Topic: Hurricane Katrina

  • The struggle for New Orleans

    In a 2005 interview, author Mike Davis described the consequences, natural and man-made, of the Katrina catastrophe.

  • A tale of two New Orleans

    Seven years after Katrina, New Orleans has become a laboratory for all kinds of "reforms"--at a profit for a few.

  • Killers in blue sentenced in New Orleans

    Several New Orleans cops are going to jail for a deadly assault during the Katrina disaster--despite the wishes of the judge.

  • The ongoing battle for New Orleans

    After Katrina, political power in New Orleans has shifted to whites, but Blacks have not given up their struggle for justice.

  • The resistance of New Orleans

    The book Floodlines tells the story of New Orleans after Katrina hit--the manmade disaster that followed the storm and the struggle to win justice.

  • The heroes and sheroes of New Orleans

    Two Socialist Worker contributors wrote about being trapped in New Orleans. Their story helped expose the truth about the Katrina nightmare.

  • Save New Orleans' Charity Hospital

    New Orleanians mark the anniversary Hurricane Katrina--by calling for the re-opening of the city's only public hospital.

  • Three years later and still a disaster

    The New Orleans residents who evacuated because of Hurricane Gustav are returning to destruction and neglect still left from Hurricane Katrina.

  • Scapegoated after the storm

    Hurricanes like Ike aren't unknown to Galveston residents. What’s new is the sheer viciousness of a government that blames the people who lost everything.

  • No shelter from the storm

    Witness the massive padlock, hugging the doors of the Superdome. That will tell you all you need to know about Hurricane Gustav and the federal government's response.

  • Solidarity with Katrina victims

    Providence activists rallied in solidarity with the people of New Orleans on the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Barely dodging another disaster

    If Hurricane Gustav had hit closer to New Orleans, it could have overwhelmed a levee system that still isn't rebuilt.

  • Three long years of neglect

    The federal government's efforts to help New Orleans recover, like the response to the Katrina disaster itself, have been completely inadequate.

  • Police crack down on New Orleans protest

    Police and public officials in New Orleans responded with outrageous violence to protesters fighting for their right to public housing.