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April 27, 2011

  • Escalation of a "humanitarian" war

    The Western intervention in Libya has morphed from a "no-fly zone" into a continuous bombing campaign--with new threats of the use of ground troops.

  • California teachers step up the action

    California teachers will begin five days of protests May 9 to highlight the devastating cuts planned for K-12 public education.

  • The bigotry behind a terrible assault

    A 22-year-old transwoman was viciously beaten inside a McDonald's in the Baltimore area--for using the women's restroom.

  • Taking back the Dodgers

    Instead of now selling off this historic baseball franchise to the highest bidder, why not allow the fans to be the new bosses?

  • Dirty tricks in a union vote?

    A bitterly contested union election is occurring among employees at three of the oldest hospitals in San Francisco.

  • Solidarity with Syria's fight

    Some 200 people mobilized April 22 in front of the United Nations with the rallying cry, "Yalla, freedom NOW! Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain."

April 26, 2011

  • Afraid of an innocent man

    During the two decades that Troy Davis has been on death row, media requests to interview him have been routinely denied. What is the state of Georgia afraid of?

  • Obama's real constituency

    Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail, but he needs some new slogans--because "hope" and "change" have been emptied of any content.

  • What path for Venezuela?

    A professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela explains the dynamics at play in Venezuelan society under Hugo Chávez.

  • The right sees red over pink

    Retailer J. Crew became the target of a right-wing firestorm when it depicted a boy with pink nail polish on his toes in an ad.

  • A fire in her heart

    Bluegrass musician Hazel Dickens' voice had a power that could make every coal company owner, sexist or crony politician cower in a corner.

  • Building the fight for academic freedom

    Despite their reputation as bastions of radicalism, college campuses across the country are carrying out attacks on academic freedom.

  • Caseworkers aren't our allies

    Socialists and progressives need to fight for radical reforms of the child welfare system, but caseworkers aren't on the same side.

April 25, 2011

  • Repression and defiance in Assad's Syria

    Masses of Syrians braved a heavy security presence--and deadly violence--in the latest popular challenge to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

  • A deal to protect a dictator

    Yemen's dictator would get immunity under a deal brokered by the Persian Gulf oil monarchies, but the youth-led popular revolt is saying no.

  • Several doctrines for the same shock

    The policy of governments in industrialized countries is now crystal clear: make their own citizens foot the bill for the crisis.

  • The Gulf Coast fight continues

    On the one-year anniversary of the BP oil disaster, Gulf Coast residents and activists had a message to send to political leaders and the media.

  • Scavenging the city

    With 43.6 million Americans living in poverty, many New Yorkers are turning to the informal economy to scrape by.

  • Stop privatizing our community colleges

    San Diego City College students protested school reformers and government officials gathered for a summit conference.

  • NYC solidarity for the democracy struggle

    Protesters assembled in New York City's Times Square to sound the call for an end to tyranny in the Middle East.

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