Stop police brutality

August 15, 2008

PROVIDENCE, R.I.--About 50 people rallied at Donigian Park on August 10 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of a savage police attack on Alexandra Svoboda.

Svoboda is a member of the Providence chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World. She was attacked by police in North Providence during an August 11, 2007, protest of Jackie's Galaxie restaurant, which had been using an anti-union supplier.

Although the protest was peaceful, police assaulted the activists, crushing Svoboda's leg in the process. She was forced to undergo four surgeries in the two weeks following the attack in order to repair the multiple fractures, ligament tears and nerve damage that she suffered. One year later, she still requires a leg brace and cane to walk--yet, outrageously, Svoboda faces charges of assaulting the police who attacked her.

The recent rally was sponsored by the Providence Industrial Workers of the World and was attended by IWW members from across the region, as well as many representatives of the Providence activist community.

Speakers at the rally pointed out that police brutality is a chronic and growing problem both in the state and nationally, and called for continued activism to combat it.

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