Issue 698

  • Change Lite from the Obama White House

    Fewer then six months into the new administration, we're finding out that beneath the rhetoric of "change" lies more continuity than many expected.

  • How the other 0.000003 percent lives

    An examination of the 10 richest Americans reveals a rogue's gallery of serial polluters, budget-slashers, CIA contractors, union-busters and right-wing nuts.

  • Twenty years after Tiananmen Square

    China's Tiananmen Square revolt challenged a government that claimed to stand for socialism, but in reality ruled over an exploitative and oppressive system.

  • Next steps for our movement asked a group of activists and writers for their views on the movement for marriage equality, and where it should go next.

  • Taking the middle ground

    Conservatives are in an uproar over Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. But maybe it's liberals who should be concerned.

  • Needed: A new movement for abortion rights

    The pro-choice movement's steady retreat has allowed a small but dedicated army of zealots to transform the political terrain against abortion.

  • Is Employee Free Choice dead?

    Corporate America is increasingly confident that it will defeat the most "controversial" parts of proposed pro-union legislation.

  • Refusing to go to Afghanistan

    A soldier at Fort Hood is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan--and being as public as possible about it, in the hopes of inspiring others to follow him.

  • Mourning Dr. Tiller's murder

    In an outpouring of anger and grief, hundreds of abortion rights supporters came out in several cities following the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

  • Liberal apologists for empire

    A new book explains how--and why--liberals and some leftists have become willing supporters of imperialism.

  • Reformers in SF teachers' union make gains

    A reform group in the San Francisco teachers union took 41 percent of the vote for top union positions in an election marked by low turnout.

  • Why women need single payer

    A new study provides further evidence for the case in favor of "everybody in, nobody out" single-payer health care reform.

  • Florida workers rally for EFCA

    More than 200 union members and supporters rallied to demand that Congress pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

  • Stella workers standing strong

    Two buses of Stella D'oro strikers and supporters left the Bronx on May 11 to take their fight to corporate headquarters.

  • Fighting for justice for Oscar

    One hundred protesters came out to witness preliminary hearings in the trial of ex-BART officer Johannes Mehserle for killing Oscar Grant.

  • SFSU save our students protest

    San Francisco State University students, faculty and staff rallied May 14 to protest layoffs and school fee increases.

  • UW custodians lead the fight

    Hundreds of workers and students confronted the University of Washington Board of Regents May 28 over plans for budget cuts.