Issue 691

  • A new movement against Israel's apartheid

    Israel's Gaza assault has stirred a commitment among people around the world that the time has come to do something about the war on Palestinians.

  • What the Washington insiders don't get

    The era of conservative dominance in Washington has run aground, but the purveyors and defenders of the right-wing agenda remain in high places.

  • Escalating the "good war"

    While Barack Obama prepares to scale back the U.S. occupation of Iraq, he's ramping up the American military machine in Afghanistan.

  • How will we get the change we need?

    Sweeping reforms are needed in the face of a devastating economic crisis. But the debate over how to achieve these changes is just beginning.

  • Enemies of unions and the lies they tell

    Corporate leaders see the proposed Employee Free Choice Act as a grave threat--and they'll say and do just about anything to prevent its passage.

  • Blaming the autoworkers

    Members of the United Auto Workers will bear the brunt of the Detroit Three auto companies' restructuring under the terms of a government loan.

  • Lincoln and the struggle to abolish slavery

    Abraham Lincoln deserves to be remembered--not for the trivia we'll hear about today, but as a participant in one of history's great struggles for freedom.

  • Budget slasher sequel in California

    Arnold Schwarzenegger's state budget will be a crippling blow to working people--at the same time as it diligently protects the interests of the rich.

  • Ruining young lives for profit

    Two Pennsylvania judges are going to jail for taking millions in exchange for wrongfully incarcerating juveniles in two for-profit detention centers.

  • Apartheid for the undocumented in Arizona

    As Barack Obama ordered the closure of the Guantánamo prison camp, the sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County was opening his own Guantánamo.

  • Refusing to be ruled over

    My experience as a teenager, and I suspect that of many socialists, was that as I first became aware of the world's injustices, I found my way to anarchism first.

  • Marx becomes a Marxist

    Marx's Marxism is the theoretical product of his practical efforts to build a movement for change, and his observations of struggles taking place around him.

  • Hampshire students defend their victory

    Activists aren't accepting Hampshire College's shameful attempt to wriggle out of a decision to divest from corporations that support Israel.

  • Contaminated by greed

    The owner of Peanut Corp. of America knowingly sold contaminated peanuts, leading to a deadly salmonella outbreak. But he probably won't spend a day in jail.

  • Philly libraries will stay open

    In an important victory for those who protested, Philadelphia's mayor announced that 11 libraries slated to be closed would stay open.

  • A campus where free speech isn't welcome

    The administration at Northeastern Illinois University is targeting a left-wing professor in its drive to stifle dissent on campus.

  • A lot to answer for

    While other musicians have addressed New Orleans' struggles after Katrina, none have done it better than Dr. John and The Lower 911 in City That Care Forgot.

  • Arrested for asking Coulter a question

    Ann Coulter's visit to the College of New Jersey brought out dozens of protesters--and left one student facing charges for asking a question.

  • Time to oppose all of Gregoire's cuts

    Members and supporters of Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304 rallied to oppose Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire's proposed cuts.

  • A racist cartoon sparks outrage

    A crowd of 500 people came out for a demonstration in midtown Manhattan to protest a racist cartoon in the New York Post.

  • Rhode Island stands with Palestine

    A spirited march of 200 wound through downtown Providence as part of the "Rhode Island Stands with Palestine" demonstration.

  • Viva Palestina's convoy for Gaza

    In Britain, where solidarity for Gaza brought upwards of 150,000 people on to the streets in early January, the movement is continuing with Viva Palestina.

  • S.F. activists protest racist arrests

    Activists are kicking off a campaign to defend members of the City College of San Francisco Muslim Student Association.

  • Protesting raids in Riverside

    A recent string of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents sparked a 300-strong march in downtown Riverside.

  • Rallying to save our hospitals

    Several hundred workers and community members gathered to protest the closings of St. John's and Mary Immaculate Hospitals.