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March 7, 2016

  • How can Chicago teachers win again?

    Members of the Chicago Teachers Union could soon be on the picket line again in the face of attacks by a Democratic mayor and Republican governor.

  • Discussing Sanders and the left

    Four socialists debate whether backing Bernie Sanders' campaign for president will help build an independent left.

  • Bolivia's patriarch in trouble

    Faced with protests and an economic crisis, Evo Morales lost a referendum that would have allowed him to run for president again.

  • The watcher and the watched

    Laura Poitras' Astro Noise at the Whitney in New York takes exhibit-goers under the microscope of the U.S. surveillance state.

March 3, 2016

  • Socialists and the case for reparations

    The left debate is posed as either support for slavery reparations or an alternative, socialist solution. But why should it be an either/or choice?

  • Why are #OurThreeBoys dead?

    Islamophobic violence, spurred on by the politicians, can't be ruled out in the recent slaying of three men in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • The rush to blame a mother

    The death of a 2-year-old child in an apartment fire in Brooklyn is being used to attack her mother as an unfit parent.

  • People Power upends a dictator

    This year marks 30 years since the mass mobilizations that brought down U.S.-backed tyrant Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

  • The deafening silence over Netanyahu's racism

    The Israeli prime minister referred to Palestinians as "wild beasts"--but there wasn't even mild outrage in the media.

March 2, 2016

  • Super Doomsday?

    For the Democrats, the status quo triumphed in the primary elections on March 1, but for the Republicans, it was more the status what-the-f%$k.

  • Protecting women from their rights

    In the Supreme Court's latest abortion case, the fight is between those who say they want to protect women and those who actually do.

  • Portugal's political impasse

    The election of a conservative president in Portugal adds a new dimension to an already complicated "tri-polar" array of forces.

  • UC must divest from private prisons

    A member of the Afrikan Black Coalition in California explains how the group is building on its prison divestment campaign.

March 1, 2016

  • How was Syria turned into hell on earth?

    The conflict between rival regional and imperial powers has played out in Syria against the backdrop of the regime's war on a popular uprising.

  • Executed by the Seattle Police Department

    The murder of Che Taylor casts a harsh new light on a police department that is supposed to be the poster child for reform.

  • Thrown out by gentrification

    Dozens of low-income, elderly residents were evicted from their homes in Columbus, Ohio, with little warning and no explanation.

  • Calling the cops for library overdue fines

    A Wisconsin bill allowing libraries to use the police and collection agencies to collect late fees will target minorities and women.

  • The left's false logic on Syria

    Many on the left are concluding that Russia and Iran, since the U.S. opposes them, must be the "good guys" in Syria. They're wrong.

February 29, 2016

  • Obama's pretend plan to close Guantánamo

    Barack Obama is ending his second term where he began his first--with a promise to close the Guantánamo prison camp that won't be kept.

  • Socialists and "the Bern"

    Sanders' success has prompted a debate on the left about an old question: Should socialists work inside the Democratic Party?

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