Topic: Women's rights

  • Will Tennessee legalize the New Jane Crow?

    A bill on the verge of becoming law in Tennessee would criminalize women based on the outcome of a pregnancy.

  • Hobby Lobby makes the choices for women

    In a recent Supreme Court case, the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby claim their religious freedom is under attack.

  • Buffers against the fanatics?

    What's at stake in the case before the Supreme Court about the constitutionality of abortion clinic "buffer zones"?

  • Quit talking about equal pay and do something

    Barack Obama promised to "do away" with the unequal pay that makes workplaces look like something from "a Mad Men episode." But does he mean it?

  • They put a price tag on women's health

    All the training in the world can't prepare health care providers for dealing with the financial obstacles that prevent them from doing their jobs.

  • Despojando Roe ley por ley

    El ataque al derecho a optar por un aborto está ligado al asalto contra el nivel de vida de la clase obrera.

  • Before Roe

    Throughout history, women have found ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies, whether abortion was legal or not and despite the risk.

  • Stealing Roe one law at a time

    Forty-one years after the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal, the attacks on reproductive rights are coming faster than ever.

  • Treating a woman as an incubator

    Despite her wishes, the state of Texas is determined to make Marlise Munoz live out her final days as a human incubator.

  • Putting women's health at risk

    When Tamesha Means miscarried, she was refused the medical care she needed because she went to a Catholic hospital.

  • Creating an anti-sexist culture

    The most definitive way to abolish sexism is engaging in struggles for women's liberation and helping to build up our side in general.

  • Sexism, liberation and the left

    Rather than "undermining solidarity" or stagnating democracy, the daily practice of anti-sexism within our organization enhances it.

  • This discussion doesn't add much

    A recent debate at SW has little to say about the political challenges we're bound to face in struggles for women's liberation.

  • Brocialism or fauxcialism?

    To say that we're killjoys if we object to the term "brocialism" and explain why is really missing the point.

  • A too-serious take on a silly word?

    I don't think there's a single person who thinks they were doing anything that important by making fun of "brocialists."

  • Our struggle is for the liberation of all

    The discussions taking place about sexism and socialism pose a question about the liberatory core of the socialist project.

  • Criminalizing pregnant women

    The state must not be the enemy of pregnant women, threatening them with arrest or preventing them from getting health care.

  • The myth of the "cocaine mom"

    Alicia Beltran is fighting a Wisconsin law that criminalizes pregnant women--under the guise of protecting fetuses.

  • Casualties of the Texas anti-abortion crusade

    As draconian legislation restricting abortion goes into effect in Texas, the effects of this latest assault on the right to choose are being felt.

  • A word for calling out sexism

    The word "brocialism" is an insult to be hurled at sexists who falsely claim they are acting in the interest of socialism.

  • Measuring gender inequality

    Within the World Economic Forum's 2013 Global Gender Gap Report are some less-emphasized facts to shine a light on.

  • Abortion: Every woman's right

    In April 1992, abortion rights supporters were organizing, as the Supreme Court got set to rule on a challenge to Roe v. Wade.

  • Ohio women won't go back

    Republican legislators in Ohio have women's rights in their sights, but pro-choice forces are beginning to oppose them.

  • Maryville, jock culture and rape culture

    Maryville follows Steubenville, and we still aren't talking about the connection between organized sports and sexual assault.

  • Daisy Coleman is a hero

    The teenage victim of a horrific rape in a Missouri town is bravely speaking out--and her words are having a national impact.