Topic: War and antiwar

  • What caused the attack in Jerusalem?

    Israel's apartheid regime is the root cause of the truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in early January.

  • Why did Turkey's regime turn to the iron fist?

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is using the pretext of last year's coup to purge one-time allies from the Turkish state and repress a range of opponents.

  • Trump and the Israeli right: Hawks of a feather

    The recent UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements is a parting shot by Obama's thoroughly pro-Israel administration.

  • Islamophobia and the rise of the new right

    Anti-Muslim bigotry is a key ingredient in the toxic brew that is fueling a wave of right-wing nationalism in countries around the world.

  • How can you justify the unjustifiable?

    A section of the international left is ignoring or even justifying the slaughter of Syrians who rose up against a dictatorial regime.

  • For a genuine anti-imperialism

    Don't support Assad. Don't support Russia. Don't support Iran. You can't call yourself an anti-imperialist if you do.

  • To the "leftist" admirers of Assad's Syria

    As a Syrian who identifies with the left, I am appalled by those who call themselves left-wingers, but who stand with the Assads.

  • Trump and the rise of the new McCarthyites

    His election has unleashed new right-wing forces in American universities at a time when left faculty were already under siege.

  • Down with terrorism, sectarianism and tyranny

    The bombing of a cathedral in Cairo shows the criminal sectarianism of terrorist groups and the indifference of military authorities.

  • The counterrevolution crushes Aleppo

    The combined forces of Syria's regime, Russian air power and Iranian-backed death squads are retaking the last city liberated by the 2011 revolution.

  • Veterans on an antiwar mission to Japan

    A speaking tour by two U.S. veterans opposed to war intersected with the efforts of Japanese activists challenging militarism.

  • The president-elect exploits a tragedy

    Trump used his trip to Ohio State to ramp up his crusade against Muslims and refugees, but students and faculty are sending a different message.

  • Cynically using anti-Semitism to attack BDS

    A recent bill that sailed through the U.S. Senate purports to target anti-Semitism, but its actual goal is to silence critics of Israel.

  • The anti-Semitic friends of Israel

    Why are Israel's right-wing leaders unfazed by the anti-Semitism of Donald Trump's advisers and the far-right parties of Europe?

  • The awful lessons of internment

    The same poisonous conditions that led to Japanese internment are building up in 2016. This time, the target is Muslims.

  • What connects el-Sisi and Trump

    With capitalism in quasi-permanent crisis, the masses of people have lost confidence in traditional political elites to provide answers.

  • Resisting the policies of impoverishment

    Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists call on the labor movement to urgently mobilize against the further impoverishment of workers.

  • Behind the upheaval in Morocco

    Mass protests in Morocco following the killing of a fishmonger come at a time when activists are being attacked by the state.

  • The end of democracy in Turkey

    The left-wing People's Democratic Party demands the release of party leaders and an end to the Turkish government's repression.

  • The Western left and the Syrian war

    At the core of the left's debate about Syria is the hesitancy--or outright refusal--of some to embrace the pro-democracy revolt of 2011.

  • PSU won't abide apartheid

    After months of patient organizing, students at Portland State University won a resolution to divest their campus from Israeli apartheid.

  • Standing against barbarism

    Those loyal to the hopes created by the Arab Spring revolts must condemn the terror falling from the sky, whatever its source.

  • Saudi Arabia inflicts a nightmare in Yemen

    Western governments, including the U.S., have to be held responsible for the role they play in the growing death toll in Yemen.

  • Opposing war means opposing dictatorship

    An "antiwar" alliance has formed to protest the U.S. empire, but it excuses the crimes of the Syrian regime and its Russian backer.

  • Neutrality is not an option

    The Modern Language Association should not hesitate when a living, breathing struggle against colonialism asks for our support.