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September 27, 2010

  • Activists targeted in FBI raids

    FBI agents raided the homes of several Twin Cities and Chicago activists and socialists, reportedly looking for evidence of support for "terrorism."

  • Far-right breakthrough in Sweden

    A far-right party with ties to racist and fascist organizations will take seats in parliament for the first time in Sweden's history.

  • A keen sense of the struggle

    Everyone who knew Roberto faced, on hearing the news of his sudden death last week, a sharp sense of loss.

  • UIUC students protest trustees

    Students and campus workers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign confronted the Board of Trustees at its September meeting.

  • Denton marches to end the death penalty

    A coalition of progressive activist groups held the first annual March Against the Death Penalty in Denton, Texas.

September 23, 2010

  • Deportations, detentions and the Democrats

    Obama's election seemed to herald a new dawn for immigrants, but the truth is that life is becoming increasingly unbearable for the undocumented.

  • Scoundrel time at Kaiser

    The struggle between rival unions SEIU and NUHW at Kaiser Permanente is visible in hospital cafeterias across California.

  • CTU calls for a "Marshall Plan" for schools

    The president of the Chicago Teachers Union called for big spending on schools--as parents occupied a school field house to stop its demolition.

  • Save the C.L.R. James library

    The contributions of historian and socialist C.L.R. James deserve to be remembered, so activists are opposing a plan to rename a library in London.

  • The UAW's push for concessions

    United Auto Workers Local 23 in Indiana is fighting the International's demand that members agree to cut their pay in half.

September 22, 2010

  • What can we do to stop the right?

    More and more people are feeling the urgent need to challenge the right wing and its bigotry. But that challenge will have to come from below.

  • A letter to the DREAM movement

    An immigrant rights activist explains why he no longer supports the DREAM Act after Senate Democrats attached the proposal to a military funding bill.

  • Sanctions that defy sanity

    Ending Israel's siege of Gaza and establishing basic human norms for some 1.5 million Palestinians is within our reach.

  • The privatizers run amok

    The politicians in Britain have plans to privatize whatever they can get their hands on--from libraries to the health service.

  • This is a jobs emergency

    In cities across the country, activists turned out for local events called as part of a national Jobs Emergency Day of Action on September 15.

  • Protesting for Bradley Manning

    Seattle activists gathered at the gates of Fort Lewis as part of a national day of action in support of accused whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning.

September 21, 2010

  • Can Sarkozy be stopped?

    Scandal-plagued French President Nicolas Sarkozy is scapegoating Muslims and immigrants as he pushes to increase the retirement age.

  • Parents occupy Chicago school

    Dozens of parents and community supporters are fighting to prevent a field house at the Whittier Dual Language School from being demolished.

  • Turning the Gulf toxic

    Whistleblowers working on BP's "Vessels of Opportunity" program have evidence the company is still spraying vast amounts of toxic chemical dispersants.

  • Standing up for robosexuality

    Matt Groening's Futurama is back on the air, and it's taking up the debate over marriage equality--between humans and robots.

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