Issue 700

  • A tale of two cities

    There are two Seattles--one for the wealthy few and another for the vast majority of people who barely scrape by, and sometimes not even that.

  • The roots of Iran's revolt

    Is a radical change possible in Iran? Answering that question requires a look at Iranian history, politics and society beyond the disputed June 12 election.

  • Will the health care bosses get their way?

    In the name of finding "middle ground," Barack Obama and the Democrats are making compromises that the health care industry can be happy with.

  • The next FDR or the next Hoover?

    Some of Barack Obama's most ardent supporters are unsettled by the administration's failure to pursue a bold agenda for reform.

  • The ruins of Gaza

    Our delegation of 65 American and international activists traveled to Gaza to witness the destruction from what Palestinians call "the last war."

  • U.S. friends carry out a coup

    The military officers and right-wing forces who ousted Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya have longstanding ties to the U.S. government.

  • Home at last after years wrongly imprisoned

    On a bright, warm afternoon, Robert Springsteen and Michael Scott finally walked out of a Texas jail after a judge ordered them released.

  • A tragedy waiting to happen

    I was horrified but not surprised by the deadly collision on the Red Line in Washington, D.C.--regular riders know it wasn't a question of if, but when.

  • The kinder, gentler occupation?

    The once-forgotten "good war" in Afghanistan now captures headlines daily as NATO forces face intensified fighting and further instability.

  • Political frame-ups of two activists in LA

    Two leading civil rights and immigrant rights activists have been charged with felonies in separate cases, and face possible prison time.

  • Pride 40 years after Stonewall

    Millions of people turned out in cities across the country in June for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Pride celebrations.

  • Building a new left in a new era

    Nearly 1,000 people from across the U.S. gathered in Chicago over the weekend for the first Socialism 2009 conference.

  • The for-profit non-profits

    Not-for-profit hospitals are actually for-profit hospitals, according to the new documentary Do No Harm.

  • Why two bigots ate their words

    Two Sacramento disc jockeys who spewed hate about transgender youth were met by an outpouring of anger across the country.

  • No answers from D.C. police

    Trey Joyner will never get to tell what happened when police shot him in the back. And information seems as hard to get out of the authorities.

  • An attack on French Muslims

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy took time out from waging war on the working class to set his sights on a favorite target: French Muslims.

  • A people's "day of reckoning"

    The drive by California politicians to balance their budget on the backs of the most vulnerable continues to touch off dissent.

  • Striking for fair deal at Bell Helicopter

    Striking union workers at Bell Helicopter and their supporters are walking the picket line in Fort Worth.

  • Speaking out for Viva Palestina

    British antiwar activist George Galloway gave a rousing speech in Chicago to raise funds for an aid convoy from the U.S. to Gaza.

  • Protesting "job-icide" at Wells Fargo

    More than 75 supporters of UE Local 1174 members at Quad City Die Casting in Iowa protested Wells Fargo Bank in Chicago.

  • Demanding justice from CVS

    San Diego activists gathered in front of a CVS Pharmacy as part of a national campaign against the company's unethical and racist sales practices.