Topic: Impact/oppression

  • Repression and resistance in a Bedouin village

    The inhabitants of Umm al-Khair are fighting displacement in the face of violence from the Israeli state and Zionist settlers.

  • Israel's premeditated massacre

    In honor of the anniversary of Dr. King's assassination, we condemn Israel's murder of Palestinians during the Land Day protests.

  • Starving Gaza one tunnel at a time

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges and fading support, so he's turned to a new assault on Gaza.

  • Making common cause with Israel's ethno-state

    Donald Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is three things at once: purely symbolic, dangerously provocative and highly self-serving.

  • Left with tiny scraps of land

    A British socialist writes about what he saw in the West Bank during a trip organized to forge solidarity between communities.

  • What caused the attack in Jerusalem?

    Israel's apartheid regime is the root cause of the truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in early January.

  • Apartheid Israel's war on water

    During the month of June, Palestinians in the West Bank faced some of the harshest water shortages that they have in decades.

  • Israel's reign of terror in Jerusalem

    Amid recent primitive attacks on Israelis, anti-Arab lynch mobs, backed up by soldiers and police, are inflicting even more violence on Palestinians.

  • Deep roots of Israeli vigilante violence

    In less than 24 hours, Israeli racism and xenophobia exploded into several forms of extreme violence.

  • A pogrom against Bedouins

    Israeli police have provoked a confrontation with Bedouins in the Negev region--and responded with a punishing assault.

  • Suffering and survival after the war on Gaza

    Israel's 51-day assault imposed a terrible toll on the people of Gaza--and the apartheid state is seeking to continue the pressure.

  • Israel promises to continue the slaughter

    Israel is again raining terror from the skies over Gaza, even as it persists in claiming that its "precision" strikes are a "proportionate" response.

  • At least my hospital isn't being bombed

    No part of Israel's merciless war on Gaza is more unconscionable than its targeting of Palestinian hospitals.

  • El terror sobre Palestina

    Una sostenida ola de violencia por parte de Israel intensifica las tensiones en Cisjordania, Gaza, e Israel mismo.

  • They call this avoiding casualties?

    Israeli officials say they're making "huge efforts" to avoid civilian deaths, so the death toll must be Hamas' fault.

  • Israel's terrorist rampage

    The already bloody Israeli onslaught against Gaza is intensifying, causing hundreds of deaths and driving tens of thousands from their homes.

  • The violence of the oppressors

    Israel's oppression of Palestinians--and the resistance against it--has many echoes with the situation facing African Americans.

  • Rockets and the Gaza resistance

    The completely lopsided nature of the conflict must be part of any discussion of Israel's claims about rockets fired from Gaza.

  • A war crime in progress

    Israel's air strikes against the besieged civilian population of Gaza have entered a frightening new phase of indiscriminate violence.

  • The terror state lashes out

    A sustained wave of Israeli violence against Palestinians has brought tensions to a boil throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Israel itself.

  • Gaza's unnatural disaster

    After a huge snowstorm, Israel opened dams that unleashed floodwaters on Gaza--and drove 40,000 people from their homes.

  • Resisting Israel's Prawer Plan

    Thousands protested across Israel and the occupied territories to oppose a new plan for dispossessing the Palestinians.

  • A Jewish-only Jerusalem?

    Life in East Jerusalem is even grimmer for Palestinians, as Israeli forces target them for arbitrary arrests and home demolitions.

  • Every day is Land Day in Palestine

    Palestinians marked the anniversary of Land Day with protests inside Israel's borders and in the Occupied territories.

  • Israel's war to kill hope

    Why has Palestine's sports infrastructure, not to mention Palestine's athletes, always been a target of the Israeli military?