Issue 693

  • America's union-busters on the warpath

    True to form, business leaders have reacted with a collective hysteria to legislation that would make it just a bit easier for workers to unionize.

  • Working on the inside...but for which side?

    Well-known activist Van Jones will be Barack Obama's "green jobs czar"--but his appointment raises old questions for the left about how to win change.

  • The Geithner giveaway

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's $1 trillion plan to bail out Wall Street with taxpayer money is an even bigger giveway than the Bush administration proposed.

  • Secretary of the Thievery

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been criticized for what he hasn't done, like stopping those AIG bonuses. But what's worse is what he has done.

  • Why Obama is wrong about our schools

    President Obama's speech on education continues a political tradition of ignoring the underfunding, overcrowding and segregation that plague our schools.

  • AIGreed

    They crashed the Wall Street casino with their reckless gambling, but that isn't stopping the titans of high finance from awarding themselves huge bonuses.

  • March 21 protests demand end to occupation

    Thousands of antiwar demonstrators marked the sixth anniversary of war on Iraq at protests on March 21.

  • LA teachers sit in over layoffs

    Activists from United Teachers Los Angeles disrupted a school board meeting with civil disobedience to protest layoff notices to 9,000 school employees.

  • How do anarchists see change happening?

    Arguments made by some anarchists tend to discount the possibility that workers will fight for anything more than reforms that improve their own conditions.

  • Chicago activists challenge deportation

    A 21-year-old Chicago college student who has spent the majority of his life in the U.S. is facing deportation following a traffic stop.

  • Guadeloupe and Martinique strikes victorious

    General strikes in two French colonies in the Caribbean have won sweeping victories--and emboldened workers elsewhere.

  • Blood types

    Ever since Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula, vampire stories have exerted a fascination, but the long list of contemporary versions is remarkable.

  • Union reform challenge in S.F.

    Frustrated by years of inaction by union leaders, rank-and-file educators in San Francisco have launched a caucus that is contesting union elections.

  • Sending a message in Arizona

    Some 5,000 demonstrators descended on the city of Phoenix in a mass mobilization against Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigrant sheriff of Maricopa County.

  • Speaking out from death row

    The "Live from Death Row" national speaking tour has made more than a dozen stops across the country in building opposition to the death penalty.

  • A manhunt for the wrong thief

    Kennesaw State University was put on alert when a larceny suspect escaped onto campus, but no one was looking for the real criminals.

  • Standing up for public education

    Thousands of students and faculty from colleges all over California gathered at the State Capitol building on March 16 to protest education cuts.

  • Health care worker denied care

    One health care worker tells his story of being denied care under Massachusetts' system of health care "reform."

  • N.C. teachers' stand against layoffs

    In Charlotte, N.C., teachers organized a protest over Superintendent Peter Gorman's plan to balance the budget with hundreds of layoffs.

  • Mobilizing for single payer

    Some 200 people demonstrated outside Barack Obama's March 17 regional health care summit at the University of Vermont.

  • Lockout at UIC Hospital

    Members of SEIU Local 73 were locked out of their jobs March 20 when they attempted to wear union T-shirts to work at UIC Hospital.

  • Moncure Plywood strike continues

    About 50 students, unionists and other activists turned out March 16 to support striking workers at Moncure Plywood.