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January 20, 2011

  • Defender of the movement

    Lawyer Albert Goldman defended hundreds of radicals and unionists, including Trotskyists tried under the Smith Act.

  • Who are the real extremists?

    People fighting for social change shouldn't be deterred by the charge of being "extremist"--it often means they're on the right side.

  • Defend Assange, denounce sexism

    The rape allegations against Julian Assange must be addressed in a principled way that acknowledges sexism.

  • Socialism and U.S. exceptionalism

    Socialists need to admit that the U.S is exceptional in many ways--including the legacy of slavery and our reactionary election laws.

January 19, 2011

  • The revolt of the hungry

    Anger over the lack of that most basic necessity of life--food--was the spark for a rebellion in Tunisia that toppled a dictator and inspired people everywhere.

  • Baby Doc returns to the scene of the crime

    The return of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier brings the nightmare of Haiti’s past together with its terrible present.

  • Behind the crisis in Ivory Coast

    The Western powers pressuring Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo to step down are the same ones that kept him in power for a decade.

  • Roots of the Tunisian Intifada

    The people of Tunisia took to the streets after long periods of silence and ostensible calm in order challenge the state.

  • Last year went to 11

    The music world had its share of retreats and defeats in 2010, but some musicians led the way as actors for social justice.

  • Austin celebrates King legacy

    Martin Luther King Day festivities brought out a diverse crowd of more than 5,000 Austinites on January 17.

  • A fight against unjust firings

    Three members of the LGBT community in Greensboro, N.C., who were fired unjustly from an apartment complex are fighting back.

January 18, 2011

  • It's what they say, not how they say it

    In his Tucson speech, Barack Obama called for a more civil tone from politicians--but the real problem is the policies that the politicians stand for.

  • The rise and fall of Ben Ali

    With Ben Ali overthrown, those ruling class forces that have hitherto feigned an interest in Middle East democracy are worried by the potential consequences.

  • Wishing won't make it so

    In contrast to the happy talk about economic recovery in the business press, slumping home prices and stagnating employment tell another story.

  • Lessons from a strike in Alsip

    Workers at small businesses all too often accept mistreatment from employers. I was one--until I heard about this strike.

  • Overthrow of an Arab autocrat

    Desperate, impoverished people, battered by the world crisis are not doomed to passivity and being spectators in their own immiseration.

  • Beyond the vitriolic rhetoric

    The violence in Tucson is more than an indictment of Republicans; it's also an indictment of the Democrats' subservience to financial power.

January 17, 2011

  • A revolution unfolds in Tunisia

    A mass mobilization that produced protests in almost every corner of Tunisia has swept out one of the most repressive dictators in the Arab world.

  • The struggle spreads in Algeria

    The uprising in Northern Africa that toppled the dictatorship in Tunisia is shaking the regime in neighboring Algeria.

  • The mirage of military cuts

    The media is lapping up the Pentagon's claim that it is making painful "cuts" in spending--even as the military budget continues to grow.

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