Dave Zirin

  • Confronting the facts about Ferguson

    Sports fans cheering the Little League World Series champions should think about the sports hero they're named after.

  • Racism killed Mike Brown

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's essay on Ferguson focused powerfully on the issue of class inequality--but he left something out.

  • An NBA breakthrough

    Becky Hammon will become the first full-time female assistant coach in any major professional men's sport in the U.S.

  • At least my hospital isn't being bombed

    No part of Israel's merciless war on Gaza is more unconscionable than its targeting of Palestinian hospitals.

  • The NFL's violence against women problem

    With its non-punishment of Ray Rice, the NFL is sending a message that the worth of women is at best negligible.

  • Lives stolen as they played on a beach

    The four Bakr children were killed in an Israeli strike on one of the precious few places in Gaza a child can roam freely.

  • The World Cup crackdown

    The World Cup story the U.S. media won't tell is about an angry population terrorized into compliance by the Brazilian government.

  • Exporting Gaza to the favelas

    Who is supplying Brazil with the high-tech weapons used for World Cup security? The answer can be found in Haifa, Israel.

  • Struggling to be seen

    Challenges to the sports-powers-that-be from Brazil to Washington, D.C., have shown the determination of indigenous peoples.

  • Who's using the World Cup?

    The obscene costs, corruption, displacement and militarization of the World Cup is doing all the work of "riling people up."

  • A historic goal for Palestine

    After 86 years of frustration, the Palestinian national soccer team is taking the hopes of its people to the international stage.

  • Pelé said what?

    The fact that the legend felt compelled to speak out about Brazil's carnival of injustice shows how deep the crisis runs.

  • Shining a light on soccer's invisible dictators

    Protests, strikes and direct actions have been erupting across Brazil as the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches.

  • The wolf of Crenshaw

    As far as his fellow owners are concerned, Donald Sterling's sin is he couldn't contain his bigotry to acceptable targets.

  • Working from the same playbook

    The real fear that beats in the hearts of pro sports team owners is they, too, may be judged by their "pattern of behavior."

  • Rewriting the history of sports

    Those in power in the sports world can't be allowed to pat themselves on the back while running business as usual.

  • The strike threat heard 'round the NBA

    The threat of a player walk-off during a playoff game spurred the league to take immediate action against Donald Sterling.

  • A racist and his enablers

    NBA officials may condemn Donald Sterling's racist rant, but they need to account for their years of enabling this man.

  • How do we remember the past?

    Every politician with a pulse is exploiting their particular version of what the Boston Marathon bombing "means."

  • Winner of a different kind of Hunger Games

    Let's look at what the championship UConn men's basketball program tells us about so-called amateur student athletics.

  • Calling out the double standards

    NFL star Richard Sherman is especially dangerous because he is both untouchable as an athlete and merciless as a critic.

  • Imagine there's no NCAA

    The NLRB ruling that college football players can form a union has shaken the sports world to its foundations.

  • An epic Meet the Press NCAA fail

    As the business of college sports expands, this is the moment to talk about the future of the so-called "student-athlete."

  • Profiting off March Madness

    The obscene salaries of NCAA executives and college coaches have prompted a lawsuit by former college athletes.

  • Scabs on the pitch

    The lockout of Major League Soccer referees is awful for the refs, dangerous for players and terrible for working people.