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January 11, 2012

  • The first redraft of history

    Now that U.S. forces have pulled out of Iraq, what happened during the nine years of occupation is undergoing a rewrite.

  • Vermont protests postal cuts

    Some 500 postal workers and supporters packed a hearing in Vermont to criticize plans to slash postal jobs and services.

  • Stop fracking in North Texas

    "Fracking insurgents" are challenging the rapid expansion of the natural gas industry's destructive methods in North Texas.

  • BoA's predatory evictions

    More than 100 people rallied against foreclosures and evictions in front of the Bank of America in San Francisco.

January 10, 2012

  • What's at stake in Syria?

    The uprising in Syria is being hammered by state repression--while Western governments seek to manipulate the movement to their own ends.

  • A bigot through and through

    No matter what he says about war and civil liberties, Ron Paul isn't a candidate anyone on the left should support.

  • Demanding justice at American Crystal Sugar

    Some 1,300 union workers in three states are demanding what they deserve--and refusing to let a profitable corporation get its way unopposed.

  • What's in a newspaper name?

    An Oakland activist tries to make sense of the complaints that he's been getting from a certain East Bay newspaper.

  • A Manifest Destiny massacre

    The slaughter of hundreds of Lakota women, children and men 121 years ago marked the end of the "Indian Wars."

  • Taking on Philippines Airlines

    The fate of the labor movement in the Philippines hangs on the outcome of an airline employees' union struggle.

  • The fight to fund our universities

    If University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman was serious about states investing in higher education, Occupy UM wouldn't have to mic-check the regents.

January 9, 2012

  • Welcome to the civil-liberties-free zone

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to set up his own personal police state ahead of the NATO/G8 summit meeting in May.

  • The West's new confrontation with Iran

    Tensions are escalating again in the Persian Gulf region over U.S.-led military and economic threats against Iran.

  • Take a stand for the ILWU

    The labor council for the Longview, Wash., area is calling for protests against the first scab ship loaded at the EGT terminal.

  • Lessons for Occupy from Iowa

    Occupy activists turned out during the Iowa caucuses to protest banks and corporations, and the politicians who serve them.

  • A U.S. company arms Egypt's tyrants

    The U.S. awarded a military contractor $395 million to build tanks for Egypt's military dictators--but it can't find a dime for workers in Detroit.

  • The "at-will" attack at UNT

    A fight is brewing between employees and the University of North Texas system, which wants to move to "at-will" employment.

January 6, 2012

  • The fall of the house of Enron

    The scandal that took down energy giant Enron 10 years ago exposed the lie of the free-market "miracle" of the 1990s.

  • Who produces the wealth in society?

    Capitalists' profits come from the unpaid labor of workers--which is why socialists say that capitalism is organized theft.

  • Obama contra las libertades civiles

    Ahora, en EE.UU., los militares pueden detener indefinidamente, y sin juicio, a sus propios ciudadanos--uno más de nuestros "inalienables derechos" fue sacrificado por el demócrata en la Casa Blanca.

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