Topic: Greece

  • A precious history

    Hundreds of Greek socialists celebrated the launch of a book that collects documents from the Communist International.

  • Solidarity with Greek cleaners

    Hundreds of cleaners laid off by Greece's Finance Ministry are asking for support in the struggle to get their jobs back.

  • The road ahead after SYRIZA's victory

    Greek socialists explain how SYRIZA's victory in European elections opens the way for the left to make new gains.

  • A victory ahead for Greece's left?

    A SYRIZA candidate for European parliament describes the political situation as Greece comes to an election showdown.

  • Looking ahead in Greece

    It's a tough winter once again for Greek workers--but there are hopeful opportunities for the left in political and class struggles.

  • In defense of Workers' Solidarity

    Greek socialists who produce Workers' Solidarity newspaper are facing a legal fight for opposing the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

  • An attempt to criminalize antifascist protest

    An antifascist activist in Greece will go on trial in December over a slanderous lawsuit filed by a supporter of Golden Dawn.

  • Antifascist action isn't a crime

    Opponents of the fascist threat in Greece are asking for support in defending a fellow activist facing trial in December.

  • Greece's anti-fascist struggle

    The fight against Golden Dawn--the most pernicious and entrenched neo-Nazi force in Europe--has reached a critical moment.

  • We must defeat the neo-Nazis

    The Internationalist Workers Left looks at the tasks ahead for anti-fascists following the arrest of Golden Dawn leaders.

  • "Yeah right, like I'm afraid"

    The killing of a hip-hop artist in Greece by the fascists of Golden Dawn is leading to a new round of struggle and resistance.

  • He needs your help against the fascists

    Greek scholar Savvas Matsas is facing serious charges for advocating protest against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

  • The battle for SYRIZA goes on

    The leadership prevailed on many proposals during SYRIZA's first congress, but its attempt to stifle left-wing opposition didn't succeed.

  • A new center of the resistance in Greece

    Opponents of austerity in Greece have united behind a workers' occupation of the state TV and radio broadcaster against threats it will be shut down.

  • The role of the left in SYRIZA

    A Greek socialist explains how left-wing groups are dealing with new challenges in the Coalition of the Radical Left.

  • In charge of cracking down

    Nikos Dendias, the Greek Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, was met with protests when he spoke in New York.

  • Fighting for Greece's future

    Activists from across Europe gathered in Athens last month to hear leaders of the Greek left discuss the fight ahead.

  • Standing against the Greek fascists

    Anti-racists took part in an international day of protest on January 19 against the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn.

  • Greece's social fabric unravels

    The 1930s-style depression in Greece is ravaging the lives of working people, with far-reaching political repercussions.

  • Debating the future in Greece

    Three left-wing organizations issued a joint statement about the defining questions at stake at SYRIZA's national conference.

  • Where is SYRIZA headed?

    A national conference of Greece's Coalition of the Radical Left revolved around crucial debates about its future and direction.

  • A new season of resistance in Greece

    Mass strikes and militant protest are back in Greece--and the new question for the left is how to move forward to stronger and more sustained resistance.

  • NYC activists confront Golden Dawn

    Opponents of hate mobilized against supporters of the Greek Nazi party Golden Dawn when they appeared in Queens.

  • Turning despair into hate

    Greece's neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn sees the economic crisis--and the discontent it has created--as an opportunity to grow.

  • SYRIZA builds for the future

    After twice nearly winning national elections, the Coalition of the Radical Left in Greece is continuing the fight against austerity.