Topic: Greece

  • Greece's radical left after SYRIZA

    The experience of SYRIZA in Greece and the left's role in it from its founding has drawn out a series of ongoing lessons.

  • Gathering the anti-Memorandum left in Greece

    A Greek socialist reports on the debates and discussions at the first conference of the Popular Unity alliance formed last year.

  • Moment of truth for the Third Memorandum

    The Tsipras government is negotiating over even more drastic austerity measures--and not showing the least sign of resistance.

  • When will workers start the next act in Greece?

    The latest stage in Greece's political and social crisis is unfolding as Alexis Tsipras' government struggles for a way forward.

  • What's ahead after the general strike?

    Greece's general strike in early February revealed new opportunities for the left to challenge Tsipras' government of austerity.

  • Discontent returns to the streets in Greece

    The SYRIZA government of Alexis Tsipras is facing growing anger and dissent in the form of strikes, protests and blockades.

  • On the tide of misery

    A Vermont activist and union organizer who recently traveled to Greece describes the horrors of the refugee crisis in Europe.

  • The broad left party question after SYRIZA

    A contribution to the discussion of the SYRIZA experience in Greece and the left's debate about a question of strategy today.

  • Europe's unelected government

    A leading left-wing economist describes how the European creditors maneuvered Greece into a position of subordination.

  • The goals of Popular Unity

    A Greek socialist lays out the challenges ahead in the face of an austerity government that still speaks in the name of the left.

  • Austerity and the drachma

    A Greek socialist examines the views put forward on the left about exiting the euro and the impact of adopting a national currency.

  • Where does the election leave the Greek left?

    Tsipras' crime is not only the imposition of new austerity, but destroying the optimism unleashed by SYRIZA coming to power.

  • Who will rule Greece?

    Alexis Tsipras won a major victory in the September 20 election, but he now must abide by the draconian terms of the lenders' new Memorandum.

  • Right sentiment, but the wrong conclusions

    Learning the lessons of SYRIZA requires analyzing the concrete conditions in Greece and how they differ from those in the U.S.

  • Tsipras' Pyrrhic victory and the struggle ahead

    Greek socialists respond to the outcome of the September 20 elections and explain the tasks for the left ahead in the struggle against austerity.

  • Elections in Greece and the left's challenge

    A leading Greek socialist explains how the new alliance Popular Unity was formed to confront the betrayals of Alexis Tsipras' SYRIZA government.

  • Keeping the flame of resistance lit in Greece

    The elections in Greece come at a critical turning point: the end of one political period and the beginning of another.

  • Time for an exit from austerity

    With new elections in Greece less than a week away, three leading voices of the European far left call for a new direction.

  • Building an anti-Memorandum alliance

    SYRIZA's Left Platform announces that it will help form a new alliance to run in early elections forced by Alexis Tsipras.

  • The left challenge to Tsipras' surrender

    A Greek socialist explains why SYRIZA's left has broken from the party to form Popular Unity, a radical alternative for the elections to come.

  • The deal is done, but the fight isn't over

    The left in Greece is coming together in defiance after parliament gave final approval to Alexis Tsipras' new Memorandum.

  • The left's challenge in SYRIZA

    On the eve of a SYRIZA leadership meeting, a leader of the Left Platform argues that the party must not become pro-austerity.

  • The battle in SYRIZA goes on

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is trying to win final approval for a third Memorandum over the opposition of SYRIZA's left.

  • Provoking a split with the working class

    The best-known leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform argues against the government's course toward a new Memorandum.

  • Opposing the newest austerity plan in Greece

    An activist in SYRIZA's left wing discusses the situation in Greece, after the government of Alexis Tsipras appeased European authorities with tax hikes and privatization.