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May 17, 2011

May 16, 2011

  • Killed for demanding the right of return

    Unarmed Palestinian protesters came under fire from Israeli forces as they marched on Israel's borders from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Gaza.

  • Teachers send a message

    Teacher-led protests on Wall Street in New York and in Los Angeles highlighted growing anger over budget cuts and layoffs.

  • After the Canadian election

    Canada's federal elections in early May drastically shifted the terrain of parliamentary politics. So what comes next?

  • The limits of democracy in NYC schools

    Hundreds of students, parents and school staff pack meetings of New York City's Panel for Education Policy--but their voices are seldom heeded.

  • Austin stands up against hate

    Austin residents came together to celebrate Norma Hurtado and her mother--and protest the bigotry behind their murders.

  • Sitting in against sweatshops

    Activists took over the University of Texas president's office to demand that college apparel be made under fair working conditions.

  • Resisting Ventura developers

    A group of working-class residents in Ventura, Calif., is organizing to protest gentrification of the neighborhood they share.

May 13, 2011

  • Child labor USA

    The traditional image of child labor is of something that takes place in poverty-stricken, less-developed countries--but it also has a home in the U.S.

  • James P. Cannon and American Trotskyism

    Despite difficulties, setbacks and mistakes, the Communist League of America's contribution to maintaining a genuine Marxist tradition proved invaluable.

  • Cuando los liberales exudan imperialismo

    Se llenan la boca de paz, diplomacia y respeto por la soberanía nacional, pero mira quién aplaude con más entusiasmo el asesinato de Osama bin Laden --liberales, los adalides del imperio.

May 12, 2011

  • From continental empire to world empire

    The U.S. military's racist use of the code name "Geronimo" is part of a tradition of linking the conquest of this continent with overseas expansion and imperialism.

  • Resisting a school catastrophe

    The numbing scale of the cuts in California shows the need for a bold campaign for taxing the rich to fix our schools.

  • The courts punish a victim in Texas

    A young Texas woman must pay $45,000 after losing a court case related to her refusal to cheer for a basketball player who raped her.

  • No bureaucrat left behind

    CUNY trustees reversed their denial of an honorary degree to playwright Tony Kushner--but we still need to hold them to higher standards.

  • Contract win for D.C. nurses

    A new contract for nurses at the Washington Hospital Center represents a partial win over management's concessions demands.

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