Topic: War and antiwar

  • A deal that will bring neither peace nor justice

    A group of antiwar activists are speaking out against the U.S.-Russia "peace deal" for Syria that has only intensified the suffering.

  • BDS won't be silenced by their blacklist

    Palestine solidarity activists are confronting the latest incarnation of McCarthyite attacks on their movement: the Canary Mission online blacklist.

  • Stereotypes and scapegoating after Chelsea

    Bombings in New York and New Jersey and a mass stabbing in Minnesota have kicked off a new cycle of fear, confusion, bigotry and political opportunism.

  • The cease-fire that will increase war in Syria

    The U.S. and Russian cease-fire agreement in Syria--if it holds--is a plan to escalate violence and repression, not achieve peace or justice.

  • From defiance to solidarity in Alexandria

    Shipyard workers in Egypt are still waiting for a verdict in their military trial--but a defense campaign is winning wider support.

  • How the era of endless wars began

    Fifteen years after 9/11, it's impossible to understand countless aspects of the world without knowing how and why the "war on terror" was launched.

  • The "war on terror" 15 years on

    Fifteen years after 9/11, the people of the Middle East are still paying a terrible price for the U.S. drive to dominate the region.

  • Solidarity won Adly's freedom

    Egyptian human rights lawyer Malek Adly has won his freedom, and more political prisoners like him need international support.

  • A new hate crime in Queens?

    The stabbing of 60-year-old Nazma Khanam is the second murderous attack in a month, and the community is demanding answers.

  • Against all tyrants and empires

    Readers continue the debate about the Syrian Revolution with defenses of a popular rebellion and opposition to all imperialisms.

  • Why I sat with Colin

    A former Army Ranger and conscientious objector explains why he and other antiwar veterans are supporting Colin Kaepernick.

  • Readers weigh in about Syria

    A article on the left and the Syrian Revolution produced a lot of commentary, both positive and negative.

  • They could be crucified for protesting

    Three young Saudi men--juveniles at the time of their arrests--face execution for joining in protests demanding democracy.

  • Anti-imperialism and the Syrian Revolution

    The Arab Spring uprising in Syria has tested the left by posing a blunt question: Are you on the side of a dictator--or that of a popular uprising?

  • Black activists owe no apologies to Israel

    The Vision for Black Lives statement from Movement for Black Lives has been met with a slew of criticism from Zionist groups.

  • The generals have put Egypt up for sale

    An Egyptian revolutionary writes from prison about the meaning of the military regime’s “gift” of two islands to Saudi Arabia.

  • Breaking the siege of Aleppo

    The people of eastern Aleppo celebrated after rebels broke through the siege imposed on them by the Syrian regime and its allies.

  • The horrific murder of a Queens imam

    An immigrant community is in shock after the murder of a mosque leader--and they blame Donald Trump for a climate of hate.

  • Alexandria shipyard workers need your support

    A group of Egyptian workers in Alexandria are facing sentencing in a military court for standing up for better working conditions.

  • The coup that followed the coup in Turkey

    A ruthless government crackdown has been underway in Turkey since the swift defeat of an attempted military takeover last month.

  • Why should we modernize annihilation?

    The Obama administration's proposal for "nuclear modernization" can only lead to a more dangerous and deadly world.

  • Punished for trying to die

    The government is threatening to impose a draconian punishment on whistleblower Chelsea Manning...for attempting suicide.

  • Apartheid Israel's war on water

    During the month of June, Palestinians in the West Bank faced some of the harshest water shortages that they have in decades.

  • Year four of the Sisi coup

    This month marks the start of Egypt's fourth year under the el-Sisi dictatorship, but the moment calls for cautious optimism.

  • How the coup-makers were stopped in Turkey

    The masses who protested a coup in Turkey may not have all backed the government, but they opposed a new dictatorship.