Issue 704

  • Desperate for health care

    The hundreds lined up at Los Angeles' famous Forum arena for free medical services exposed the staggering inadequacy of the current system.

  • Freedom denied again for Leonard Peltier

    After languishing in prison for 33 long years for a crime he didn't commit, renowned political prisoner Leonard Peltier has again been denied parole.

  • Surrendering to the status quo

    Republicans and conservative Democrats are set to wreck health care reform--and Barack Obama is letting them.

  • What's at stake in the fight against the coup?

    The popular struggle in Honduras is to defeat the coup makers, but the roots of the fight lie in 30 years of neoliberal policies pursued by the elite.

  • The warlord election

    The outcome of Afghanistan's presidential elections will depend on deals Hamid Karzai made with some of the country's most notorious warlords.

  • Gaza's tunnel economy

    In the years since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip, Israel has imposed a suffocating blockade--forcing Gazans to move essential goods through underground tunnels.

  • How the Democrats sold out health care reform

    It's time to dismiss the idea that the Democrats' good intentions are simply falling victim to a multimillion-dollar campaign by medical industry lobbyists.

  • Right-wing thugs and corporate "reforms"

    Business and the right-wing media have mobilized racist, right-wing rabble at health care "town meetings"--but Obama's pro-corporate policies gave them space to do it.

  • Police torture victim finally free

    After 28 years in prison serving time for a crime he always maintained he did not commit, Mark Clements has finally won his freedom.

  • A chance to prove his innocence

    With an unprecedented Supreme Court decision on August 17, death row inmate Troy Davis will finally get the day in court he's been fighting for.

  • How history is made

    There's a misconception that Marxists believe history follows a predetermined course as a result of economic laws, which human beings can't affect.

  • Trailer park residents fight eviction and win

    A group of people who at first felt powerless succeeded in resisting a landlord politician and the New Jersey state government.

  • Fighting for housing justice

    Residents of Seattle's Tent City III and Nickelsville are resisting moves to evict them--even as the city refuses to offer real help to the homeless.

  • How the mortgage crooks created a crisis

    American Casino shows how Wall Street traders created the sub-prime mortgage crisis--and how the banks intend to make us pay for it.

  • Taking on South Carolina's anti-union legacy

    Sanitation workers in Charleston, S.C., are demanding the right to organize--and despite opposition from the mayor and other forces, they won't take "no" for an answer.

  • A kiss-in for equal rights

    People turned out in dozens of cities on August 15 for the "Great Nationwide Kiss-In" after two same-sex couples were harassed for expressing affection.

  • Boeing looks to nonunion Southern plant

    The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer is out to decertify the union at an important plant in South Carolina.

  • Tentative agreement stops BART strike

    A strike was called off after extended negotiations between the ATU and BART officials--but workers will likely pay the price.

  • Solidarity protests against the coup

    Activists gathered in several U.S. cities in August to protest the military coup in Honduras and stand in support of ordinary Hondurans.

  • Contract fight at Manhattan School of Music

    Some 150 recently unionized teachers face a fight for decent wages and health care at the Manhattan School of Music's Pre-college Division.

  • Protesting anti-LGBT bigotry in R.I.

    Some 50 activists turned out August 16 to protest an anti-gay marriage event in Warwick, R.I.