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March 5, 2014

  • I am an invisible man

    One hundred years after his birth, Invisible Man author Ralph Ellison still inspires debate about art and about Black America.

  • The meaning of El Chapo's arrest

    The capture of Mexico's most powerful drug lord was celebrated by the media, but it raises more questions than answers.

  • Why we're boycotting the edTPA

    UIC education grad students are following the lead of Chicago teachers, parents and students--and boycotting the edTPA test.

March 4, 2014

  • The fight for 15 and beyond

    Our struggle has shifted the national debate about the minimum wage--but we're also taking on questions and issues that affect all workers.

  • How can the right be defeated in Venezuela?

    A Venezuelan socialist comments on the right-wing protests today--and the need for a revolution within the revolution.

  • Why the testing revolt matters

    Teachers and parents in Chicago are defying threats from school officials to make a stand for the human act of learning.

  • Stooping to red-baiting

    A founder of Rosie's Machinists 751, a caucus of IAM members at Boeing, responds to slanders from International officials.

  • Life under the New Jim Crow

    A pastor recounts how a young woman who attends his church was subjected to harsh treatment because of the color of her skin.

  • Hollywood's gender imbalance

    This year's Oscars showed strides toward greater diversity, but the film industry has a long way to go toward women's equality.

  • Auge en la lucha por Palestina

    El llamado por boicotear, desinvertir y sancionar Israel ha repentinamente dejado de ser marginal para convertirse en un punto focal.

March 3, 2014

  • The threat of war hangs over Ukraine

    Russian forces seized control of Crimea in southern Ukraine, threatening a war that could tear the country apart--and stoke inter-imperial rivalries.

  • Arrested for XL Dissent

    Over 350 people opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline project were arrested in a mass action in front of the White House.

  • Bus drivers are ready to walk

    Public transit bus drivers in Northern Vermont are set to strike this week over their demands for livable jobs and public safety.

  • Going to jail for protesting pipeline polluters?

    Three Michigan activists arrested and convicted for protesting construction of a tar sands pipeline face three years in prison.

  • Renewing the attack on academic freedom

    New York state politicians have introduced a new version of legislation that targets an academic boycott of Israel.

  • Capitulating to the frackers?

    The anti-environment offensive by Canada's fossil fuel industry is shifting the political landscape of the country.

  • Silent about sexual assault

    At what point will the NFL and Roger Goodell confront the haunting league-wide presence of violence against women?

February 27, 2014

  • Who's afraid of BDS?

    The movement calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel has suddenly moved from the margins to center stage.

  • No excuses for bigotry

    The right wing is waging a new war--in the form of "religious freedom" bills to legalize discrimination against LGBT people.

  • Where is De Blasio headed?

    New York City's new mayor is continuing to use the liberal rhetoric that got him elected, but there are big tests to come.

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