Topic: War and antiwar

  • Behind the anti-Corbyn smear campaign

    The pro-Israel right's accusations that British Labour has "a problem with anti-Semitism" are a carefully calculated slander campaign.

  • What is driving Iraq back to the brink?

    An award-winning journalist looks at the course of the U.S. war against ISIS--and explains the roots of the political crisis that is shaking Iraq.

  • Standing for solidarity from Gaza to Ferguson

    Hundreds of people attended five events on a national tour designed to forge ties between the Black and Palestinian liberation movements.

  • A harassment campaign against the ASA

    One of the first academic associations to back the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign is facing a frivolous lawsuit.

  • NYU grad workers vote yes on BDS

    Graduate student employees at New York University cast a historic vote through their union to join the BDS movement.

  • Egyptian activists face arrests ahead of protests

    Labor lawyer Haitham Mohamedain is among some 100 Egyptian activists detained by security forces ahead of planned protests.

  • Breaking silence over Palestine

    Israeli soldiers who have served in the Occupied Territories are joining others to share the truth about life under occupation.

  • The war on BDS in Indiana heats up

    The demonization of the Palestinian freedom struggle reached a fever pitch with flyers targeting a student activist as a "terrorist."

  • The wars in our schools

    The military's recruiters in our schools won't tell kids anything that might make them think twice about the glories of military life.

  • The tide of resistance rises again in Egypt

    Driven by economic grievances, masses of Egyptians are again occupying public spaces in defiance of the military regime.

  • Where next for OSUDivest?

    Ohio State University's student government rejected divestment from Israeli apartheid, but the campaign learned important lessons.

  • How did Syria become a burning country?

    The war in Syria demands that we analyze who is oppressed and who is the oppressor--and ask how we can stand in solidarity with the struggle.

  • Boycotting Israel is an act of free speech

    Israel has launched an unprecedented global campaign to silence pro-Palestinian voices and criminalize BDS advocacy.

  • A history of intimidation at Columbia

    A former student at Columbia University recalls how charges of anti-Semitism have been used to silence pro-Palestine voices.

  • They can't muzzle justice

    The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel has spoken out in solidarity with Purdue professor Bill Mullen.

  • Challenging Vassar's attack on BDS

    The Vassar Student Association passed a resolution in solidarity with Palestinian rights--despite pressure from administrators.

  • Crisis and conflict in Turkey

    The deadly violence in Ankara and Istanbul has its roots in the Turkish government's murderous repression against the Kurds.

  • Challenging free speech on behalf of Israel

    The campaign to silence critics of Israeli policy as "anti-Semitic" is stooping to all new lows, on college campuses and beyond.

  • Building BDS and the union at NYU

    Graduate student workers at New York University are set to vote next month on a resolution in solidarity with Palestine.

  • The BDS debate that wasn't

    The president of the University of Minnesota halted a vote on a BDS resolution after facing pressure from state legislators.

  • Siria: La revolución en las calles

    Una tregua parcial en Siria dio espacio al movimiento revolucionario para organizar las primeras protestas masivas desde 2013.

  • A society where women are targets

    With supporters of women's rights under attack, Turkish activists discuss how to combat violence against women.

  • The battle over BDS heats up at Columbia

    Israeli Apartheid Week at Columbia showed the growing strength of Palestine solidarity --and how low Zionists will go to stop it.

  • Syria's revolutionaries return to the streets

    A partial truce in the fighting in Syria gave space to the revolutionary movement to organize the first mass protests since 2013.

  • The deafening silence over Netanyahu's racism

    The Israeli prime minister referred to Palestinians as "wild beasts"--but there wasn't even mild outrage in the media.