Issue 705

  • Nothing less than full equality

    A veteran activist and leading organizer of the National Equality March in Washington, D.C., talks about the struggles of the past and those still ahead.

  • Drawing the line for health care

    Workers at SK Hand Tools are taking a stand on the picket line against a company that unilaterally cut off their health insurance.

  • Sinking deeper in Afghanistan

    Barack Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan has parallels with a previous U.S. war that raise the question: Is this Obama's Vietnam?

  • Why we stood up to Michael Steele

    A woman who challenged the Republican National Committee chairman on health care at a Howard University speech explains why she spoke out.

  • Why the free market can't cure health care

    If there's any idea worth rethinking, it's Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's claim that our needs are best met through the unfettered free market.

  • When health care is a right

    My recent encounter with Britain's National Health Service was a stark contrast with the U.S.--and exposed all the right's lies about socialized medicine.

  • Will the Bush torturers go free?

    There are new revelations about torture during the Bush years--but those who approved it may never stand trial if the Obama administration has its way.

  • Myth of the liberal lion

    Ted Kennedy is being remembered as a liberal stalwart--but also as a bipartisan dealmaker ready to set ideals aside. Those were always two sides of the same coin.

  • The witch-hunt of Van Jones

    Why did Barack Obama cave again to the right-wing blowhards who attacked environmental justice activist Van Jones?

  • The fight of their lives

    Dahr Jamail's new book The Will to Resist takes a closer look at the struggles of U.S. soldiers who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • LA's charter school giveaway

    The floodgates were opened to private control over education in Los Angeles with a school board vote to authorize opening up over 250 schools to bidding.

  • Can individuals change history?

    Marxists reject the idea that history is made by charismatic "great men." But that doesn't mean they view individuals as cogs in the machine.

  • Is it as simple as "tax the rich"?

    The rich have a simple solution to the California budget crisis: Make workers, the poor, children and the elderly pay. We propose our own simple solution.

  • Mad as hell across the country

    A group of Oregon physicians calling themselves the Mad As Hell doctors is getting ready for a cross-country tour to demand real health care reform.

  • Puerto Rico police punish the poor

    Hundreds gathered at police headquarters in the Hato Rey district of San Juan to denounce the latest case of police brutality.

  • Demanding justice for Tyli'a Mack

    Hundreds of people in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco rallied in honor of murdered transgender woman Tyli'a Mack.

  • Dairy workers facing retaliation

    Workers at the Ruby Ridge Dairy are facing firings and threats of violence from management because of their fight to form a union.

  • Gearing up to fight cuts at SFSU

    The idea that the California State University Board of Trustees somehow acted "responsibly" when they voted for cuts and fee increases is ridiculous.

  • We demand legalization for all

    Immigrants took to the streets in Chicago and LA to put pressure on the Obama administration to stop policies that target immigrant workers.

  • SF hotel workers unite for a fair contract

    Some 1,200 members of UNITE HERE Local 2 and their supporters convened in the heart of San Francisco as the workers' contracts expired.

  • Time to demand full equality

    Veteran LGBT rights activist Cleve Jones spoke to crowds in Chicago and Madison, Wis., to make the case for the National Equality March.