Topic: Greece

  • The "red lines" of the Greek people

    The Political Secretariat of the radical left party SYRIZA puts forward the principles to guide negotiations with the lenders.

  • SYRIZA faces a decisive test

    A leader of the left wing in SYRIZA describes the stakes as the moment of truth approaches for the Greek government.

  • The moment of truth for SYRIZA

    With the critical turning point in Greece's crisis drawing near, the whole of SYRIZA must be asked to decide what comes next.

  • Golden Dawn is afraid of justice

    Eleven members of parliament representing SYRIZA protest the latest delay in the trial of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazis.

  • Which way out of the trap?

    By refusing to give an inch in their confrontation with Greece, Europe's elite has lured the left-wing government into a trap.

  • Hold the trial in central Athens

    Anti-fascists and the left in Greece are mobilizing for more protests as the trial of Golden Dawn resumes later this week.

  • Heading for a Grexit?

    The EU's big squeeze could force Greece's SYRIZA government to choose between abandoning its promises or defaulting and leaving the euro.

  • What does Greece look like at the grassroots?

    A member of the SYRIZA Central Committee looks at the state of the working class and social movements in Greece.

  • What's at stake in the Golden Dawn trial?

    The trial of Golden Dawn, now adjourned for at least two more weeks, will have critical importance in Greece and around Europe.

  • The pressure to stay strong

    A leader of the left inside SYRIZA explains the latest developments in Greece as a showdown with Europe looms.

  • The government, the party and the people

    A leading voice of the left inside SYRIZA emphasizes the centrality of party members to maintaining the radical left's project.

  • No tolerance for Golden Dawn

    The Greek left must mobilize to give voice to the anti-Nazi climate as a trial of Golden Dawn leaders gets underway in April.

  • Breaking the vicious circle

    The Greek government must go in the opposite direction from concessions to defeat the extortion of Europe's rulers.

  • When the debt is illegitimate

    Cancellation of Greece's foreign debt is a necessity--and history is full of examples of similar burdens being written off.

  • Breathing space or a tighter stranglehold?

    One thing is certain about the Greek government's deal with the Eurogroup: It ensures neither a truce nor financial relief.

  • Choosing a different path

    Socialists in Greece call for SYRIZA to pursue an alternative of resistance to the lenders and of struggle against austerity.

  • Where are we going after the agreement?

    A leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform looks at what's next for the struggle after a key meeting of the party's Central Committee.

  • SYRIZA's only choice: A radical step forward

    Three leading members of SYRIZA critique the government's deal with the Eurogroup and propose a different way forward.

  • The hidden victims of austerity in Greece

    The dire conditions facing immigrants and asylum seekers in Greece are a critical issue facing the SYRIZA government.

  • A deal that traps SYRIZA in neoliberalism

    The agreement between the Greek government and European lenders accepts the limits of a neoliberal policy of austerity.

  • Confronting the concessions to austerity

    A Greek socialist answers questions about the political situation following the agreement with the Eurogroup--and the struggles that now lie ahead.

  • What caused the capitulation?

    The Eurogroup agreement that the Greek government was dragged into last week amounts to a headlong retreat.

  • The Eurogroup noose tightens around Greece

    Leaders of the new Greek government face a deadline to come up with an austerity program that SYRIZA came to power promising to end.

  • The never-ending ultimatums

    Greece's left-wing government has made huge concessions--but even that isn't enough for the rulers of Europe.

  • A president from the other side

    Why did the leaders of Greece's left-wing government pick a figure from the center-right New Democracy party to be president?