Issue 685

  • A new battle over the right to organize

    A major fight is brewing between organized labor and Corporate America over proposed pro-union legislation called the Employee Free Choice Act.

  • Great expectations

    Barack Obama's election has burst the dam on expectations erected during 30 years of conservative dominance. But this is only the first stage of the struggle.

  • The do-nothing summit

    The Group of 20 emergency meeting on the global economic crisis hosted by George Bush was notable for how little of substance it accomplished.

  • Raising our voices for equal marriage rights

    Tens of thousands of people gathered in 300 cities across the country November 15 in support of equal marriage rights for all.

  • Who made the New Deal?

    The political changes of the 1930s didn't come about because American political leaders suddenly decided to give working people new rights.

  • A "center-right nation"?

    Despite everything that Election 2008 showed, there's no shortage of pundits insisting that the U.S. is too conservative to embrace real change.

  • The Hempstead 15 go to court

    Activists rallied for 15 antiwar veterans and their supporters as they pled "not guilty" to charges stemming from a protest outside a presidential debate.

  • We haven't given up the fight

    After arbitrators upheld the firing of three of the Freightliner Five, workers are determined to keep up the struggle.

  • Obama's chief of fixing

    Obama's new chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has decades of experience maneuvering in the world of Washington insider politics.

  • Giving a voice to the anger over Prop 8

    An organizer of the November 7 march in San Francisco against the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 talks about how the protest was organized.

  • Myth of the Black-gay divide

    A false and reactionary narrative is emerging that blames Black voters for the victory of a gay marriage ban passed in California.

  • The source of their riches

    There is a clear connection between poverty and wealth--those who do not work live off the wealth produced by the labor of others.

  • Boeing backs off in deal with engineers

    The aircraft maker dropped its harshest demands to make a deal with white-collar workers. But some engineers are critical of the contract.

  • Turning immigrants into "criminals"

    The book Illegal People explains how guest-worker programs help provide U.S. employers with a low-wage, flexible and largely silenced workforce.

  • Abolitionists discuss their fight

    About 75 people attended the national convention of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty to discuss next steps in the struggle.

  • One salute that wasn't allowed

    Denver Broncos player Brandon Marshall was ready to join the euphoria over the election of the first Black president--but his teammates stopped him.

  • Protesting the Texas death penalty

    This year’s March to Stop Executions in Texas attracted activists from around the state, including a large number of prisoners' family members.

  • An American dream denied

    Jocelyn Voltaire found out her home would be foreclosed on because she was unable to pay rising mortgage payments when her son was killed in Iraq.

  • Racial profiling in Palo Alto

    Some 200 people marched from East Palo Alto to the Palo Alto city hall to demand an end to racial profiling by police.

  • A veteran driven to the brink

    The desperate actions of veterans are an unavoidable consequence not only of a disastrous war, but also of repeated snubbing by the media.

  • Student walkout against war

    Students at South Puget Sound Community College staged a walkout against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Keep our rec centers open

    City workers and residents of San Diego's City Heights neighborhood gathered to protest the mayor's plan to close libraries and recreation centers.

  • Stella D'oro cookie plant on strike

    Bakery workers at a cookie and biscuit factory in New York City have been on strike for three months.

  • Defend Woodside day laborers

    In response to the arrest of 10 day laborers in Woodside, N.Y., the No Raids Committee of Queens turned out to protest.