Issue 683

  • How will race shape the election?

    Among Barack Obama's supporters, there is a gnawing fear that racism and bigotry may still cost him the presidential election. Is this fear justified?

  • What happens after November 4?

    Barack Obama seems certain to win the presidency, marking the end to a period of conservative dominance. But will he meet the expectations of his supporters?

  • The world's greatest democracy?

    Even when no one is stealing a vote or intimidating a voter, American elections are far from being the "beacon of democracy" that its leaders claim.

  • Why I'm not voting for Barack Obama

    The modest changes Obama has promised fall far short of what is needed. Achieving something more will take a struggle that goes beyond the ballot box.

  • Don't let them kill an innocent man

    Georgia officials wasted no time setting a new execution date for Troy Davis--now supporters are preparing an all-out effort to save him from the death chamber.

  • A new Great Depression?

    As the economy worsens and the government carries out an unprecedented intervention, working people are rightly worried about the future.

  • Comrade-in-chief?

    Some right-wingers say the government's plan to buy into major U.S. banks is the latest sign of "creeping socialism." They've got it wrong.

  • An ally in the White House?

    Liberal supporters of Obama are taking a two-pronged approach--ignore Obama's gestures toward the right and accentuate any difference with McCain.

  • Boeing strikers stand up to outsourcing

    The top union official at Boeing explains why IAM members are digging in over opposition to outsourcing at the aircraft giant.

  • Antiwar vets attacked by police outside debate

    Police outside the last presidential debate at Hofstra University used their horses and batons to make sure the voices of antiwar veterans weren't heard.

  • Superintendent of spies

    The former head of the Maryland State Police appeared before a state senate committee to justify an operation to spy on political activists.

  • Not-so-good old days

    With its obsessive attention to detail, the TV show Mad Men recreates the chilling world of the early 1960s office workplace.

  • The right's referendum push

    In states across the country, voters will have an important opportunity to cast a ballot against right wing-sponsored ballot measures.

  • Turning ordinary people into punch lines

    The best documentaries seek out fascinating subjects. Comedian Bill Maher, star of Religulous, thinks he's found one of those subjects--himself.

  • Out of college and into debt

    The average undergraduate today will finish school with more than twice as as much debt as their counterpart a decade ago.

  • Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra on strike

    Members of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra are on strike against unfair work expectations by the orchestra's board of directors.

  • SF activists protest the Minutemen

    Immigrants rights activists clashed with the Minutemen vigilantes when they protested San Francisco’s sanctuary city status.

  • Antiwar students discuss the struggle

    More than 170 students gathered at the 2008 Campus Antiwar Network national conference to discuss the way forward for the movement.

  • Stern's dead-end model for unions

    SEIU President Andy Stern's strategy for unionism flies in the face of why unions were formed in the first place.

  • Organizing against the injustice system

    Some 1,500 people turned out to the recent Critical Resistance conference to discuss how to abolish the prison-industrial complex.

  • Fudging the jobless numbers

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses several sleight-of-hand tactics to undercount the unemployed.

  • Winter Soldier in Madison

    About 300 people gathered for the Madison Winter Soldier event organized by the local chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

  • Protests mark date of Iraq war vote

    Antiwar activists turned out October 11 to mark the sixth anniversary of the vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq.

  • Single-payer health care justice week

    Protesters gathered outside for-profit health insurance corporation Humana in downtown Chicago, as part of a national week of protests called by Healthcare-Now.

  • Rallying in S.F. against ICE raids

    Some 200 people rallied October 12 to demand an end to the raids that have been terrorizing immigrant communities.