Brian Jones

  • The return of Marx

    In the last 150 years of U.S. history, you can't point to a generation whose most active, radical layers have not been drawn to the ideas of Karl Marx.

  • The King they won't celebrate

    In the final years of his life, Martin Luther King presented a radical critique of U.S. society and campaigned for fundamental and far-reaching change.

  • Squeaky wheels get a victory

    Public housing residents in New York City scored a small but significant win because of their determination to speak out.

  • Making kids pay for the crisis

    The plan to balance New York City's budget includes closing 19 community centers in public housing projects in all five boroughs.

  • Election Day in Harlem

    In the dense crowd on 125th Street celebrating Barack Obama's election, I heard three words repeated, like a mantra, "WE did this! WE did this!"

  • Is the racist smear campaign working?

    The Republicans may be galvanizing a hard-core racist base, but the attacks on Barack Obama are causing a backlash among wider numbers of people.

  • Script change for neoliberalism

    After decades of railing about "personal responsibility," U.S. officials are seeking $700 billion for a handout--er, sorry, a "bailout" for Wall Street.

  • A life and death struggle

    A victory in the courts might send strikers at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation Center back to work. But one striker, Audrey Smith-Campbell, will never return to that nursing home or any other.

  • Whose responsibility?

    The idea that Blacks need to focus on personal responsibility, echoed by Barack Obama, distracts from the question of social responsibility.

  • The fable of the super-teacher

    A closer look at a "small school" success story in New York City reveals the need for more staff, more funding and higher teachers' salaries.

  • Still separate and unequal

    Half a century after the Supreme Court ruled segregated schools unconstitutional, they still exist--not on the fringe, but as the normal, accepted mode in U.S. schools.

  • The image and the reality of change

    Barack Obama's success shows the American population has become more progressive, but it won't mean the end of racism and discrimination.

  • Fifty shots and found not guilty

    According to Judge Arthur Cooperman, the three New York City police officers who killed Sean Bell weren't guilty of anything.