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May 12, 2015

  • The de Blasio road show

    The New York mayor's announcement of a national program of liberal policy proposals contrasts with his record at home

  • Netanyahu's racist government

    Israel's prime minister has appointed a justice minister who openly calls for genocide against the Palestinian people.

  • What happened to employee free choice?

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and the NLRB have put the brakes on a union representation vote at a California hospital.

  • Golden Dawn is afraid of justice

    Eleven members of parliament representing SYRIZA protest the latest delay in the trial of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazis.

  • Ireland's Right2Water

    The anti-water charges movement has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people--transformed politics in Ireland.

  • Paralizando el sistema

    La clase obrera es la primera clase en la historia del mundo cuyo interés no yace en un nuevo sistema de explotación.

May 11, 2015

  • The ghost of liberal Democrats past

    The record of past liberal challenges within the Democratic Party can tell us a lot about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the presidential nomination.

  • From the streets of Baltimore

    This photo essay from Baltimore shows the masses of people marching for Freddie Gray--and the cops who tried to stop them.

  • Reacting to Britain's election

    British socialists give their first impressions of a general election that unexpectedly gave the Conservative Party a big victory.

  • Nurses push back at UCMC

    After a strike threat, nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center reached a tentative deal that includes some victories.

  • Wrong about Bernie Sanders

    Readers respond to a article that challenged the celebration of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

  • Campeona del estatus quo

    Así como la campaña de Hillary Clinton comienza, su séquito político comienza a retocar su imagen, pero ¿hay alguien que vaya a comprar?

May 7, 2015

  • Welcome to the Education-Industrial Complex

    Corporate thieves and hedge-fund parasites are working with political leaders to impose a school "reform" agenda that will privatize public education.

  • Pamela Geller's war on Muslims

    The right-wing Islamophobes are trying to exploit the shootings at an anti-Muslim event to advance their reactionary agenda.

  • A dreary election in Britain

    The bitter discontent with austerity in Britain has been ignored by the major parties, opening space for the right and the left.

  • Defying an unjust curfew

    Baltimore protesters defied a curfew to link the struggle against police murder to those of prisoners and public housing residents.

  • Reconstruction after the war

    The formal emancipation of slaves after the Civil War constituted a significant but incomplete advance for the working class.

  • Speaking out in Seattle on May Day

    Seattle protests and rallies revolved around workers' rights, Black Lives Matter, immigrant rights and indigenous struggles.

  • What we saw in Baltimore

    Without so much as a word of solidarity, a reader has unfairly accused us of pathologizing the Baltimore uprising.

  • Dirty tricks of the state

    There is a long history of police use of "underdcover" provocateurs to create justifications for police riots and arrests.

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