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June 9, 2011

  • What's next in Humala's Peru?

    The election of Ollanta Humala as Peru's president was greeted with joy by the poor and fear by the rich, but what kind of change is coming?

  • The Gaza view of Obama's speech

    The activists I met in Gaza reacted with disgust to Barack Obama's May speech on the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Learning from Walkerville

    A tent city set up outside the Wisconsin Capitol is serving as a base camp to protest Gov. Scott Walker's austerity budget.

  • Rallying for R.I. schools

    Nearly 100 teachers, parents and students rallied on the steps of City Hall in Providence, R.I., to protest the escalating assault on public education.

  • Don't let Bloomberg close NYC firehouses

    Close to 200 people gathered in Brooklyn to protest Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plans to shut down three local firehouses.

June 8, 2011

  • The great debt diversion

    While the White House and House Republicans squabble over raising the federal debt ceiling, they continue to push a bipartisan austerity agenda.

  • Israel's murderous violence

    Israeli soldiers again opened fire on unarmed Syrian demonstrators marching on the fortified border fence as the Palestinian struggle escalates.

  • Forty years of drug war failure

    The war on drugs is a war on people--against drug users and those involved in the drug trade, with catastrophic consequences.

  • Can any of us afford to get old?

    With many people now living longer, British insurers think it's high time that workers start paying toward their old age.

  • Time to take from the banks and give to schools

    Seattle teachers have a message: It's time to stop cutting the education budget and start making Chase Bank pay its taxes.

  • Rallying for choice in Texas

    Some 150 people gathered in Austin for the Texas State Walk for Choice in support of the right to safe and accessible abortion.

June 7, 2011

  • Hey Walker, we're back

    Wisconsin's Capitol was once again the scene of protest and confrontation as labor and community activists challenged Gov. Scott Walker's budget.

  • Yemen after Saleh?

    Another U.S.-backed dictator in the Arab world may finally be gone--but the struggle for democracy in Yemen isn't over.

  • Local 10 needs your support

    Bay Area dockworkers face an employers' lawsuit following their action in solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

  • The abolitionist struggle ahead of us

    Illinois' death penalty was plagued by wrongful convictions, false confessions, overzealous prosecutors and ineffective defense counsel.

  • The disabled challenge the cuts

    Suffering the effects of budget cuts in every state, people with disabilities are taking action to defend the services they need.

  • When sexism is in the job description

    Being offered a job should be a relief, but instead, it's a painful reminder of what's expected of workers, and especially women.

June 6, 2011

  • Be a voice for Troy Davis

    An innocent man on Georgia's death row speaks out about why his life is in grave danger--and what we can do to stop his execution.

  • The return to the Capitol

    A tent city dubbed Walkerville has gone up outside the Wisconsin Capitol as an activist base camp for reviving the struggle.

  • No Fukushima-on-the-Hudson

    Anti-nuclear activists took over a Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing on the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear plant in New York.

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