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June 5, 2014

  • Rosa Luxemburg and the pathway to socialism

    Socialism is about much more than "big government"--it will replace an economic dictatorship with an economic democracy.

  • Striking on the eve of the Cup

    A member of a left-wing Brazilian labor federation calls for solidarity with the growing protests among Brazilian workers.

  • A historic goal for Palestine

    After 86 years of frustration, the Palestinian national soccer team is taking the hopes of its people to the international stage.

  • When $15 isn't really $15

    Rather than oppose a Seattle measure with numerous concessions they once criticized, Socialist Alternative has declared victory.

June 4, 2014

  • The May of the masses

    June 4 marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, when the Chinese government crushed a mass pro-democracy movement.

  • Time for a just peace to end the "war on drugs"

    The "war on drugs" is finally being criticized by U.S. political leaders--but the changes we need have only just begun.

  • Selling their soul to Cuomo

    The Working Families Party in New York has proved that all its talk of pushing the Democrats to the left is just that--talk.

  • After the abdication

    The abdication of Spanish King Juan Carlos is the latest maneuver to try to rescue a discredited system.

  • If you can't be the UKIP, act like them

    The Labour Party seems to think the best response to the success of the UK Independence Party is to copy it.

  • Colonialismo y justicia educacional

    La presidenta de la Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico habla con Obrero Socialista acerca de la imposición de la educación neoliberal.

June 3, 2014

  • Glenn Greenwald versus the Big Brother state

    A year of stunning revelations has exposed the frightening reach of the American spy state into every corner of our lives.

  • Russia and China make a deal

    A $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China represents a major challenge to the U.S. drive for global hegemony.

  • UPS and the "outlaw" strike of 1946

    UPS's move into New York started a chain reaction that led to the longest Teamster strike at the company until the mid-1970s.

  • The state is taking away lots

    California's budget shouldn't be balanced on the backs of state workers. Instead, let's make Google and Apple pay.

  • Pelé said what?

    The fact that the legend felt compelled to speak out about Brazil's carnival of injustice shows how deep the crisis runs.

  • What campaigns do we need now?

    Left electoral campaigns should be judged not by their label, but how they contribute to building a stronger, more unified left.

June 2, 2014

  • What Isla Vista revealed about sexual violence

    We need to confront the virulent sexism and violence our culture is steeped in--and the institutions and social relations that generate them.

  • A revolutionary in the auto plant

    General Baker was a troublemaker his whole life, particularly fighting for Black liberation inside Detroit's auto plants.

  • An army crackdown on dissent

    Thailand's junta has let it be known what sort of punishment people will face if they don't comply with the new regime.

  • Brandeis has shamed itself

    The Brandeis University president's decision to sever ties with a Palestinian university was an unfair attack on that school.

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