Topic: Greece

  • Greece says no to austerity and yes to solidarity

    Two Greek socialists and leading voices of the Left Platform of SYRIZA speak out about the referendum on austerity and its impact.

  • A no vote against blackmail

    A leading force in SYRIZA's Left Platform describes the stakes in the mobilization for a "no" vote in Greece's referendum.

  • Greece's show of defiance

    The SYRIZA government's decision to hold a referendum on European demands for yet more austerity has opened up a new political situation.

  • Illegal, illegitimate and odious

    The Truth Committee on Public Debt formed by the Greek parliament has issued a report documenting the crimes of the Troika.

  • Building solidarity at the grassroots in Greece

    A member of the Solidarity For All in Greece describes the effort to support people in need so they can fight back.

  • Why the powerful are punishing Greece

    Driving the latest demands for more austerity in Greece is a new constellation of imperial power in Europe driven by Germany.

  • The drive for "national unity"

    Pro-austerity parties in Greece are trying to capitalize on the EU's extortion to take away all options for a left government.

  • SYRIZA's left pushes back

    As Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras proposes further concessions, the left wing of his party is arguing to halt the retreat.

  • ¿Mantendrá SYRIZA la raya?

    El gobierno en Grecia está siendo presionado a optar entre la capitulación y la confrontación, y la izquierda del partido quiere trazar una línea.

  • Will SYRIZA hold the line?

    Greece's SYRIZA government is being pushed to choose between capitulation and confrontation--and the party's left wants to draw the line.

  • SYRIZA needs clear answers

    A leader of the SYRIZA's Left Platform argues that the radical left party must choose an alternative to further concessions.

  • The way out of the trap is a radical left policy

    Revolutionaries inside SYRIZA make the case for a strategy to escape the downward spiral of negotiations with the lenders.

  • The "red lines" of the Greek people

    The Political Secretariat of the radical left party SYRIZA puts forward the principles to guide negotiations with the lenders.

  • SYRIZA faces a decisive test

    A leader of the left wing in SYRIZA describes the stakes as the moment of truth approaches for the Greek government.

  • The moment of truth for SYRIZA

    With the critical turning point in Greece's crisis drawing near, the whole of SYRIZA must be asked to decide what comes next.

  • Golden Dawn is afraid of justice

    Eleven members of parliament representing SYRIZA protest the latest delay in the trial of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazis.

  • Which way out of the trap?

    By refusing to give an inch in their confrontation with Greece, Europe's elite has lured the left-wing government into a trap.

  • Hold the trial in central Athens

    Anti-fascists and the left in Greece are mobilizing for more protests as the trial of Golden Dawn resumes later this week.

  • Heading for a Grexit?

    The EU's big squeeze could force Greece's SYRIZA government to choose between abandoning its promises or defaulting and leaving the euro.

  • What does Greece look like at the grassroots?

    A member of the SYRIZA Central Committee looks at the state of the working class and social movements in Greece.

  • What's at stake in the Golden Dawn trial?

    The trial of Golden Dawn, now adjourned for at least two more weeks, will have critical importance in Greece and around Europe.

  • The pressure to stay strong

    A leader of the left inside SYRIZA explains the latest developments in Greece as a showdown with Europe looms.

  • The government, the party and the people

    A leading voice of the left inside SYRIZA emphasizes the centrality of party members to maintaining the radical left's project.

  • No tolerance for Golden Dawn

    The Greek left must mobilize to give voice to the anti-Nazi climate as a trial of Golden Dawn leaders gets underway in April.

  • Breaking the vicious circle

    The Greek government must go in the opposite direction from concessions to defeat the extortion of Europe's rulers.