Issue 679

  • The case for socialism

    In a world of wars and imperial conquest, of economic crisis and environmental devastation, the socialist tradition offers a revolutionary alternative.

  • Why isn't Obama way ahead?

    The expectation of a Democratic sweep hasn't changed since the campaign got underway last year--yet polls show the presidential race is unexpectedly close.

  • Who's paying for the parties' parties?

    Anyone can watch the stage-managed convention extravaganzas on television, but to see the real action, you have to pay big bucks for access.

  • Between rhetoric and reality

    The Democrats should be poised for a landslide victory, but Barack Obama is barely ahead of John McCain going into the Democratic convention. Why?

  • The antiwar movement and the "good war"

    The ferocity of the fighting in Afghanistan shows that the stakes for the U.S. are getting higher--as are the demands on the U.S. antiwar movement.

  • A newer world order

    The Bush administration's inability to counter the Russian invasion of Georgia highlights the crisis of U.S. imperialism.

  • Renters caught in the housing bubble

    It was hard, but Patricia and Michael Phillips kept up on the monthly $600 rent. So they were shocked when they were told they would be evicted.

  • A U.S.-backed dictator tossed overboard

    Cooperation with the U.S. "war on terror" made Pervez Musharraf deeply unpopular in Pakistan.

  • Another battle at Boeing?

    IAM members went on a 28-day strike at Boeing in 2005 and could soon be on the picket line again.

  • Celebrating a victory in Texas

    Opponents of the death penalty are celebrating a last-minute ruling that stopped a Texas man from being executed for being in the wrong place.

  • Tyrannies ruling in the name of socialism

    The countries that have masqueraded as socialist--from the former USSR to China and Cuba--turned the basic tenets of Marxism on their head.

  • Tyrannies ruling in the name of socialism

    The countries that have masqueraded as socialist--from the former USSR to China and Cuba--turned Marxism upside down.

  • Defending bakery workers in San Diego

    Immigrant rights activists are coming together to prevent the deportations of workers from the French Gourmet Bakery.

  • Why they risk their lives at the border

    Joseph Nevins' new book traces the economic and political developments that have compelled so many Mexicans to migrate to the U.S. and have made the journey so dangerous.

  • Kingsbridge strikers continuing the fight

    Strikers at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center are enjoying two well-earned victories in their fight for health care and justice on the job.

  • Standing up to Oakland police murders

    The murder of an unarmed African American man by police is exposing the deep flaws in Oakland's recent police hiring spree.

  • Bay Area march against ICE raids

    Activists gathered in San Francisco to march to the ICE headquarters to demand an end to attacks on immigrants.

  • University of Washington workers rally

    Hundreds of workers rallied August 21 at the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Center to demand a decent wage increase.

  • Nurses picket for a good contract

    Some 200 Cooley Dickinson Hospital nurses and supporters turned out for an informational picket called by the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

  • Picketing the anti-unionists

    Some 65 union members and supporters turned out to picket an anti-union event being held at the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Harvard Square.