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May 24, 2010

  • No surrender in Greece

    The second general strike in two weeks showed that Greek workers aren’t about to give up their struggle to overturn a government austerity program.

  • Looking for an alternative to capitalism

    In spite of the vilification of socialism, several opinion polls show there's widespread questioning of the free market and a desire for something else.

  • The modern class war

    The crisis in Greece is the product of a grotesque financial system. But the rebellion of the country's ordinary people offers hope.

  • British students resist department closure

    If Middlesex University philosophy professors and students are going to continue interpreting the world, they'll have to change it.

  • Taking a stand for ENDA in Boston

    Approximately 50 activists gathered in Boston to force Sen. Scott Brown to take a stand on anti-LGBT discrimination and "don't ask, don't tell."

  • Stop the cuts to youth funding

    A multiracial group of 150 people marched to San Francisco City Hall for a rally against proposed cuts to city-funded youth services.

May 21, 2010

  • Police torturer on trial

    A victim of the former Chicago police commander who oversaw a ring of torturers in the 1970s and '80s talks about the struggle to see justice done.

  • Sent to jail for challenging slavery

    Some historians in Kentucky are seeking posthumous pardons for 44 people convicted for trying to help slaves escape their bondage.

  • It's not our deficit

    When ordinary people accept the idea that the deficit is our problem, it leads to support for "solutions" like cuts in public spending.

  • A big load of ballots

    Here's a clean, decisive system for holding votes: Everyone casts a ballot, and then the management of British Airways and a judge decide the result.

  • A people's history of UW

    Student groups are bringing together a panel of University of Washington alumni to discuss a radical chapter in UW history.

  • Don't get caught in a bad hotel

    LGBT activists organized a flash-mob action on May 9 calling for support of a UNITE HERE boycott of several San Francisco hotels.

  • Organizing to ground the drones

    Some 50 antiwar activists shut down the entrance to the corporate headquarters of war contractor General Atomics on May 19.

May 20, 2010

  • Dying in our backyard

    Even before the latest set of anti-immigrant laws, Arizona was ground zero for the federal government's deadly war on the undocumented.

  • Make the spending cuts--or else

    The media is full of dire warnings about what will befall Britain if it fails to make the cuts to public spending that "the markets" demand.

  • Arab attitudes to the Holocaust

    Israel's largest-circulating daily newspaper conducted a major interview with the author of the newly published The Arabs and the Holocaust.

  • The corporate attack on education

    Two reports make the case for a corporate takeover of Oregon public universities to close budget gaps in an age of crisis.

  • Not my Robin Hood

    Reviewers are linking Ridley Scott's blockbuster version of Robin Hood to a seemingly unlikely crowd: the Tea Party movement.

  • Second-guessing women's choices

    Until just this past year, it was policy for students seeking abortions from the Harvard University student heath clinic to be referred for mental health services.

  • OECD rewards Israel's occupation

    Despite ongoing violations of international law, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has voted to let Israel join its ranks.

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