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August 4, 2009

  • Not the public's enemy

    The movie trailers would have you believe that Public Enemies is about the exploits of bank robber John Dillinger. Sadly, its focus is the FBI.

  • Speaking up for single-payer in D.C.

    One thousand people rallied in Washington to demand single-payer health care on July 30, the 44th anniversary of Medicare.

  • Rallying against anti-LGBT violence

    Some 100 people gathered in New York City's Jackson Heights to protest recent attacks on two transgender women.

  • Pro-immigrant mural defaced

    In Chicago's largely Latino Pilsen neighborhood, a pro-immigrant mural was defaced by racist graffiti in late July.

August 3, 2009

  • Making excuses for health care non-reform

    The health care industry could never get away with selling the proposals masquerading as "reform" in Washington. That's what Democrats are for.

  • Challenging the right in Greece

    The convergence of Greece's main center-right party with the open racists of the far right has dominated the scene since the June elections.

  • Enough to go around

    "Common sense" says that there isn't enough to go around, and this is what accounts for famines and poverty in the world. But common sense is wrong.

  • The return of Michael Vick?

    He's been reinstated by the National Football League, but there's no guarantee that he will ever see the playing field again.

  • Concord hotel workers fight back

    Workers at the Holiday Inn in Concord, Calif., are fighting to preserve affordable health care for their families.

July 30, 2009

  • A prescription that makes the patient sicker

    A leader of Physicians for a National Health Program explains why the health care proposals being debated in Washington will make the crisis worse.

  • Nickelsville fights to survive

    A Seattle homeless community is asking for solidarity as it tries to keep from being evicted from the latest of many locations.

  • Iranian print workers speak out

    Workers who are part of the underground labor movement in Iran describe the state of the struggle and what's ahead.

  • Why does America hold Britain's leash?

    The decision that Britain should become a nuclear power never had much to do with deterrence, always a lot to do with keeping onside with the U.S.

  • Socialists for Obama in 2012?

    Socialists should refuse to sacrifice the independence of social movements in the interest of any politician's election.

July 29, 2009

  • Upside-down priorities

    There are increasing calls for a new economic stimulus package, but the Obama administration has a different message for victims of the crisis: Wait.

  • Illinois axes help for the poor

    The "doomsday" budget with cuts of 50 percent in social programs didn't pass in Illinois--but those that did go through are still devastating.

  • Who does Obama answer to?

    There may be differences within the limits of "mainstream" ruling-class thinking, but figures like Obama would never challenge those limits themselves.

  • A doctor's advice to his patient

    ABC invited Barack Obama's former doctor to a televised White House forum on health care--only to discover Dr. Scheiner supports single-payer.

  • Profit in a bottle

    The documentary Tapped reveals the dirty business behind the myth that bottled water is part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • The fight continues for Nativo

    Supporters of Nativo Lopez gathered at his arraignment in Los Angeles to protest this attack on the immigrant rights leader and the movement.

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