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November 30, 2010

  • Why Initiative 1098 lost

    What's behind Washington state voters' rejection of Initiative 1098, which would have instituted an income tax on the rich?

  • Protesting union-busting on the docks

    Weeks after pickets over Fresh Del Monte's anti-labor practices shut ports, protesters took to the docks and streets again.

  • The Tories manipulate a crisis

    If the British government gets its way, poverty and inequality will grow more acute and living standards for the majority will decline.

  • A response on race and racism

    W.E.B. Du Bois left the Socialist Party around the same time, but for different reasons that shed light on the issues of how to fight racism.

  • Fighting against their plans to cut

    The bills of bankers and developers are being handed over to the Irish working class. We need a nationwide strike to say that we won't pay.

November 29, 2010

  • Who's to blame for the Korea crisis?

    The artillery attack by North Korea that killed two South Koreans civilians is being used by the U.S. as an opportunity to ratchet up a longstanding conflict.

  • An eruption of student anger

    Don't buy the media slanders--the student protests across Britain are an example of thoughtful people forced to take action.

  • Elegy for the Celtic Tiger

    Gone are the days when anybody who questioned the magnificence of the Celtic Tiger boom in Ireland could be dismissed as a begrudger.

  • A decision for Kashmir's people

    The novelist and international activist faces a police investigation into statements in support of freedom for Kashmir.

  • The world's freedom fighter

    The founder of the DuSable Museum lived a life that embraced a broad spectrum of ideas about how to change the world.

  • A national day of mourning

    Several hundred people gathered on Thanksgiving Day for the 41st National Day of Mourning, organized by the United American Indians of New England.

  • The Bronx stands up to anti-LGBT hate

    Some 50 multiracial marchers turned out for an enthusiastic rally in the Bronx to stand against anti-LGBT hate crimes.

November 24, 2010

  • Austerity on steroids

    Ireland is the latest flashpoint of the crisis--and political leaders who spared no expense when banks were in trouble now want workers to pay.

  • When Texas gets it dead wrong

    Claude Jones was put to death in Texas under George W. Bush--but new DNA testing shows the evidence that convicted Jones was worthless.

  • A new fishing expedition

    Three activists targeted in the September FBI raids will be forced to testify--or face time in prison on contempt charges.

  • Hotel workers rising up

    Washington, D.C., hotel workers are displaying the kind of militancy that could help breathe life into the labor movement.

  • It's about more than football

    The NFL owners' push to extend the season by two games--in spite of increasing injuries on the field--is a sticking point in contract negotiations.

November 23, 2010

  • Will the ER doors close to the poor?

    I see the consequences of a broken public health care system every day--and Barack Obama's deficit commission wants to make things worse.

  • Why do we bother with elections?

    Now that we know what the deficit reduction commission was planning, it's clear that Republicans would have won even if they lost on November 2.

  • The banks that bankrupted Ireland

    The Republic is going down the tubes--which probably shouldn't be a surprise given the crooks who've been running the place.

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