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October 19, 2009

  • Portland teachers ready to fight

    Over 300 teachers, who have been working without a contract for 15 months, turned out to the Portland Public School Board meeting October 12.

October 16, 2009

  • We've just begun to fight

    The National Equality March for LGBT rights was such a success because we struck a chord with a new generation of budding activists.

  • Rush's rage and our response

    Rush Limbaugh called out me and several other writers by name on his radio show because we challenged his efforts to own an NFL team.

  • Insurrection at Harper's Ferry

    One hundred and fifty years ago today, a band of men led by John Brown launched an armed attack they hoped would spark an uprising against slavery.

  • The state of siege continues

    The coup regime in Honduras is continuing to clamp down on protests and the media while dragging its feet in negotiations.

  • Texas residents protest drilling

    When residents in Denton, Texas, found out that natural gas drilling was going to begin in their neighborhood, they got organized.

October 15, 2009

  • Layoff ax falls in D.C. schools

    Anger erupted in Washington, D.C., schools after nearly 400 teachers and other workers were abruptly laid off five weeks into the new school year.

  • General strike hits Puerto Rico

    Workers are responding to plans to cut 17,000 government jobs with a one-day work stoppage supported by virtually all of the island's unions.

  • When Illinois was the war zone

    A new book explains the role that the Staley workers' struggle of the 1990s played in reviving some of the best traditions of the labor movement.

  • A celebration of mass murder

    The myths taught to America about Christopher Columbus' "discovery" of America are a cover for inconceivable acts of violence.

  • Berkeley sit-in against cuts

    Around 150 students took over the Anthropology Library at the University of California-Berkeley on October 9 to protest budget cuts.

October 14, 2009

  • Peace prize or war prize?

    I was shocked when I heard Barack Obama was given the Nobel peace prize--until I recalled that Wilson, Roosevelt and Kissinger had all won.

  • The right wing falls in Greece

    Economic crisis and mass struggle paved the way for the election victory of the social democratic party PASOK--and the radical left is poised to grow.

  • Why the NFL should flush Rush

    In a league that's 70 percent African American, unapologetic racist Rush Limbaugh is in talks to buy a football team.

  • A record of concealing atrocities

    The comments of High Court justices in London about a case charging British Army atrocities in Iraq have implications for Northern Ireland.

  • Repression in Tampico

    Residents of the Mano con Mano colony of Tampico, Mexico, have been violently forced off of their land and their houses have been destroyed.

  • Making a mockery of peace

    Barack Obama, who is in the process of waging two wars, is now the recipient of an award that is supposedly reserved for those who have a commitment to peace.

October 13, 2009

  • Betting on our deaths

    Wall Street has come up with a new investment scheme involving life insurance that is essentially a bet people will die "on time" or earlier than expected.

  • Who made China's revolution?

    China recently marked the 60th anniversary of a 1949 "peoples' revolution" that kicked out foreign powers--but workers there have never really held power.

  • A truly Nobel-worthy effort

    The Obama administration has a lot to say about ending youth violence in the wake of the beating death of a Chicago teen, but does it have any solutions?

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