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December 7, 2015

December 3, 2015

  • They don't want to hear our free speech

    Conservatives are responding to campus protests with a tired old smear--that "coddled" students are threatening the right to free speech.

  • Toppling Chicago's top cop

    After protest forced out Chicago's police chief, activists are looking at what's next in the fight against Rahm Emanuel's City Hall.

  • Rikers' walls have got to go

    The struggle to close Rikers Island jail could mobilize New Yorkers to shut down a hated symbol of the ruling-class offensive.

  • What the fight is about at Princeton

    Black students have led a movement to highlight the deep roots of discrimination and bigotry at the Ivy League university.

  • Teachers want MORE from the UFT

    New York City teachers committed to social justice met to strategize about building the fight for our schools and for a stronger union.

  • A show of antiwar defiance against Cameron

    Opponents of British Prime Minister David Cameron's plans for air strikes in Syria contributed to the opposition in parliament.

December 2, 2015

  • Spreading racist fear about the "Muslim threat"

    Donald Trump's recycled lies about U.S. Muslims cheering the September 11 attacks is being rehabilitated for a specific ideological purpose.

  • Climate change and the summit smokescreen

    A leading voice of ecosocialism looks at what to expect from the Paris climate summit and where the movement needs to go next.

  • An attack on trans students in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Republicans are pretending to "protect" students by pushing a bill that would put transgender students at greater risk.

  • The arbitration scam

    Corporations have found another way to get over on customers and employees--forcing them to give up their right to sue.

  • Standing up to a mining giant

    Twenty years ago, the mining town of Weipa was the site of a momentous showdown between Australian workers and employers.

December 1, 2015

  • How anger at campus racism boiled over

    Students on dozens of campuses took action in November, both in solidarity with Missouri students and to make demands of their own.

  • What kind of "just transition"?

    We need a movement strong enough to force big changes in the way humans produce and consume energy. But what kind of changes?

  • For the right to demonstrate

    France's New Anti-capitalist Party spoke out against the government's violent crackdown on climate justice protests.

  • Oregon deserves a fight for 15

    Support for a $15 an hour minimum wage has grown, yet some Oregon labor leaders are backing down a fight to win it.

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