Activist News

  • Where's our 3 percent raise?

    Workers for the HowardCenter in Vermont want to know why they aren't getting the wage increase agreed to last year.

  • Our message: Not one more

    As part of a national day of action against deportations, hundreds of activists rallied outside of the Northwest Detention Center.

  • Will we "Lift Up Oakland"?

    Unions and nonprofit organizations have launched "Lift Up Oakland," a campaign to raise Oakland's minimum wage.

  • A spotlight on UM's investment in apartheid

    Students at the University of Michigan are stepping up their campaign following a student government vote against divestment.

  • Bridgeport says no to charters

    Education "reformers" have their eyes on Connecticut, but parents, teachers and community members are fighting back.

  • No complicity with apartheid

    Students at the University of Michigan and Loyola University are pressing their schools to divest from Israel's apartheid.

  • Apartheid isn't feminist

    Palestine solidarity activists at Ohio State University respond to a campus event featuring a woman from the Israeli military.

  • Coming together over KXL

    The Cowboy Indian Alliance--which unites Native peoples with ranchers and farmers--is planning days of pipeline protests.

  • Trapped by the security state

    Activists at UMass Amherst held a public forum challenging Islamophobia to show their support for Ayyub Abdul-Alim.

  • SJP banned at Northeastern

    A chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine in Boston is asking for support after it was suspended from campus.

  • Koch needs to clean up

    The message was loud and clear from a forum in Southeast Chicago: We don't want petcoke in our backyard!

  • Holding the cops accountable

    Protesters gathered in front of San Diego's Hall of Justice to demand accountability for police charged with assaulting women.

  • On strike against deportation

    Hundreds of undocumented immigrants at a private prison in Tacoma, Wash., went on hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment.

  • Saying no to Napolitano

    A student group occupied a building at the University of California Berkeley to protest incoming UC President Janet Napolitano.

  • LA marches for climate action

    Southern California activists gathered to bring attention to a range of issues, including tar sands oil and fracking.

  • Arrested for XL Dissent

    Over 350 people opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline project were arrested in a mass action in front of the White House.

  • Going to jail for protesting pipeline polluters?

    Three Michigan activists arrested and convicted for protesting construction of a tar sands pipeline face three years in prison.

  • We are Logan Square

    Tenants facing eviction in a Chicago neighborhood are taking on a real estate mogul seeking to drive out "undesirables."

  • Gearing up for the XL fight

    The March 2 demonstration in Washington, D.C., will be one of the largest actions so far against the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Oakland sit-in to win justice

    Eight people were arrested in Oakland during a protest calling on the California Attorney General to prosecute killer cops.

  • Declaring war on dissent

    Activists respond to an editorial in the Chicago Tribune declaring that the NATO 3 deserve prison time for protesting.

  • New step for System Change

    Members of the ecosocialist coalition System Change Not Climate Change met to chart a way forward for the next year.

  • The Ben & Jerry's hypocrisy

    Ben & Jerry's reputation as a socially responsible corporation is betrayed by its complicity with Israel's illegal settlements.

  • A converging fight for justice

    Nearly 200 people gathered in Chicago to launch the Global Climate Convergence and plan for actions to come.

  • BDS takes on the ivory tower

    Recent victories in the global boycott, divest and sanctions campaign against Israeli apartheid have opened up new possibilities for the movement.