Topic: Greece

  • Building an anti-Memorandum alliance

    SYRIZA's Left Platform announces that it will help form a new alliance to run in early elections forced by Alexis Tsipras.

  • The left challenge to Tsipras' surrender

    A Greek socialist explains why SYRIZA's left has broken from the party to form Popular Unity, a radical alternative for the elections to come.

  • The deal is done, but the fight isn't over

    The left in Greece is coming together in defiance after parliament gave final approval to Alexis Tsipras' new Memorandum.

  • The left's challenge in SYRIZA

    On the eve of a SYRIZA leadership meeting, a leader of the Left Platform argues that the party must not become pro-austerity.

  • The battle in SYRIZA goes on

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is trying to win final approval for a third Memorandum over the opposition of SYRIZA's left.

  • Provoking a split with the working class

    The best-known leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform argues against the government's course toward a new Memorandum.

  • Opposing the newest austerity plan in Greece

    An activist in SYRIZA's left wing discusses the situation in Greece, after the government of Alexis Tsipras appeased European authorities with tax hikes and privatization.

  • Our new tasks in the struggle against austerity

    A Greek socialist and leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform speaks to a 2,500-strong rally as the fight against austerity continues.

  • The lessons of SYRIZA for U.S. socialists

    Marxist principles and theory must be used to develop a concrete strategy that leads out of the decades-long political impasse.

  • Subordination is not an agreement

    The speaker of Greece's parliament and leading voice of the radical left speaks out on a second vote on Memorandum policies.

  • Turning resignation into resistance in Greece

    A journalist for Red Flag reports from Greece as the radical left takes stock and organizes opposition to Alexis Tsipras' new Memorandum.

  • What SYRIZA must not become

    A leading voice of SYRIZA's Left Platform spells out the radical challenge to the new Memorandum negotiated by Alexis Tsipras.

  • A Brest Litovsk moment?

    Several writers have compared Alexis Tsipras' surrender in Greece to the Russian Bolsheviks' harsh treaty with Germany.

  • The fight against Golden Dawn isn't over

    Golden Dawn may be marginalized for now, but we have to bring the anti-fascist fight into the struggle against austerity.

  • Motives of the blackmailers

    The primary motivation for the humiliation of the Greek government was political--so Greece would serve as an example.

  • The struggle for the soul of SYRIZA

    A socialist activist talks about the battle inside Greece's radical left party after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' surrender to the European authorities.

  • What's in the new Memorandum?

    Greek socialists in SYRIZA present a sobering list of the austerity measures in Alexis Tsipras' agreement with the EU.

  • This deal will overturn the people's "No"

    Greece's Energy Minister and a leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform declares his opposition to Tsipras' new Memorandum.

  • Defiance against the parliament's surrender

    Greece's parliament voted to accept new austerity measures over the protests of left-wing deputies and wider social unrest.

  • No new Memorandum in our name!

    Socialists inside SYRIZA make their case for rejecting the new austerity measures agreed to by the Greek government.

  • A showdown looms in Greece's parliament

    Alexis Tsipras wants a vote in parliament to sanction his surrender to the European blackmailers, but opposition is building.

  • SYRIZA leaders against the coup

    A majority of Central Committee members of SYRIZA have signed a statement opposing Alexis Tsipras' proposed Memorandum.

  • No to a new Memorandum of servitude

    The speaker of parliament in Greece reportedly faces the threat of being ousted for opposing a new Memorandum.

  • Dispensing with democracy

    The Greek referendum was a glimpse of what real democracy might look like--which is why the ruling class needed to wreck it.

  • Will Europe accept Tsipras' surrender?

    Greece's government has capitulated to demands for the most severe austerity yet--but that may not secure the deal Alexis Tsipras wants.