History and Traditions

  • Socialist women unite against war

    One hundred years ago, women revolutionaries adopted the first international socialist appeal against the First World War.

  • A new world in the making

    There is a reason why Malcolm X's words and actions continue to resonate with radicals half a century after his death.

  • The oppressed majority

    Many associate the term oppression with discrimination against specific groups, but there is also an oppression suffered by the whole working class.

  • A worldwide rebellion of the oppressed

    In his last year, Malcolm X became a revolutionary internationalist who was developing ties to the socialist left.

  • Kind of a different state?

    The discussion about what the SYRIZA led-government in Greece can accomplish raises important questions about the state.

  • Emerging as a revolutionary

    When Malcolm X was forced out of the Nation of Islam, he moved sharply to the left, embracing revolutionary politics.

  • Reaching a dead end

    While Malcolm X regularly criticized the civil rights movement, he could offer no alternative from within the Nation of Islam.

  • Moving toward revolution

    Malcolm X's energetic proselytizing increased the size of the Nation of Islam--but it also turned Malcolm into a political leader.

  • Malcolm X: A revolutionary life

    Fifty years after his murder, SW's multi-part series starts with a looks at the world that shaped one of the 20th century's most important revolutionaries.

  • The future of the left after the Great Recession

    Only a struggle from below can confront and reverse the neoliberal policies that caused the 2008 global financial meltdown.

  • Freedom of the press and the working class

    In an article written in 1938, Leon Trotsky argued for the importance of socialists championing democratic rights.

  • Is Marxism Eurocentric?

    Critics of Marx's "Eurocentrism" build their case on a small sample of writings--but ignore the larger body of work that refutes their claims.

  • When soldiers declared peace on earth

    One hundred years ago, soldiers on opposing sides in the First World War showed the power that people without rank and privilege possess.

  • A world of possibilities unleashed

    In the caricature of a socialist society, everybody is forced to act alike--but the real socialist vision is exactly the opposite.

  • The disappearing working class?

    The weakened condition of the working class movement shouldn't be chalked up to a change that has rendered it powerless.

  • Are U.S. workers bought off?

    The ferocity of the ruling class offensive has undermined the claim that workers do well enough to stop them from rebelling.

  • Is a revolution possible in the U.S.?

    Many objections to socialism rest on the belief that U.S. society is exceptional in being resistant to radical change.

  • Democracy and revolution

    The critics of Marxism point to the former USSR in claiming that socialism would just put a new set of rulers in power.

  • Will a socialist society work?

    Many people believe that capitalism, despite its inequalities, is at least more efficient and less bureaucratic than socialism.

  • Can workers run the world?

    One of the most common arguments against the possibility of socialism is that human beings are naturally competitive.

  • The 1960s generation turns left

    The example of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement gave students a new sense of courage and confidence in struggle.

  • The spark that lit the 1960s campus revolt

    A participant in the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley 50 years ago explains why the struggle had a galvanizing impact on a generation.

  • Liebknecht's historic appeal against world war

    A German revolutionary's stand 100 years ago resounded across Europe and gave new impetus to socialist antiwar currents.

  • Putting their "bodies on the gears"

    The Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley 50 years ago was the first great struggle of the campus revolts of the 1960s.

  • The real Thanksgiving story

    The time-worn tale of Pilgrims and Indians happily sharing a meal covers up a legacy of land theft and genocide.