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June 3, 2014

  • Russia and China make a deal

    A $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China represents a major challenge to the U.S. drive for global hegemony.

  • UPS and the "outlaw" strike of 1946

    UPS's move into New York started a chain reaction that led to the longest Teamster strike at the company until the mid-1970s.

  • The state is taking away lots

    California's budget shouldn't be balanced on the backs of state workers. Instead, let's make Google and Apple pay.

  • Pelé said what?

    The fact that the legend felt compelled to speak out about Brazil's carnival of injustice shows how deep the crisis runs.

  • What campaigns do we need now?

    Left electoral campaigns should be judged not by their label, but how they contribute to building a stronger, more unified left.

June 2, 2014

  • What Isla Vista revealed about sexual violence

    We need to confront the virulent sexism and violence our culture is steeped in--and the institutions and social relations that generate them.

  • A revolutionary in the auto plant

    General Baker was a troublemaker his whole life, particularly fighting for Black liberation inside Detroit's auto plants.

  • An army crackdown on dissent

    Thailand's junta has let it be known what sort of punishment people will face if they don't comply with the new regime.

  • Brandeis has shamed itself

    The Brandeis University president's decision to sever ties with a Palestinian university was an unfair attack on that school.

  • Making profits off school turnarounds

    Community groups are highlighting the conflict of interest at the heart of the Chicago Public Schools' privatization schemes.

  • Cambio climático y misoginia

    El empeoramiento de la crisis climática afecta más al pobre que al rico... y a la mujer más que al hombre.

May 30, 2014

  • Revolution from above?

    Even if their rhetoric is about freedom and liberty, the currents of socialism-from-above currents take the masses out of the equation.

May 29, 2014

  • Inequality and the unfree market

    Inequality isn't an unfortunate evil of an otherwise fair system, but the necessary outcome of an evil system with organized theft at its roots.

  • We together shall rise

    A government witch-hunt victim pays tribute to the late poet Maya Angelou with his own verse, written in response to hers.

  • A global city fights for 15

    Rahm Emanuel's vision of Chicago as a "global city" is opposed to minimum-wage workers fighting for their rights.

  • Greenlee's blueprint for revolt

    Sam Greenlee, the creator of the book and movie The Spook Who Sat by the Door, wrote from his own experiences.

  • Divestment as a means to an end

    An activist for fossil-fuel divestment at the University of California talks about building the movement on a strong foundation.

  • Without us, patients suffer

    Nurses say that San Francisco General Hospital is severely understaffed--and patients are severely underserved.

  • Protesting the "gene giants"

    People around the world said "no" to corporate practices endangering our food in the international March Against Monsanto.

  • Socialists should run as socialists

    When socialists run for office, they should welcome Green endorsements, but there is no reason for socialists to run as Greens.

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