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February 5, 2010

  • Super Bowl ad hypocrisy

    CBS has long claimed to have Super Bowl rules against "advocacy ads." So why are they running an anti-abortion commercial?

  • How the U.S. could help Haiti

    Two measures would immediately help Haitians--cancellation of the foreign debt and overhauling an immigration system that discriminates against them.

  • The people's history reading list

    Howard Zinn came up with some recommendations if you really want to know what happened in U.S. history.

  • Police invade S.F. fundraiser

    Police attacked a January 30 fundraising event, bringing chaos to what had been a peaceful evening in San Francisco.

February 4, 2010

  • Duncan's twisted vision for our schools

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan stooped to a new low when he declared that Hurricane Katrina was "the best thing that happened" to New Orleans schools.

  • The unruly U.S. "backyard"

    U.S. aggressiveness towards Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador has increased in response to diminishing U.S. influence over Latin America.

  • Darwin without his theory?

    Controversy surrounded the much-awaited U.S. release of Creation, a movie about the life of Charles Darwin. But does the film measure up?

  • Unleashing the fame monster

    The Grammys have never been good at acknowledging happenings in the world, but this year, the disparity was especially stark.

  • Why it's right for us to be militant

    The priorities of the system from top to bottom favor the rich over the poor, business over labor, top paid administrators over students.

  • “Safety” and health in Haiti

    The U.S. State Department's warnings classifying political protests of Haitians as violent show a deep prejudice.

February 3, 2010

  • A budget that only Republicans could love

    Barack Obama's proposed budget for 2011 does little to create jobs, freezes spending on key social services--and lavishes yet more money on the Pentagon.

  • Prime Minister Tony Liar

    The former British Prime Minister's appearance before a public inquiry recalls the web of lies that paved the way for the war on Iraq.

  • When scholars join the slaughter

    The U.S. military has sent anthropologists, sociologists and social psychologists with troops into both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • They couldn't stop our singing

    Soundtrack for a Revolution shows how the music of the civil rights movement helped give ordinary people the confidence to do extraordinary things.

  • A bittersweet victory in Texas

    In a surprise court decision, Texas death row prisoner Gabriel Gonzales received a new sentence of life with the possibility of parole.

  • Save Braddock Hospital

    Some 160 community members of economically hard-hit Braddock, Pa., protested the closure of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

  • Portland State isn’t for sale

    One hundred people protested at Portland State University to speak out against corporatization of their school.

February 2, 2010

  • Pushing kids and teachers to the bottom

    Barack Obama’s Race to the Top program offers cash-strapped state governments federal money--as long as they agree to attack teachers’ unions.

  • A revolt against NYC school closures

    More than 2,000 people packed into a hearing to raise their voices against a plan to close 19 schools in New York City.

  • Here's a health plan that will work

    The "better approach" to health care reform that Barack Obama asked for is simple: An improved Medicare-for-All national health system.

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