History and Traditions

  • The anarcho-madness of the free market

    There are few better examples of the waste built into capitalism than the periodic stock market crashes like the one in mid-August.

  • The measure of a revolutionary

    There's a tendency among defenders of the status quo to turn great historical figures like Eugene Debs into harmless icons.

  • Socialists and the struggle to end racism

    Capitalism and racism are bound together. One cannot exist without the other, and so the struggle against each depends on a struggle against both.

  • The Zimmerwald Manifesto

    The gathering of socialists in Zimmerwald 100 years ago ended with a united appeal for resistance against the First World War.

  • Resolution of the Zimmerwald Left

    At the Zimmerwald conference 100 years ago, a group of delegates led by Russia's Bolsheviks put forward their own resolution.

  • The specter that still haunts capitalism

    Despite being declared dead and buried for years, the idea of socialism is in the air--but what it means or how to achieve it is vague for many people.

  • Liebknecht's letter to Zimmerwald

    The imprisoned German revolutionary Karl Liebknecht sent a statement to the socialist antiwar gathering in Zimmerwald.

  • The new socialist resistance against war

    A small gathering held in Zimmerwald, Switzerland, 100 years ago marked a turning point in the socialist movement.

  • The party and Black liberation

    The Communist Party was the first socialist group in the U.S. to make the fight against racial oppression central to its program.

  • Tearing down the walls

    The Stonewall Rebellion provides us with lessons for rebuilding a movement that can win sexual liberation for everyone.

  • Rebellion in Watts

    Fifty years ago, the upsurge of protest, rioting and clashes with police in Los Angeles signaled a new phase in the Black freedom struggle.

  • What caused the Eastland disaster?

    A socialist journalist reveals how the priorities of capitalism were responsible for a deadly nightmare on the Chicago River.

  • Socialism still comes from below

    What does Marxism's commitment to "socialism from below," to use Hal Draper's famous phrase, mean in the 21st century?

  • Marxism and the fight for women's liberation

    The author of Women and Socialism introduces her newly released book--a Marxist analysis of women's oppression and the fight for liberation.

  • Class, nation and the struggle for socialism

    How did the Marxists who came after Marx address the political questions posed by the colonial domination of Asia, Africa and Latin America?

  • Socialism according to Eugene V. Debs

    At best, the U.S. socialist leader is treated like a historical relic—but his legacy speaks to the potential for socialist ideas to get a hearing today.

  • The dialectic and why it matters to Marxists

    Karl Marx's dialectical method is a way of thinking about society that emphasizes change, conflict and human activity.

  • Socialism's questions and answers

    More than 1,500 people attended the Socialism 2015 conference in Chicago for a long weekend of political discussion.

  • How race is conjured

    The authors of the book Racecraft explain how the fiction of race obscures the real source of racism and inequality today.

  • Tall tales about Waterloo

    The British media is celebrating the defeat of France's Napoleon in a battle 200 years ago, but the real story is different.

  • Reflecting on the Juneteenth anniversary

    Three Socialist Worker contributors comment on the Black freedom struggle 150 years after the date that historically marks the end of slavery.

  • What is the Leninist approach?

    The Russian revolutionary Lenin made some of his greatest contributions on the question of how to get from "here" to "there."

  • Thenceforward and forever free

    Despite its avoidance of questions about justice, the Emancipation Proclamation was a challenge to the American political order.

  • An introduction to Lenin and Leninism

    Controversies may still rage about him, but revolutionary activists throughout the world continue to learn from what Lenin said and wrote and did.

  • We always had solidarity

    The Black Panther Party's former minister of culture describes how the Black Power struggle inspired others to organize.