Dave Zirin

  • How do we remember the past?

    Every politician with a pulse is exploiting their particular version of what the Boston Marathon bombing "means."

  • Winner of a different kind of Hunger Games

    Let's look at what the championship UConn men's basketball program tells us about so-called amateur student athletics.

  • Calling out the double standards

    NFL star Richard Sherman is especially dangerous because he is both untouchable as an athlete and merciless as a critic.

  • Imagine there's no NCAA

    The NLRB ruling that college football players can form a union has shaken the sports world to its foundations.

  • An epic Meet the Press NCAA fail

    As the business of college sports expands, this is the moment to talk about the future of the so-called "student-athlete."

  • Profiting off March Madness

    The obscene salaries of NCAA executives and college coaches have prompted a lawsuit by former college athletes.

  • Scabs on the pitch

    The lockout of Major League Soccer referees is awful for the refs, dangerous for players and terrible for working people.

  • Silent about sexual assault

    At what point will the NFL and Roger Goodell confront the haunting league-wide presence of violence against women?

  • What Michael Sam can't do

    There are many people who are putting a set of extremely unrealistic hopes onto Michael Sam's shoulders.

  • The rot beyond the locker room

    The NFL's problems extend beyond the racist and homophobic behavior of the Miami Dolphins' Richie Incognito.

  • A test for the NFL, and not everyone passed

    Michael Sam's coming out is a challenge to bigotry, but the NFL remains a homophobic institution at the top.

  • United in collective disgust

    Vladimir Putin has used the Olympics to remake a region on the backs of Russia's most vulnerable, no matter what the cost.

  • Military fables at the Super Bowl

    The NFL and the Pentagon rely on dishonest narratives about what happens to the people who go through their grinders.

  • The Wildcats came first

    The Northwestern University football squad is the first team in the history of college athletics to try to form a union.

  • Let's hope Richard Sherman never shuts up

    The Seahawks' Richard Sherman uses the platform of the NFL to tell harsh truths--hardly a recipe for becoming a "brand."

  • Reading the racial coding at the Super Bowl

    The media is painting Peyton Manning as the gentlemanly knight who will slay the dread-locked dragon Richard Sherman.

  • The meaning of a soccer jersey

    A Chilean soccer club's new uniform stands accused of "fomenting terrorism" and inspiring "violence and hatred."

  • Another 60 Minutes of shame

    The CBS news show's "report" on Alex Rodriguez could have come from Major League Baseball's public relations office.

  • Champion of racist mascots

    The Florida State Seminoles' victory in the college football national championship put their offensive mascot on the national stage.

  • Is it getting better in the NFL?

    A statement by former punter Chris Kluwe is a brave, even whistle-blowing act that could keep him out of the NFL.

  • Peyton Manning? Really?

    Sports Illustrated's bland choice for Sportsperson of the Year shortchanged this year's many compelling story lines.

  • Ten takeaways from the Winston case

    Too many fans believe defending your team means destroying any woman who dares to speak about what happened to her.

  • Confusing iconography for progress?

    What do we say about a world where the act of playing football has turned so many historical racial tropes upside down?

  • A scoundrel owner's refuge

    Dan Snyder's contempt for Native Americans and their feelings about his team's name emanates every time he opens his mouth.

  • A vile attack on holy ground for Black athletes

    An African American student was tormented by three white housemates at a university known as the epicenter of the Black athlete's revolt.