system.

  • How will Brazil's left react to the Lula verdict?

    The conviction of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has cast in sharp relief the strategic choices confronting the country's left.

  • Protestas regresan a Brasil

    Un socialista brasileño explica los orígenes de las protestas masivas que revirtieron el avance de la derecha y su significado para la izquierda.

  • Brazil rocked by the return of mass protest

    A Brazilian socialist explains the sources of the mass protests that turned the tide against the right--and what they mean for the future.

  • Has scandal caught up with Rio's ex-mayor?

    Brazil's ongoing corruption investigations may be closing in on one of the previously untainted faces of the 2016 Olympics.

  • La caída del PT, en diez puntos

    Un activista socialista en Brasil explica cómo el otrora poderoso Partido de los Trabajadores ha perdido el apoyo popular que una vez tuvo.

  • Ten points on the fall of the Workers Party

    A longtime socialist activist in Brazil explains how the once-mighty party led by Lula and Rousseff has collapsed in support.

  • A corrupt alliance with Brazil's coup-makers

    The Workers' Party in Brazil wants to curry favor with the same corrupt right-wingers who voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff.

  • Imperialism's junior partners

    How other BRICS governments respond to the impeachment coup in Brazil will tell us a lot about their relationship to imperialism.

  • Life in Brazil after Dilma

    Opposing the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff can't mean forgetting the tragedy of the Workers Party in power.

  • The underbelly of the Rio Olympics

    The fiction that corruption infects every aspect of Brazil's political world except for the Olympics has been exposed as a lie.

  • The impeachment crisis shaking Brazil

    The impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is more than just a conservative coup. It's the result of a deep economic and political crisis.

  • Which side will win out in Brazil?

    The leaders of the ruling Workers Party are losing support among their base, while the right-wing opposition hopes to capitalize.

  • The alternative to Lulism

    Brazil's socialist left is being put to the test as it confronts two foes: the governing Workers' Party and a resurgent right wing.

  • Bulldozing favelas for FIFA

    In the Favela de Metro, near the Maracanã stadium, families were forced out at gunpoint in preparation for the World Cup.

  • Striking on the eve of the Cup

    A member of a left-wing Brazilian labor federation calls for solidarity with the growing protests among Brazilian workers.

  • Shining a light on soccer's invisible dictators

    Protests, strikes and direct actions have been erupting across Brazil as the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches.

  • What have Brazil's protesters won?

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has made concessions to the protest movement, but mass pressure is still needed.

  • Private transit, public protest

    What started as anger at rising transit fares has morphed into demands over education, health care and political corruption.

  • The road to revolt in Brazil

    Brazil's mass protests were first sparked by transit fare hikes, but quickly became popular mobilizations on other issues.

  • Brazil's collective rage

    A Brazilian activist explains how mass protests have spread across the country, with left- and right-wing forces vying for influence.

  • Brazilians confront the austerity games

    The protests rocking Brazil are a reaction to warped priorities--billions spent on sports extravaganzas and nothing on the needs of working people.