Topic: War and antiwar

  • We stand with Steven Salaita

    The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel declares its solidarity with the wrongly fired professor.

  • On the death of a Takoma Park neighbor

    We are going to see how strong the fabric of Takoma Park is--whether we can stand in the name of what Anita Datar believed.

  • Boston stands against anti-refugee bigotry

    More than 1,000 people raised their voices in Boston to defend Syrian refugees after Republican governors called for denying them entry.

  • I'll always condemn injustice

    Personal remedy is meaningless if the conditions that caused my firing remain intact at the University of Illinois and elsewhere.

  • You can't erase the IDF's crimes

    Palestine solidarity activists at University of Texas at Austin disrupted a lecture designed to whitewash Israel's military history.

  • Their "merciless war" only fuels terrorism

    After the horrific attacks in Paris, the left must stand against Islamophobia--and demand that this tragedy not be used as an excuse for more war.

  • BDS unites the movement in concrete action

    BDS provides the basis to unite different political tendencies behind Palestinian rights--a fact its critics dismiss too easily.

  • How did Turkey's ruling party regain its grip?

    The AKP emerged stronger after Turkey's latest election--but not strong enough to crush the pro-Kurdish, democratic resistance.

  • From free speech to solidarity

    Activists for Palestine at Loyola University find themselves at the intersection of struggles for free speech and workers' rights.

  • Expanding the debate on BDS

    A statement pointing out limitations of the BDS movement is constructive criticism that seeks to open movement discussions.

  • What will break the stalemate for Palestine?

    The BDS movement has galvanized popular support for the Palestinian struggle, but the situation is bleak in Palestine itself. What is to be done?

  • Israel's reign of terror in Jerusalem

    Amid recent primitive attacks on Israelis, anti-Arab lynch mobs, backed up by soldiers and police, are inflicting even more violence on Palestinians.

  • The roots of the massacre in Ankara

    The bombing of a peace rally was the deadliest in Turkey's history, and the government deserves much of the blame.

  • Obama's drone crimes

    A host of leaked government documents detail the lies that we're being fed to justify the Obama administration's drone war around the world.

  • Rochester stands in solidarity with Palestine

    Supporters of Palestinian rights came out in Rochester, New York, for a rally against the deliberate targeting of civilians by Israel.

  • What does Russia want in its war in Syria?

    What's behind Russia's military intervention in Syria and what does it mean for the Syrian people after years of civil war?

  • The clashes in Palestine escalate

    Palestinians are overwhelming the victims of the violence, meted out by Israeli security forces and right-wing settlers.

  • The old city of Jerusalem is like a ghost town

    Very few Palestinians dare to walk the streets of Jerusalem--while right-wing settlers are everywhere, confident and jubilant.

  • Caught in a vise of imperialist rivalries

    The multiple interests of U.S. and Russian imperialism are playing out in Syria, as Russia's air war reaches a new level of destruction and death.

  • La violencia del imperio

    El día después Barack Obama exigiera acción para prevenir la violencia armada, aviones norteamericanos bombardearon un hospital en Afganistán.

  • Gaza students stand with BDS

    Palestinian students in Gaza respond to what they call an "uninformed" critique of the boycott, sanctions and divestment campaign.

  • Why is peace a threat to Turkey's rulers?

    The bombing of a peace march in Ankara is part of a deadly war on Kurds and the left--and the Turkish government must be held responsible.

  • The violence of empire

    The day after Barack Obama demanded action on gun violence following another mass shooting, the U.S. military bombed a hospital in Afghanistan.

  • Why is Russia dropping bombs in Syria?

    Russia's military intervention marks a new chapter in a bloody conflict--and an escalation of its imperial confrontation with the U.S.

  • Appeasement, peace or neither?

    The anti-Iran hardliners are denouncing the Obama administration's nuclear agreement, but that doesn't make it a victory for peace.