Protesting a fascist “historian”

July 27, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore.--British fascist and Holocaust denier "historian" David Irving wormed his way into the Embassy Suites Hotel here to give a speech on July 19--but his presence didn't go without angry protest.

Irving is more than just a Holocaust denier. He has spent time in the past speaking at neo-Nazi rallies in Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe. Irving has also supported the British Nazi Nick Griffin, who was recently elected to the European parliament. Since then, there has been an increase in racist attacks in Britain.

The venue was kept secret, but members of the local anti-Nazi group, Rose City Antifa, found out at the last moment where it was. On short notice, some 50 people from Rose City Antifa, members of the International Socialist Organization and other activists stood outside and blocked the door.

The manager came out and, after being informed of the nature of the event, said he thought Irving's ideas were repugnant, but he was obligated by Oregon law to let him carry on. He told protesters that if we didn't go, he'd call the police and have us arrested for trespassing.

After some time, about a dozen cop cars and over 20 cops arrived. After a standoff, in which cops stood by ready with pepper spray, protesters were allowed to stay on the grounds of the hotel and picketed for two hours.

About 15 people went in to hear Irving's vile distortion of history. One person, who stopped to talk to the picketers, said he found out about the meeting through a phone call from someone in the 9/11 truth group.

It's important wherever Nazis show up--even when they pretend that they are "historians"--that we expose them and stop them.

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