• VW chose profit over the planet

    Volkswagen got caught--but it's not the first and won't be the last corporation to pursue profit with a sociopathic intensity.

  • From a weak recovery to a new recession?

    Working people were already left behind in the U.S. economic recovery--but conditions may be headed from bad to worse.

  • What's driving the world toward a new slump?

    From Europe to China to the U.S., the problems in the world economy today are rooted in the capitalist system itself.

  • Are we headed for another crash?

    The turmoil on international stock markets is a warning sign that the world economy is headed for trouble--and the U.S. economy isn't immune.

  • Capitalism is a waste

    The celebrated pursuit of economic "efficiency" may make sense for capitalists--but it's entirely irrational for the rest of us.

  • When Greece-style austerity spreads West

    From Puerto Rico to Illinois and beyond, looming debt crises are being exploited as a justification to shred an already threadbare welfare state.

  • The barely-getting-by economy

    Six years into a supposed economic recovery, almost half of the people in the world's richest country couldn't handle a $400 emergency expense.

  • Class, capitalism and the tech industry

    The tech industry has constructed a series of myths that obscure the realities of class power, exploitation and oppression.

  • The greatest heist in history

    The growing gap between the rich and the rest of us isn't being caused by some mysterious market force, but an old-fashioned one: theft.

  • Winners and losers in the global oil crash

    A drastic fall in oil prices is shaking up the national economies of petro-states and reshaping economic and political rivalries.

  • Profits come before patriotism

    Barack Obama has discovered that U.S. multinationals pledge allegiance to their bottom line, not the good old U.S.A.

  • What does tech mean for the left?

    It's important to take stock of the growing digital workforce and what it means for Marxist theory and socialist practice.

  • Neoliberal monstrosities

    The proliferation of monster types in popular culture speaks to deep-seated anxieties about the ways capitalism degrades us.

  • Global slump and the new normal

    Seven years of economic crisis has created a new normal: extreme social inequality coexisting with a stagnant global system.

  • A tale of two paychecks

    For Pam Davis, working at Walmart meant always worrying about the next bill. For Rob Walton, owning Walmart means never worrying about anything.

  • Held up at work

    Wage theft affects more people and accounts for more money than all other forms of robbery--but it isn't even treated like a crime in most cases.

  • Snapshots of inequality

    Capitalism produces inequality by definition--but the neoliberal era has turned the gap between rich and poor into a Grand Canyon.

  • Life and death for the homeless this winter

    The frigid weather this month put millions of people at risk--but there's another man-made danger compounding the cold this winter: Poverty.

  • Hungry for a living wage

    Across the country, millions of low-wage workers face fear and anxiety over their scramble to make ends meet--but a resistance is growing.

  • Poor prospects in a "middle class" society

    The vast majority of Americans will experience poverty and economic insecurity for a significant portion of their lives.

  • A jobs plan only big business could love

    Barack Obama's talk about fighting for good jobs rings hollow when you look at his actual proposals--which include cutting corporate taxes.

  • The smash-and-grab agenda

    Even mainstream commentators are admitting that austerity measures have led to lower economic growth. So why have governments embraced them?

  • Generation out of luck

    College graduation is supposed to be a time of celebration--yet the class of 2013 is facing a future of uncertainty and diminished prospects.

  • A slap on the wrist for the banksters

    Ten banks will pay $8.5 billion to settle a federal review of their predatory lending practices--offering little to their victims.

  • Holding all the cards...and they still folded

    Obama and the Democrats had leverage over Republicans and popular opinion on their side, but they tossed both away to make the fiscal cliff deal.